Everything You Need To Know About The Fallout 76 Compound Bow

The compound bow is one of the most powerful and versatile ranged weapons in Fallout 76. With the Wastelanders update, compound bows were added to the game, bringing a new stealthy playstyle. If you’re wondering how to get the compound bow and make the most of it, this comprehensive guide has all the information you need.

Here’s a quick answer: The compound bow is a new weapon added in the Wastelanders update that excels at stealth combat. It has a high damage output and can be modded for improved performance. Compound bow plans are rewarded by completing the Order of the Tadpole quest.

Obtaining the Compound Bow Plans

The Compound Bow in Fallout 76 is a powerful weapon that can be a game-changer in your arsenal. To get your hands on this impressive weapon, you need to obtain the Compound Bow plans. There are several ways to acquire these plans, and we’ll explore them in this section.

Finish the Order of the Tadpole Questline

One surefire way to obtain the Compound Bow plans is by completing the Order of the Tadpole questline. This questline is available at the Pioneer Scout Camp, and it involves completing various tasks and challenges to become a Tadpole, the lowest rank in the Pioneer Scouts.

As you progress through the questline, you’ll eventually be rewarded with the plans for the Compound Bow. So, put on your scout hat and start earning those badges!

Purchase from Another Player

If you don’t want to go through the questline or simply want a quicker option, you can try purchasing the Compound Bow plans from another player. In Fallout 76, players can trade items with each other, and there’s a bustling player economy where rare and valuable items are bought and sold.

Keep an eye on trading forums, social media groups, or even in-game vendors to see if any players are selling the Compound Bow plans. Negotiate a fair price, and you’ll be one step closer to adding this weapon to your collection.

Random Reward from Events

Another way to obtain the Compound Bow plans is by participating in various events scattered throughout the game. Fallout 76 features a wide range of events that players can join, from defending against waves of enemies to completing objectives in a limited time.

Some of these events have a chance to reward players with rare plans, including the plans for the Compound Bow. Keep an eye on the event schedule and make sure to participate whenever you see an event that could potentially reward you with these plans.

It might take some time and luck, but the satisfaction of finally obtaining the Compound Bow plans will be well worth it.

Remember, the Compound Bow is a valuable weapon that can give you a significant advantage in combat. Whether you choose to complete the Order of the Tadpole questline, purchase the plans from another player, or participate in events, obtaining the Compound Bow plans is a goal worth pursuing.

So, gear up and get ready to unleash the power of this incredible weapon in the wasteland!

Crafting and Modding the Compound Bow

Base Crafting Requirements

To craft a Compound Bow in Fallout 76, players need to gather a few essential resources. The base crafting requirements for the Compound Bow include:

  • Steel: Used for the bow’s frame and various components.
  • Adhesive: Necessary for bonding different parts together.
  • Wood: Required for the bow’s stock and grip.
  • Screws: Used to fasten different parts securely.

Players can find these resources scattered throughout the game world, or they can obtain them by scrapping items they no longer need. In addition, certain perks and abilities can help players gather these resources more efficiently.

Bow Modifications

The Compound Bow in Fallout 76 offers a range of modifications that can enhance its performance and tailor it to the player’s specific playstyle. Some of the available modifications for the Compound Bow include:

  • Sights: Different sight options can improve accuracy and aim.
  • Strings: Upgrading the bow’s string can increase damage output.
  • Stabilizers: Adding stabilizers can reduce recoil and improve overall stability.
  • Limbs: Modifying the limbs can affect draw speed and range.

By experimenting with different modifications, players can create a Compound Bow that suits their needs and preferences. It’s important to note that each modification requires specific resources and may also require the player to have certain crafting perks or levels of experience.

Arrow Crafting

Along with crafting the Compound Bow itself, players can also craft their own arrows to use with it. Crafting arrows allows players to have a steady supply of ammunition without relying solely on looting or purchasing. To craft arrows, players will need:

  • Steel: Used for the arrowheads.
  • Wood: Required for the arrow shafts.
  • Feathers: Used for fletching to stabilize arrows in flight.

Similar to crafting the Compound Bow, players can find these resources while exploring the game world or obtain them through scrapping certain items. Crafting arrows gives players more control over their ammunition supply and allows them to tailor their arrows to different situations, such as using armor-piercing arrows against heavily armored enemies.

For more in-depth information on crafting and modding the Compound Bow, players can visit Fallout Wiki for detailed guides and walkthroughs.

Maximizing Damage and Stealth

When it comes to using the Fallout 76 Compound Bow, players have the opportunity to maximize both their damage output and their stealth capabilities. By employing specific strategies and utilizing various perks and modifications, players can become deadly and elusive hunters in the wasteland.

Sneak Attack Criticals

One of the key aspects of maximizing damage with the Compound Bow is taking advantage of sneak attack criticals. Sneak attack criticals allow players to deal significantly more damage to their enemies, often resulting in one-shot kills.

To increase the chance of successfully executing a sneak attack critical, players should invest in perks that enhance their stealth abilities, such as Covert Operative and Ninja.

Covert Operative and Ninja Perks

The Covert Operative and Ninja perks are essential for any player looking to excel with the Compound Bow. Covert Operative increases the damage of sneak attacks, while Ninja grants additional damage for melee and ranged sneak attacks.

By combining these perks, players can deal massive damage with each shot from their Compound Bow, allowing them to take down even the toughest enemies swiftly and quietly.

Shadowed Mods

Another way to enhance stealth and maximize damage is by utilizing Shadowed mods for the Compound Bow. Shadowed mods not only provide a sleek and stealthy appearance for the weapon but also increase the player’s ability to remain undetected by enemies.

By reducing the visibility of the player character, Shadowed mods allow for more successful sneak attacks and increased damage output.

Stealth Boys

In addition to perks and mods, players can further enhance their stealth capabilities by using Stealth Boys. These consumable items grant temporary invisibility, making it easier for players to approach enemies undetected and execute devastating sneak attacks.

Stealth Boys can be found throughout the wasteland or purchased from vendors, providing players with a valuable tool for maximizing the effectiveness of their Compound Bow.

By utilizing sneak attack criticals, investing in Covert Operative and Ninja perks, equipping Shadowed mods, and utilizing Stealth Boys, players can truly maximize their damage output and stealth capabilities with the Fallout 76 Compound Bow.

So gear up, take aim, and become the ultimate silent hunter in the wasteland!

Ideal legendary Effects


One of the ideal legendary effects for the Fallout 76 Compound Bow is the Instigating effect. This effect allows the bow to deal double damage to full health enemies. It is especially useful for players who prefer a stealthy approach or enjoy one-shotting enemies.

With the Instigating effect, players can take down enemies quickly and efficiently, making it a sought-after legendary effect for the Compound Bow.


Another highly desirable legendary effect for the Compound Bow is the Anti-Armor effect. This effect allows the bow to ignore a percentage of the target’s armor, making it particularly effective against heavily armored enemies.

Whether you’re facing off against a super mutant or a heavily armored creature, the Anti-Armor effect can help you deal significant damage and take down your foes with ease.


The Bloodied effect is also a popular choice for the Fallout 76 Compound Bow. This effect increases the damage output of the bow as the player’s health decreases. It is especially effective for players who prefer to play on the edge and take risks in combat.

With the Bloodied effect, players can unleash devastating attacks when their health is low, making it a thrilling choice for adrenaline-seeking players.

When it comes to choosing the ideal legendary effects for your Fallout 76 Compound Bow, it ultimately depends on your playstyle and preferences. Some players may prefer the stealthy approach and opt for the Instigating effect, while others may prioritize dealing with heavily armored enemies and choose the Anti-Armor effect.

The Bloodied effect is perfect for players who enjoy a more risky and high-damage playstyle. Experiment with different legendary effects to find the one that best suits your gameplay style and helps you dominate the wasteland.

Using the Compound Bow Effectively

Aim for Weak Points

When using the compound bow in Fallout 76, it is important to aim for the enemy’s weak points. By targeting vulnerable areas, you can maximize your damage output and take down enemies more efficiently.

Weak points can vary depending on the enemy type, but some common weak points include the head, limbs, and exposed body parts. By focusing your shots on these areas, you can deal devastating blows and increase your chances of survival.

Go for Headshots

Headshots are often the most effective way to take down enemies in Fallout 76, and the compound bow is no exception. By landing a well-placed arrow to an enemy’s head, you can significantly increase your damage and potentially kill them with a single shot.

This is especially useful against tougher enemies or when facing multiple enemies at once. So, don’t forget to aim for the head and make every shot count!

Cripple Wings and Legs

Another effective strategy when using the compound bow is to cripple your enemies’ wings and legs. This can be particularly useful against flying creatures or enemies that rely on mobility. By targeting their wings or legs, you can temporarily disable their ability to fly or move quickly, making them easier to deal with.

Additionally, crippling these body parts can also reduce the enemy’s overall damage output, giving you an advantage in combat.

Utilize High Ground

When using the compound bow, taking advantage of high ground can greatly improve your effectiveness. By positioning yourself on elevated surfaces, you can have a better vantage point and a clearer line of sight to your targets.

This can make it easier to hit weak points, especially when dealing with enemies that are further away or behind cover. So, whenever possible, try to find a high ground position and use it to your advantage.


With high damage potential, stealth capabilities, and plenty of customization options, the compound bow is one of the most versatile ranged weapons in Fallout 76. By following this guide, you’ll know how to get the plans, craft and mod your bow, maximize your damage output, and utilize stealth and terrain to your advantage.

Whether you prefer sniping from the shadows or raining down arrows on your foes, the compound bow is an excellent addition to your wasteland arsenal.

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