How Much Does Aaa Pay Contractors? A Detailed Overview

If you’ve ever locked your keys in your car or had a dead battery while out and about, you know that AAA roadside assistance can be a real lifesaver. But have you ever wondered how much the AAA contractors who show up to help you actually make?

As a AAA member, you want reassurance that the company is taking good care of the people serving you.

If you’re short on time, here’s a quick answer to your question: AAA contractors are independent business owners who set their own rates but typically make $30 – $60 per service call from AAA. However, there are many variables that impact their earnings.

AAA Contractor Pay Structure

Contractors Are Independent Businesses

AAA hires contractors to provide services to its members, such as roadside assistance and vehicle repairs. These contractors are not employees of AAA but rather independent businesses that have signed agreements to work with AAA.

As independent businesses, contractors have the flexibility to set their own rates and determine their own expenses.

According to AAA’s website, contractors are responsible for maintaining their own equipment, vehicles, and insurance. This means that contractors bear the costs associated with running their businesses, including fuel, maintenance, and insurance.

Pay Per Service Call

The payment structure for AAA contractors is typically based on the number of service calls they receive. Each service call has a predetermined payment amount, which can vary depending on the type of service provided.

For example, the payment for a tire change might be different from the payment for a jumpstart.

According to an industry survey, the average payment for a service call for roadside assistance ranges from $50 to $100. However, specific payment rates may differ based on factors such as location, time of day, and the type of service provided.

It’s important to note that contractors may also receive additional compensation for providing services outside of regular business hours, as well as for completing more complex tasks or specialized services.

Factors That Impact Earnings

Several factors can impact the earnings of AAA contractors. One significant factor is the number of service calls they receive. Contractors who are located in high-traffic areas or serve a large membership base may have more opportunities for service calls, resulting in higher earnings.

Additionally, the efficiency and effectiveness of a contractor can also impact their earnings. Contractors who can quickly and accurately diagnose and resolve issues may be able to handle more service calls in a given time period, increasing their potential earnings.

According to AAA’s contractor requirements, contractors must meet certain performance metrics to maintain their relationship with AAA. This ensures that contractors are consistently providing high-quality service to AAA members.

It’s worth noting that while the pay per service call may seem lucrative, contractors need to consider their expenses, such as fuel costs, maintenance, and insurance, when assessing their overall earnings.

It’s important for contractors to carefully manage their business expenses to ensure profitability.

Pay Structure Average Payment
Tire Change $50
Jumpstart $75
Lockout Service $60

How Much Do AAA Contractors Make?

Working as a contractor for AAA can be a lucrative opportunity for many skilled professionals. The amount that AAA contractors make can vary depending on several factors, including the type of services they provide, their level of experience, and the region in which they operate.

In this article, we will provide a detailed overview of the earnings potential for AAA contractors.

Reported Hourly Wages

According to reports from AAA contractors, the hourly wages can range from $20 to $50 per hour. However, it’s important to note that these figures can vary depending on the specific job responsibilities and the contractor’s level of expertise.

For example, contractors specializing in electrical or plumbing services may command higher hourly rates compared to general repair and maintenance contractors.

Average Earnings Per Service Call

AAA contractors typically earn a significant portion of their income through service calls. These service calls often involve emergency repairs, roadside assistance, or scheduled maintenance. On average, AAA contractors can earn anywhere from $75 to $150 per service call.

The amount can vary depending on the complexity and urgency of the job.

Annual Salary Estimates

While AAA contractors’ earnings primarily come from hourly wages and service calls, it is possible to estimate their annual salaries based on these figures. Assuming an average of 40 hours of work per week, a contractor making $30 per hour could potentially earn around $62,400 per year.

However, it’s important to note that these estimates may not account for periods of low demand or seasonal fluctuations in the workload.

It’s worth mentioning that AAA contractors may also have the opportunity to earn additional income through performance-based bonuses or incentives. These additional earnings can further enhance their overall income and provide additional motivation for delivering exceptional service to AAA members.

For more detailed information on AAA contractor pay rates and specific contract terms, it is recommended to visit the official AAA website or reach out to local AAA branches for the most up-to-date and accurate information.+

Variables That Affect AAA Contractor Earnings

When it comes to working as a contractor for AAA, there are several variables that can influence your earnings. Understanding these factors can help you better plan your business and maximize your potential income.

Let’s take a closer look at some of the key variables that affect AAA contractor earnings:

Experience and Certifications

One of the most significant factors that can impact your earnings as an AAA contractor is your level of experience and any certifications you hold. Contractors with extensive experience and specialized certifications often command higher rates due to their expertise.

Additionally, AAA may offer incentives or bonuses to contractors who have completed specific training programs or have a proven track record of quality work.

For example, AAA may pay higher rates to contractors who have completed advanced training in electrical work or have certifications in HVAC systems. These additional qualifications can set you apart from other contractors and allow you to earn a higher income.

Geography and Local Market

The location where you operate as an AAA contractor can also significantly impact your earnings. Different areas have varying levels of demand for contractor services, which can influence the rates that AAA is willing to pay.

Areas with a high cost of living or a booming real estate market may offer higher rates for contractor work.

It’s important to research the local market conditions and competition in your area to determine a fair and competitive rate for your services. Understanding the average rates in your area can help you negotiate with AAA and ensure that you are being compensated appropriately for your work.

Business Expenses

As a contractor, it’s essential to consider your business expenses when determining your earnings. These expenses can include tools, equipment, insurance, licenses, and transportation costs. Understanding the costs associated with running your business is crucial for accurately calculating your profits.

AAA may reimburse contractors for certain expenses, such as mileage or specialized equipment required for specific jobs. However, it’s essential to have a clear understanding of what expenses AAA will cover and what you are responsible for as a contractor.

By carefully managing your business expenses and negotiating fair compensation with AAA, you can ensure that your earnings as a contractor are maximized.

Remember, the variables discussed here are general guidelines, and the specific rates and factors may vary depending on your location and the agreement you have with AAA. It’s always a good idea to consult with AAA directly or research their official website for the most accurate and up-to-date information.

Other AAA Contractor Benefits

Flexibility and Freedom

One of the major benefits of being a contractor for AAA is the flexibility and freedom it offers. As an AAA contractor, you have the ability to work on your own schedule and choose the projects that align with your expertise and interests.

This flexibility allows you to maintain a healthy work-life balance and pursue other personal or professional endeavors. Whether you prefer to work full-time or part-time, AAA provides contractors with the opportunity to customize their workload to fit their individual needs.

AAA Reputation and Steady Business

Working as a contractor for AAA comes with the advantage of being associated with a reputable and well-established organization. AAA is widely recognized for its commitment to providing top-quality services to its customers.

By aligning yourself with AAA, you gain access to a vast customer base that relies on AAA for a variety of services, including roadside assistance, travel planning, insurance, and more.

This association with AAA also means that you can expect a steady flow of business. AAA’s reputation and widespread reach ensure that there is a consistent demand for contractors across various industries.

Whether you are a roadside assistance provider, a home repair specialist, or a travel planner, AAA’s extensive network of customers will keep you busy and financially stable.

Networking Opportunities

Another valuable benefit of working as a contractor for AAA is the networking opportunities it provides. As an AAA contractor, you have the chance to connect and collaborate with other professionals in your field.

This networking can lead to new partnerships, referrals, and even potential business expansion opportunities.

Additionally, AAA often organizes events and conferences where contractors can network with industry experts and learn about the latest trends and developments in their field. These events can be a great way to stay updated and enhance your skills and knowledge.

Becoming a AAA Approved Auto Repair Contractor

Auto Repair Shop Requirements

To become a AAA approved auto repair contractor, there are certain requirements that your auto repair shop must meet. AAA has specific standards in place to ensure that their approved contractors provide high-quality service to their members.

These requirements may include having a certain number of service bays, employing ASE-certified technicians, and maintaining a clean and organized workspace. AAA also evaluates the shop’s customer service practices and reviews feedback from customers to ensure satisfaction.

Driver Requirements

In addition to the shop requirements, there are also driver requirements that must be met to become a AAA approved auto repair contractor. These requirements ensure that the drivers who work for the contractor are qualified and capable of providing excellent service to AAA members.

Drivers may need to have a valid driver’s license, a clean driving record, and undergo background checks. AAA wants to ensure that their members can trust the contractors they recommend and rely on them for safe and reliable service.

Application and Approval Process

The application process to become a AAA approved auto repair contractor typically involves submitting an application form, providing documentation of the shop’s qualifications and certifications, and paying a fee.

Once the application is received, AAA will review the information provided and may conduct an on-site evaluation of the shop. This evaluation helps AAA confirm that the shop meets their standards and is capable of providing the level of service their members expect.

If approved, the shop will be added to AAA’s list of approved contractors and may be recommended to AAA members in need of auto repair services.

It’s important to note that the requirements and application process may vary slightly depending on the region and specific AAA club. For more detailed information, it is recommended to visit the official AAA website at and contact your local AAA club for specific guidelines and procedures.


AAA contractors earn a respectable living helping stranded motorists get back on the road quickly. While actual earnings vary based on several factors, most make $30 – $60 per service call. The contractor model offers the freedom and flexibility of running one’s own business with the support and steady workflow of the trusted AAA brand behind them.

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