Everything You Need To Know About Dratini Community Day Ticket

Pokemon Go players are excited about the upcoming Dratini Community Day featuring the rare Dragon-type Pokemon. However, to participate, you need a special event ticket. If you’re wondering what the Dratini Community Day ticket is and how to get it, you’ve come to the right place.

If you’re short on time, here’s a quick answer: The Dratini Community Day ticket is required to participate in the Dratini Community Day event on February 24, 2023 from 2PM to 5PM local time. You can purchase it in the in-game shop for $1.

In this comprehensive guide, we’ll cover everything you need to know about the Dratini Community Day ticket including what it is, how to get it, and what you can expect from the event.

What is the Dratini Community Day Ticket?

The Dratini Community Day Ticket is a special paid ticket that grants players access to an exclusive event in the popular mobile game, Pokémon Go. This ticket allows players to participate in a Community Day dedicated to the Dragon-type Pokémon, Dratini.

A Special Paid Ticket for an Exclusive Event

The Dratini Community Day Ticket is a limited-time offer that players can purchase within the Pokémon Go app. It provides a unique and enhanced gameplay experience during the designated Community Day event.

This ticket is separate from the regular in-game purchases and offers additional features and benefits.

The Community Day events are highly anticipated by Pokémon Go players as they offer a chance to catch rare Pokémon, experience increased spawn rates of specific Pokémon, and enjoy exclusive bonuses. The Dratini Community Day Ticket takes this experience to the next level by providing even more opportunities and rewards.

Benefits and Features of the Ticket

By purchasing the Dratini Community Day Ticket, players gain access to various exclusive benefits and features. These include:

  • Exclusive Special Research: Ticket holders receive access to a unique Special Research questline that is only available during the event. Completing this questline offers special rewards, including encounters with rare Pokémon and items.
  • Shiny Dratini Encounter: During the event, players have an increased chance of encountering a Shiny Dratini, a rare variant with a different coloration. This provides an exciting opportunity to add a unique Pokémon to their collection.
  • Exclusive Move: By evolving a Dratini into its final form, Dragonite, during the event or within a specific timeframe, players can obtain a Dragonite with an exclusive move that is otherwise unobtainable.
  • Bonus XP and Stardust: Throughout the event, players receive additional experience points (XP) and Stardust, which are valuable resources in Pokémon Go. This allows players to level up faster and power up their Pokémon.

It is important to note that the Dratini Community Day Ticket is a one-time purchase and only grants access to the specific event it is associated with. Each Community Day event features a different Pokémon and set of rewards, so players need to purchase the ticket for each event they wish to participate in.

For more information about the Dratini Community Day Ticket and upcoming Community Day events, players can visit the official Pokémon Go website at https://pokemongolive.com/.

When and How to Get the Dratini Community Day Ticket

Are you a fan of Pokémon Go and excited about the upcoming Dratini Community Day? Well, you’re in luck because Niantic has introduced a special Dratini Community Day Ticket that will enhance your gaming experience. Here’s everything you need to know about when and how to get this ticket.

Ticket Purchase Window

The Dratini Community Day Ticket will be available for purchase during a specific time window. This window usually opens a few days before the Community Day event and remains open until the event day itself.

It’s important to mark your calendar and be ready to grab your ticket as soon as it becomes available.

During the ticket purchase window, you can head to the in-game shop and look for the Dratini Community Day Ticket. Once you find it, simply tap on it and complete the purchase process. The ticket will then be added to your inventory, and you’ll be all set to enjoy the special bonuses and features during the event.

Price and Platforms for Purchase

The Dratini Community Day Ticket is typically priced at a reasonable cost, offering great value for Pokémon Go players. The exact price may vary depending on your region, but it’s usually in line with other in-game purchases.

To purchase the ticket, you can use the same platforms that you use for other in-game transactions. This includes both iOS and Android devices. Simply open the Pokémon Go app, navigate to the in-game shop, and follow the steps mentioned earlier to buy the ticket.

It’s important to note that the Dratini Community Day Ticket is a virtual item that is tied to your Pokémon Go account. This means that it cannot be transferred to other players or used on multiple accounts.

Make sure you are logged into the correct account before purchasing the ticket to avoid any issues.

So mark your calendars, prepare your Pokéballs, and get ready for an exciting Dratini Community Day with the special ticket. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to catch rare Pokémon, take advantage of exclusive bonuses, and have a fantastic time with other Pokémon Go trainers!

What to Expect at the Dratini Community Day Event

Increased Dratini Spawns

During the Dratini Community Day event, players can expect to see a significant increase in the number of Dratini spawns. This means that Dratini will be more common and easier to find throughout the duration of the event.

Trainers will have a better chance of encountering shiny Dratini, which has a different coloration than the regular Dratini.

Special Moves for Dragonite

One of the highlights of the Dratini Community Day event is the opportunity to evolve a Dragonair into Dragonite and teach it a special move. In this case, trainers can evolve Dragonair into Dragonite and teach it the exclusive move, Draco Meteor.

This move is extremely powerful and can significantly enhance Dragonite’s battling capabilities. It’s a great opportunity for trainers to obtain a Dragonite with a move that is usually not available.

Bonuses and Perks

Aside from the increased Dratini spawns and the special move for Dragonite, there are other bonuses and perks to look forward to during the Dratini Community Day event. Trainers can enjoy increased XP, Stardust, and Lure Module durations to make the most out of their gameplay.

Additionally, there may be special research tasks or quests that offer unique rewards.

It is also worth noting that during the event, there may be increased chances of hatching Dratini from eggs or encountering them as raid bosses. This provides trainers with multiple opportunities to catch and add high-quality Dratini to their collection.

So mark your calendars and get ready for an exciting Dratini Community Day event filled with increased spawns, special moves, and bonuses. It’s a great opportunity to catch and evolve powerful Dragonite, and enjoy a fun-filled day of Pokémon GO!

Tips to Make the Most of Dratini Community Day

Prepare Items in Advance

Dratini Community Day is a highly anticipated event in the Pokémon GO community, and to make the most of it, it’s essential to come prepared. Before the event starts, stock up on important items such as Poké Balls, Berries, and Incense.

Having a sufficient supply of these items will ensure that you don’t run out during the event and miss out on catching as many Dratini as possible. Additionally, it’s a good idea to free up some space in your Pokémon storage to make room for the new Pokémon you’ll be catching.

Use Glacial Lures

If you’re lucky enough to have a few Glacial Lures in your inventory, be sure to make use of them during Dratini Community Day. Glacial Lures are known to attract Ice-type Pokémon, and since Dratini is a Dragon and Water-type Pokémon, it has a higher chance of appearing near these lures.

By placing a Glacial Lure in a PokéStop, you’ll increase your chances of encountering more Dratini throughout the event. Remember, the more Dratini you catch, the better your chances of finding a shiny Dratini!

Take Advantage of Bonuses

During Dratini Community Day, Niantic often offers special bonuses to enhance the gameplay experience. Take full advantage of these bonuses to maximize your efforts. This may include increased XP, Stardust, or even reduced egg hatching distances.

By taking advantage of these bonuses, you’ll be able to level up faster, earn more Stardust to power up your Pokémon, and hatch eggs more quickly. Keep an eye on the official Pokémon GO website or social media channels to stay updated on the specific bonuses available during Dratini Community Day.

Remember, Dratini Community Day is all about having fun and enjoying the Pokémon GO experience with fellow trainers. So grab your friends, get out there, and catch as many Dratini as you can!

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need a ticket for each account?

No, you do not need a ticket for each account. One ticket will grant access to the Dratini Community Day event for all accounts linked to your Pokémon GO Trainer Club or Google account. So, whether you have multiple accounts or just one, you can enjoy the event with just one ticket.

Can I get a refund on the ticket?

Unfortunately, Pokémon GO Community Day tickets are non-refundable. Once you purchase a ticket, it is final and cannot be refunded. Therefore, it is important to ensure that you are able to participate in the event before purchasing the ticket.

What if I miss the event window?

If you happen to miss the event window for Dratini Community Day, don’t worry! While you won’t be able to participate in the exclusive event features during the designated time, you can still encounter Dratini and enjoy the increased spawn rates for a limited period after the event ends.

So even if you can’t make it during the event window, you’ll still have the chance to catch some Dratini.


With a clear understanding of what the Dratini Community Day ticket offers, you can decide if you want to participate in this special paid event. Getting the ticket will give you exclusive access to boosted Dratini spawns and bonuses during the designated event hours.

Just don’t forget to purchase it ahead of time in the in-game shop. Enjoy the chance to add this rare Dragon-type Pokemon and its powerful evolutions to your collection!

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