Anno 1800 Complete Edition: Everything You Need To Know

An exciting city-building game set in the 19th century, Anno 1800 has captured the hearts of strategy game enthusiasts since its release in 2019. With intricate economic systems, stunning visuals, and engaging gameplay, it’s no wonder Anno 1800 is considered one of the best entries in the long-running Anno series.

If you’re considering picking up Anno 1800, especially the Complete Edition with all released content packs, you probably have some questions. How does Anno 1800 gameplay work? What extra content does the Complete Edition offer? Is it worth the price?

This comprehensive guide will answer all that and more.

Gameplay and Core Features

Building and managing an empire in the 19th century

In Anno 1800 Complete Edition, players have the opportunity to step into the shoes of a 19th-century ruler and build their own empire. From constructing and upgrading buildings to managing resources and trade routes, the game provides a realistic and immersive experience of what it was like to be in charge during this pivotal period in history.

Whether it’s expanding territories or dealing with unforeseen challenges, players will have to make strategic decisions to ensure the success and prosperity of their empire.

Extensive economic systems and supply chains

The game’s economic systems are a key aspect of Anno 1800 Complete Edition. Players will need to carefully manage resources, establish trade routes, and engage in diplomatic negotiations to maximize their empire’s economic potential.

The supply chains are intricate and dynamic, requiring players to consider factors such as production efficiency, demand, and transportation logistics. This level of detail adds depth and realism to the gameplay, making every decision and action impactful.

Attractive city-building with monuments and ornaments

Anno 1800 Complete Edition offers players the opportunity to create stunning cities filled with monuments and ornaments. From grand cathedrals to picturesque parks, players can customize their cities to reflect their vision and aspirations.

These visually appealing elements not only add aesthetic value but also contribute to the overall happiness and satisfaction of the citizens. Creating a beautiful and thriving city becomes a rewarding experience in itself.

Engaging real-time combat between land and naval forces

In Anno 1800 Complete Edition, players can engage in exciting real-time combat between land and naval forces. Whether it’s defending your empire from enemy attacks or launching strategic offensives, the game offers a dynamic and immersive combat experience.

Players can command powerful warships, deploy troops, and utilize tactics to gain the upper hand in battles. This aspect of the game adds an extra layer of excitement and challenge to the overall gameplay.

Story-driven campaign mode and continuous sandbox mode

Anno 1800 Complete Edition offers two distinct modes of play. The story-driven campaign mode provides a rich narrative experience, immersing players in a captivating story filled with twists and turns.

On the other hand, the continuous sandbox mode allows players to unleash their creativity and build their empire without any limitations. Whether you prefer a structured gameplay experience or a more open-ended approach, Anno 1800 Complete Edition has something to offer for everyone.

For more information about the gameplay and core features of Anno 1800 Complete Edition, you can visit the official website here.

Content Packs Included in Complete Edition

Three Ornamental Building Packs

The Anno 1800 Complete Edition includes three ornamental building packs that allow players to add a touch of elegance and grandeur to their cities. These packs contain a variety of stunning architectural structures, such as fountains, statues, and decorative facades, that will make your cityscape truly awe-inspiring.

Whether you’re aiming for a classic European aesthetic or a more exotic look, these packs offer a wide range of options to suit your creative vision.

Bright Harvest Agricultural Expansion

The Bright Harvest expansion introduces a new level of depth to the agricultural aspect of Anno 1800. With this expansion, players can optimize their farms and increase their productivity through the use of advanced techniques and technologies.

From crop rotation to mechanized harvesting, you’ll have the tools to create efficient and thriving agricultural systems. This expansion not only enhances the gameplay experience but also adds a realistic touch to the agricultural industry of the 19th century.

Sunken Treasures Expedition Expansion

Dive into the depths of the ocean with the Sunken Treasures expansion, where you’ll embark on exciting underwater expeditions in search of hidden treasures and ancient artifacts. Explore mysterious underwater ruins, discover valuable resources, and encounter unique challenges along the way.

This expansion brings a whole new dimension to the game, allowing you to uncover the secrets of the sea and expand your empire beyond the shores.

Botanica Botanical Garden Expansion

The Botanica expansion introduces the concept of botanical gardens to Anno 1800. Create your own lush oasis filled with exotic plants and flowers, attracting visitors from far and wide. Not only does this expansion offer a visually stunning addition to your city, but it also provides new gameplay mechanics and opportunities.

Nurture rare species, conduct botanical research, and showcase your horticultural expertise in this botanical paradise.

The Passage Arctic Expedition Expansion

Embark on a daring adventure to the Arctic with The Passage expansion. Explore the frozen landscapes, overcome treacherous obstacles, and establish a thriving outpost in this harsh environment. This expansion introduces new challenges and opportunities, as you navigate through icy waters, manage resources effectively, and adapt to the extreme conditions.

It’s a test of your strategic skills and ability to survive in the harshest of environments.

Seat of Power Government Expansion

The Seat of Power expansion allows you to take your city’s governance to a whole new level. Build impressive government buildings, make important political decisions, and shape the destiny of your city.

This expansion introduces a political system that adds depth and complexity to the game, as you navigate through political factions, negotiate deals, and establish your authority. Will you be a benevolent ruler or a cunning strategist? The choice is yours.

Land of Lions North Africa Expansion

Discover the mysteries of North Africa in the Land of Lions expansion. Venture into the desert, establish trade routes, and unlock the secrets of this vibrant region. With new buildings, resources, and challenges, this expansion offers a fresh and exciting gameplay experience.

Immerse yourself in the rich culture and history of North Africa as you expand your empire and conquer new territories.

Is Anno 1800 Complete Edition Worth It?

If you’re a fan of city-building and strategy games, the Anno 1800 Complete Edition is definitely worth considering. This edition includes the base game as well as all additional content packs, offering a comprehensive and immersive gaming experience. But is it really worth the investment?

Let’s take a closer look.

Hundreds of hours of gameplay content and replayability

One of the biggest advantages of the Anno 1800 Complete Edition is the vast amount of gameplay content it offers. With the base game alone, you can spend countless hours constructing and managing your own 19th-century city.

When you add the additional content packs, such as “The Sunken Treasure” and “Botanica,” the possibilities for expanding and customizing your city become even greater. The game also boasts a high level of replayability, as you can experiment with different strategies and approaches to building your city.

All additional content packs add new features and variety

The additional content packs included in the Anno 1800 Complete Edition introduce new features and gameplay mechanics that enhance the overall experience. For example, “The Passage” expansion allows you to explore the Arctic and establish new trade routes, while “Seat of Power” lets you build impressive government buildings and make important political decisions.

These packs add depth and variety to the gameplay, keeping it fresh and engaging even after hours of playtime.

Excellent value compared to buying each DLC separately

Purchasing the Anno 1800 Complete Edition instead of buying each DLC separately offers great value for money. Buying the base game and all additional content packs individually can quickly add up, but with the Complete Edition, you get everything at a more affordable price.

This makes it a cost-effective option for both new players and those who already own the base game and want to expand their experience.

Complete Edition goes on sale frequently, dropping price further

Another advantage of the Anno 1800 Complete Edition is that it often goes on sale, allowing you to get an even better deal. The game frequently sees discounts on various gaming platforms, making it even more accessible and budget-friendly.

So, if you’re patient and keep an eye out for sales, you can grab the Complete Edition at an even lower price.

Highly recommended for Anno fans new and old

Whether you’re a long-time fan of the Anno series or new to the franchise, the Anno 1800 Complete Edition is highly recommended. It offers a comprehensive and immersive gaming experience with a wealth of content and features.

The game’s stunning visuals, intricate city-building mechanics, and attention to detail make it a true gem for strategy enthusiasts. So, if you’re looking for a game that will keep you entertained for hours on end, the Anno 1800 Complete Edition is definitely worth considering.

Tips for New Players

Embarking on your journey in Anno 1800 Complete Edition can be an exciting and challenging experience. To help you get started on the right foot, here are some valuable tips:

Focus on balancing production chains and supply

One of the key aspects of Anno 1800 is managing production chains to meet the demands of your growing population. Each tier of citizen requires specific goods to thrive, and it’s important to establish a well-balanced production infrastructure.

Keep a close eye on your resources and make sure you have enough of each to avoid shortages and maintain a steady supply.

Pay attention to citizen needs and happiness

Happy citizens are the backbone of a successful city in Anno 1800. Make sure to meet their needs by providing them with access to basic amenities like food, healthcare, and entertainment. Keep an eye on their happiness levels and address any issues promptly to prevent unrest or protests.

Remember, a happy population leads to increased productivity and prosperity for your city.

Build up culture and attract tourists for extra income

Aside from meeting the basic needs of your citizens, it’s essential to focus on building up your city’s culture and attractions. Invest in cultural buildings, museums, and landmarks to attract tourists. Not only will this boost your city’s income, but it will also enhance its overall prestige.

Don’t forget to maintain these attractions and ensure they are well-maintained to continue attracting visitors.

Maintain several trade routes with allied AIs or real players

Trade plays a vital role in Anno 1800, allowing you to establish profitable routes and expand your influence. It’s advisable to maintain multiple trade routes with allied AIs or real players. This will provide you with a diverse range of goods and resources, as well as opportunities for collaboration and diplomacy.

Be mindful of any potential threats or conflicts that may arise during your trading ventures.

Use military only when needed to defend or gain leverage

While military power can be a significant asset in Anno 1800, it’s important to use it judiciously. It’s recommended to focus on defense and only engage in military actions when necessary or to gain leverage in negotiations.

Building a strong navy to protect your trade routes and repel any potential attacks is crucial. Remember, a peaceful and prosperous city is often more valuable than a war-torn one.

By following these tips, you’ll be well on your way to building a thriving and successful city in Anno 1800 Complete Edition. Enjoy the journey and embrace the challenges that come your way!


With rewarding gameplay, beautiful visuals, and tons of content, Anno 1800 Complete Edition is a must-have for city builder and strategy fans. It provides hundreds of hours of thoroughly engaging gameplay and represents excellent value-for-money compared to purchasing everything separately.

If you’ve been on the fence about trying Anno 1800, the Complete Edition is absolutely the best way to dive into this standout entry in a beloved franchise.

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