Does Restaurant Depot Take Apple Pay? Everything You Need To Know

With mobile payments becoming increasingly popular, more and more customers are wondering if they can use Apple Pay at their favorite stores. Restaurant Depot is a popular wholesale supply store for restaurants and other food-related businesses.

If you shop there, you may be wondering: does Restaurant Depot take Apple Pay?

If you’re short on time, here’s a quick answer: Unfortunately, Restaurant Depot does not currently accept Apple Pay as a payment method in their stores or online. They only accept traditional payment methods like credit cards, debit cards, cash, and checks.

In this comprehensive guide, we’ll take an in-depth look at Restaurant Depot’s payment methods and why they don’t take Apple Pay yet. We’ll also discuss the benefits of Apple Pay, what stores do accept it, and how you can still use mobile payment when shopping at Restaurant Depot.

An Overview of Restaurant Depot and Its Payment Options

Restaurant Depot is a leading wholesale supplier of food and restaurant supplies in the United States. With over 130 locations nationwide, it caters primarily to foodservice professionals, including restaurants, caterers, and other businesses in the food industry.

The company offers a wide range of products, from fresh produce and meat to kitchen equipment and cleaning supplies.

What is Restaurant Depot?

Restaurant Depot is a one-stop shop for foodservice professionals. It was founded in 1990 and has since grown to become one of the largest wholesale suppliers in the country. The company prides itself on offering competitive prices, high-quality products, and exceptional customer service.

Whether you’re a small cafe owner or a large restaurant chain, Restaurant Depot has everything you need to run your business efficiently.

What Payment Methods Does Restaurant Depot Accept Currently?

When it comes to payment options, Restaurant Depot offers a variety of choices to cater to its diverse customer base. Currently, Restaurant Depot accepts cash, checks, debit cards, and all major credit cards, including Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and Discover.

This means you can easily pay for your purchases using your preferred method of payment.

It’s important to note that while Restaurant Depot accepts various forms of payment, not all locations may accept mobile payment options like Apple Pay. The availability of Apple Pay may vary depending on the specific store location.

Therefore, it’s recommended to check with your local Restaurant Depot before visiting if you prefer to use Apple Pay.

For more information about Restaurant Depot and its payment options, you can visit their official website at

Why Doesn’t Restaurant Depot Take Apple Pay Yet?

While Apple Pay has become a popular payment method for many retailers and businesses, Restaurant Depot has been slow to adopt this technology. There are several reasons why they have not yet implemented Apple Pay as a payment option.

They Cater to Small Businesses

Restaurant Depot primarily caters to small businesses in the foodservice industry. Many of these businesses may not have the resources or infrastructure to support Apple Pay. Small businesses often rely on traditional payment methods, such as cash or credit cards, which are more familiar and accessible to their customers.

They Have Been Slow to Adopt New Technology

As a large wholesale supplier, Restaurant Depot has been slower to adopt new technology compared to smaller retailers. They may have a more complex infrastructure and system in place, which makes it difficult to integrate Apple Pay seamlessly.

Additionally, they may have been cautious about the potential risks and challenges associated with implementing a new payment system.

They Don’t Have the Right Hardware Terminals

Another reason why Restaurant Depot does not currently accept Apple Pay is that they may not have the necessary hardware terminals to support this payment method. Upgrading their terminals to be compatible with Apple Pay may require a significant investment of time and resources, which they may not be ready to make.

They Haven’t Seen Enough Customer Demand

Restaurant Depot is a business-to-business wholesaler, and their customers are primarily other businesses rather than individual consumers. They may not have seen enough demand from their customers to justify the implementation of Apple Pay.

As long as their customers continue to use traditional payment methods, Restaurant Depot may not see a need to adopt Apple Pay at this time.

While Restaurant Depot currently does not accept Apple Pay, it is important to note that payment methods and technologies are constantly evolving. It is possible that they may consider adding Apple Pay or other contactless payment options in the future as customer preferences and industry standards change.

The Benefits and Convenience of Using Apple Pay

Apple Pay has become increasingly popular as a convenient and secure method of payment. With just a tap of your finger or a glance at your iPhone or Apple Watch, you can quickly and easily make purchases at participating retailers, including Restaurant Depot.

Here are some of the key benefits of using Apple Pay:

It’s Fast and Easy

Using Apple Pay is incredibly quick and simple. Gone are the days of fumbling for your wallet or digging through your purse to find your credit card. With Apple Pay, all you need to do is hold your device near the contactless payment terminal and authorize the payment with a touch of your finger or a glance at your device’s Face ID.

Within seconds, your transaction is complete, allowing you to get on with your day.

It’s Secure

When it comes to security, Apple Pay has you covered. The technology uses a unique device account number and a one-time transaction code, ensuring that your actual card information is never shared with the merchant. This adds an extra layer of security and helps protect against fraud.

Additionally, if your iPhone or Apple Watch is lost or stolen, you can use Find My iPhone to suspend payments from that device, providing peace of mind.

It Works With iPhone and Apple Watch

One of the great things about Apple Pay is its versatility. Whether you have an iPhone or an Apple Watch, you can use Apple Pay to make purchases. This means that you can leave your wallet at home and still have the ability to pay for goods and services.

With just a tap or a flick of the wrist, you can complete your transaction and be on your way.

It’s Widely Accepted

Apple Pay is accepted at a wide range of retailers, including Restaurant Depot. Many major chains, small businesses, and online stores have embraced this payment method, recognizing the convenience it offers to their customers.

To check if a particular store accepts Apple Pay, you can look for the Apple Pay logo or ask a store representative. With its growing popularity, it’s becoming increasingly common to find businesses that offer Apple Pay as a payment option.

What Stores and Apps Accept Apple Pay in 2023?

Apple Pay has become a popular and convenient way to make payments using your iPhone, Apple Watch, or iPad. With its fast and secure transactions, many people are wondering which stores and apps accept Apple Pay in 2023. Let’s take a look at some of the key categories:

Grocery Stores

When it comes to grocery shopping, Apple Pay is widely accepted at major chains across the country. Whether you’re stocking up on fresh produce, pantry staples, or household essentials, you can use Apple Pay at popular grocery stores such as Whole Foods, Kroger, and Safeway.

This allows for a seamless checkout experience, without the need to fumble for cash or cards.

Big Box Retailers

Big box retailers have also embraced Apple Pay as a convenient payment option for their customers. Whether you’re shopping for electronics, home goods, or clothing, you can use Apple Pay at retailers like Target, Walmart, and Best Buy.

This means you can skip the hassle of swiping your card or hunting for spare change, and simply make your purchase with a quick tap of your device.

Department Stores

Apple Pay is a popular choice at department stores, allowing shoppers to easily make payments for their fashion, beauty, and home goods purchases. Stores like Macy’s, Nordstrom, and Bloomingdale’s accept Apple Pay, making it a breeze to complete your transactions without digging through your wallet for the right credit card.


When it comes to picking up prescriptions or purchasing over-the-counter medications, Apple Pay is a convenient option at many pharmacies. Whether you’re visiting CVS, Walgreens, or Rite Aid, you can use Apple Pay to quickly and securely make your payment, saving you time and effort.

Gas Stations

Apple Pay has also made its way to the pump, allowing for easy and secure payments at gas stations. Major gas station chains like Exxon, Chevron, and Shell accept Apple Pay, enabling you to pay for your fuel quickly and conveniently without needing to swipe a card or enter a PIN.


When it comes to dining out, many restaurants now accept Apple Pay. From fast-food chains to sit-down establishments, you can use Apple Pay to pay for your meal at places like McDonald’s, Starbucks, and Chipotle.

This eliminates the need to hand over your credit card or wait for the waiter to bring the bill, making the payment process smooth and efficient.

Other Retailers and Apps

Apple Pay is not limited to just the major categories mentioned above. It is also accepted at various other retailers, including convenience stores, clothing boutiques, and even online shopping platforms.

Additionally, many apps now offer Apple Pay as a payment option, allowing you to make secure and easy purchases within the app. Some popular apps that accept Apple Pay include Uber, Airbnb, and Starbucks.

How to Use Mobile Payments at Restaurant Depot

If you’re wondering whether Restaurant Depot accepts mobile payments, you’ll be pleased to know that they do! Restaurant Depot understands the convenience and security that mobile payments provide, and they have made it easy for customers to use popular mobile payment options such as Samsung Pay and Google Pay.

Samsung Pay

For those who prefer using Samsung Pay, you’ll be happy to hear that Restaurant Depot accepts this mobile payment option. Simply add your credit or debit card to the Samsung Pay app on your compatible Samsung device, and you’ll be ready to make purchases at Restaurant Depot with just a tap of your phone.

It’s quick, easy, and secure!

Google Pay

If you’re a fan of Google Pay, you’re in luck! Restaurant Depot also accepts Google Pay as a mobile payment option. To use Google Pay at Restaurant Depot, add your credit or debit card to the Google Pay app on your Android device.

When you’re ready to make a purchase, simply unlock your phone and hold it near the contactless payment terminal. It’s a fast and convenient way to pay!

Restaurant Depot Gift Cards

Another option for mobile payments at Restaurant Depot is to use their own gift cards. Restaurant Depot offers gift cards that can be purchased and loaded with a specific amount of money. These gift cards can then be used as a payment method at any Restaurant Depot location.

It’s a great way to manage your expenses and keep track of your purchases.

Using mobile payments at Restaurant Depot is not only convenient but also provides an added layer of security. By using your mobile phone or a Restaurant Depot gift card, you can make purchases without exposing your credit or debit card information to potential risks.

So, the next time you visit Restaurant Depot, don’t forget to take advantage of their mobile payment options like Samsung Pay, Google Pay, or their own gift cards. It’s a hassle-free and secure way to pay for your restaurant supplies and equipment!


While Apple Pay is not accepted at Restaurant Depot currently, there are still ways you can utilize mobile payments when shopping there. As more customers request and demand Apple Pay as an option, Restaurant Depot may eventually come around to adopting it.

For now, keep an eye out for new payment terminals next time you visit, and consider using a mobile wallet like Samsung Pay that may be accepted. With mobile payment adoption continuing to grow exponentially each year, Apple Pay support could arrive at Restaurant Depot in the near future.

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