Aida64 Extreme Vs Msi Edition: In-Depth Comparison

AIDA64 is a comprehensive system information, diagnostics, and benchmarking software for Windows PCs. The Extreme edition offers advanced features, while the MSI Edition is customized for MSI motherboards and laptops.

If you’re trying to choose between these two versions of AIDA64, this guide will compare them across all key factors.

In short, AIDA64 Extreme provides more tools and customization options for power users, while the MSI Edition offers MSI-specific optimizations at a cheaper price point.

Features and Information

Both AIDA64 Extreme and MSI Edition are powerful diagnostic and benchmarking tools that provide detailed information about hardware and software components of your computer. They are designed to help users understand their system better and optimize its performance.

Both editions provide hardware/software info, benchmarks, diagnostics, and monitoring.

Whether you choose AIDA64 Extreme or MSI Edition, you can expect to access comprehensive information about your computer’s CPU, GPU, RAM, motherboard, and other components. These tools also offer benchmarking features that allow you to evaluate your system’s performance and compare it to other systems.

Additionally, both editions offer diagnostics capabilities, enabling you to identify hardware or software issues that may be affecting your system’s stability or performance. They also provide real-time monitoring of various parameters, such as temperature, voltage, and fan speed, giving you insights into the health and performance of your system.

Extreme has more advanced features like disk health, network audit, remote monitoring.

AIDA64 Extreme goes beyond the basic features and offers more advanced functionalities. For instance, it includes disk health monitoring, allowing you to keep track of the health and performance of your hard drives and SSDs.

This feature is particularly useful for detecting early signs of disk failure and preventing data loss.

Another notable feature of AIDA64 Extreme is network audit, which allows you to gather information about the computers and devices connected to your network. This feature can be helpful for network administrators who need to manage and monitor multiple devices.

Furthermore, AIDA64 Extreme offers remote monitoring capabilities, enabling you to monitor the status of your computer or network from a remote location. This feature can be beneficial for IT professionals or users who need to keep an eye on their systems while away.

MSI Edition focuses on optimizing for MSI products.

On the other hand, MSI Edition of AIDA64 is specifically tailored to optimize MSI products. It provides detailed information about MSI components, such as motherboards, graphics cards, and gaming peripherals.

This edition also includes exclusive features and utilities that are designed to enhance the performance and functionality of MSI products.

By focusing on MSI products, this edition offers a seamless integration with MSI software and hardware, allowing users to fully utilize the capabilities of their MSI systems. This can result in enhanced gaming experiences, improved system stability, and optimized performance.

System Diagnostics

When it comes to system diagnostics, both AIDA64 Extreme and MSI Edition offer a comprehensive range of tools to help users analyze and troubleshoot their systems. These tools are essential for identifying hardware issues, optimizing performance, and ensuring stability.

Diagnostics tools on both include S.M.A.R.T. drive health check, RAM test, and stress testing.

Both AIDA64 Extreme and MSI Edition come equipped with essential diagnostic tools such as S.M.A.R.T. drive health check, RAM test, and stress testing. These tools allow users to monitor the health and performance of their hard drives, ensure the stability of their RAM, and stress test their system to identify any potential issues.

Extreme provides more specialized tests for GPU, SSDs, WiFi networks.

AIDA64 Extreme goes beyond the basic diagnostics tools and offers a range of specialized tests for GPU, SSDs, and WiFi networks. These tests allow users to analyze the performance of their graphics card, evaluate the speed and reliability of their SSD, and check the stability and speed of their WiFi network.

This level of detail and specialization can be particularly useful for users who require in-depth analysis of these specific components.

MSI Edition fine-tunes testing specifically for MSI components.

On the other hand, MSI Edition of AIDA64 is specifically designed to fine-tune testing for MSI components. This edition offers additional features and tools that are optimized for MSI hardware, allowing users to get the most out of their MSI components.

Whether it’s overclocking, adjusting fan speeds, or monitoring system temperatures, MSI Edition provides users with the necessary tools to optimize their MSI systems.

Benchmarks and Overclocking

When it comes to benchmarking and overclocking, both AIDA64 Extreme and MSI Edition offer a range of features and tools to help users push their hardware to the limit and gauge its performance.

Both editions provide benchmarks for CPU, GPU, RAM, and storage.

Whether you’re interested in assessing the performance of your CPU, GPU, RAM, or storage devices, both AIDA64 Extreme and MSI Edition have got you covered. These benchmarks allow you to measure the raw power and capabilities of your hardware, giving you insights into its potential.

Extreme offers additional crypto, database, and custom benchmarks.

While both editions offer a comprehensive set of benchmarks, AIDA64 Extreme goes a step further by providing additional benchmarks for crypto, database, and even custom benchmarks. These specialized tests allow users to assess the performance of their hardware in specific scenarios, such as cryptocurrency mining or database management.

Did you know that crypto benchmarks can help you determine the mining capabilities of your system and optimize it for maximum efficiency?

MSI Edition has presets optimized for overclocking MSI products.

If you’re an MSI product user looking to overclock your hardware, the MSI Edition of AIDA64 is specifically tailored for you. It comes with presets that are optimized for overclocking MSI products, allowing you to achieve higher clock speeds and squeeze out every bit of performance from your MSI hardware.

Overclocking your hardware can be a thrilling experience, but it’s important to remember to do it responsibly and within safe limits.

AIDA64 Extreme MSI Edition
Supported Benchmarks CPU, GPU, RAM, Storage CPU, GPU, RAM, Storage
Additional Benchmarks Crypto, Database, Custom N/A
Optimized for MSI Overclocking N/A

For more information on AIDA64 Extreme and MSI Edition, you can visit their official websites:

Customization and Ease of Use

Extreme provides many more customization options for experienced users.

AIDA64 Extreme is a powerful tool that offers an extensive range of customization options for experienced users. With its advanced features, users can tailor the software to their specific needs and preferences.

Whether it’s customizing the layout, choosing from a wide variety of skins, or personalizing the system monitoring modules, AIDA64 Extreme allows users to create a personalized experience that meets their requirements.

This level of customization empowers experienced users to have complete control over the software, making it an ideal choice for those who want to fine-tune their system diagnostics.

MSI Edition uses MSI branding and simplifies controls for novice users.

On the other hand, the MSI Edition of AIDA64 is designed with novice users in mind. It simplifies the interface and controls to make it more user-friendly for those who are new to system diagnostics. The software incorporates MSI branding, providing a familiar and comfortable environment for users who are accustomed to MSI products.

By streamlining the interface and controls, the MSI Edition aims to make it easy for beginners to navigate and understand the software without feeling overwhelmed. This makes it an excellent choice for individuals who want a straightforward and intuitive experience.

Extreme allows exporting to various formats, MSI Edition just basic options.

When it comes to exporting data, AIDA64 Extreme offers a wide range of options that cater to the needs of advanced users. Users can export their system diagnostics and benchmark results to various formats, including CSV, HTML, or XML.

This enables them to analyze the data further or share it with others in a format that best suits their requirements.

On the other hand, the MSI Edition provides basic exporting options, allowing users to save their results in standard formats such as TXT or CSV. While these options may be sufficient for most users, those who require more advanced formatting and analysis capabilities may find the exporting options in AIDA64 Extreme more beneficial.

Pricing and Availability

AIDA64 Extreme costs $39.95 for a personal license, MSI Edition is only $29.95.

When it comes to pricing, there is a noticeable difference between AIDA64 Extreme and MSI Edition. AIDA64 Extreme is priced at $39.95 for a personal license, while the MSI Edition comes at a lower price of $29.95.

This makes the MSI Edition a more budget-friendly option for users who are looking for a comprehensive system diagnostics and benchmarking tool.

Extreme has business/network monitoring licenses, MSI Edition just single PC.

One key difference between AIDA64 Extreme and MSI Edition is the availability of licenses for different purposes. AIDA64 Extreme offers business and network monitoring licenses, which are more suitable for organizations and IT professionals who need to monitor multiple systems simultaneously.

On the other hand, MSI Edition is designed for individual users and only provides a license for a single PC. Therefore, if you are a home user or a small business owner, the MSI Edition might be a better fit for your needs.

Both are frequently bundled free with MSI motherboard and laptop purchases.

Another advantage of choosing either AIDA64 Extreme or MSI Edition is that they are often bundled for free with MSI motherboard and laptop purchases. This means that if you are planning to buy an MSI motherboard or laptop, you might get the opportunity to enjoy the benefits of these software tools without having to pay any additional cost.

This is a great bonus for users who want to have access to powerful system diagnostics and benchmarking tools without breaking the bank.


In summary, AIDA64 Extreme provides richer diagnostics and customization for experienced PC enthusiasts, while the MSI Edition focuses on optimizing AIDA64 specifically for MSI products at a cheaper price. Check if you can get either one free with an MSI purchase.

Otherwise choose Extreme if you want in-depth controls or MSI Edition if you just need basic monitoring and testing.

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