8 Gifts for Law School Graduates (2023 Updated)

Do you know someone who just graduated from law school? They are not quite out of the waters yet, as they have to take the Bar admission exam. But they still achieved something that not many people can talk about.

Picking the right gift for a law school graduate can be daunting. Picking a good gift is already hard enough for more general occasions such as birthdays. You’re looking for something that will be appreciated by the graduate.

Picking a gift that will be appreciated is the real challenge. You want something they find useful, and that will remind them of you.

Becoming a lawyer is a long and gruesome path full of sacrifices. But it’s also extremely satisfying. Lawyers, especially good ones, are sought after. They can also become quite famous and wealthy, if you’re into that kind of stuff.

In this article, we are going to provide you a series of factors to consider when picking a gift for a law school graduate. We’ll also give you a list of things you could purchase. The hard work is already done for you. Read the items’ descriptions to understand why we picked them. With this information, you will be able to pick the greatest gift yourself.

Gifts for Law School Graduates: Quick Summary–These Are the Overall Best!

1) Best overall—Customized Business Card Holder: a perfect blend of useful and memorable, a customized business card holder will prove to be an indispensable ally for every lawyer.

2) Most useful—BOSTANTEN Leather Briefcase: a must-have for every lawyer. A bag in which they can organize everything they need for their daily work.

3) Most memorable—The Custom Hanger: this is a brilliant gift. It surprised me. This is easily memorable thanks to the silly but funny joke on it.

How to Pick a Memorable Gift

Do you know someone who seems to always make the perfect gift? Have you ever wondered what is their superpower?

They don’t just know the giftee very well. They also subconsciously consider a plethora of factor when deciding what to gift.

Making a memorable gift isn’t an exact science, but you can get closer to making a great one by following the ideas you are about to read.

Know the Graduate Well

The first step to making a gift that will leave a lasting impression is knowing the graduate. What gets them going? What are their passions? Can you somehow link them with their profession?

If you know the graduate well, you can give them a gift that will impress them. You’ll prove you care about them, and that you spent valuable time and effort to come up with a gift for them.

Humans love when other humans show their care. We are wired that way.

If you know the graduate well, great. You should be able to pick a gift that they’ll love.

If you don’t know the graduate that well and you want to make a lasting impression, ask their closer friends!

Make a Useful Gift

If you want to prove you care about the graduate, get them a gift they will use. Every person is different, so it’s hard to tell what’s actually useful for your friend. But most people have somewhat similar needs.

Start from their profession. What does a lawyer truly need? Buying a gift that they will use every day will leave a lasting impression. They will use your gift in their daily lives, which will recall you in their memory. Isn’t the human brain wonderful?

What’s useful to a lawyer? Many things. Books about communication. A copy of law codes. Pen and paper. A laptop. That kind of stuff. Their job is all about understanding the law and applying it, coupled with plenty of research.

Are Customized Gifts Good?

Yes and no. Customized gifts are cool in themselves, but it depends on the person receiving them. You have to know them very well to get a customized good that hits just right.

You can get your friend a custom sign or frame. Those are cool. But what you write on the customized thing has to resonate with them. That’s why you need to know the person well.

The only advice we can give you is: make it not offensive, and understandable by most people. Inside jokes might seem funny to you and your friend group, but they don’t really have a place in a customized gift.

Make a Memorable Gift

Memorable gifts are amazing, but making one is complicated. You need to know the graduate very well to pull this off. Ever thought about people who get all emotional when they see old pictures of themselves in various situations?

That’s the kind of things that are memorable. They make the person recall their old memories, causing a strong emotional reaction.

But as we said, if you don’t know the graduate very well, making a memorable gift is almost impossible. You need to tap into their emotions with a gift that reminds them of their past experiences. If you don’t know much about their past experiences, you’re out of luck.

The 8 Best Gifts for Law School Graduates: Detailed Reviews

Now that you know what makes a gift good, let’s see what are the best ones you could get for a law school graduate. Remember, it’s not about money. It’s about the experience of receiving the gift. You could go for a very cheap gift, if it satisfies the conditions we mentioned in the previous section.

Editor’s note: these gifts are in no particular order.

A Personalized Business Card Holder: Personal and Useful

A Personalized Business Card Holder
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Succeeding as a lawyer is all about networking. Business cards are extremely useful to network, since they provide useful information to contact you.

Having a business card holder will save any lawyer’s life. Figuratively. And literally. They’re already juggling a million papers, so having a reliable place in which they can store their business cards will help them with the clutter.

You can personalize the card holder with any text you want. You could write something cheesy to lighten up the mood every time they pull it out. Something like “I sold my soul to the law”, or “My home’s best lawyer”. That’s funny. Kind of.

You can also just have their name engraved on the card holder. That’s probably a safer option.  

A Customized Gavel Set: Extremely Stylish

A Customized Gavel Set
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There is something cruelly ironic about gifting a gavel set to a lawyer. You’re reminding them that, despite all their years of study, they are still subject to the authority of a judge.

Regardless, you need to become a lawyer (or more specifically, an attorney) before becoming a judge. This gift will remind the law school graduate what they could aspire to become. Plus, it looks very good.

It’s a reminder of the absolute power of the law.

This gift is cool because it’s memorable. Your law school graduate friend will see this and think “wow it looks epic”, and also remember what he studied for, and where his future is headed.

Warning: this gift is better suited to those people who aspire to become a judge. If they want to be a lawyer for their entire life, there are better gifts.

BOSTANTEN Leather Briefcase: Always Useful

BOSTANTEN Leather Briefcase
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Lawyers are always thought as reliable and classy individual. And what better way to showcase their classiness than with a leather briefcase? If you’ve ever watched any TV show with lawyers in it, you have probably noticed they all carry their trusted leather bag.

A well-made bag is essential in a lawyer’s life. They need to sort out the important notes for their everyday work life. They also need to carry their laptop around. And pens. If you pick a random bag, they’ll most likely not be designed with a lawyer in mind.

What makes this a great gift is how useful it is. The giftee will be grateful they got something that helps them with their everyday tasks. In turn, the gift becomes memorable, because they use it every day.

A Statue Representing Lady Justice: Symbolic and Cool

A Statue Representing Lady Justice
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Justice is one of the cardinal virtues. Cardinal virtues express moral values and require training to be fully understood. The other virtues are theological, and are innate in our nature as a gift from God.

Lawyers concern themselves with justice. Lady justice is the typical representation of the virtue. She’s a woman holding a sword and a two-tray scale. She’s also blindfolded and she wears a toga. This depiction comes from Justitia, the goddess of justice in Rome.

Nothing screams “lawyer” more than this symbol. The two-scales tray is the classic example of “just” and “balanced.  Your friend will happily display this statue on his desk, once he becomes an attorney.

We think this gift is somewhat memorable, despite not having any apparent utility. If your friend cares about symbolism, they’ll love it.

Nespresso VertuoPlus Deluxe: Coffee Is a Necessity for a Lawyer

Nespresso VertuoPlus Deluxe
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College students are broke. They definitely don’t have money to purchase a good coffee machine. Most likely they have an old one that wasn’t very good to begin with.

You have the chance to fix the issue with a premium coffee machine. Lawyers never really stop working. They endure endless nights without sleeping, working on cases. They work long hours even when the cases are more mundane.

Being a lawyer is a demanding job. Plus, they need to always present themselves as top of the game. Coffee helps them plow through their daily activities without ending up like a zombie. Or, at least it tries to.

A Lawyer-Inspired Tie: Stylish and Cute Piece of Clothing

A Lawyer-Inspired Tie
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The two-tray scale is by far the most common symbol you’ll encounter in any lawyer’s office and court.

What if you added it to a tie? You’d get a very judicial-looking tie.

Let the law school graduate show everyone what he’s made of. Since they’ll have to always wear a tie, might as well make them look cool.

This is another gift that is definitely stylish and memorable. I can already picture a person grinning while tying their tie’s knot because they see the scales and think “today I am going to bring justice to the world”.

There are other justice-inspired accessories you can buy, but a tie is easily the most common one.

A Hanger for Lawyers: Hang your Suit in Style

A Hanger for Lawyers
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I find this hanger brilliant to say the least. “The law suit”? Really?

Hilarious jokes aside, this is a high-quality product that every law school graduate needs. Well, this and a new suit to hang on here.

This hanger is extremely high quality, but don’t just take my word for it. Take a look at all the glowing reviews on the product’s page.

It’s hand-made, so you know you are getting a quality item. This hanger is way better and more thoughtful than industrially produced ones. Show the graduate you care about them.

A Bookshelf: Law Codes Are Gigantic and this Solves the Issue

A Bookshelf
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Have you ever held the penal code in hand? Good for you. It should be classified as gym equipment. Lawyers have tens of massive books. They need them for their profession.

This makes bookshelves an excellent gift, as they let the graduate store books and keep them sorted out nicely. Bookshelves can’t be missing from any lawyer’s office.

This gift falls under the useful category. In fact, I’d argue it’s the most useful gift you could get to a law school graduate on this list.


Finding the perfect gift for law school graduates is hard, but it doesn’t have to be frustrating. Now you know what to look for when buying a gift, and have plenty of ideas of what to buy.

Remember, it’s about how valuable the gift will be in the eyes of the person who receives the gift. Get something they’ll use in their daily lives, and they’ll be grateful to you forever.

Think about what lawyers need in their daily lives. Get something that they will use. Even the most basic thing can be a lovely gift. What matters is showing you care about the graduate.

What are you waiting for? Purchase the perfect gift for law school graduates today, and make a lasting impression!

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