Destiny 2 Icefall Mantle Exotic Guide

The Icefall Mantle is one of the most unique and powerful exotic gauntlets in Destiny 2. Introduced in Beyond Light, this chest armor exotic completely changes your gameplay style and offers incredible defensive capabilities for Titans.

If you’re short on time, here’s a quick answer to your question: The Destiny 2 Icefall Mantle exotic chest armor creates an overshield for your Titan when they use their barricade ability, at the cost of not being able to shoot or use other abilities while the overshield is active.

In this comprehensive guide, we’ll cover everything you need to know about the Icefall Mantle exotic in Destiny 2, including how to get it, what it does, gameplay tips and strategies, and how it fits into the current PvE and PvP meta.

How to Get the Icefall Mantle Exotic

The Icefall Mantle is a highly sought-after Exotic piece of armor in Destiny 2. This guide will walk you through the various ways you can obtain this powerful piece of equipment.

Random world drop from Legend/Master lost sectors

One way to acquire the Icefall Mantle is through random world drops from Legend and Master lost sectors. These lost sectors are challenging activities that require a Fireteam to complete. By completing these activities, you have a chance to obtain the Icefall Mantle as a reward.

Keep in mind that the drop rate may vary, so be prepared to run multiple lost sectors to increase your chances of obtaining this Exotic piece.

Xûr’s inventory

An alternative method of obtaining the Icefall Mantle is by checking Xûr’s inventory. Xûr is an elusive vendor who appears in different locations each week. He sells Exotic items, including armor pieces like the Icefall Mantle.

Keep an eye on Xûr’s location each week and visit him to see if he has the Icefall Mantle in his inventory. Be aware that his inventory changes every week, so you may need to be patient and check back regularly.

From Exotic engrams

Lastly, you can obtain the Icefall Mantle from Exotic engrams. These engrams can be obtained through various activities in Destiny 2, such as completing challenging quests, participating in high-level activities like raids and dungeons, or by leveling up your Season Pass.

When you acquire an Exotic engram, decrypt it at the Cryptarch to reveal its contents, which may include the Icefall Mantle.

Remember, obtaining the Icefall Mantle may require some persistence and luck. Whether you’re running lost sectors, visiting Xûr, or decrypting Exotic engrams, keep at it and don’t get discouraged. With determination, you’ll eventually add this powerful Exotic armor piece to your collection!

Icefall Mantle Exotic Perk: Glacial Bastion

The Icefall Mantle is an exotic Titan armor piece in Destiny 2 that comes with the powerful perk called Glacial Bastion. This perk provides Titans with an additional layer of defense and can be a game-changer in both PvE and PvP activities.

Creates an overshield when casting Titan barricade

When a Titan equips the Icefall Mantle and activates their barricade ability, Glacial Bastion triggers and creates an overshield for the Titan. This overshield provides an extra layer of protection, making the Titan more resilient against incoming damage.

It can be especially useful when holding down a position or defending an objective.

Prevents use of weapons and abilities while overshield is active

While the overshield provided by Glacial Bastion is incredibly powerful, it does come with a drawback. While the overshield is active, the Titan is unable to use their weapons or abilities. This means they will have to rely solely on their barricade for defense during this time.

It’s important for Titans to plan their usage of Glacial Bastion strategically to avoid being caught off guard without any offensive capabilities.

Overshield strength scales with Resilience stat

The strength of the overshield created by Glacial Bastion is directly influenced by the Titan’s Resilience stat. The higher the Resilience stat, the stronger the overshield will be. This means that Titans who prioritize Resilience in their build will benefit even more from the Icefall Mantle’s perk.

It’s worth noting that the strength of the overshield can make a significant difference in surviving encounters and turning the tide of battle in the Titan’s favor.

How to Use Icefall Mantle Effectively

Destiny 2’s Icefall Mantle is an exotic Titan gauntlet that provides a unique ability to create an overshield by holding the barricade button. This overshield significantly boosts the Titan’s resilience and can be a game-changer in both PvE and PvP activities.

However, to make the most out of the Icefall Mantle, there are a few strategies and tips that players should keep in mind.

Maximize Resilience stat for stronger overshield

When using the Icefall Mantle, it’s crucial to focus on maximizing your Titan’s resilience stat. The higher your resilience, the stronger your overshield will be when activating the Icefall Mantle. Investing in armor pieces and mods that increase resilience can greatly enhance the effectiveness of the Icefall Mantle in combat situations.

Use Crest of Alpha Lupi chest armor mod for bonus healing

In addition to the overshield, Icefall Mantle also provides a healing effect to the Titan and nearby allies when the barricade is activated. To further boost this healing effect, consider equipping the Crest of Alpha Lupi chest armor mod.

This mod enhances the healing provided by the Icefall Mantle, ensuring that you and your team stay in the fight for longer.

Pair with Whisper of Chains fragment for bonus damage resist

If you’re looking to increase your survivability even further, consider pairing the Icefall Mantle with the Whisper of Chains fragment. This fragment grants bonus damage resist when you or nearby allies are affected by your abilities.

By activating your barricade and creating an overshield, you can benefit from this damage resistance, making you even more resilient in the face of enemy attacks.

Cast barricade preemptively before engagements

To fully utilize the Icefall Mantle’s overshield and healing effect, it’s important to cast your barricade preemptively before engaging in combat. By doing so, you can enter battles with a strong overshield and ensure that you and your team have the necessary healing and defensive capabilities to withstand enemy fire.

Don’t wait until you’re already taking damage to activate the Icefall Mantle – be proactive and use it to your advantage.

By following these strategies and tips, you can effectively use the Icefall Mantle and maximize its potential in Destiny 2. Remember to focus on resilience, utilize the Crest of Alpha Lupi mod, pair with the Whisper of Chains fragment, and cast your barricade preemptively.

With proper usage, the Icefall Mantle can be a powerful tool in your Titan’s arsenal, providing you with the strength and survivability to overcome any challenge.

Icefall Mantle in PvE – Tips and Builds

The Icefall Mantle is an Exotic Titan gauntlet in Destiny 2 that provides powerful defensive capabilities. In PvE activities, the Icefall Mantle can be a game-changer, allowing players to withstand heavy enemy fire and protect their teammates.

Here are some tips and builds to maximize the potential of the Icefall Mantle in PvE:

Great for higher difficulty Nightfalls and dungeons

The Icefall Mantle is particularly effective in higher difficulty Nightfalls and dungeons, where enemies deal significant amounts of damage. With the Icefall Mantle equipped, Titans can activate their class ability, the Towering Barricade, to create a stationary wall of defense.

This provides a safe haven for team members to take cover, revive fallen teammates, or deal damage to enemies. The Icefall Mantle’s Overshield significantly increases the durability of the barricade, making it even more effective in protecting the team.

Use Towering Barricade for stationary defense

When using the Icefall Mantle, it’s essential to utilize the Towering Barricade effectively. By placing it strategically, you can block enemy projectiles, create chokepoints, or control the flow of combat.

This is particularly useful for encounters where enemies spawn from specific directions or where you need to hold a position. Remember to communicate with your team and coordinate your defense to make the most of the Icefall Mantle’s defensive capabilities.

Pair with Warmind Cell mods for add clear

To enhance the Icefall Mantle’s effectiveness, consider pairing it with Warmind Cell mods. Warmind Cells are powerful orbs that can be generated by using specific mods from the Warmind Cell mod pool. These cells can be detonated to deal massive area-of-effect damage to enemies.

By combining the defensive capabilities of the Icefall Mantle with the offensive potential of Warmind Cells, you can create a formidable build that excels at add clear and crowd control.

Run Sentinel subclass for Ward of Dawn overshield synergy

If you want to maximize the defensive potential of the Icefall Mantle, consider running the Sentinel subclass with the Code of the Protector tree. This tree provides access to the Ward of Dawn super, which creates a protective bubble that grants overshields to all allies inside.

When combined with the Icefall Mantle, this creates an incredibly durable defensive strategy. The overshields from the Ward of Dawn stack with the Icefall Mantle’s Overshield, making you and your teammates nearly invincible for a short period.

By following these tips and experimenting with different builds, you can make the most of the Icefall Mantle’s defensive capabilities in PvE activities. Whether you’re tackling high-level Nightfalls or engaging in challenging dungeons, the Icefall Mantle has the potential to be a game-changer for Titan players.

Icefall Mantle in PvP – Strengths and Limitations

The Icefall Mantle is an exotic Titan gauntlet in Destiny 2 that offers unique benefits and drawbacks in PvP gameplay. Understanding its strengths and limitations is crucial for maximizing its effectiveness on the battlefield.

Can be very strong in objective modes like Trials or Iron Banner

In objective-based modes like Trials of Osiris or Iron Banner, the Icefall Mantle can be a game-changer. Its ability to create barriers that provide extra protection for the wearer and their teammates can make a significant difference in securing and defending objectives.

This defensive advantage can turn the tide of battles and give your team a strategic edge.

Barriers can lock down chokepoints and control heavy ammo

The Icefall Mantle’s barriers are not only useful for defensive purposes but can also be used strategically to control the flow of the game. Placing barriers at chokepoints can effectively block enemy movements, forcing them to take alternative routes or engage in close-quarters combat where they may be at a disadvantage.

Additionally, using barriers to secure heavy ammo spawns can give your team a crucial advantage in terms of firepower.

Limited offensive capability due to weapon lockout

While the Icefall Mantle excels in defense and control, it does come with limitations in terms of offensive capability. When activating the barriers, the wearer’s weapons are temporarily locked out, preventing them from dealing damage to opponents.

This can be a disadvantage in situations where quick offensive action is required, such as engaging in a close-quarters firefight or countering an opponent’s aggressive push.

Susceptible to grenades, supers, and teamshotting

Despite its defensive benefits, the Icefall Mantle is not without vulnerabilities. Grenades, supers, and coordinated teamshotting can quickly dismantle the barriers and leave the wearer exposed. It’s important to be mindful of the enemy’s abilities and playstyle, as well as communicate effectively with your team to avoid being caught off guard and overwhelmed.


The Icefall Mantle exotic chest armor offers a unique defensive playstyle for Titans in Destiny 2. With the ability to generate a powerful overshield on demand, this exotic shines in difficult PvE content and objective-based PvP modes where staying alive is key.

By maximizing your Resilience, using beneficial armor mods, and combining Icefall Mantle with the right subclass skills and fragments, you can become an immovable object able to withstand massive amounts of damage.

While the inability to shoot or use abilities during the overshield requires adjusting your gameplay, mastering this exotic is extremely rewarding and enables defensive builds unlike anything else in Destiny 2.

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