Are Online Degrees Legit

Are Online Degrees Legit?

People used to be skeptical of online degrees. Very few universities offered them, and those that did weren’t reputable. You weren’t able to get an online degree from big name schools a couple of years ago. Times changed, now you … Read More

University of Phoenix

Is the University of Phoenix Legit?

University of Phoenix is a school that focuses on online learning. John Sperling founded it in 1976 to give adults higher education that was affordable and respected their time. The school initially was for people with jobs and obligations, but … Read More

What Major Takes The Longest

What Major Takes The Longest?

After graduating from elementary school, and then from high school, a lot of students feel fatigued and exhausted from studying. For that reason, many decide to take a break from school and enroll in college later. Some other people who … Read More