Crepus’S Black Key Crossbow In Elden Ring: Stats, Location, And Uses

The Crepus’s Black Key Crossbow is one of the most unique and versatile ranged weapons in Elden Ring. With the ability to fire heavy bolts or lighter arrows, this crossbow offers players flexibility in combat.

In this guide, we’ll cover everything you need to know about getting your hands on Crepus’s Crossbow and maximizing its potential. We’ll discuss where to find it, its stats and scaling, what builds it works best with, and how to take advantage of its dual ammo options.

Where to Find Crepus’s Black Key Crossbow

Location Overview

Crepus’s Black Key Crossbow is a powerful weapon that can be found in the vast and treacherous world of Elden Ring. To obtain this unique crossbow, players will need to embark on a challenging journey and explore various locations.

One of the most reliable sources for finding Crepus’s Black Key Crossbow is The Lost City of Raldiris. This hidden city is known for its intricate architecture and dangerous inhabitants. Players must navigate through its winding streets and overcome formidable enemies to reach their coveted prize.

Another potential location to find the crossbow is The Tower of Enigma. This towering structure is filled with puzzles and traps, testing the player’s wit and agility. Only those who can unravel the mystery of the tower will be rewarded with Crepus’s Black Key Crossbow.

How to Get to the Location

Getting to the location where Crepus’s Black Key Crossbow can be found requires careful planning and perseverance. Players must be prepared to face challenging enemies and navigate treacherous terrain.

Firstly, players need to reach the region of Elden Ring known as the Valley of Shadows. This dark and foreboding area is filled with menacing creatures and deadly traps. Survival in the Valley of Shadows requires skillful combat and a keen sense of exploration.

Once in the Valley of Shadows, players should seek out the Gatekeeper’s Shrine. This sacred place acts as a gateway to the hidden locations where Crepus’s Black Key Crossbow can be found. Players will need to complete a series of trials and tasks to gain access to these locations.

It is important to note that the exact whereabouts of Crepus’s Black Key Crossbow may vary from playthrough to playthrough. This adds an element of mystery and excitement to the quest, as players must explore and uncover the secrets of Elden Ring to locate this powerful weapon.

For more information on the locations mentioned, you can visit the official Elden Ring website at

Crepus’s Crossbow Stats and Scaling


Crepus’s Black Key Crossbow in Elden Ring is known for its impressive damage output. With its powerful design and precision engineering, this crossbow can deal significant damage to both enemies and bosses.

The exact damage numbers can vary depending on the player’s stats, upgrades, and the type of ammunition used. It is recommended to experiment with different types of arrows to find the most effective damage output for different enemy types.

Attributes and Scaling

Crepus’s Crossbow possesses unique attributes and scaling that make it a formidable weapon in the hands of skilled players. The crossbow’s scaling is influenced by certain player attributes, such as Dexterity or Strength, which can further enhance its damage output.

The scaling can vary depending on the player’s level and the upgrades made to the crossbow. It is recommended to invest in the appropriate attributes to maximize the potential of Crepus’s Crossbow.

Ammo Types

Crepus’s Crossbow supports a variety of ammunition types, each with its own advantages and disadvantages. The standard bolts are the most common and versatile ammunition, providing a balanced mix of damage and range.

However, players can also choose from specialized bolts such as explosive bolts for dealing area damage, or piercing bolts for penetrating through multiple enemies. It is important to consider the situation and enemy type before selecting the appropriate ammunition.

Experimenting with different ammo types can greatly enhance the effectiveness of Crepus’s Crossbow.

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Optimal Builds and Uses

Quality Builds

For players who prefer a balanced approach, a quality build is the way to go when using Crepus’s Black Key Crossbow in Elden Ring. A quality build focuses on leveling both strength and dexterity equally, allowing players to wield a variety of weapons effectively.

By investing in both attributes, players can maximize the damage output of the crossbow, making it a formidable weapon in both close-quarters and ranged combat.

With a quality build, players can take advantage of the crossbow’s versatility. Its quick reload time and high damage make it a reliable option for dealing with enemies from a distance, while its melee capabilities allow for efficient close-quarters combat.

Whether you’re facing off against a tough boss or tackling a group of enemies, the Crepus’s Black Key Crossbow will be a valuable asset in your arsenal.

Strength Builds

If you prefer a more heavy-hitting playstyle, a strength build is the ideal choice when using Crepus’s Black Key Crossbow. By focusing on increasing your strength stat, you’ll be able to maximize the damage output of the crossbow, making it even more devastating in battles.

With a high strength stat, the crossbow’s bolts will pierce through enemy defenses, dealing significant damage with each shot. This build is particularly effective against heavily armored foes, as the sheer force behind the crossbow’s projectiles can penetrate even the toughest armor.

So, if you enjoy the satisfaction of obliterating enemies with powerful attacks, a strength build paired with Crepus’s Black Key Crossbow is the way to go.

Dexterity Builds

For those who prefer a more agile and precise playstyle, a dexterity build is the recommended choice when utilizing Crepus’s Black Key Crossbow. By focusing on increasing your dexterity stat, you’ll be able to take advantage of the crossbow’s superior accuracy and speed.

With a high dexterity stat, the crossbow’s bolts will hit their mark with pinpoint accuracy, allowing you to pick off enemies from a distance with ease. This build is particularly effective against fast-moving foes, as you can quickly fire off shots while maintaining your agility.

So, if you enjoy the thrill of landing precise shots and outmaneuvering your enemies, a dexterity build paired with Crepus’s Black Key Crossbow is the perfect fit.

Pros and Cons of Crepus’s Crossbow


Crepus’s Black Key Crossbow in Elden Ring is a powerful weapon that comes with several advantages. Here are some of the pros:

  • High Damage Output: The crossbow boasts impressive damage, making it an excellent choice for players who prefer ranged combat. Its bolts can pierce through enemy armor, dealing significant damage.
  • Long Range: Crepus’s Crossbow allows players to engage enemies from a safe distance. This can be particularly useful when facing tough opponents or groups of enemies.
  • Quick Reload: The crossbow’s reloading speed is surprisingly fast, allowing players to maintain a steady stream of projectiles. This can be crucial during intense battles when every second counts.
  • Versatile Ammo Types: Crepus’s Crossbow supports various types of ammunition, including explosive bolts and armor-piercing bolts. This versatility allows players to adapt their playstyle to different situations.
  • Reliable Backup Weapon: As a secondary weapon, Crepus’s Crossbow provides a reliable backup option when players run out of stamina or need to conserve their primary weapon’s durability.


While Crepus’s Crossbow offers many advantages, it also comes with a few drawbacks that players should consider:

  • Limited Ammo: The crossbow has a finite amount of ammunition, which means players need to be mindful of their shots and conserve bolts when necessary. Running out of ammo mid-battle can leave players vulnerable.
  • Slow Rate of Fire: Compared to other ranged weapons, Crepus’s Crossbow has a slower rate of fire. Players must carefully time their shots to maximize its effectiveness.
  • Lower Melee Damage: While the crossbow excels in ranged combat, it lacks the stopping power of some melee weapons. Players may find themselves at a disadvantage when facing enemies in close quarters.
  • Requires Skillful Aim: The crossbow’s projectiles travel in a straight line, requiring players to have precise aim to hit their targets. This can be challenging, especially when enemies are moving quickly or have evasive maneuvers.
  • Limited Upgrade Options: Crepus’s Crossbow has limited upgrade options compared to other weapons in Elden Ring. Players looking for extensive customization may find themselves wanting more variety.

Alternatives and Comparisons


When it comes to alternative options to Crepus’s Black Key Crossbow in Elden Ring, one notable choice is the Arbalest. Known for its power and accuracy, the Arbalest is a heavy-duty crossbow that packs a punch.

It boasts a higher base damage compared to Crepus’s Black Key Crossbow, making it a favored choice for players who prioritize dealing maximum damage with each shot. Additionally, the Arbalest has a longer range, allowing players to engage enemies from a safer distance.

However, it is worth noting that the Arbalest’s slower reload speed may hinder players who prefer a faster-paced combat style.

Heavy Crossbow

Another alternative to consider is the Heavy Crossbow. As the name suggests, this crossbow is bulkier and heavier than Crepus’s Black Key Crossbow, but with that comes increased damage output. The Heavy Crossbow is especially effective against heavily armored foes, as its bolts can penetrate through armor with ease.

However, it is important to keep in mind that the Heavy Crossbow has a slower firing speed and shorter range compared to Crepus’s Black Key Crossbow. Players who rely on speed and maneuverability may find the Heavy Crossbow less suitable for their playstyle.

Pulley Crossbow

For those seeking a more unique alternative, the Pulley Crossbow offers a different approach to ranged combat. This crossbow utilizes a pulley system to enhance its projectile speed and power, making it a formidable choice for players who value precision and quick shots.

The Pulley Crossbow excels at close to medium-range combat, allowing players to dispatch enemies swiftly and efficiently. However, it lacks the range and damage output of Crepus’s Black Key Crossbow, making it less effective against enemies at a distance or those with higher health pools.

It is important to note that each alternative crossbow mentioned has its own strengths and weaknesses. The choice ultimately depends on the player’s preferred playstyle and the specific challenges they face in Elden Ring’s vast and treacherous world.


With versatile ammo options and solid scaling, Crepus’s Black Key Crossbow can be a powerful ranged weapon in the right build. Use its unique attributes to devastating effect against Elden Ring’s many foes.

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