Ash Prime Parts: Current Prices And Where To Farm Them

As one of the most powerful and stylish Warframes, Ash Prime is highly sought after by players. But acquiring the full Ash Prime set can be expensive due to vaulting and tricky farm locations. If you want Ash Prime without spending platinum, what are the current prices for his parts and where should you farm them?

This comprehensive guide examines Ash Prime part prices across platforms, recommending the best farming spots and strategies. We analyze stats for the Ash Prime neuroptics, systems, chassis and blueprint, factoring in demand and availability.

Whether you want to buy, sell or farm, you’ll learn where to get Ash Prime parts for the best value.

Ash Prime Overview and Vaulting

Ash Prime is a powerful Warframe that offers a deadly combination of stealth and damage-dealing abilities. This highly sought-after Prime variant of the original Ash Warframe features enhanced stats and an upgraded appearance.

Ash Prime is known for his ability to teleport, summon shadow clones, and unleash devastating attacks with his Shuriken and Blade Storm abilities.

Ash Prime’s Abilities and Popularity

Ash Prime’s abilities make him a favorite among players who enjoy a playstyle focused on stealth, precision, and high burst damage. His teleport ability allows him to quickly traverse the battlefield and catch enemies off guard.

The summoning of shadow clones not only distracts enemies but also amplifies his damage output. Ash Prime’s popularity can be attributed to his versatility in both solo and team play, making him a valuable asset in various missions and game modes.

According to statistics from Warframe Market, Ash Prime is one of the most frequently traded Prime Warframes, indicating his high demand among players. This popularity is a testament to his effectiveness in combat and his unique playstyle.

Vaulting and Impact on Parts Cost

Warframe Prime parts are periodically “vaulted” by the game developers, which means they are removed from the drop tables of in-game missions. This vaulting process is done to maintain the game’s economy and create scarcity for certain Prime items.

When a Warframe like Ash Prime is vaulted, the availability of its parts becomes limited. As a result, the price of Ash Prime parts tends to increase over time. Players who have stockpiled these parts can sell them for a higher price, while those who missed out on obtaining them during their availability must look for alternative methods to acquire them.

The impact of vaulting on Ash Prime parts can vary depending on the specific part in question. Some parts may experience a significant price increase due to their rarity, while others may remain relatively stable.

It is important for players to keep an eye on the market and plan their farming strategies accordingly.

If you’re looking to farm Ash Prime parts, it’s recommended to check online resources such as Warframe Wiki or community forums for up-to-date information on the best missions and drop chances. These resources can help guide you towards the most efficient methods of obtaining Ash Prime parts while considering their current market value.

Neuroptics Price Analysis and Farm

Neuroptics Drop Sources and Rarity

Neuroptics are an essential component in crafting Ash Prime, one of the most sought-after Warframes in Warframe. They can be obtained through various means, including farming specific missions and opening relics.

Neuroptics have a moderate drop rate and can be found in Rotation C rewards of certain endless missions, such as Orokin Derelict Survival and Defense. These missions offer players a chance to obtain Neuroptics by completing multiple waves or minutes, making them a reliable source for farming this crucial component.

Additionally, Neuroptics can also be acquired by opening Lith, Meso, and Neo relics. These relics can be obtained by participating in Void Fissure missions, which require players to collect reactant to unlock the relic and obtain their rewards.

It’s important to note that the rarity of Neuroptics can vary depending on the relic and the specific drop table it belongs to. Therefore, it is advisable to check the drop tables on websites like to determine the most efficient relic for farming Neuroptics.

Price History and Current Market Value

The market value of Neuroptics can fluctuate due to supply and demand dynamics within the Warframe community. It is influenced by factors such as the popularity of Ash Prime, the availability of the component, and the number of players actively farming it.

The prices can vary across different platforms, so it’s crucial to check reliable sources like or for the most up-to-date pricing information.

As of the latest data, the market value of Neuroptics for Ash Prime ranges from 10 to 20 platinum on average. However, it’s important to keep in mind that prices can vary depending on the platform, time of day, and other market factors.

It’s always a good idea to compare prices from multiple sellers before making a purchase or deciding to farm the component yourself.

Remember, farming Neuroptics can be a time-consuming process, but it can also be a rewarding one. Whether you choose to farm it yourself or trade with other players, obtaining the Neuroptics for Ash Prime will bring you one step closer to mastering this powerful Warframe.

Ash Prime Systems Price and Farming

Where to Get Systems Blueprint

The Ash Prime Systems blueprint is a coveted item among Warframe players, as it is an essential component for crafting the Ash Prime Warframe. To obtain the blueprint, players can try their luck by running Void Fissure missions.

These missions have a chance to reward players with Ash Prime Relics, which contain the blueprint as one of the possible rewards. Players can also trade with other players in the in-game market or through various online platforms to acquire the blueprint.

Systems Cost Analysis

As with any prime part, the market price of Ash Prime Systems can fluctuate depending on supply and demand. However, it’s important to note that the average price for Ash Prime Systems tends to be higher compared to other prime parts due to its rarity.

One way to gauge the current price range for Ash Prime Systems is to check popular Warframe trading websites such as This website provides a platform for players to buy and sell prime parts, including Ash Prime Systems, at negotiated prices.

By checking the recent listings and prices on this website, players can get an idea of the average cost of Ash Prime Systems.

Additionally, it’s worth mentioning that the price of Ash Prime Systems can vary depending on the platform you are playing on. Prices for console players may differ from those on PC due to differences in supply and demand.

It’s always a good idea to check the market on your specific platform to get the most accurate pricing information.

When farming for Ash Prime Systems, players should consider running missions that have a higher chance of dropping the relics that contain the blueprint. These missions can be found in the Void and are often marked as “Axi” or “Meso” missions.

By focusing on these missions, players can increase their chances of obtaining the Ash Prime Systems blueprint and eventually complete their collection.

Ash Prime Chassis Price and Acquisition

The Ash Prime Chassis is a valuable component in the world of Warframe, sought after by many players for its unique abilities and aesthetic appeal. Obtaining the Ash Prime Chassis can be done through a variety of methods, including farming for the blueprint or purchasing it from other players in the in-game market.

Chassis Blueprint Sources

If you’re looking to acquire the Ash Prime Chassis blueprint, there are a few different sources you can explore. One option is to participate in Void Fissure missions, where you have a chance to obtain the blueprint as a reward.

These missions can be found in the Void region and offer a range of difficulty levels to cater to different player preferences.

Another way to acquire the blueprint is through Relics, which can be obtained by completing various missions in the game. By opening these Relics, you have a chance to receive the Ash Prime Chassis blueprint as a reward.

Keep in mind that the rarity of the Relic will affect the likelihood of obtaining the blueprint, so it’s worth focusing on Relics with higher rarity if you’re specifically targeting the Ash Prime Chassis.

Lastly, trading with other players is also a viable option. As the Warframe community is bustling with activity, there are always players looking to buy or sell Ash Prime Chassis blueprints. Utilize the in-game trade chat or external platforms to find potential sellers and negotiate a fair price for the blueprint.

Market Pricing for Ash Chassis

The market pricing for the Ash Prime Chassis can vary depending on factors such as supply and demand, rarity, and the overall economy of the game. It’s important to keep an eye on the market to get an idea of the current average price for the Ash Prime Chassis.

One popular website for tracking Warframe market prices is This platform allows players to list their items for sale and provides a comprehensive overview of the market prices for various items, including the Ash Prime Chassis.

By visiting this website, you can get a sense of the current average price range for the chassis and use that information to make informed decisions when buying or selling.

Additionally, it’s worth noting that the market prices may fluctuate over time due to changes in the game’s mechanics, updates, or events. Keeping yourself updated with the latest information and trends can help you navigate the market effectively and potentially find better deals.

Ash Prime Blueprint Prices

Blueprint Drop Locations

The Ash Prime Blueprint is a highly sought-after item in Warframe, and its price can vary depending on several factors. One of the main factors that influence the price is the drop rate and availability of the blueprint.

As of the latest update, the blueprint can be obtained from the following locations:

  • Rotation C of Orokin Derelict Survival
  • Rotation C of Orokin Derelict Defense
  • Rotation C of Orokin Derelict Interception
  • Rotation C of Orokin Derelict Excavation

These missions have a chance to drop the Ash Prime Blueprint, but keep in mind that the drop rate is not guaranteed. It may take multiple runs to obtain the blueprint, so be prepared for some grind.

Buying vs Selling Costs

When it comes to the price of Ash Prime Blueprint, there is a significant difference between buying and selling costs. Players who are looking to buy the blueprint from other players will often have to spend a higher amount of in-game currency or valuable items.

On the other hand, players who are looking to sell the blueprint can expect to receive a decent amount of in-game currency or items in exchange.

It’s important to note that the prices can fluctuate depending on market demand and supply. Consider checking Warframe market websites, such as, to get an idea of the current prices.

Additionally, keep in mind that negotiation is possible when trading with other players. If you’re looking to buy the Ash Prime Blueprint, try to negotiate and find a fair deal. On the other hand, if you’re selling the blueprint, consider setting a reasonable price to attract potential buyers.


Ash Prime delivers exceptional DPS and stealth gameplay, making parts quite valuable especially if vaulted. By understanding blueprint sources and market rates, you can farm or trade for parts efficiently.

Target relic packs with the best neuroptics, systems and chassis drop chances. Check frequently for deals from sellers undercutting prices. With smart farming and trading, you can build the powerful Ash Prime without breaking the bank.

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