How Much Does Barnes & Noble Pay Booksellers? An In-Depth Look

If you’re looking for a job at Barnes & Noble as a bookseller, one of your top questions is likely to be about the pay. After all, compensation is a key factor for most when evaluating a potential employer. So how much money can you expect to take home if you land a bookseller job at Barnes & Noble?

Let’s take an in-depth look.

In short, the average Barnes & Noble bookseller pay is around $9 to $14 per hour. However, wages can vary based on location, experience, position, and other factors. Generally speaking, base pay starts on the lower end of that range, with opportunities to earn more over time.

Bookseller Pay Rate at Barnes and Noble

Working as a bookseller at Barnes and Noble can be a rewarding experience for book lovers. Not only do you get to surround yourself with books all day, but you also have the opportunity to help customers find their next great read.

One important factor to consider when looking for a job as a bookseller is the pay rate. Let’s take an in-depth look at how much Barnes and Noble pays its booksellers.

Starting Wages Typically Around $9 – $12 Per Hour

For those just starting out as a bookseller at Barnes and Noble, the pay rate is usually around $9 to $12 per hour. This starting wage can vary depending on factors such as location and previous experience.

While it may not seem like a high wage, it’s important to remember that working as a bookseller is not just about the pay. It’s about the love for books and the opportunity to share that passion with customers.

Despite the modest starting wage, working as a bookseller at Barnes and Noble can offer other benefits, such as employee discounts on books and merchandise. This can be a great perk for avid readers who are constantly adding new books to their personal libraries.

Experienced Workers Can Earn $12 – $14 Per Hour

As booksellers gain experience and become more familiar with the store’s operations, their pay rate can increase. Experienced workers at Barnes and Noble can earn around $12 to $14 per hour. This increase in pay is a recognition of their dedication and expertise in providing excellent customer service and knowledge about books.

It’s worth noting that Barnes and Noble also offers opportunities for career growth within the company. Booksellers who demonstrate exceptional performance and a passion for their work may have the chance to move up into higher positions, such as store manager or corporate roles.

These positions often come with higher salaries and additional benefits.

If you’re interested in learning more about working as a bookseller at Barnes and Noble, you can visit their official website for more information.

Factors That Impact Barnes and Noble Bookseller Salaries

Geographic Location

The location of a Barnes and Noble bookstore can have a significant impact on the salary of its booksellers. Salaries can vary greatly depending on the cost of living in a particular area. For example, booksellers working in major cities like New York or San Francisco may earn higher salaries compared to those working in smaller towns or rural areas.

Job Title and Responsibilities

The specific job title and responsibilities of a bookseller at Barnes and Noble can also affect their salary. Booksellers who have additional responsibilities, such as being a department supervisor or a lead bookseller, may receive higher pay compared to entry-level booksellers.

Additionally, employees who take on managerial roles may earn even higher salaries.

Experience Level

Experience plays a crucial role in determining the salary of a Barnes and Noble bookseller. Booksellers with more years of experience may be eligible for higher pay, as they have acquired valuable skills and knowledge over time.

Newer employees, on the other hand, may start at a lower salary but have the opportunity to increase their earnings as they gain experience and demonstrate their abilities.

Union Membership

Union membership can also impact the salaries of Barnes and Noble booksellers. In some locations, booksellers may be part of a union that negotiates wages and benefits on their behalf. Unionized booksellers may receive higher pay and have access to better benefits compared to non-unionized booksellers.

It’s important to note that salary information can vary and may change over time. For the most accurate and up-to-date information on Barnes and Noble bookseller salaries, it is recommended to visit their official website or consult with their HR department.

Opportunities for Pay Increases Over Time

Working as a bookseller at Barnes & Noble not only offers the opportunity to work with books and connect with fellow book lovers, but it can also provide potential for pay increases over time. Let’s take a closer look at some of the ways in which booksellers can earn more at Barnes & Noble.

Annual Performance Reviews

One way in which booksellers can receive a pay increase is through annual performance reviews. These reviews allow managers to assess an employee’s performance and contributions to the store. Based on the outcome of the review, booksellers may be eligible for a raise.

It’s important for booksellers to consistently demonstrate their dedication and commitment to their work to increase their chances of a positive review.


Barnes & Noble also offers opportunities for career growth through promotions. Booksellers who excel in their roles and show potential for leadership may be considered for promotion to positions such as department managers or assistant store managers.

With these promotions often come pay increases, as the responsibilities and scope of the job expand. It’s important for booksellers to continually develop their skills and take on additional responsibilities to position themselves for potential promotions.

Shift Leads Earn More

Another way in which booksellers can earn more at Barnes & Noble is by becoming a shift lead. Shift leads are responsible for overseeing the operations of the store during their shifts, including managing the bookselling team and ensuring excellent customer service.

In addition to their regular bookseller duties, shift leads are typically compensated at a higher rate due to their increased responsibilities. This provides booksellers with the opportunity to increase their earnings without necessarily moving into a management position.

It’s important for booksellers to be proactive and communicate their career goals and aspirations to their managers. By expressing an interest in growth and taking on additional responsibilities, booksellers can position themselves for potential pay increases and career advancement opportunities at Barnes & Noble.

Benefits Offered to Barnes and Noble Booksellers

Working as a bookseller at Barnes and Noble comes with a range of benefits that make the job even more rewarding. These benefits go beyond just the joy of being surrounded by books all day. Here are some of the perks that Barnes and Noble booksellers can enjoy:

Employee Discounts on Products

One of the most enticing benefits of being a Barnes and Noble bookseller is the employee discount on products. Booksellers have the opportunity to purchase books, magazines, and other merchandise at a discounted price.

This not only allows them to expand their personal libraries but also encourages a love for reading and learning outside of work. The discount is a great incentive for booksellers to explore different genres and discover new authors.

Access to Medical, Dental, and Vision Insurance

Barnes and Noble understands the importance of taking care of its employees’ health and well-being. Therefore, they offer comprehensive medical, dental, and vision insurance options to their booksellers.

This coverage ensures that booksellers have access to the necessary healthcare services they need. Whether it’s routine check-ups, dental cleanings, or vision exams, Barnes and Noble booksellers can rest assured that their health needs are taken care of.

401(k) Retirement Plan

Planning for the future is important, and Barnes and Noble recognizes this. That’s why they offer a 401(k) retirement plan to their booksellers. Through this plan, booksellers can contribute a portion of their earnings towards their retirement savings.

Barnes and Noble may also provide a matching contribution, further helping booksellers build a nest egg for their future. This benefit allows booksellers to have peace of mind knowing that they are taking steps towards a secure financial future.

Paid Time Off

Work-life balance is crucial for overall well-being, and Barnes and Noble acknowledges this by providing paid time off to their booksellers. This allows booksellers to take time off for personal reasons, such as vacations or family events, without sacrificing their income.

Paid time off ensures that booksellers have the opportunity to recharge and rejuvenate, ultimately leading to increased job satisfaction and productivity.


While working as a bookseller for Barnes & Noble may not make you rich, it can provide a steady paycheck with opportunities for wage growth over time. Base compensation of around $9 – $14 per hour is common, with pay starting at the lower end of that range for new hires.

The exact salary offered will depend on various factors like location, experience level, and job responsibilities. Barnes & Noble also provides access to benefits like product discounts, insurance, retirement plans, and paid time off to eligible workers.

Overall, working as a bookseller can be a great entry point for those passionate about books and reading who want to gain experience in retail.

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