Grounded Black Ant Armor: Crafting And Upgrading The Ultimate Bug Armor Set

Fighting off the oversized insects in Grounded can be a challenge early on when you’re low on resources and defenses. Black ant armor provides a sturdy protective suit that can give you an edge against attacking bugs and other threats.

But what materials do you need to craft black ant gear and upgrade it to maximize defense? Let’s dive into everything you need to know about obtaining a full set of high-level black ant armor in Grounded.

If you’re short on time, here’s a quick answer: Black ant armor requires insect parts like black ant mandibles along with woven fiber to craft and upgrade. Leveling it up boosts defense, blocking power, and bonuses like extra stamina and carry weight.

Crafting Black Ant Armor Pieces and Tools

Black Ant Helmet and Sword Requirements

If you’re looking to craft the ultimate bug armor set, starting with the Black Ant Helmet and Sword is a great choice. To craft the Black Ant Helmet, you’ll need a few key materials. These include black ant mandibles, insect carapace, and spider silk.

Don’t worry if you don’t have these items on hand, you can find them by defeating black ants in the wild or trading with other players. Once you have the necessary materials, head to the crafting station and start the process.

The Black Ant Helmet not only provides excellent protection but also enhances your ability to see in the dark, making it a must-have for any bug armor enthusiast. For the Black Ant Sword, you’ll need black ant mandibles, sturdy oak wood, and iron ingots.

This formidable weapon will help you fend off any insect or enemy that crosses your path.

Black Ant Club and Armor Parts

In addition to the helmet and sword, the Black Ant Club and Armor Parts are essential components of the ultimate bug armor set. To craft the Black Ant Club, you’ll need black ant mandibles, sturdy oak wood, and spider silk.

This powerful melee weapon will give you the upper hand in close combat situations. When it comes to crafting the Black Ant Armor Parts, you’ll need black ant mandibles, insect carapace, and spider silk. These armor pieces provide excellent defense against insect attacks and are highly durable.

Whether you’re exploring dangerous bug-filled environments or engaging in intense battles, the Black Ant Club and Armor Parts are crucial additions to your bug armor collection.

Upgrading Black Ant Gear from Level 1 to 5

Once you’ve crafted your Black Ant Armor set, you may want to consider upgrading it to improve its stats and effectiveness. Upgrading your gear from level 1 to 5 requires specific materials and resources.

To upgrade the Black Ant Helmet and Sword, you’ll need black ant mandibles, rare gemstones, and mystical essence. These rare materials can be found by defeating powerful insects or by completing challenging quests.

Upgrading your Black Ant Club and Armor Parts follows a similar process, requiring black ant mandibles, rare gemstones, and mystical essence. Keep in mind that the higher the level of your gear, the more powerful and resilient you will become.

So don’t hesitate to invest time and effort into upgrading your Black Ant Armor set to its maximum potential.

Obtaining Key Crafting Materials

Farming black ant parts like mandibles

One of the essential materials needed for crafting the ultimate bug armor set is black ant mandibles. These sturdy and sharp mandibles are crucial for creating durable armor pieces. To farm black ant mandibles, adventurers can venture into areas where black ants are known to inhabit.

They can be found in forests, grasslands, or even near human settlements. By carefully observing their behavior and learning their patterns, adventurers can increase their chances of successfully acquiring black ant mandibles.

It is important to note that black ants are highly territorial and can be aggressive when provoked, so it is recommended to approach them with caution and use appropriate tools or weapons for harvesting their mandibles.

Collecting woven fiber and sap

In addition to black ant mandibles, another crucial material for crafting the ultimate bug armor set is woven fiber. Woven fiber can be obtained by collecting various plant materials such as leaves, grass, or even certain types of tree bark.

These plant materials are carefully processed and woven together to create a strong and flexible fabric that is ideal for armor. Additionally, sap from specific trees can be used as a binding agent to strengthen the woven fiber.

Adventurers can find these trees in forests or areas with dense vegetation. By carefully extracting the sap and combining it with the woven fiber, they can create a sturdy and resilient armor material.

Finding black ant hills and hunting strategies

Black ant hills are prime locations for obtaining key crafting materials. These hills serve as the home and breeding grounds for black ants, making them a reliable source for acquiring black ant mandibles.

Adventurers can locate black ant hills by observing ant trails and following them back to their colony. Once the black ant hill is located, adventurers can employ various hunting strategies to collect the mandibles effectively.

These strategies may include using bait to attract ants away from their hill, creating distractions to divert their attention, or even setting up traps to capture them without causing harm. It is important to note that while hunting black ants, adventurers should always respect the ecosystem and ensure minimal disruption to the ants’ natural habitat.

Leveling Up Black Ant Gear Bonuses

When it comes to crafting and upgrading the ultimate bug armor set, leveling up the bonuses on your Black Ant gear is crucial. These bonuses can provide you with increased defense, durability, and additional perks that can give you the upper hand in battle.

In this section, we will explore how to maximize the benefits of your Black Ant gear by leveling up its bonuses.

Increasing defense and durability

One of the key benefits of leveling up your Black Ant gear is the increase in defense and durability it provides. As you progress through the game, you will encounter tougher enemies and challenges, and having a high defense and durability rating can be the difference between victory and defeat.

By upgrading your Black Ant gear bonuses, you can significantly boost these attributes, making your character more resilient and capable of withstanding even the most formidable opponents.

Bonus perks like extra stamina

Leveling up your Black Ant gear also unlocks bonus perks that can greatly enhance your gameplay experience. These perks can vary depending on the specific item type, but one common bonus is extra stamina.

By increasing your stamina, you can perform more actions, such as sprinting, dodging, and using special abilities, without running out of energy. This can give you a significant advantage in combat, allowing you to outmaneuver and outlast your opponents.

Comparing bonuses for each Black Ant item type

Each piece of Black Ant gear offers unique bonuses that cater to different playstyles and strategies. By comparing the bonuses for each Black Ant item type, you can tailor your armor set to suit your preferred playstyle.

For example, the Black Ant helmet might provide a bonus to critical hit chance, while the Black Ant chestplate may offer increased health regeneration. By mixing and matching different Black Ant gear pieces, you can create a customized armor set that complements your individual playstyle and maximizes your effectiveness in combat.

For more information on leveling up Black Ant gear bonuses and optimizing your bug armor set, be sure to check out They provide in-depth guides and strategies for crafting the ultimate bug armor set that will have you dominating the insect world in no time!

Perks of Black Ant Armor vs Other Sets

More defense than ladybug or acorn armor

When it comes to defense, the Black Ant Armor truly stands out among its insect-inspired counterparts. With its sturdy exoskeleton and reinforced plating, it offers unparalleled protection against even the harshest of blows.

In fact, the Black Ant Armor boasts a defense rating that surpasses both the Ladybug Armor and the Acorn Armor by a significant margin. So, if you’re looking for maximum protection during your adventures in the backyard, the Black Ant Armor is definitely the way to go.

Damage and resistance bonuses

Not only does the Black Ant Armor excel in defense, but it also provides impressive damage and resistance bonuses. The advanced technology used in crafting this armor set enhances your offensive capabilities, allowing you to deliver devastating blows to your adversaries.

Additionally, the Black Ant Armor offers resistance against various environmental hazards, such as acid and poison, making it an ideal choice for those challenging encounters where survival is key.

Carry weight and stamina boosts

One of the standout features of the Black Ant Armor is its ability to enhance your physical attributes. This armor set provides a significant boost to your carry weight, allowing you to carry more resources and loot without being burdened by their weight.

Additionally, the Black Ant Armor improves your stamina, enabling you to sprint longer distances and engage in prolonged combat without tiring as quickly. These enhancements can be game-changers, giving you a clear advantage in your quest for dominance.

Downsides of Black Ant Equipment

Takes time to gather parts for upgrades

The Black Ant Armor Set is undoubtedly a powerful bug armor set, but one of its downsides is the time it takes to gather the necessary parts for upgrades. The Black Ants are known to be quite elusive, making it challenging to collect all the required materials.

Players will need to invest time and effort into hunting down these insects to obtain the necessary components.

Lower elemental protections than ladybug gear

While the Black Ant Armor offers impressive defense against physical attacks, it falls short when it comes to elemental protections compared to the Ladybug Gear. Ladybug Gear is renowned for its exceptional elemental resistances, making it more suitable for battles against enemies with elemental abilities.

Players should consider this factor when deciding which armor set to utilize for specific encounters.

Slower movement speed than lighter sets

The Black Ant Armor is known for its durability, but this comes at the expense of movement speed. Compared to lighter sets like the Bee Armor or the Grasshopper Armor, the Black Ant Armor may feel sluggish and hinder the player’s mobility.

This can be a disadvantage in fast-paced battles where agility is crucial. Players should weigh the benefits of increased defense against the potential drawbacks of reduced speed.


Black ant armor and weapons can give you a strong advantage against the oversized insects in Grounded with its high defense, damage boosts, and extra carry weight. While crafting a full set takes time and effort to gather materials, the benefits of max leveled gear make black ant equipment a top choice for battling through the backyard.

By collecting parts from black ant hills and upgrading each piece to level 5, you’ll have a formidable exoskeleton suit to take on the challenges of Grounded’s insect world.

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