Black Desert Online Daily Quests: Rewards, Locations And Strategy Guide

Daily quests are an easy way to earn silver, XP, and valuable items in Black Desert Online. By completing recurring quests each day, you can quickly amass contribution points, inventory slots, and other rewards.

This article provides an in-depth overview of the daily quests available, their rewards, locations, and tips to integrate them into your gameplay routine.

If you’re short on time, here’s a quick answer to your question: Black Desert Online offers a variety of daily quests that reward contribution XP, silver, potions, gear, and other loot. Prioritizing recurring quests from major cities, particularly Calpheon, is key.

Use quests to earn CP for nodes, build relationships with NPCs for perks, and supplement your grinding with extra XP and income.

Most Profitable Daily Quest Locations

Calpheon City

Calpheon City is known for its bustling marketplace and wealth of daily quests. The city offers a wide variety of quests that cater to different playstyles. Whether you’re a combat enthusiast, a gatherer, or a trader, Calpheon City has something for everyone.

Completing these quests not only rewards you with valuable items and experience points, but it also allows you to earn a substantial amount of silver. The more quests you complete, the more money you can make!


Olvia is a peaceful town located in the Balenos region. Despite its tranquil atmosphere, Olvia is brimming with lucrative daily quests. These quests are perfect for beginners or players who prefer a more relaxed playstyle.

By completing daily quests in Olvia, you can earn valuable rewards and increase your wealth. Don’t underestimate the potential of this quaint town!


Velia is a small fishing village that may seem unassuming at first glance, but it offers a surprising number of daily quests. Fishing enthusiasts will find plenty of quests related to their favorite pastime, while others can engage in various activities such as gathering, trading, and combat.

Completing daily quests in Velia not only earns you silver but also helps you level up your skills. So, don’t overlook this charming village!


Heidel is a bustling city located in the Serendia region. It serves as a hub for many adventurers, offering a wide range of daily quests. Whether you’re a combat-focused player or prefer gathering and crafting, Heidel has something for you.

The daily quests in Heidel provide not only valuable rewards but also contribute to the overall progression of your character. Make sure to explore all the quests available and maximize your earnings!


Altinova is a desert city situated in the Valencia region. The city is known for its rich history and vibrant culture. Altinova offers a plethora of daily quests that are well-suited for experienced players.

Engage in combat, trade, or exploration quests to earn generous rewards and increase your wealth. The daily quests in Altinova present a challenge but also provide an opportunity for substantial profits. Don’t miss out on this lucrative location!

For more information on Black Desert Online daily quests and strategies, check out Black Desert Foundry or Black Desert Online official website.

Notable Daily Quest Rewards

Contribution XP

One of the most valuable rewards you can earn from daily quests in Black Desert Online is Contribution XP. This resource is crucial for unlocking new nodes, hiring workers, and investing in various aspects of the game’s economy.

By completing daily quests, you can earn a substantial amount of Contribution XP, allowing you to progress faster and become more influential in the game world.

Inventory Slot Expansions

Running out of inventory space can be a common problem in Black Desert Online, especially for players who love to gather and loot items. Daily quests often offer inventory slot expansions as rewards, allowing you to carry more items with you.

These expansions can be a game-changer, as they enable you to stay out in the field for longer periods without needing to make frequent trips to sell or store your loot.

Skill Point Potions

Skill points are essential for unlocking and upgrading your character’s abilities in Black Desert Online. Daily quests occasionally reward players with skill point potions, which can be used to instantly gain additional skill points.

These potions can help you level up your character’s skills more quickly, allowing you to become more powerful and versatile in combat.

Black Stones

Black Stones are valuable enhancement materials in Black Desert Online, used to upgrade your gear and weapons. Daily quests often offer Black Stones as rewards, allowing you to accumulate these resources over time.

With enough Black Stones, you can enhance your equipment and increase its effectiveness, giving you a significant advantage in battles and other challenges.


Silver is the primary currency in Black Desert Online, and it’s essential for purchasing items, gear, and other resources. Daily quests provide a reliable source of income, as they often reward players with a significant amount of silver.

This extra income can be used to invest in better gear, upgrade your weapons, or simply increase your wealth in the game.

Gear and Accessories

In addition to the various resources mentioned above, daily quests in Black Desert Online can also reward players with gear and accessories. These items can range from basic equipment to rare and powerful pieces that can significantly boost your character’s stats.

By completing daily quests, you have a chance to obtain valuable gear and accessories that can greatly enhance your gameplay experience.

Tips and Strategy for Daily Quests

Quest at Higher Amity NPCs

When it comes to daily quests in Black Desert Online, one strategy to maximize your rewards is to focus on questing with higher Amity NPCs. These NPCs often offer more challenging quests but also provide greater rewards in terms of experience points, silver, and valuable items.

By building up your Amity with these NPCs, you can unlock more lucrative daily quests and reap the benefits.

Use Alts for More Quests

Another tip to consider is utilizing alts, or alternative characters, to complete additional daily quests. Each character you create in Black Desert Online has their own set of quests and energy pool. By creating alts and distributing your daily quests among them, you can effectively increase the number of quests you can complete each day.

This allows you to earn more rewards and progress faster in the game.

Combine with Gathering Runs

One efficient way to tackle daily quests is to combine them with gathering runs. While completing your daily quests, you can also gather resources from nodes or go on a gathering spree. This way, you can make the most out of your time and energy, simultaneously progressing in both quest objectives and gathering materials.

It’s a win-win situation that can help you optimize your gameplay and resource acquisition.

Prioritize High XP Quest Chains

When choosing which daily quests to tackle, it’s important to prioritize high XP quest chains. These quest chains typically offer larger amounts of experience points upon completion, which can significantly boost your character’s level and overall progression.

By focusing on these high XP quest chains, you can level up faster and unlock more advanced content in the game.

Unlock Node Investments

Lastly, don’t forget to invest in nodes to enhance your daily questing experience. By investing in nodes, you can increase the drop rates of valuable items and resources, making your daily quests even more rewarding.

Additionally, investing in nodes can unlock special bonuses and features, further enhancing your gameplay. So, take the time to invest in nodes strategically and reap the benefits in your daily questing endeavors.

With these tips and strategies in mind, you’ll be well-equipped to tackle daily quests in Black Desert Online and maximize your rewards. Happy questing!

Complementary Daily Activities

Aside from engaging in combat and completing quests, Black Desert Online offers a variety of complementary daily activities that can enhance your gameplay experience. These activities not only provide additional rewards but also allow players to explore different aspects of the game world.

Here are some popular daily activities in Black Desert Online:

AFK Fishing

One of the most popular daily activities in Black Desert Online is AFK fishing. This activity allows players to set up their fishing rods and leave their characters to fish while they are away from the game.

By doing this, players can accumulate valuable fish that can be sold for silver or used as cooking ingredients. AFK fishing is a great way to earn passive income and is particularly useful for players who have limited time to play the game.

Farming / Gardening

Another enjoyable daily activity in Black Desert Online is farming or gardening. By setting up a farm or garden, players can grow various crops and plants that can be harvested and used for various purposes.

These include cooking ingredients, crafting materials, or items that can be sold on the marketplace. Farming requires regular maintenance and attention, but it can be a rewarding activity for players who enjoy nurturing and growing their own resources.

Horse Training

Horse training is a popular daily activity for players who enjoy the equestrian aspect of Black Desert Online. By capturing and taming wild horses, players can train them to become faster and more agile. Trained horses can be used for transportation, trade, or even horse racing.

Horse training requires patience and dedication, but it can be a fun and rewarding activity for players who appreciate the bond between a rider and their steed.

Sailing Expansion Quests

For players who have ventured into the oceanic regions of Black Desert Online, sailing expansion quests provide a thrilling daily activity. These quests involve exploring hidden islands, uncovering ancient treasures, and battling sea monsters.

Completing sailing expansion quests not only rewards players with valuable items and resources but also allows them to expand their knowledge and understanding of the game’s lore. It’s a great activity for players who are looking for a sense of adventure on the high seas.


Hunting is an exciting daily activity that allows players to track and hunt down various types of wildlife. Whether it’s hunting down dangerous monsters or capturing rare animals, this activity provides a unique challenge for players.

Hunting can be a lucrative activity, as valuable materials can be obtained from the creatures hunted. It also provides an opportunity for players to showcase their combat skills and test their abilities against formidable foes.

Engaging in these complementary daily activities can greatly enhance your experience in Black Desert Online. Whether you prefer the tranquility of fishing, the thrill of horse training, or the excitement of hunting, there is something for everyone to enjoy.

So why not take a break from the usual grind and explore the diverse range of activities that Black Desert Online has to offer?

Maximizing Long-Term Daily Rewards

When it comes to daily quests in Black Desert Online, maximizing your long-term rewards is key. By strategically approaching these quests, players can ensure they are getting the most out of their time and effort. Here are some tips and strategies to help you maximize your daily rewards.

Knowledge Unlocks

One way to maximize your daily rewards is by focusing on knowledge unlocks. By completing certain quests or interacting with specific NPCs, players can gain knowledge that unlocks new quests, items, and even hidden locations.

This can lead to additional daily quests and rewards that you may have otherwise missed out on. Make sure to explore every nook and cranny of the game world to uncover these hidden knowledge unlocks.

Life Skill Contribution

Another way to maximize your daily rewards is by focusing on life skill contribution quests. These quests are often related to crafting, gathering, or other non-combat activities. By completing these quests, players can earn contribution points that can be used to unlock additional benefits and rewards.

Additionally, some life skill contribution quests offer unique items or resources that can be sold for a hefty profit on the marketplace. Don’t underestimate the value of these quests.

Luxury Vendor Items

If you’re looking for high-value rewards, keep an eye out for luxury vendor items. These items are often available in limited quantities and can only be purchased with specific currencies or tokens. By completing daily quests, players can earn these currencies and tokens, allowing them to purchase rare and valuable items from luxury vendors.

These items can range from powerful gear to unique cosmetic items that are sure to impress your fellow adventurers.

Secret Vendors

Speaking of rare and valuable items, don’t forget about secret vendors. These elusive merchants can only be found in specific locations and offer a variety of unique items for sale. Some secret vendors are only available during certain times or under specific conditions, so be sure to do your research and keep an eye out for any hints or clues that may lead you to these hidden treasures.

Completing daily quests can often provide valuable information or clues that can help you track down these secret vendors.

Recurring Limited Deals

Finally, be on the lookout for recurring limited deals. These are special offers or discounts that are only available for a limited time. By completing daily quests, players can earn special tokens or currencies that can be used to take advantage of these limited deals.

Whether it’s a discounted item or a rare cosmetic, these recurring limited deals can offer great value for your daily quest efforts. Don’t miss out on these opportunities.


Completing Black Desert Online’s daily quests provides a consistent influx of silver, gear, XP, contribution points, and other valuable rewards. Focus on high amity NPCs in Calpheon, Heidel, and Velia, and use alts to double up on dailies.

Remember to invest contribution points earned in profitable nodes. Alongside other recurring activities like sailing and farming, daily quests give a nice boost over the long-term for BDO players.

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