Crossing The Necropolis Bridge In Grim Dawn – Tips And Strategies

The Necropolis Bridge in Grim Dawn offers a challenging area filled with tough enemies and bosses. Preparing properly to cross this bridge and defeat its dangers is key to success. This comprehensive guide provides everything you need to know to cross the Necropolis Bridge and open up new areas of the world map.

If you’re short on time, here’s a quick overview: The Necropolis Bridge connects the Arkovian Foothills to the Arkovian Undercity. It’s guarded by Nemesis and the Bridge Guardian bosses. Having poison and Aether resistance, as well as skills like Blade Barrier, will help greatly.

Lure enemies back across the bridge to avoid groups.

In this detailed guide, we’ll cover recommended levels, useful equipment, important resistances, boss strategies, and more to help you safely cross the Necropolis Bridge in Grim Dawn.

Introducing the Necropolis Bridge

The Necropolis Bridge is a crucial location in the dark and haunting world of Grim Dawn. It serves as a vital connection between various areas, allowing players to access new challenges and rewards. Crossing this bridge requires careful planning and strategic thinking, as it is infested with dangerous enemies and treacherous obstacles.

In this article, we will explore the key aspects of the Necropolis Bridge and provide valuable tips to help you navigate through it successfully.

Where the Bridge is Located

The Necropolis Bridge can be found in the heart of the Necropolis, a foreboding and desolate region in Grim Dawn. The Necropolis itself is a sprawling area filled with crumbling structures and eerie atmosphere.

It is home to various undead creatures and other monstrosities that will stop at nothing to destroy any intruders. The bridge serves as a gateway to other regions within the Necropolis, making it a crucial point of interest for adventurers.

Areas Connected By the Bridge

The Necropolis Bridge connects several significant areas in Grim Dawn, opening up new paths and quests for players. One of the most notable regions that the bridge leads to is the Tomb of the Heretic. This ancient burial ground is teeming with powerful undead creatures and valuable loot.

Exploring the Tomb of the Heretic is not for the faint of heart, but the rewards can be truly remarkable for those who dare to venture into its depths.

Another area connected by the Necropolis Bridge is the Cursed Vale. This eerie and twisted land is filled with cursed spirits, haunted trees, and deadly traps. Navigating through the Cursed Vale requires caution and a keen eye for hidden dangers.

However, the treasures that await brave adventurers make the journey well worth the risks.

Enemies Found on the Bridge

The Necropolis Bridge is infested with a variety of menacing foes. Undead creatures such as skeletons, zombies, and wraiths are commonly found prowling the bridge, seeking to eliminate anyone who dares to cross their path.

These enemies possess different abilities and strengths, making each encounter a unique challenge.

Additionally, players should be wary of powerful necromancers who command the undead forces. These spellcasters can unleash devastating magical attacks and summon hordes of undead minions. Dealing with them swiftly is crucial to ensure survival on the bridge.

It is worth noting that the difficulty of the enemies encountered on the Necropolis Bridge can vary based on the player’s level and the game’s difficulty setting. Therefore, it is important to be adequately prepared before attempting to cross the bridge, both in terms of gear and character progression.

What Level to Attempt the Bridge

When it comes to crossing the Necropolis Bridge in Grim Dawn, players often wonder what level they should be before attempting it. The bridge is notorious for its challenging enemies and treacherous encounters, so it’s essential to be adequately prepared.

Here are some tips and strategies to help you determine the right level to take on this daunting task.

Minimum Recommended Levels

The minimum recommended level to attempt the Necropolis Bridge is around level 30. At this level, your character should have acquired a decent amount of skills, equipment, and experience to face the tough enemies that await on the other side.

Going in at a lower level may result in frequent deaths and frustration.

However, it is important to note that the level requirement is not set in stone. Some players with exceptional skill and powerful builds may be able to tackle the bridge at a slightly lower level. On the other hand, less-experienced players may benefit from being slightly over-leveled.

Over-Leveling to Trivialize It

One strategy that some players employ is over-leveling before attempting the Necropolis Bridge. By grinding and completing side quests, you can increase your character’s level beyond the minimum recommendation.

This allows you to face the enemies with a significant advantage, making the encounters much more manageable.

While over-leveling can make the challenge easier, it may also result in a less thrilling experience. Some players prefer the thrill of facing tough enemies head-on instead of breezing through encounters.

Ultimately, the decision to over-level or not depends on your personal preferences and playstyle.

Hardcore Considerations

For hardcore players, who only have one life for their character, caution is of utmost importance. It is highly recommended to be at a higher level than the minimum recommendation before attempting the Necropolis Bridge in hardcore mode.

The risks and consequences of death are much higher, and being over-prepared can mean the difference between survival and starting over from scratch.

Remember, Grim Dawn is a challenging game, and the Necropolis Bridge is just one of the many obstacles you’ll encounter on your journey. Take your time, level up, gather the necessary equipment, and don’t be afraid to explore different strategies.

With proper preparation and a bit of perseverance, you’ll conquer the bridge and continue your adventure with confidence!

Poison and Aether Resistance Needs

When it comes to crossing the Necropolis Bridge in Grim Dawn, having proper poison and aether resistance is crucial for survival. These two types of damage can be particularly deadly, especially when facing powerful enemies or bosses.

Therefore, it is important to prioritize building up your resistance against poison and aether.

High Poison Resistance

Poison resistance is essential when navigating the Necropolis Bridge. Many enemies in this area deal poison damage, which can quickly drain your health if you are not adequately protected. Aim to have a high poison resistance stat to minimize the damage taken.

Look for gear and equipment that provide poison resistance bonuses, and consider using resistance augments to further boost your poison resistance.

Moderate Aether Resistance

In addition to poison resistance, having moderate aether resistance is also important for surviving the challenges of the Necropolis Bridge. Aether damage can be particularly devastating, as it can bypass your defenses and directly reduce your health.

Prioritize finding gear and equipment that offer aether resistance bonuses, and consider investing in skills or abilities that can further enhance your aether resistance.

Resistance Augments and Gear

To bolster your resistance against poison and aether, consider using resistance augments and gear. Resistance augments can be applied to your equipment to provide additional resistance bonuses. Look for augments that specifically enhance poison and aether resistance.

Additionally, seek out gear and equipment that have built-in resistance bonuses to these damage types. Remember to prioritize these stats when choosing your equipment, as they will significantly improve your survivability on the Necropolis Bridge.

Resistance Consumables

While building up your resistance through gear and augments is important, don’t forget about the potential benefits of resistance consumables. There are various potions and elixirs available in Grim Dawn that can temporarily boost your resistance against specific damage types.

Keep an eye out for these consumables and use them strategically when facing tough enemies or challenging encounters on the Necropolis Bridge.

By prioritizing high poison resistance, moderate aether resistance, using resistance augments and gear, and utilizing resistance consumables, you’ll greatly increase your chances of successfully crossing the Necropolis Bridge in Grim Dawn.

Remember to regularly check your resistance stats and make adjustments as needed to ensure you have the best possible chance of survival.

Abilities to Aid Against Bridge Enemies

Blade Barrier

One of the most effective abilities to use against enemies on the Necropolis Bridge in Grim Dawn is the Blade Barrier skill. This skill creates a protective barrier around the player, deflecting incoming attacks and causing damage to enemies who come into contact with it.

It can be a lifesaver when facing a group of powerful foes, providing you with a temporary shield while you take them down one by one. Don’t forget to upgrade this skill as you level up to make it even more powerful!

Healing Skills

When crossing the Necropolis Bridge, it is important to have reliable healing skills at your disposal. The bridge is known for its tough enemies and challenging encounters, so having the ability to heal yourself quickly can mean the difference between life and death.

Look for skills that offer instant health regeneration or skills that heal you over time. These skills can help you stay alive and keep fighting, even in the face of overwhelming odds.

Movement Skills

Another useful set of abilities to have when crossing the Necropolis Bridge are movement skills. These skills allow you to quickly reposition yourself on the battlefield, avoiding enemy attacks and getting to safety when needed.

Skills like Shadow Strike or Blitz can be great for closing the gap between you and your enemies, as well as providing an escape route if things get too intense. Don’t underestimate the power of mobility when it comes to surviving on the bridge!

Area Slowing Skills

Dealing with multiple enemies on the Necropolis Bridge can be challenging, but using area slowing skills can give you a significant advantage. Skills like Flash Freeze or Ring of Frost can slow down enemies within a certain radius, giving you more time to react and plan your next move.

These skills can also be useful for crowd control, allowing you to focus on one enemy at a time without being overwhelmed. Use them strategically to gain the upper hand in battles on the bridge.

Defeating Nemesis and the Bridge Guardian

Defeating Nemesis and the Bridge Guardian can be a challenging task in Grim Dawn, but with the right strategies and tactics, you can emerge victorious. Here are some tips to help you in your battle:

Kiting Nemesis

Nemesis is a formidable foe and can deal massive damage if you let it get close to you. One effective strategy is to kite Nemesis, which means keeping your distance while continuously attacking. This allows you to avoid its powerful melee attacks while slowly whittling down its health.

Remember to use movement skills or speed-boosting abilities to keep a safe distance from Nemesis.

Interrupting Bridge Guardian

The Bridge Guardian is a tough opponent with devastating area-of-effect attacks. To gain an advantage, try to interrupt its attacks whenever possible. Look for moments when the Bridge Guardian starts charging up for a powerful strike and use crowd-control abilities or stunning attacks to disrupt its rhythm.

By interrupting its attacks, you can create openings to deal damage without risking too much.

Targeting the Mini-Bosses

In addition to Nemesis and the Bridge Guardian, you will also encounter mini-bosses during the battle. These mini-bosses can be challenging, but taking them down can provide significant advantages. Focus your attention on the mini-bosses first before dealing with Nemesis and the Bridge Guardian.

By eliminating the mini-bosses, you can reduce the overall difficulty of the encounter and increase your chances of success.

Using Consumables

Don’t underestimate the power of consumables in Grim Dawn. Potions, elixirs, and other consumables can provide temporary buffs to your character, boosting your damage, defense, or other attributes. Make sure to stock up on these items before the battle and use them strategically during the fight.

Timing is crucial, so save your consumables for crucial moments when you need that extra edge to defeat Nemesis and the Bridge Guardian.

Remember, practice makes perfect in Grim Dawn. Don’t get discouraged if you don’t succeed on your first attempt. Keep refining your strategies, experiment with different builds or equipment setups, and learn from each battle.

With determination and perseverance, you can conquer Nemesis and the Bridge Guardian and continue your epic journey in the game.

Notable Drops from the Bridge Bosses

Monster Infrequents

When crossing the Necropolis Bridge in Grim Dawn, players have the chance to encounter powerful bosses that can drop some highly sought-after loot. One type of drop to keep an eye out for is Monster Infrequents (MI).

These are rare items that are specific to certain enemy types and can have unique stats and bonuses. Some examples of Monster Infrequents that can drop from the bridge bosses include the Death’s Reach scythe from Archivist Thelon, the Wrath of the Ascendant shield from Bloodlord Thalonis, and the Vestments of Mourning robe from Harbinger Thalonus.

Crafting Materials

Another valuable type of drop that players can expect from the bridge bosses are crafting materials. These materials are essential for creating powerful items and can be used at the various crafting stations scattered throughout the game.

Some examples of crafting materials that can drop from the bridge bosses include Chilled Steel, Ancient Heart, and Blood of Ch’thon. These materials can be quite rare and valuable, so be sure to pick them up when they drop!


Blueprints are another exciting drop that players can get their hands on while crossing the Necropolis Bridge. Blueprints allow players to learn new recipes and create unique items that are not available through regular gameplay.

These blueprints can range from rare to legendary, with each offering different bonuses and stats. Some examples of blueprints that can drop from the bridge bosses include the Deathchill Bolts, Spectral War Shield, and Voidsteel Gauntlets.

Keep an eye out for these blueprints to unlock new crafting possibilities!

Experience Gain

Aside from the tangible loot drops, crossing the Necropolis Bridge also provides an excellent opportunity for players to gain valuable experience points. The bridge bosses are challenging foes that offer a significant amount of experience when defeated.

This experience gain can be especially beneficial for players who are looking to level up quickly or progress through the game’s content. So, don’t just focus on the drops – enjoy the thrill of the battle and reap the rewards of increased experience!


Crossing the Necropolis Bridge in Grim Dawn is a major milestone thanks to its dangerous bosses and enemy gauntlet. With careful preparation, wise use of resistances, kiting tactics, and the right skills, you can safely cross it and access new parts of the world.

The rewards in loot and experience make the effort very worthwhile. Keep these tips in mind, and you’ll be crossing the Necropolis Bridge with confidence!

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