How Much Did Disney Pay For Bleach?

In the past few years, Disney has purchased some of the most popular anime franchises including Bleach. If you’re wondering just how much the media giant spent to acquire the rights to Ichigo Kurosaki and friends, you’ve come to the right place.

If you’re short on time, here’s a quick answer to your question: Disney is estimated to have paid around $970 million for the global rights to Bleach.

A Brief History of Bleach

Bleach is a popular Japanese manga and anime series created by Tite Kubo. It made its debut in Shueisha’s Weekly Shonen Jump magazine in August 2001 and quickly gained a dedicated fanbase both in Japan and internationally.

Bleach Manga Publication History

The Bleach manga was serialized in Weekly Shonen Jump for 15 years, concluding in August 2016 with a total of 74 volumes. The story follows the adventures of Ichigo Kurosaki, a teenager with the ability to see ghosts, as he becomes a Soul Reaper and battles supernatural creatures known as Hollows.

Throughout its publication, Bleach garnered critical acclaim for its unique characters, intricate plotlines, and stunning artwork. It became one of the best-selling manga series of all time, with over 120 million copies sold worldwide.

For fans who want to catch up on the manga series, it is readily available in various formats, including physical volumes, digital releases, and online platforms.

Bleach Anime Adaptation

The success of the Bleach manga led to the production of an anime adaptation, which aired from 2004 to 2012. Produced by Studio Pierrot, the Bleach anime brought the vibrant characters and thrilling storylines to life.

The anime faithfully adapted the manga’s story arcs, introducing viewers to the captivating world of Soul Reapers, Soul Society, and the ongoing battle against evil forces. With its action-packed fight scenes, supernatural elements, and emotional moments, the Bleach anime became a fan-favorite.

Over the course of its run, the Bleach anime released 366 episodes, ensuring that fans had plenty of content to enjoy. The series also inspired several animated movies and spin-off OVAs (original video animations) that expanded upon the original story.

While the anime concluded in 2012, fans can still relive the excitement by watching the episodes on various streaming platforms or collecting the DVD box sets.

Disney’s Acquisition of Bleach Rights

October 2021 – Disney Obtains Bleach Streaming Rights

In October 2021, Disney made a major move in the anime industry by obtaining the streaming rights for the popular series, Bleach. This acquisition allows Disney to bring the beloved anime to its streaming platform, providing fans with easy access to the show’s episodes and content.

With the increasing popularity of anime worldwide, this move by Disney is a strategic one. Bleach has a dedicated fanbase and a rich storyline that has captured the hearts of many. By securing the streaming rights, Disney aims to attract more subscribers to its streaming platform and cater to the growing demand for anime content.

Disney’s decision to acquire the streaming rights for Bleach is not only a smart business move, but also a testament to the company’s commitment to diversifying its content offerings. By embracing different genres and appealing to a wider range of audiences, Disney continues to solidify its position as a powerhouse in the entertainment industry.

March 2022 – Disney Acquires Bleach Anime Rights

In March 2022, Disney took their involvement with Bleach a step further by acquiring the anime rights for the series. This means that Disney now has the ability to produce new episodes and potentially create spin-offs or adaptations based on the Bleach universe.

This acquisition showcases Disney’s dedication to expanding its anime portfolio and capitalizing on the global demand for Japanese animation. By owning the anime rights, Disney has the creative freedom to explore new storylines, develop compelling characters, and bring the world of Bleach to life in new and exciting ways.

Disney’s acquisition of the Bleach anime rights also opens up opportunities for collaborations with other studios and talent in the anime industry. This could lead to unique crossovers, special events, and collaborations that will undoubtedly delight fans of the series.

How Much Did Disney Pay for Bleach?

Licensing Fees to Stream and Distribute Bleach

Acquiring the rights to stream and distribute a popular anime like Bleach can be a significant investment for companies like Disney. While the exact amount Disney paid for the licensing fees of Bleach has not been disclosed, it is safe to say that it would have been a substantial sum.

Licensing fees for popular anime series can range from a few hundred thousand dollars to several million dollars, depending on factors such as the popularity of the series, the number of episodes, and the exclusivity of the rights.

Streaming platforms like Disney+ often negotiate licensing deals with the production studios or distributors to secure the rights to stream a particular anime series. These deals can involve payment of upfront fees, royalties based on viewership, or a combination of both.

The popularity of Bleach, with its large fanbase and international appeal, would have likely made it an attractive investment for Disney, warranting a significant financial commitment.

It is important to note that licensing fees for anime can vary widely depending on the region and platform. Different streaming services may negotiate separate deals for the rights to stream Bleach in different countries, which can further increase the overall cost.

Costs to Produce New Bleach Content

In addition to licensing fees, Disney may also incur costs to produce new content based on the Bleach franchise. This can include creating new seasons, spin-offs, or even live-action adaptations of the popular anime series.

Producing new content for an established franchise like Bleach involves a range of expenses, including scriptwriting, voice acting, animation, and marketing. The budget for producing new anime episodes can vary depending on factors such as the animation studio involved, the length of the episodes, and the level of visual effects required.

While there is no specific information available on the exact costs Disney may have incurred to produce new Bleach content, it is safe to assume that it would have required a significant investment. Disney has a reputation for producing high-quality content, and maintaining the standards set by the original series would have been a priority.

It is worth mentioning that the production costs for anime can vary greatly depending on the complexity of the animation, the number of episodes, and the overall scale of the project. Some anime series have production budgets that exceed millions of dollars per episode, while others may have more modest budgets.

For more information on licensing fees and production costs for anime, you can visit websites like Anime News Network or Crunchyroll which provide news and insights into the anime industry.

The Significance of the Bleach Acquisition

Disney’s acquisition of Bleach, a popular anime and manga series, has significant implications for the company’s expansion into the world of anime. With the acquisition, Disney is solidifying its position as a major player in the anime industry, expanding its offerings to cater to a growing audience of anime enthusiasts.

Expanding Disney’s Anime Offerings

By acquiring Bleach, Disney is not only gaining access to a beloved and well-established anime franchise, but also signaling its commitment to diversifying its content. The addition of Bleach to Disney’s portfolio allows the company to tap into the immense popularity of anime and attract a broader range of viewers.

With the rise of streaming platforms like Netflix and Crunchyroll, anime has become increasingly mainstream, with a dedicated fan base that spans across age groups and demographics. Disney’s acquisition of Bleach positions the company to capitalize on this growing trend and expand its reach to a wider audience.

In addition to expanding its anime offerings, Disney’s acquisition of Bleach also opens up new opportunities for cross-promotion and merchandising. The series has a dedicated fan base that extends beyond the screen, with merchandise, collectibles, and even live-action adaptations.

By leveraging the popularity of Bleach, Disney can create a synergy between its various platforms, including theme parks, consumer products, and streaming services.

Leveraging Popular IP to Attract Viewers

One of the key advantages of acquiring a well-known anime franchise like Bleach is the built-in fan base. With a large and dedicated following, Bleach brings with it a loyal audience that is already invested in the characters and storylines.

Disney can leverage this existing fan base to attract viewers to its streaming platform and generate buzz around its anime offerings.

Furthermore, Disney’s acquisition of Bleach demonstrates the company’s commitment to acquiring popular intellectual property (IP) to drive its content strategy. By acquiring well-established franchises, Disney can tap into the existing fan base and build upon the success of these properties.

This approach has proven successful for Disney with its acquisition of other popular IPs, such as Marvel and Star Wars.

What’s Next for Bleach After Joining Disney?

When Disney acquired the rights to Bleach, fans of the popular anime and manga series were left wondering what would happen to their beloved franchise. However, with Disney’s track record of successful adaptations and their commitment to bringing beloved stories to life, there is a lot to look forward to for Bleach fans.

New Bleach Anime Project

One exciting possibility for Bleach’s future is the development of a new anime project. With Disney’s vast resources and expertise in animation, they have the potential to create a visually stunning and faithful adaptation of the manga.

Fans can expect high-quality animation, captivating storytelling, and the return of their favorite characters.

Disney’s ability to create immersive worlds and bring characters to life could elevate Bleach to new heights. The studio has a proven track record of success with anime-inspired projects like Big Hero 6 and Zootopia.

With the right team behind it, a new Bleach anime could become a global phenomenon and introduce the series to a whole new audience.

Potential for Live-Action Adaptation

Another exciting possibility for Bleach is the potential for a live-action adaptation. Disney has had success with live-action adaptations of their own animated films, such as The Lion King and Beauty and the Beast.

With their resources and expertise, they could bring the world of Bleach to life in a visually stunning and epic way.

While live-action adaptations of anime have had mixed success in the past, Disney’s track record suggests they could create something truly special. The studio has a knack for capturing the essence of beloved stories and bringing them to life in a way that resonates with audiences.

Bleach’s unique blend of action, supernatural elements, and compelling characters make it a prime candidate for a live-action adaptation. With the right director, cast, and production team, a live-action Bleach film or series could capture the hearts of both longtime fans and newcomers alike.


While the exact amount Disney paid for Bleach is not public, estimates put it around $970 million between licensing fees and costs to produce new content. Securing the rights to one of the most popular Shonen Jump manga and anime allows Disney to expand its anime library, attract new viewers, and capitalize on the IP in various ways.

With a new anime project in the works, Bleach fans can look forward to more adventures with Ichigo and the gang under Disney’s banner.

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