Casio Wk-220 Review: A Thorough Look At Features, Sound, And Usability

The Casio WK-220 is an affordable, portable keyboard packed with learning features for new players. But how does it stack up in terms of sound quality, playability, and value for money? Here’s a quick answer: The WK-220 offers excellent bang-for-your-buck with its touch-sensitive keys, built-in lessons, hundreds of tones, and compact form factor.

While it lacks more advanced features, it’s an ideal starter keyboard. In this comprehensive review, we’ll analyze the WK-220’s standout functions and specs to see if it suits your needs as a beginner.

By the end, you’ll have a complete assessment of the WK-220’s sound, playability, price, and effectiveness as a learning tool. Let’s dig in to see if the Casio WK-220 is the right portable keyboard for you!

Sound Quality and Instrument Voices

When it comes to sound quality, the Casio WK-220 does not disappoint. With its 600 built-in tones, this keyboard offers a wide variety of instrument voices to choose from. Whether you’re in the mood for a classic piano sound, a smooth electric guitar, or a funky synthesizer, you’ll find it all in the WK-220.

Acceptable piano and strings sound

The piano and strings sounds on the Casio WK-220 are particularly impressive. The piano sound is rich and full-bodied, with just the right amount of resonance. It feels like you’re playing on a real grand piano, and the keys have a nice touch and response.

The strings sound is also quite pleasing, with a warm and expressive tone that adds depth to your compositions.

Volume control and effects

One of the great features of the WK-220 is its volume control. You can easily adjust the volume to suit your playing environment, whether you’re practicing at home or performing on stage. Additionally, this keyboard offers a range of effects, such as reverb, chorus, and EQ, which allow you to enhance your sound and add depth to your performances.

These effects can be easily accessed and adjusted using the intuitive control panel.

Touch Sensitivity and Playability

When it comes to playing the piano, touch sensitivity and playability are crucial factors to consider. The Casio WK-220 is designed to provide an exceptional playing experience with its advanced features.

48 note polyphony

The Casio WK-220 boasts a remarkable 48 note polyphony, allowing for the seamless blending and layering of multiple sounds. This ensures that even complex pieces can be played with clarity and precision.

With such a high polyphony count, the keyboard can handle intricate musical passages without any notes dropping out, providing a rich and immersive playing experience.

Touch sensitive, lighted keys

The touch sensitive, lighted keys of the Casio WK-220 add an element of interactivity and ease of learning for beginners. These keys respond to the intensity of your touch, producing louder or softer sounds accordingly.

This feature not only enhances expressiveness but also helps in developing proper finger technique and dynamics. The lighted keys make it easier to follow along with built-in tutorials and lessons, making the learning process more enjoyable and efficient.

Chordana app integration

The Casio WK-220 is compatible with the Chordana app, which offers a wide range of features to enhance your playing experience. The app allows you to connect your keyboard to your smartphone or tablet, giving you access to a wealth of interactive lessons, sheet music, and practice tools.

With the Chordana app, you can learn to play your favorite songs at your own pace, track your progress, and even create custom chord progressions. This integration adds a new level of versatility and creativity to your playing.

Built-in Lessons and Learning Features

One of the standout features of the Casio WK-220 is its built-in lessons and learning capabilities. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced musician looking to improve your skills, this keyboard has you covered.

Step-up lesson system

The step-up lesson system is perfect for beginners who are just starting their musical journey. It provides a structured learning experience, guiding you through various lessons and exercises to help you build a strong foundation.

The keyboard’s built-in lesson system allows you to learn at your own pace, with interactive exercises and helpful feedback to ensure you’re making progress.

Dance music mode

For those who are interested in creating and playing dance music, the Casio WK-220 has a dedicated dance music mode. This mode provides a wide range of dance music patterns and phrases that you can use to create your own tracks.

It’s a fun and creative way to explore different genres and experiment with different beats and rhythms.

LCD display with notation

The keyboard’s LCD display with notation is a great feature for learning and practicing music. It displays musical notation and guides you through the lessons and exercises, making it easier to follow along.

The display is clear and easy to read, allowing you to focus on your playing without any distractions. It’s a valuable tool for both beginners and more advanced players.

Connectivity and Portability

When it comes to connectivity and portability, the Casio WK-220 does not disappoint. It offers several features that make it versatile and easy to use in different situations.

USB-MIDI and sustain pedal jack

One of the standout features of the WK-220 is its USB-MIDI connectivity. This allows you to connect the keyboard to your computer or other devices and use it as a MIDI controller. This opens up a world of possibilities for music production, as you can easily record and edit your compositions using software programs.

Additionally, the keyboard is equipped with a sustain pedal jack, which allows you to connect a sustain pedal for added expression and control over your playing. This feature is especially useful for pianists who want to replicate the feel of playing a traditional piano.

Standard headphone jack

Another great feature of the WK-220 is its standard headphone jack. This allows you to practice and play privately, without disturbing others. Whether you’re practicing late at night or in a shared living space, the headphone jack ensures that you can enjoy playing the keyboard without any disruptions.

Lightweight and battery power

The Casio WK-220 is designed with portability in mind. It is lightweight and compact, making it easy to transport and store. Whether you’re a musician on the go or simply want to move the keyboard around your home, its size and weight make it convenient to carry.

In addition, the keyboard can be powered by batteries, making it even more portable. This means that you can take it with you wherever you go, whether it’s to a friend’s house, a rehearsal space, or even outdoors for a jam session.

The ability to run on batteries gives you the freedom to play music anywhere, without the need for a power outlet.

Drawbacks and Limitations

Cheap plastic construction

One of the main drawbacks of the Casio WK-220 is its cheap plastic construction. While this makes the keyboard lightweight and portable, it may also make it less durable compared to keyboards with a sturdier build.

The plastic keys and body of the keyboard may not withstand heavy usage or rough handling, so it is important to handle the instrument with care.

Not full-size keys

Another limitation of the Casio WK-220 is that it does not feature full-size keys. This means that the keys are slightly smaller than those of a traditional piano. While this may not be an issue for beginners or those with smaller hands, more advanced players or those used to playing on a piano might find it difficult to adjust to the smaller keys.

However, it is worth noting that the smaller keys may be more suitable for younger players or those just starting out on their musical journey.

No recording capability

Unfortunately, the Casio WK-220 does not have recording capability. This means that users will not be able to record their performances or compositions directly on the keyboard. While this may not be a dealbreaker for everyone, it can be a limitation for those who want to capture their musical ideas or track their progress over time.

However, there are alternative ways to record your playing by connecting the keyboard to a computer or external recording device.

It’s important to keep in mind that while the Casio WK-220 has some limitations, it still offers a range of features and functionality that make it a great choice for beginners or casual players. The keyboard’s affordability, portability, and variety of sounds and features make it a valuable option for those looking to explore their musical creativity.


For new players seeking an affordable, travel-ready keyboard, the Casio WK-220 delivers solid value with its built-in educational features and acceptable sound. While its plasticky build and lack of recording hold it back, it excels as a budget-friendly practice tool.

The Casio WK-220 earns top marks for beginner-friendly functionality. Just don’t expect fully realistic instrument sounds or hammer-action keys at this price point. Overall, it’s a fantastic starter keyboard worthy of consideration.

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