Are Eso Treasure Maps Worth It? A Detailed Guide

Treasure maps in ESO allow you to find rare items and materials across Tamriel. But are these maps worth the time and effort required to find their hidden treasures? In this comprehensive guide, we’ll examine the pros and cons to help you decide if ESO treasure maps are worth it for you.

If you’re short on time, here’s a quick answer: treasure maps can be worth it if you enjoy exploration, want to find rare motifs and furniture plans, or are looking to make extra gold. The maps can take a while to farm and follow though, so they may not be worth it if you don’t enjoy the hunt.

What Are Treasure Maps in ESO?

Treasure maps in ESO are items that lead you to hidden caches across the vast world of Tamriel. These maps are like ancient parchments that provide clues and directions to buried treasures. Each treasure map corresponds to a specific zone or region in the game, and by following the clues, players can discover valuable loot and rewards.

Items that lead you to hidden caches across Tamriel

ESO treasure maps are an exciting addition to the game, as they encourage exploration and discovery. Each map depicts a unique location within a zone, and players must use their wits and navigation skills to find the buried treasure.

The maps often feature landmarks, symbols, and geographical hints that players must decipher to locate the hidden cache. It’s like going on a real treasure hunt in the virtual world of Tamriel!

Obtained as random drops, bought from guild traders, or from the Crown Store

There are several ways to obtain treasure maps in ESO. They can be acquired as random drops from enemies, found in containers, or rewarded for completing quests. Additionally, players can also purchase treasure maps from guild traders or acquire them from the Crown Store, the in-game marketplace where players can buy various items and enhancements.

It’s worth noting that the availability of treasure maps may vary depending on the zone or region. Some maps may be more common and easily obtainable, while others may be rarer and harder to come by. Keep an eye out for these valuable items during your adventures in Tamriel!

Offer lucrative rewards like crafting motifs, furniture recipes, and special items

The rewards found in treasure chests can be quite lucrative. Opening a treasure chest discovered with the help of a treasure map can yield valuable items such as crafting motifs, furniture recipes, rare materials, and even unique collectibles.

These rewards can be used to enhance your character’s appearance, decorate your home, or sell for a handsome profit in the game’s player-driven economy.

It’s important to note that the value of the rewards can vary depending on the zone and the rarity of the treasure map. Some maps may lead to more valuable loot than others, so it’s always a thrilling gamble to see what lies hidden beneath the surface.

The Pros of Treasure Maps in ESO

Exciting exploration of hidden areas across Tamriel

One of the major pros of using treasure maps in ESO is the thrill of embarking on an adventure to explore hidden areas across Tamriel. These maps provide players with clues and hints that lead them to secret locations, which are often tucked away in remote corners of the game world.

The sense of discovery and the excitement of uncovering hidden treasures can be truly exhilarating for players. It adds an element of exploration and mystery to the game, making it a delightful experience for those who enjoy discovering new places and uncovering hidden secrets.

Chance to obtain rare motifs and furniture plans

Treasure maps in ESO offer players a valuable opportunity to obtain rare motifs and furniture plans. These items can be highly sought after by collectors and fashion-conscious players who want to customize their characters and homes.

By following the clues on the treasure maps and successfully locating the hidden treasure, players can be rewarded with these coveted items. Whether it’s a new armor style or a unique piece of furniture, finding rare motifs and furniture plans can add a touch of exclusivity to a player’s collection and enhance their gameplay experience.

Can be a nice source of gold from selling rewards

Another advantage of using treasure maps in ESO is the potential to earn a significant amount of gold by selling the rewards obtained from the hidden treasure. Some of the items found through treasure maps, such as rare motifs or valuable equipment, can fetch a high price in the in-game market.

By successfully locating and looting these hidden treasures, players can amass a substantial amount of gold, which can be used to purchase other items, upgrade gear, or invest in other aspects of their gameplay.

It provides a lucrative opportunity for players looking to increase their in-game wealth.

Fun diversion from regular gameplay and questing

Treasure maps offer a fun diversion from the regular gameplay and questing in ESO. While engaging in the main storyline and completing quests is important, sometimes players may want to take a break and indulge in a different activity.

Following treasure maps provides an exciting and enjoyable alternative to the usual gameplay routine. It allows players to step away from the main objectives and immerse themselves in the thrill of hunting for hidden treasures.

This can bring a refreshing change of pace and inject a sense of fun into the game.

The Cons of Treasure Maps in ESO

Can take a long time to farm the map drops

Farming treasure maps in ESO can be a time-consuming task. Players may have to spend hours on end defeating enemies and looting chests in hopes of obtaining a map drop. This can be frustrating for those who are short on time or simply want to jump right into the action.

It’s important to note that the drop rate for maps can vary depending on the location and the type of enemy being defeated.

Following the maps and finding the caches is time-consuming

Once you have obtained a treasure map, the next step is to follow it and locate the hidden cache. This process can also be quite time-consuming, as the maps often provide vague clues and riddles rather than exact locations.

Players may find themselves wandering aimlessly or spending a significant amount of time deciphering the maps. It can be frustrating to spend hours searching for a cache, only to find it empty or containing less valuable items than expected.

Rewards are random – may not get rare or valuable items

One of the downsides of treasure maps in ESO is that the rewards are random. This means that even after spending time and effort obtaining the maps and locating the caches, players may not receive the rare or valuable items they were hoping for.

The randomness of the rewards can be disappointing for players who are specifically looking for certain items or hoping to make a profit from their treasure hunting endeavors.

Have to compete with other players farming the same spots

Another drawback of treasure maps in ESO is the competition from other players. Since the maps are limited in number and the caches can only be looted once, players often find themselves vying for the same spots.

This can lead to frustration and even conflict between players, especially in popular farming areas. It’s important to be prepared for the possibility of encountering other treasure hunters and to be respectful of their presence.

How to Get the Most Value From Your Maps

Prioritize maps that offer rare motifs and items

When it comes to ESO treasure maps, not all maps are created equal. Some maps offer rare motifs and items that can fetch a high price in the in-game market. If you’re looking to get the most value out of your maps, prioritize those that offer these rare treasures.

Look out for maps that lead you to areas where you can find rare crafting motifs or unique weapons and armor.

One great resource for finding out which maps offer rare motifs and items is the ESO website’s official forums. Players often share their experiences and findings, making it easier for you to identify the most valuable maps.

Additionally, you can also check out popular ESO fan sites and communities, where players share their knowledge and insights on the best maps to prioritize.

Keep in mind that the value of these rare motifs and items can fluctuate in the market, so it’s always a good idea to stay updated and keep an eye on the current demand and prices.

Buy maps in bulk from guild traders to save time farming

If you’re looking to maximize your efficiency and save time, consider buying treasure maps in bulk from guild traders. Guild traders are players who sell valuable items and resources, including treasure maps.

By purchasing maps in bulk, you can save time that would otherwise be spent farming for them in the game.

There are many guild traders scattered throughout Tamriel, and their inventory is constantly changing. It’s a good idea to join a trading guild or keep an eye on popular trading locations to find the best deals on bulk treasure maps.

By doing so, you can quickly amass a collection of maps without the need for extensive farming.

Remember to compare prices from different guild traders to ensure you’re getting the best value for your gold. Additionally, consider negotiating with other players to see if you can strike a deal for a lower price.

Coordinate with friends or guilds to share map locations

Treasure hunting can be more enjoyable and rewarding when done with friends or guildmates. By coordinating with others, you can share map locations and increase your chances of finding valuable treasures.

Working together also allows you to cover more ground and complete treasure hunts more efficiently.

If you’re part of a guild, take advantage of the guild chat or voice channels to communicate and coordinate treasure hunts. You can assign different maps to different members, increasing your chances of finding rare treasures.

Additionally, sharing your findings with others can create a sense of camaraderie and excitement within the guild.

Even if you’re not part of a guild, you can still coordinate with friends or other players you meet in the game. Forming a treasure hunting group can not only improve your chances of finding valuable items but also make the experience more enjoyable and social.

Sell your most valuable rewards for gold

Once you’ve obtained valuable rewards from your treasure maps, it’s time to cash in on your efforts. Selling these items in the in-game market can earn you a significant amount of gold, which you can then use to further enhance your ESO experience.

When selling your rewards, it’s important to consider the current market demand and prices. Pay attention to the trends and fluctuations in the market, and adjust your selling strategy accordingly. You may also want to consider using popular trading platforms or guild stores to reach a larger audience and increase your chances of making a profitable sale.

Keep in mind that the value of items can vary based on factors such as rarity, demand, and competition. It’s always a good idea to research similar items and their prices before listing yours for sale. By doing so, you can ensure that you’re getting the best possible return on your investment.

By following these tips, you can get the most value out of your ESO treasure maps. Whether you’re hunting for rare motifs, saving time by buying in bulk, coordinating with others, or selling your valuable rewards, these strategies will help you make the most of your treasure hunting adventures in Tamriel.

Are Treasure Maps Worth It? Our Verdict

When it comes to ESO treasure maps, the question of whether they are worth it often arises. Let’s delve into the details and provide some clarity.

Worth it for rare motifs, exploration, and added gameplay variety

One of the main reasons why treasure maps can be worth it is the possibility of obtaining rare motifs. These motifs, which can be used to customize your character’s appearance, are highly sought after by players.

By following the clues on the treasure maps, you have a chance to stumble upon these valuable items.

Furthermore, treasure maps can offer a sense of exploration and adventure. They lead you to hidden locations across the vast landscapes of Tamriel, allowing you to discover areas you may not have come across otherwise.

This adds a refreshing element of variety to your gameplay experience, keeping things exciting and unpredictable.

Not worth it if you don’t enjoy hunting for hidden caches

On the other hand, if you don’t particularly enjoy the thrill of hunting for hidden caches, treasure maps may not be worth it for you. The process of deciphering the clues and navigating the terrain can be time-consuming and require patience.

If this aspect of the game doesn’t appeal to you, it might be better to focus on other activities that align more with your preferences.

Strike a balance between using maps yourself and selling for profit

Another factor to consider is the potential for profit. While you can certainly use the treasure maps yourself and reap the rewards, there is also an opportunity to sell them to other players who are willing to pay for the chance at finding valuable treasures.

By striking a balance between using the maps and selling them, you can maximize your in-game earnings and still enjoy the excitement of treasure hunting.


In the end, whether ESO’s treasure maps are worth your time and effort comes down to your personal playstyle and priorities. For those who enjoy exploration and hunting for loot, the maps provide exciting adventures with lucrative payouts across Tamriel.

But they may not be worth the effort for players focused solely on combat, questing or other gameplay. Finding a healthy balance between using maps yourself and selling extras for gold is often the best approach.

With this guide’s tips, you can now make an informed decision about whether treasure maps are worth it for you in ESO.

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