How To Use Exp. Share Effectively In Pokemon Black 2

Pokemon trainers looking to power level their Pokemon team often turn to Exp. Share for help. This useful held item allows Pokemon to gain experience points without actively participating in battle. If you’re wondering how best to utilize Exp.

Share in Pokemon Black 2, this comprehensive guide will outline the most effective strategies.

The quick answer is that Exp. Share is extremely useful for leveling up weaker or newer Pokemon quickly. Turn it on, and have your stronger Pokemon defeat opponents. The weaker ones will share in the rewards and level up rapidly, even if they don’t fight directly.

What is Exp. Share and How Does it Work?

Exp. Share is a valuable tool in the world of Pokemon training, allowing trainers to efficiently level up their team without the need for every Pokemon to participate in battles. It is a held item that can be given to one Pokemon in the party, distributing experience points earned in battles to both the holder of the Exp.

Share and the non-participating Pokemon. This item is especially useful in games like Pokemon Black 2, where experience gained from battles is crucial for a strong and well-rounded team.

Exp. Share allows Pokemon to gain experience from battles without participating directly

One of the main benefits of using Exp. Share is that it allows Pokemon to gain experience points from battles without having to be in the active battle party. This means that trainers can focus on training specific Pokemon while still ensuring that the rest of their team is also growing stronger.

It is a great way to level up lower-level Pokemon or newly caught Pokemon without having to spend too much time battling with them individually.

Held item that can be given to one Pokemon in the party

Exp. Share is a held item that can be given to any Pokemon in the trainer’s party. Once equipped, the Pokemon will gain experience points from battles, even if they do not participate directly. This allows trainers to strategically choose which Pokemon will benefit from the shared experience, based on their training goals and the Pokemon’s individual strengths and weaknesses.

Experience is split evenly between the holder and non-participating Pokemon

When Exp. Share is active, the experience points earned in battles are split evenly between the holder of the item and the other non-participating Pokemon in the party. This means that the holder will still receive a significant amount of experience, while the other Pokemon will also benefit from the shared experience.

This feature ensures that all Pokemon in the party can level up together, creating a well-balanced team.

Where to Find Exp. Share in Black 2

In Pokemon Black 2, the Exp. Share is a valuable item that can greatly enhance your training and leveling up of Pokemon. It allows all the Pokemon in your party to gain experience points, even if they didn’t participate in battle.

This can be particularly useful when you’re trying to level up a low-level Pokemon or when you want to evenly distribute experience among your team. Here’s where you can find the Exp. Share in Black 2:

Given by Professor Juniper after defeating Team Plasma at Castelia City

After successfully defeating Team Plasma at Castelia City, Professor Juniper will reward you with the Exp. Share. This is a key moment in the game’s main story progression, so you can’t miss it. Professor Juniper recognizes your efforts in thwarting Team Plasma’s plans and provides you with this essential item to aid in your journey.

It’s a great opportunity to strengthen your Pokemon team and level them up faster.

Can’t be missed as part of main story progression

The Exp. Share is an important item in Pokemon Black 2, and it is impossible to miss as part of the main story progression. The game developers have made sure that players receive this item at a crucial point in the game, ensuring that trainers have access to it when they need it most.

So, as long as you follow the game’s storyline and defeat Team Plasma at Castelia City, you will receive the Exp. Share without any additional effort.

No other way to obtain it in-game

In Pokemon Black 2, there is no other way to obtain the Exp. Share in-game. This means that you can’t find it in the wild, purchase it at a store, or receive it from a non-playable character (NPC). The only guaranteed way to obtain the Exp.

Share is by progressing through the main story and defeating Team Plasma at Castelia City. So, make sure to seize the opportunity when it presents itself!

Who Benefits Most from Exp. Share?

Exp. Share is a valuable item in Pokemon Black 2 that allows you to share experience points gained in battle with all of your Pokemon, even if they didn’t participate in the battle. This can be a game-changer for trainers looking to level up their team quickly and efficiently.

But who exactly benefits the most from using Exp. Share?

Newer or weaker Pokemon will level up rapidly with Exp. Share

If you have recently caught a new Pokemon or you have a weak member on your team, Exp. Share can be a fantastic tool to help them catch up in levels. By allowing them to gain experience points from battles without having to actively participate, Exp.

Share ensures that your weaker Pokemon can level up at a faster rate. This is particularly useful if you want to train a newly acquired Pokemon quickly and make them a valuable member of your team.

Good for balance training a whole team rather than just your strongest fighters

One of the main advantages of using Exp. Share is that it allows you to train your entire team simultaneously, rather than focusing all of your efforts on just your strongest fighters. This is especially beneficial if you want to maintain a balanced team and ensure that all your Pokemon are on par with each other.

By evenly distributing experience points, Exp. Share helps you create a well-rounded team that can handle any challenge that comes their way.

Especially useful if you have Pokemon 5-10 levels below your main battlers

If you have Pokemon on your team that are significantly lower in level compared to your main battlers, Exp. Share can be a lifesaver. It allows you to bridge the level gap between your Pokemon and ensure that they can keep up with the rest of the team.

This is particularly important when facing tough opponents or when trying to progress through the game smoothly. Exp. Share can help you avoid situations where your lower-level Pokemon become a liability and struggle to contribute effectively in battles.

Tips for Using Exp. Share Effectively

Give Exp. Share to your strongest Pokemon for big experience gains

When using Exp. Share in Pokemon Black 2, it’s important to maximize its potential by giving it to your strongest Pokemon. By doing so, you can ensure that the Pokemon receiving the shared experience is able to defeat opponents easily and gain a significant amount of experience points.

This will help your Pokemon level up quickly and become even more powerful in battles.

Rotate which Pokemon holds it if actively training more than one

If you are actively training multiple Pokemon in your team, it is a good idea to rotate which Pokemon holds the Exp. Share. This allows each Pokemon to have a fair share of the experience points and prevents one Pokemon from becoming over-leveled. By rotating the Exp.

Share, you can ensure that all your Pokemon receive equal training and grow together as a team.

Turn Exp. Share off temporarily if a Pokemon is getting over-leveled

If you notice that a particular Pokemon is getting over-leveled due to the Exp. Share, it is advisable to turn it off temporarily for that Pokemon. This will allow the Pokemon to gain experience points solely through battles, which can provide a more balanced training experience.

By managing the usage of the Exp. Share, you can prevent any Pokemon from becoming too powerful and maintain a balanced team.

Pair with Lucky Egg for even faster experience gains

If you want to speed up the experience gain even further, consider pairing the Exp. Share with a Lucky Egg. The Lucky Egg is an item that boosts the experience gained by the Pokemon holding it. When used in combination with the Exp.

Share, it can result in even faster experience gains for all the Pokemon in your team. This powerful combination can be particularly useful when training a new Pokemon or when trying to level up your team quickly.

When NOT to Use Exp. Share

While Exp. Share can be a valuable tool for quickly leveling up your Pokemon in Pokemon Black 2, there are certain situations where it may not be the best choice. Here are a few scenarios in which you should consider not using Exp. Share:

1. On Pokemon already at or above your party’s average level

If you have a Pokemon that is already at or above the average level of your party, using Exp. Share on that Pokemon may not be the most efficient use of the item. Since Exp. Share evenly distributes experience points among all party members, it could result in the higher-level Pokemon gaining less experience than if it were battling alone.

In these cases, it might be better to focus on leveling up your lower-level Pokemon instead.

2. If you want Pokemon to learn certain moves by leveling up manually

Some Pokemon learn specific moves when they reach certain levels. If you have a Pokemon that you want to learn a particular move, it’s best to train it manually without using Exp. Share. This way, you have more control over the leveling process and can ensure that your Pokemon learns the desired moves at the right time.

3. When actively EV training Pokemon, as it dilutes EVs earned

If you are actively EV training your Pokemon to maximize their potential in specific stats, using Exp. Share can dilute the EVs (Effort Values) earned. EVs are points that contribute to a Pokemon’s stats and can be obtained by defeating certain types of Pokemon. When using Exp.

Share, all party members receive the same amount of EVs, which may not align with your desired training strategy. It’s better to focus on individual battles and targeted EV training for optimal results.

Remember, Exp. Share is a useful tool, but it’s important to consider these scenarios where it may not be the most effective choice. By strategizing your use of Exp. Share, you can ensure that your Pokemon team grows and evolves in the most efficient way possible.


Exp. Share is an extremely useful tool for power leveling weaker Pokemon quickly in Pokemon Black 2. By leveraging your stronger fighters to clear battles efficiently, the whole team can share in experience rewards. With smart use of Exp.

Share, you can maintain a balanced party level and give newer team members a chance to catch up.

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