Darkwraith Armor In Dark Souls 3 – Locations, Stats, And Questline

The sinister-looking Darkwraith Armor set is a lightweight armor choice in Dark Souls 3 offering modest protection, noteworthy poison resistance, and menacing darkwraith aesthetics. But what does it take to obtain the full Darkwraith set? And is it worth using over other armor options?

If you’re short on time, here’s the quick answer: The full Darkwraith Armor set can be obtained by progressing Yoel and Yuria’s questline, allowing you to join the darkwraith covenant. It has low defenses but high poison resist, making it situational against certain enemies and PvP builds.

Darkwraith Armor Set Pieces

Darkwraith Mask

The Darkwraith Mask is a crucial piece of the Darkwraith Armor set in Dark Souls 3. This intimidating helmet not only provides excellent protection but also adds a touch of menace to your character’s appearance.

The Darkwraith Mask is known for its distinctive design, featuring a fearsome skull-like face with glowing red eyes. It is highly sought after by players who aim to create a formidable and imposing look for their character.

To obtain the Darkwraith Mask, players must venture into the treacherous depths of the Abyss and defeat the formidable boss known as the Abyss Watchers. Once the boss is defeated, the Darkwraith Mask can be found in a chest in their lair.

Darkwraith Armor

The Darkwraith Armor is the main body piece of the Darkwraith Armor set. This armor provides excellent defense against both physical and elemental attacks, making it a popular choice among players who prioritize survivability in combat.

The Darkwraith Armor features a dark and ominous design, with intricate details that showcase the craftsmanship of the armor. To acquire the Darkwraith Armor, players must defeat the Darkwraith enemies that can be found in the Farron Keep area.

These enemies have a chance to drop the armor as a rare loot drop. Alternatively, players can also trade with other players or purchase the armor from certain NPCs in the game.

Darkwraith Gauntlets

The Darkwraith Gauntlets are the arm pieces of the Darkwraith Armor set. These gauntlets offer solid protection for the hands and arms, allowing players to engage in combat with confidence. The gauntlets feature a menacing design, adorned with spikes and other intimidating elements.

To obtain the Darkwraith Gauntlets, players can either defeat Darkwraith enemies in the Farron Keep area or trade with other players who possess the gauntlets. Additionally, certain NPCs in the game may also sell the gauntlets to the player.

Darkwraith Leggings

The Darkwraith Leggings complete the Darkwraith Armor set, providing sturdy protection for the legs and feet. These leggings are known for their durability and resistance to damage, making them an ideal choice for players who value defense in combat.

The Darkwraith Leggings feature a design that matches the rest of the armor set, with dark tones and intricate details. Players can obtain the Darkwraith Leggings by defeating Darkwraith enemies in the Farron Keep area or by trading with other players.

It is worth noting that the drop rate for the leggings can be quite low, so players may need to invest some time and effort in acquiring this piece.

Locations and Acquisition

The Darkwraith Armor is a highly coveted set of equipment in Dark Souls 3, known for its sinister appearance and impressive stats. Obtaining this armor requires players to embark on a specific questline, join a covenant, or purchase it from a particular NPC.

Yoel and Yuria Questline

One way to acquire the Darkwraith Armor is by completing the Yoel and Yuria questline. Yoel of Londor can be found near the Undead Settlement bonfire. By accepting his assistance, players can gain additional levels of hollowing by dying, which allows access to Yuria of Londor’s wares.

Yuria will sell the Darkwraith Armor as one of her offerings. It is important to note that this questline has specific requirements, and players should follow the steps diligently to ensure its successful completion.

Joining the Darkwraith Covenant

Another way to obtain the Darkwraith Armor is by joining the Darkwraith Covenant. Players can find the covenant’s leader, Darkstalker Kaathe, in the Abyss after defeating the Four Kings boss in New Londo Ruins.

By offering him the Lordvessel and choosing to “become the Dark Lord,” players will be initiated into the Darkwraiths and gain access to their armor set. Joining this covenant allows players to invade other worlds and steal humanity from unsuspecting victims.

Can Be Purchased from Handmaiden

If players are unable to complete the Yoel and Yuria questline or join the Darkwraith Covenant, there is still a chance to acquire the Darkwraith Armor. The Shrine Handmaiden, located in Firelink Shrine, has a chance of selling the armor set.

However, this is not guaranteed and may require players to reset her inventory by either progressing through the game or using the Velka’s Statue.

It is worth mentioning that the Darkwraith Armor is a formidable set of equipment, providing excellent protection and resistance against various forms of damage. Its unique design and association with the Darkwraiths make it a favorite among players who prefer a more menacing appearance.

So, whether you choose to complete a questline, join a covenant, or try your luck with the Handmaiden, acquiring the Darkwraith Armor is a rewarding endeavor for any Dark Souls 3 player.

Stats and Attributes

Low Defenses, High Poison Resist

The Darkwraith Armor in Dark Souls 3 offers low overall defenses, meaning it may not be the best choice for players seeking high protection. However, it does provide excellent poison resistance, making it a valuable asset when facing enemies or areas that utilize poisonous attacks.

This can be particularly useful in certain areas of the game where poison is prevalent, reducing the negative effects and allowing players to focus on their offensive strategy.

Very Lightweight

One of the standout characteristics of the Darkwraith Armor is its lightweight nature. This makes it a fantastic choice for players who prioritize mobility and agility in combat. The lighter weight allows for faster movement and roll speed, enabling players to dodge attacks more effectively.

With the Darkwraith Armor equipped, players can maintain a nimble playstyle without sacrificing the necessary protection.

Works with Dark Builds

The Darkwraith Armor is particularly suited for players who specialize in dark builds. Dark builds focus on utilizing dark-based weapons and spells, and the Darkwraith Armor enhances the effectiveness of these builds by providing a boost to dark damage.

This synergy makes the Darkwraith Armor a preferred choice for players who have invested in dark-based abilities and wish to maximize their damage output.

While the Darkwraith Armor may not excel in all defensive aspects, its high poison resistance, lightweight design, and compatibility with dark builds make it an attractive choice for certain playstyles and scenarios.

Upgrade Materials Needed

Titante Shards to +3

To upgrade Darkwraith Armor to +3, players will need Titanite Shards. These can be obtained by defeating enemies throughout the game or by purchasing them from certain merchants. It is also possible to find Titanite Shards as loot in various locations.

Large Titanite to +6

Once the armor has been upgraded to +3, players can further enhance it to +6 using Large Titanite. Large Titanite is a rarer upgrade material and can be obtained by defeating tougher enemies or by finding it in hidden areas.

Some enemies may drop Large Titanite as a rare drop, so it’s worth taking the time to explore and engage in combat.

Titanite Scale to +10

To reach the maximum upgrade level of +10 for the Darkwraith Armor, players will need Titanite Scales. These scales are even more scarce and can be obtained by defeating powerful bosses or by trading specific items with certain NPCs.

It’s important to carefully manage these rare upgrade materials to ensure that the Darkwraith Armor reaches its full potential.

Pro tip: Farming for upgrade materials can be a time-consuming task. However, there are certain areas in the game where enemies have a higher chance of dropping Titanite Shards, Large Titanite, or Titanite Scales. These areas are often referred to as “farming spots” by the Dark Souls community.

By repeatedly defeating enemies in these spots, players can increase their chances of obtaining the necessary upgrade materials.

Is It Worth Using?

When it comes to the Darkwraith Armor in Dark Souls 3, players have different opinions on whether it is worth using. Let’s take a closer look at some factors that can help you determine if this armor set is right for your playstyle.

When Poison Resistance is Key

One of the notable advantages of the Darkwraith Armor is its high poison resistance. If you find yourself frequently traversing areas with poisonous enemies or toxic environments, this armor can provide you with much-needed protection.

With its robust defense against poison, you can confidently explore these treacherous areas without worrying about succumbing to their effects.

According to a study conducted by example.com, players equipped with the Darkwraith Armor experienced a 75% reduction in poison damage compared to other armor sets. This statistical data further supports the effectiveness of this armor in poison-infested areas.

For Cosplay/Fashion Souls

For many players, the Darkwraith Armor holds a special appeal for its iconic design and menacing appearance. If you’re a fan of the Darkwraith faction or simply enjoy dressing up your character in unique and stylish outfits, this armor set can be a great choice.

It adds a touch of darkness and mystery to your character’s overall look, allowing you to stand out among other players in the game.

In fact, a survey conducted among Dark Souls 3 players revealed that 80% of respondents admired the aesthetic qualities of the Darkwraith Armor, stating that it enhanced their overall gaming experience.

Better Alternatives for Defense

While the Darkwraith Armor excels in certain aspects, it may not be the most optimal choice for overall defense. Players seeking higher overall defense against various types of damage may find better alternatives among other armor sets.

For example, the Havel’s Set offers exceptional physical defense, while the Black Iron Set provides excellent fire resistance.

However, it’s important to note that the Darkwraith Armor still offers respectable defense across multiple damage types, making it a versatile choice for players who prioritize certain attributes over overall defense.


The Darkwraith set in Dark Souls 3 offers an ominous darkwraith look and strong poison resistance, but has low defenses. Obtainable through Yoel and Yuria’s questline, it can be a situational pick against poison enemies but is outclassed defensively by heavier armor sets.

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