Fallout 76 Demolition Expert

In Fallout 76, the Demolition Expert perk is an essential pick for any Explosives-focused build. With five ranks available, it offers some of the best damage boosts for grenades and mines in the game. But is it worth investing in for your character?

If you’re short on time, here’s a quick answer to your question: Demolition Expert is a top-tier damage perk for Explosives builds in Fallout 76. The ability to double grenade and mines damage at max rank makes it a must-have for any character relying on explosives.

Overview of Demolition Expert

Demolition Expert is a perk card in Fallout 76 that focuses on maximizing the damage output of explosive weapons. This perk card is a favorite among players who enjoy causing chaos and destruction in the wasteland.

By investing points into Demolition Expert, players can greatly enhance the effectiveness of their explosive arsenal, making it a must-have for those who want to be a true demolition expert.

Available Ranks and Effects

Demolition Expert has a total of 5 ranks, each offering unique bonuses to explosive damage. At Rank 1, players receive a 20% bonus to explosive damage. This bonus increases to 40% at Rank 2, 60% at Rank 3, 80% at Rank 4, and a whopping 100% at Rank 5.

With each rank, players become more proficient in handling explosives, resulting in devastating effects on their enemies.

Perk Card Level Requirements

To unlock and upgrade Demolition Expert, players must meet certain level requirements. At level 5, players can unlock Rank 1 of Demolition Expert. Subsequent ranks require players to reach higher levels, with Rank 2 requiring level 10, Rank 3 requiring level 20, Rank 4 requiring level 30, and Rank 5 requiring level 40.

It’s worth noting that the higher the rank, the more powerful the explosive damage becomes.

Ideal for Explosives Focused Builds

Demolition Expert is an essential perk card for players who specialize in explosives-focused builds. Whether you prefer using grenades, mines, or missile launchers, this perk card will significantly boost your damage output.

It’s also worth noting that the explosive damage bonus from Demolition Expert applies to both direct hits and area-of-effect damage, making it even more effective against groups of enemies.

Works on All Explosive Weapons

One of the great things about Demolition Expert is that it works with all explosive weapons in Fallout 76. Whether you’re using a Fat Man, a grenade launcher, or even throwing molotov cocktails, this perk card will enhance the damage of all explosive-based attacks.

This versatility makes Demolition Expert a valuable asset for any player looking to specialize in explosive weaponry.

Pairs Well with Grenadier Perk

If you really want to amplify your explosive damage, consider pairing Demolition Expert with the Grenadier perk. Grenadier increases the radius of your explosive attacks, allowing you to hit multiple enemies with a single explosion.

When combined with the damage boost from Demolition Expert, you’ll become a force to be reckoned with in the wasteland. So don’t forget to invest in both perks if you want to maximize your explosive potential.

Demolition Expert Builds and Usage

When it comes to wreaking havoc in the wasteland of Fallout 76, the Demolition Expert build is a must-have for any explosives enthusiast. This build focuses on maximizing the damage of grenades and mines, while also offering the versatility of explosive guns.

Whether you’re clearing out a group of enemies or taking down a tough boss, the Demolition Expert build has got you covered.

Must-Have for Any Explosives Build

The Demolition Expert perk is a must-have for any player looking to specialize in explosive damage. With each rank, this perk increases the damage dealt by all explosive weapons and grenades. This means that your trusty frag grenades or powerful missile launcher will pack an even bigger punch.

With the Demolition Expert perk, you’ll be able to rain destruction upon your enemies like never before.

Maximize Damage of Grenades and Mines

One of the key aspects of the Demolition Expert build is maximizing the damage of grenades and mines. By investing in this perk, you’ll be able to deal significantly more damage with these explosive devices.

Imagine tossing a frag grenade into a group of enemies and watching them go flying in all directions. It’s a satisfying sight to behold, and with the Demolition Expert build, you’ll be able to do it with style.

Balance with Gunsmith for Explosive Guns

While grenades and mines are the bread and butter of the Demolition Expert build, don’t forget about the explosive guns. By combining the Demolition Expert perk with the Gunsmith perk, you can create a devastating arsenal of explosive firearms.

From the trusty grenade launcher to the powerful Fat Man, explosive guns can make quick work of even the toughest enemies. Just be careful not to blow yourself up!

Consider Taking only 1-3 Ranks Early On

When starting out with the Demolition Expert build, it’s important to consider taking only 1-3 ranks of the perk early on. This will allow you to allocate points to other important perks and skills, while still benefiting from increased explosive damage.

As you progress and gather more perk points, you can then respec to max rank later on. This gradual approach ensures a balanced build and allows you to adapt to different situations in the wasteland.

Respec to Max Rank Later

Once you’ve reached a higher level and have more perk points to spare, it’s time to respec and maximize the Demolition Expert perk. By reaching the maximum rank of this perk, you’ll be able to unleash devastating explosions that will leave your enemies in awe.

The wasteland will tremble in fear as you rain down destruction upon your foes. So, be patient and plan your build accordingly, and soon you’ll become the ultimate Demolition Expert.

Is Demolition Expert Worth It?

Demolition Expert is a perk in Fallout 76 that focuses on improving the damage and effectiveness of explosives. While it may seem enticing, players often wonder if investing perk points into this skill is truly worth it.

Let’s take a closer look at the pros and cons of Demolition Expert to help you make an informed decision.

Top Damage Perk for Explosives

One of the main advantages of Demolition Expert is that it is considered to be the top damage perk for explosives in Fallout 76. This means that investing in this perk will significantly increase the damage output of your explosive weapons, such as grenades, mines, and missile launchers.

If you enjoy using explosive weapons and want to maximize their damage potential, then Demolition Expert is definitely worth considering.

Essential for Pure Explosives Builds

If you are planning to create a character that focuses solely on explosives, then Demolition Expert is an essential perk. It not only boosts the damage of your explosives but also provides additional benefits such as increasing the explosion radius and reducing the weight of explosive ammo.

For players who want to create a pure explosives build, investing in Demolition Expert is a no-brainer.

Less Needed for Hybrid Builds

On the other hand, if you are planning to create a hybrid build that combines both firearms and explosives, Demolition Expert may be less necessary. While it can still provide a boost to your explosive damage, the perk points might be better spent on other skills that complement your hybrid playstyle.

It ultimately depends on your preferred playstyle and the balance you want to strike between firearms and explosives.

Perk Points Might Be Better Spent Elsewhere

It’s important to consider that perk points in Fallout 76 are a valuable resource, and investing them wisely is crucial for a successful character build. While Demolition Expert is a powerful perk, there may be other perks that offer more versatile benefits or synergize better with your chosen playstyle.

Before investing in Demolition Expert, carefully evaluate your build and consider if the perk points might be better spent elsewhere.

Test It and Respec if Needed

If you’re still unsure whether Demolition Expert is worth it for your character, the best way to find out is to test it yourself. Experiment with different perk loadouts and see how much of a difference Demolition Expert makes in your gameplay.

If you find that it doesn’t align with your playstyle or doesn’t provide the desired benefits, don’t hesitate to respec your perk points and allocate them to other skills that better suit your needs. Remember, flexibility is key in Fallout 76.


For Fallout 76 character builds centered around heavy use of explosives like grenades and mines, Demolition Expert is one of the most essential perks you can equip. The damage bonuses it provides are massive, especially at max rank.

However, more casual players or hybrid builds may find the perk points better spent elsewhere. By carefully planning your build and playstyle, you can determine just how useful Demolition Expert will be for your Explosives arsenal.

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