A Comprehensive Guide To Paying Or Appealing 717 Parking Tickets

Getting a parking ticket can ruin anyone’s day. And if that parking ticket comes with a hefty fine, it can put a dent in your wallet too. 717 parking tickets are issued in major cities across the UK for violations like parking in permit zones or staying past the time limit.

If you find a 717 ticket on your windshield, you may be wondering if you have to pay it or if you can appeal it. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll walk through everything you need to know about 717 parking tickets—from what they are and how much they cost to how to pay or appeal them.

If you’re short on time, here’s a quick answer: You typically have 28 days to pay a 717 parking ticket before additional fees are added. You can pay online, by phone, by mail, or in person. To appeal, you must do so within 14 days and provide evidence to support your appeal.

Grounds for appeal include medical emergencies, broken meters, valid permits not displayed, or procedural errors.

What is a 717 Parking Ticket?

A 717 parking ticket is a type of parking violation ticket that is issued in certain areas. The 717 code refers to a specific violation that is related to parking regulations. These tickets are typically issued by parking enforcement officers or automated systems.

It is important to understand what a 717 parking ticket entails in order to properly address it.

The 717 code

The 717 code refers to a specific violation of parking regulations. This code is used by parking enforcement officers to identify and document the violation. The specific regulations that fall under the 717 code may vary depending on the jurisdiction.

It is important to familiarize yourself with the parking regulations in your area to avoid receiving a 717 parking ticket.

Common violations

There are several common violations that may result in a 717 parking ticket. These violations can include parking in a designated handicapped spot without a valid permit, parking in a fire lane, parking in a no-parking zone, or exceeding the time limit in a parking metered area.

These violations are typically enforced to ensure public safety and efficient use of parking spaces.

Cost of 717 tickets

The cost of a 717 parking ticket can vary depending on the jurisdiction and the specific violation. In some areas, the cost of a 717 parking ticket may be a fixed amount, while in others, it may be based on the duration of the violation or the number of previous offenses.

It is important to check the fine amount and any additional fees associated with the ticket. Ignoring or failing to pay a 717 parking ticket can result in further penalties and consequences.

How to Pay a 717 Parking Ticket

Online payment

Paying your 717 parking ticket online is a quick and convenient option. Simply visit the official website of the 717 parking authority and navigate to the payment section. Enter the required information, such as your ticket number and personal details, and choose a payment method.

Most websites accept credit or debit card payments. Once the payment is processed, you will receive a confirmation email, and your ticket will be marked as paid.

Payment by phone

If you prefer to pay your 717 parking ticket over the phone, you can contact the 717 parking authority’s customer service hotline. The representative will guide you through the payment process and assist you in providing the necessary information.

Keep your ticket number and payment details handy when making the call. Payment by phone is a convenient option for those who are not comfortable with online transactions.

Payment by mail

If you prefer to pay your 717 parking ticket by mail, you can send a check or money order to the address specified on the ticket. Make sure to include your ticket number and any other required information along with your payment.

It is advisable to send the payment by certified mail to ensure it reaches the parking authority safely. Allow sufficient time for the payment to be processed and for your ticket to be marked as paid.

In-person payment

If you prefer a face-to-face interaction, you can visit the 717 parking authority’s office to make your payment in person. Locate the nearest office and bring your ticket along with the required payment.

The office staff will assist you in completing the payment process and provide you with a receipt. In-person payment allows you to ask any questions or seek clarification regarding your ticket.

Remember, paying your 717 parking ticket on time is crucial to avoid any additional fees or penalties. Make sure to carefully review the payment options available to you and choose the most suitable one.

If you have any questions or concerns about your ticket, don’t hesitate to reach out to the 717 parking authority’s customer service for assistance.

How to Appeal a 717 Parking Ticket

Receiving a parking ticket is never a pleasant experience, but fortunately, there are avenues for appeal. If you believe you have been wrongly issued a 717 parking ticket, here is a step-by-step guide on how to appeal the ticket and potentially have it overturned.

Grounds for appeal

Before proceeding with the appeals process, it’s important to understand the grounds on which you can appeal a 717 parking ticket. Common grounds for appeal include:

  • Errors in the ticket information
  • Insufficient signage or unclear parking regulations
  • Technical issues with parking meters or payment systems
  • Emergency situations or circumstances beyond your control

It’s essential to gather any evidence or documentation that supports your case for appeal. This could include photographs, witness statements, or any other relevant information.

The appeals process

Once you have identified your grounds for appeal and gathered supporting evidence, it’s time to initiate the appeals process. In the case of a 717 parking ticket, there are two main methods of appeal: by post or by phone.

Appeal by post

If you prefer to appeal by post, you will need to follow the instructions provided on the back of the ticket or on the official website of the parking authority responsible for issuing the ticket. Typically, you will need to submit a written letter explaining your grounds for appeal along with any supporting evidence.

Remember to include your ticket number and contact details for a response.

Appeal by phone

An alternative option is to appeal the ticket by phone. Look for the contact details provided on the ticket or the parking authority’s website and call the designated number. Be prepared to explain your grounds for appeal and provide any necessary information or evidence over the phone.

It is advisable to take notes during the call for future reference.

Next steps after appeal outcome

After submitting your appeal, it may take some time to receive a response. If your appeal is successful and the ticket is overturned, you will generally be notified by mail or phone. In this case, no further action is required, and you can consider the matter resolved.

However, if your appeal is rejected and the ticket stands, you will need to decide whether to pay the fine or pursue further action. This could involve seeking legal advice or escalating the matter through a formal complaint process.

It’s important to weigh the potential costs and benefits before deciding on your next steps.

Remember, each jurisdiction may have specific rules and procedures for appealing parking tickets, so it’s crucial to consult the relevant local authorities or legal resources for accurate and up-to-date information.

Avoiding 717 Parking Tickets

Read signs carefully

One of the most important ways to avoid getting a parking ticket is to read the signs carefully. Parking regulations can vary from one area to another, so it’s essential to pay attention to the specific rules and restrictions posted on the signs.

Look for information about parking hours, time limits, and any other restrictions that may apply. By familiarizing yourself with the parking regulations in the area, you can avoid parking in prohibited zones and minimize the risk of receiving a ticket.

Use parking apps to monitor time

Another useful strategy to avoid parking tickets is to use parking apps that help you monitor the time. These apps can provide real-time information on parking availability and allow you to set reminders for when your parking time is about to expire.

By using these apps, you can conveniently keep track of your parking time and avoid overstaying in a spot, which can lead to fines and tickets. Some popular parking apps include SpotHero, ParkMobile, and ParkWhiz.

Apply for parking permits

If you frequently park in a specific area, it may be worth considering applying for a parking permit. Parking permits are typically issued by local authorities and allow you to park in designated areas without the risk of receiving a ticket.

Depending on the location, permits may be available for residents, employees, or specific groups of people. Applying for a parking permit can save you both time and money, as you won’t have to worry about finding a parking spot or paying for parking every time you visit the area.

For more detailed information on parking regulations and tips to avoid parking tickets, you can visit the official website of your local parking authority. They will have up-to-date and accurate information about parking rules, permit applications, and any changes to parking regulations.


717 parking tickets can happen to anyone. While they can be annoying and expensive, understanding the violations, fines, payment options, and appeal process can help you properly handle a 717 ticket. With some care and planning, you may also be able to avoid getting one in the future.

We hope this guide gave you the comprehensive details you need to deal with 717 parking tickets should you receive one.

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