7 Best Online Colleges for Military Spouses (2022 Updated)

The United States is the country with the biggest military spending in the world. If you add up the other 9 countries’s spendings in the top 10, you don’t reach the U.S. military budget.

With such a pedigree, it is no surprise that the military is embedded into American culture. To put things in perspective, there are over 17 million veterans in the U.S., according to the United States Census Bureau. And this is just veterans. Think how many more people are currently serving. For the record, it’s a little less than 2 millions.

The U.S. Army is massive, so it makes sense they have lots of welfare programs designed for soldiers and their loved ones. Military people often spend years away from their home, in one of the U.S. many military bases worldwide. And their spouses must attend to the kids while living alone.

Military spouses are eligible for plenty of benefits, including healthcare, easier access to credit, and education. Many businesses also give military discounts to military personnel. There are also programs that help them get a job in the federal government.

In this article, we are going to see what are the best online colleges for military spouses, and what makes them so.

Getting an Education as a Military Spouse

Education is king in the current world, and military spouses can access many benefits if they decide to pursue higher education. The reasons for these programs are many:

  • People who are serving are often absent from home
  • Unemployment among military spouses is high
  • It’s a way of thanking people for their service

What separates military spouses from regular students is the access to military-specific help programs, like MyCAA. These programs offer grants or scholarship aimed at military spouses. If you always dreamed of going to college but never could, these programs are a godsend.

The U.S. Department of Defense gives spouses access to their personal career coach. If you need help to understand MyCAA benefits, investigating career options, or what programs would best benefit you and your skill set, schedule a career coaching session.

These education bonuses work great with the federal agencies programs using the military spouse non-competitive hiring process. These programs give spouses preferential treatment in the hiring process, but you still need to meet the requirements for the job.

So, if a certain degree is needed for these job openings, the grants and scholarships can be a great stepping stone to getting a job with the government.

The Support You Can Expect

Want to get a job as a civilian in a specific military field? There are grants and loan programs for you. Examples include the CGMA education grant and loans for coast guards, or the NCMRS education help program for marines.

Look also at the Yellow Ribbon Program, which can help you pay for higher out-of-state graduate school that the 9/11 GI Bill doesn’t cover.

Online colleges are a great way for military spouses to advance their education. If you have kids, or you have a full-time job, but still want to level up your resume, they are the perfect solution for you.

The power of online colleges is in their flexibility. You aren’t forced to go to class at specific hours. As long as you have time to watch the recorded lessons, you’ll be fine.

College is expensive, but it’s worth it. Getting a degree gives you a high return on your investment, as long as you get the right degree and make use of it.

Let’s paint a hypothetic scenario: you spend $20.000 to get a degree from an online college, and thanks to it, you get a job that pays you $10.000 more than your current job. It’d take you only 2 years to repay your degree, and from then on, you’ll enjoy the fruits of your hard work.

Degrees are also helpful because they help you advance quicker in your career. And if you don’t have a job, they make it so much easier to get one.

The Spouse Education and Career Opportunities (SECO)

This is a program that offers military spouses resources to get back in education. It is an entire website dedicated to offer all the information and help necessary to pick the right university course for spouses.

It’s very helpful for those who find themselves lost in the jungle of information that is the Internet, as it provides a portal with all the relevant information.

There you can learn more about possible career paths based on your skills and interests. You can also get help in picking the right college for you.

There are other nice perks for participating in the MySECO program, such as free LinkedIn Premium, a Resume Builder, and access to relevant statistics and data about employment trends in your area and national wages.

The 7 best online colleges for military spouses

There are certain factors that make colleges better than others for military spouses. You can tell if a college cares or not about military personnel. Check if your college of choice offers dedicated support to military personnel and spouses.

Things like the college having a way to contact support services for military personnel, or if it offers special services like counseling to military spouses. And of course, accepting grants and scholarship programs like the GI Bill.

Editor’s note: all colleges on this list are accredited. It’s the main factor that makes a college trustworthy. Non-accredited schools aren’t taken seriously by anyone, so there’s no point in listing them here.

1. Georgia State University

Georgia State University offers over 200 programs online. If you’re looking to get a degree and start a career in a new field, you won’t be disappointed with GSU. The university’s method of online teaching offers great flexibility, which is perfect for military spouses who might be alone at home with children, or working a day job. Time isn’t always on your side, especially when you have plenty of obligations.

The college offers a Military Outreach Center, an institution that offers military students support and guidance, from application to graduation. If you are unsure if you qualify for potential military benefits as a spouse, or you don’t know about your potential careers, this is an excellent service.

Most military spouses have been out of school for a while. If this sounds like you, take advantage of the free counseling offered, it’s going to save you a lot of time and future headaches.

GSU is great because getting your degree won’t cost you an arm and a leg. It has reasonable prices for a degree. You’re still getting top-quality education too, so don’t think that cheap equals bad.

If you are a military spouse looking for great education and support facilities geared towards your situation, it’s hard to top GSU.

2. Amridge University

Amridge University is a private non-profit college focusing on online learning. Much like other schools on this list it’s been awarded with the Military Friendly School award. This school used to be only about theology, but it has now expanded to offer courses in business administration, systems management, criminal justice, family therapy, and so on.

Amridge offers courses at all levels, including PhDs. What makes it a military friendly school is its lowered tuition for military spouses. You get a hefty discount if you are one.

Education-wise, Amridge is slightly worse than other colleges on this list, because it doesn’t offer as many programs. Still, being an online-focused institution, you’ll notice that there are some perks to studying here. Professors are more experienced with online teaching than in most other schools.

Thanks to the heavy discounts, and all the financial aids available to military personnel, studying at Amridge University won’t end up being too expensive.

3. Drexel University

Drexel is an accredited institution located in Philadelphia. It has been recognized as a top 10 Military Friendly Online School for years at this point. What makes Drexel special is its heavy tuition discount for people affiliated with the military. This includes military spouses. You can get a tuition discount ranging between 10% and 40%, depending on your program of choice.

Plus, Drexel accepts scholarships from the Yellow Ribbon Program. And it offers a counseling program for military personnel and their immediate family.

Drexel offers many programs for its bachelor’s, and master’s degrees. Examples include a BS in Psychology, a BS in Behavioral Health Counseling, and a BS in Criminology and Justice Studies.

There are also programs designed to help military spouses find a job in the federal government, through the preferential employment program, like a BS in Computing and Security Technology.

The biggest downside with Drexel is its price. It is crazy expensive to get a degree, even if you account for all the financial aid available to military spouses. Is it a big issue? Kind of, since there are other university that are just as reputable that cost a fraction. That’s why Drexel is so low on this list.

4. University of Arizona

The University of Arizona (UA) is an accredited institution located in Tucson. What makes UA one of the best online college for military spouses? Much like every other college on this list, flexibility is one of the key factors.

There are over 100 different courses offered by the college, like accounting, biology, communication, electrical and computing engineering, and emergency medical services. You can earn your bachelor’s or graduate’s degree online.

Military support is abundant at UA, with a program that reduces your tuition if you are eligible for it. If you want to follow on your spouse’s steps, and want to serve your country, perhaps in a non-violent way, there are plenty of courses for you, for example in cybersecurity.

UA is a Yellow Ribbon school, which means you can get extra financial aid, even if you aren’t covered by the post 9/11 GI Bill.

5. PennState World Campus

Penn State World Campus offers great services for military personnel and their families. They offer extensive counseling programs to help you decide which is the best course of action for your goals.

Additionally, the university offers an aid program for people serving during the semester in which they are registering. The program is available to military spouses too.

Penn State’s education offering is excellent. You can earn a bachelor’s, master’s, associate’s, undergraduate’s, graduate’s, and doctoral’s degree online. There are over 150 courses to pick from, so you can pick the best career path for you.

Naturally, with such strong ties with the military, you’ll find plenty of courses designed for spouses looking for a job with the federal government, where you’ll get preferential employment.

Warning: the program is only available for military personnel and their families who work in the Department of Defense, the U.S. Coast Guard, and the U.S. Armed Forced.

6. Indiana University Bloomington

Indiana University is another excellent choice for military spouses looking for an advanced degree. It offers over 200 undergrad majors with extreme flexibility. You can decide when to watch the recorded lessons and ask questions of the professors whenever you want.

Military-wise, IU offers plenty of help, both regarding the help you should expect as a military spouse, and the financial benefits / tuitions you can apply for.

The University is ranked 76th among U.S. universities, and 47th for veterans. Tuition costs aren’t that high either, and the school becomes quite affordable if you get grants or scholarships.

7. Liberty University

Liberty University is a private college located in Lynchburg, Virginia. Its strength is in the flexibility of its programs. If you are someone who doesn’t have much time because of kids or your job, then this is a great choice for you.

What makes Liberty so good for military spouses is its unwavering support for military affairs. The college offers lots of support to military personnel and their loved ones. They offer many programs geared specifically for military personnel, scholarships, and residential military benefits.

With such strong credentials, you are probably wondering why it’s not higher on this list. The reason is that it is a Christian institution, which is not for everyone. It depends on your sensibility for religious topics. I don’t want to put as first a school that isn’t right for everyone.


Military personnel and their loved ones get a lot of benefits from the government. Rightfully so. They are working hard to make the world a better place. All schools on this list offer similar help. Counseling to pick the right degree, what jobs you can expect to do, and they’ll also help you find the right financial aid program for your situation.

The fundamental differences between these schools are their prices, and the education they offer. While all of them are accredited and will give you top-quality education, some universities are better than others.

You’ll find out that getting a degree from any of these schools will give you a great boost in the eyes of your current or future employers. Employers are always looking for employees who will go the extra mile to stand out.

Getting a degree as a military spouse is definitely a great way to do so.

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