Coffee Meets Bagel Premium: Is It Worth The Price?

Online dating has become extremely popular, but sifting through endless profiles can be exhausting. Coffee Meets Bagel aims to make dating easier by curating quality matches.

If you’re short on time, here’s the quick answer: Coffee Meets Bagel’s premium version adds some nice upgrades, but the free version provides plenty of value already for most users.

Coffee Meets Bagel Overview

Users and Demographics

As of 2023, Coffee Meets Bagel has attracted over 21 million users worldwide. The dating app initially launched in New York City and primarily attracted urban millennials aged 25-35. However, Coffee Meets Bagel has since expanded across the U.S. and into international markets like Hong Kong and Sydney.

According to Coffee Meets Bagel’s website, 60% of users are female while 40% are male. The app tends to attract relationship-minded singles looking for more meaningful connections versus casual dating.

Standout Features of the App

Coffee Meets Bagel aims to provide a higher-quality dating experience compared to swipe-based apps. Standout features include:

  • Limited daily matches (“Bagels”) curated using preferences and Facebook data
  • “Ladies’ Choice” – women receive and initiate conversations with matches first
  • In-depth profiles and prompts to share information
  • Icebreaker questions provide conversation starters
  • 7-day chat expiration motivates users to exchange contact info

By carefully curating matches and encouraging meaningful connections, Coffee Meets Bagel provides an alternative to date-driven or hookup-focused apps according to reviews.

Benefits of Premium Membership

Unlimited Likes

One of the best perks of upgrading to a Coffee Meets Bagel Premium membership is getting unlimited Likes to use every day. With a free account, you only get a set amount of Beans (the app’s currency) to Like other users’ profiles each day.

But with Premium, the shackles are off and you can Like to your heart’s content! This makes it much easier to connect with potential matches that catch your eye. According to Coffee Meets Bagel’s 2021 statistics, Premium members get 60% more Matches than free users.

So if you’re looking to cast a wider net, unlimited Likes is the way to go. The ability to Like more profiles each day gives you better chances of finding someone special.

6,000 Beans Monthly

In addition to unlimited Likes, Premium members also get a whopping 6,000 Beans to use every month. That’s 200 Beans per day! For comparison, free users only get 100 Beans to use for the entire week. With so many extra Beans at your disposal with a Premium account, you’ll have plenty to spend on features like sending a user an extra Like to get their attention or purchasing read receipts to see if your match has read your latest message yet.

You can also use Beans to extend the chat window if you need more time to have an engaging conversation with an interesting match. Having all these Beans makes the app experience more fun and flexible.

Read Receipts

An underrated feature that comes with a Coffee Meets Bagel Premium membership is read receipts. This lets you see when a match has read your latest message in the chat section of the app. For free users, it’s impossible to tell if your messages are even being seen once a match conversation is started.

But with read receipts, you can confirm your chats are being viewed. This takes away some of the uncertainty around whether you’re connecting with the person or if they’ve lost interest. The read receipts give you helpful insight into how engaged a match is in your ongoing conversation.

And you can use that information to determine if it’s worth continuing to pursue the match or time to move on to other prospects.

Activity Reports

Lastly, one of the most unique benefits of a Premium membership is gaining access to detailed activity reports. These provide a trove of analytics on your account activity and how you’re using the app.

You’ll be able to see stats like how many Beans you’ve spent, your top matching preferences, plus more data-driven insights. With this information, you can make adjustments to your profile and liking habits to be more effective on the app.

The activity reports provide transparency into the black box of algorithmic matching that Coffee Meets Bagel uses. Taking advantage of the insights can potentially increase your quality matches. If you’re serious about finding success on the dating app, the activity reports alone may be worth the price of admission for Premium.

Premium Costs

1 Month Plan

The 1 month Coffee Meets Bagel premium subscription costs $35. For less than $1.20 per day, you get access to the following features:

  • See everyone who has liked you.
  • Filter bagels by profession, height, religion, and more.
  • Rematch with expired connections.
  • Unlimited likes and chat messages per day.

The 1 month plan offers a good trial of premium to see if you like the extra features. But for longer term use, the 3 or 6 month plans offer much better value.

3 Month Plan

The 3 month Coffee Meets Bagel premium subscription costs $60 total, working out to $20 per month. With the 3 month commitment, you get features like:

  • Read receipts on chats.
  • Activity reports to optimize your profile.
  • Ad-free experience.
  • Free beans to take additional actions.

At $20 per month, the 3 month plan offers good savings over the 1 month price. The longer commitment also unlocks additional features.

6 Month Plan

The 6 month Coffee Meets Bagel premium subscription costs $78 total, just $13 per month. The 6 month plan offers:

  • All features unlocked.
  • Around 60% savings versus 1 month price.
  • Bonus beans on purchase.
  • Priority support.

With maximum savings and access to all features, the 6 month plan is the best value for long term use of Coffee Meets Bagel premium.

Is Premium Worth it for Most Users?

When it comes to the Coffee Meets Bagel dating app, many users may wonder if upgrading to the Premium version is worth the price. While the free version of the app offers a range of features, Premium provides additional perks that may enhance the overall experience.

Let’s take a closer look at whether Premium is worth it for most users.

1. Access to More Potential Matches

One of the key benefits of Coffee Meets Bagel Premium is the increased access to potential matches. While the free version of the app provides a limited number of matches each day, Premium users are given a larger pool of potential matches to choose from.

This can be particularly beneficial for those who are looking for a wider range of options or who live in areas with a smaller user base.

2. Advanced Filtering Options

Premium users also have access to advanced filtering options that can help them narrow down their search for the perfect match. These filters allow users to specify their preferences in terms of age, location, education, and more.

By having greater control over their matches, Premium users can save time and focus on connecting with people who meet their specific criteria.

3. Read Receipts and Activity Reports

Another feature exclusive to Coffee Meets Bagel Premium is the ability to see when your messages have been read. This can be helpful for those who want to gauge the level of interest from their matches and determine whether or not to invest more time into a particular conversation.

Premium users also receive activity reports that provide insights into how their profile is performing, such as how many likes they have received and how active they are on the app.

4. Priority Liked Access

Premium users also enjoy the benefit of being able to see who has liked their profile before deciding whether or not to like them back. This allows for a more streamlined and efficient matching process, as users can focus on potential matches who have already expressed interest in them.

It also eliminates the guesswork and potential disappointment of liking someone who may not reciprocate.

5. Increased Bean Rewards

Lastly, Coffee Meets Bagel Premium users receive more daily beans, which are the in-app currency used to unlock additional features and perks. With more beans at their disposal, Premium users can take advantage of additional features such as ‘Open Sesame’, which allows them to view mutual friends with their matches, or ‘Take’, which gives them a second chance to connect with a potential match that they may have accidentally passed on.

Premium Alternatives

Buying Beans

While Coffee Meets Bagel offers a premium subscription option, there are also alternative ways to enhance your experience on the app. One of these options is buying beans. Beans are the virtual currency used on Coffee Meets Bagel, and they can be purchased to unlock additional features and benefits.

Buying beans allows you to access features like “Open Sesame” which gives you the ability to see mutual friends with your matches, or “Rematch” which allows you to reconnect with expired connections. These features can be valuable in expanding your reach and increasing the chances of finding a meaningful connection on the app.

It’s worth noting that while Coffee Meets Bagel Premium offers unlimited “Woos” (a way to express your interest in a match), buying beans also gives you the flexibility to use “Woos” strategically, without committing to a monthly subscription.

This can be a great option for those who want to have more control over their spending on the app.

Free User Tips

For those who prefer to stick to the free version of Coffee Meets Bagel, there are still ways to make the most out of your experience. Here are some tips for free users:

  • Optimize your profile: Take the time to create a detailed and authentic profile that showcases your interests and personality. This will increase your chances of attracting like-minded individuals.
  • Engage with the app: Make sure to regularly check your bagels and respond promptly to potential matches. Engaging actively on the app will increase your visibility and show others that you are serious about finding a connection.
  • Utilize social media integration: Coffee Meets Bagel allows you to connect your Facebook or Instagram accounts. By doing so, you can showcase more of your personality and interests, making yourself more appealing to potential matches.
  • Take advantage of “Discover” feature: Even as a free user, you have access to the “Discover” feature, which shows you additional potential matches outside of your daily bagels. Take the time to explore this feature and expand your options.

Remember, while Coffee Meets Bagel Premium may offer additional perks, it’s not the only way to have a successful experience on the app. By following these tips and making the most out of the free features, you can still increase your chances of finding a meaningful connection.


While Coffee Meets Bagel Premium unlocks some handy upgrades, the free version still offers a quality dating experience for most singles.

Only invest in premium if you do a lot of swiping and want extra visibility and control in your search for the ideal match.

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