How Much Does Costco Pay Its Cashiers In 2023?

Working as a cashier at Costco can be a great job for someone looking for fair compensation, good benefits, and opportunities to advance within the company. If you’re wondering how much Costco cashiers make per hour, you’ve come to the right place.

If you’re short on time, here’s a quick answer: the average hourly wage for Costco cashiers ranges from $15 to $28 per hour, depending on experience and location.

In this detailed guide, we’ll cover everything you need to know about Costco cashier pay, including average wages, factors that influence income, benefits, paid time off, and advancement opportunities.

Average Hourly Wage for Costco Cashiers

When it comes to working as a cashier at Costco, many people are curious about the average hourly wage they can expect. In 2023, Costco is known for offering competitive pay to its employees, including cashiers. Let’s take a closer look at the average hourly wage for Costco cashiers.

Entry-Level Cashiers: $15 – $17 per Hour

For those just starting out as cashiers at Costco, the average hourly wage typically falls between $15 and $17. This entry-level wage is higher than what many other retail stores offer, demonstrating Costco’s commitment to providing fair compensation to its employees.

Plus, it’s worth noting that this wage is just the starting point, and there is room for growth and advancement within the company.

Experienced Cashiers: $18 – $28 per Hour

As cashiers gain more experience and tenure at Costco, their hourly wage tends to increase. Experienced cashiers at Costco can expect to earn an average hourly wage ranging from $18 to $28. This higher wage reflects both the skills and knowledge acquired over time, as well as the value that experienced cashiers bring to the company.

It’s important to note that these figures are averages and can vary based on factors such as location and individual performance. Additionally, Costco is known for its commitment to providing excellent benefits and opportunities for career growth, which further adds to the overall value of working as a cashier at the company.

If you’d like to find more detailed information about Costco’s wage structure or explore current job openings, you can visit their official website at

What Impacts a Costco Cashier’s Pay?

When it comes to determining a Costco cashier’s pay, there are several factors that come into play. These factors can vary and may impact the overall salary and compensation package of a cashier. Understanding these factors can provide insight into the earning potential of a Costco cashier in 2023.

Experience Level

Experience level is one of the primary factors that can influence a Costco cashier’s pay. Generally, cashiers with more experience tend to earn higher wages. As cashiers gain more knowledge and skills in handling transactions and providing excellent customer service, they become more valuable to the company.

This can result in pay raises and opportunities for advancement within the organization.


The location of a Costco store can also impact a cashier’s pay. Wages can vary depending on the cost of living in a particular area. For example, cashiers working in metropolitan cities with higher living expenses may receive a higher hourly rate compared to those in smaller towns or rural areas.

It’s important to consider the geographical location when evaluating a Costco cashier’s potential earnings.


While Costco has a reputation for offering competitive wages and comprehensive benefits to its employees, there may still be room for negotiation when it comes to a cashier’s pay. During the hiring process, candidates can engage in salary negotiations based on their qualifications, experience, and skills.

However, it’s important to approach negotiations with realistic expectations, taking into account industry standards and the company’s compensation structure.


Cashiers who consistently demonstrate exceptional performance may have the opportunity to earn higher pay. Costco values hard work and dedication, and employees who go above and beyond in their role may be rewarded with performance-based incentives or promotions.

It’s important for cashiers to consistently meet or exceed performance expectations to maximize their earning potential.

Ultimately, the pay of a Costco cashier in 2023 will be influenced by various factors such as experience level, location, negotiation, and performance. It’s important for cashiers to understand these factors and work towards maximizing their earning potential within the organization.

Costco Cashier Benefits

Working as a cashier at Costco comes with a range of benefits that make it an attractive job option for many. In addition to competitive wages, Costco offers its cashiers a comprehensive benefits package that includes health insurance, retirement plans, stock purchase options, paid time off, tuition reimbursement, and employee discounts.

Health Insurance

One of the key benefits for Costco cashiers is access to health insurance coverage. Costco provides its employees with a robust health plan that includes medical, dental, and vision coverage. This ensures that cashiers can receive the medical care they need to stay healthy and take care of their families.

Retirement Plans

Costco understands the importance of planning for the future and offers its cashiers a variety of retirement plans. These plans include 401(k) options with employer matching contributions, allowing cashiers to save for their retirement with the added benefit of Costco’s support.

Stock Purchase Plan

As a cashier at Costco, you have the opportunity to become a shareholder in the company through its stock purchase plan. This program allows cashiers to purchase Costco stock at a discounted rate, giving them a stake in the company’s success and the potential for financial growth.

Paid Time Off

Costco recognizes the importance of work-life balance and provides its cashiers with generous paid time off benefits. This includes vacation days, personal days, and holidays, giving cashiers the opportunity to recharge and spend time with family and friends.

Tuition Reimbursement

Continuing education is highly valued at Costco, and the company supports its cashiers’ pursuit of higher education through its tuition reimbursement program. Cashiers can receive financial assistance for approved courses or degree programs, helping them further their career and personal development.

Employee Discounts

One of the perks of working as a cashier at Costco is access to employee discounts. Cashiers can enjoy discounts on a wide range of products and services, including groceries, electronics, and even travel. These discounts can help cashiers save money and make their hard-earned wages go further.

Opportunities for Advancement

Working as a cashier at Costco can be a great starting point for your career, as the company offers various opportunities for advancement. Whether you are looking to move up within the front-end department or explore management positions, there are several paths you can take to grow professionally and increase your earning potential.

Front End Assistant

As a Front End Assistant, you will have the chance to learn the ropes of the cashier position and gain valuable customer service experience. This role involves assisting cashiers with bagging groceries, organizing carts, and providing excellent customer service.

It’s a great entry-level position that allows you to familiarize yourself with the operations of the front-end department.

Front End Supervisor

For those looking to take on more responsibilities and leadership roles, becoming a Front End Supervisor is a natural progression. As a supervisor, you will oversee the cashiers and Front End Assistants, ensuring smooth operations and exceptional customer service.

This role requires strong leadership skills and the ability to handle various customer situations effectively.

Assistant General Manager

If you aspire to move beyond the front-end department and explore broader management roles, becoming an Assistant General Manager could be the next step for you. In this position, you will assist the General Manager in overseeing the overall operations of the store, including inventory management, employee supervision, and customer satisfaction.

This is a challenging role that requires a combination of business acumen, leadership skills, and a deep understanding of Costco’s operations.

General Manager

The highest position one can achieve within a Costco warehouse is the General Manager. As the leader of the store, the General Manager is responsible for driving sales, managing the budget, and ensuring the overall success of the location.

This role requires extensive experience in retail management, exceptional leadership skills, and a deep understanding of Costco’s values and business model.

It’s important to note that the specific salary for each position can vary based on factors such as location, experience, and performance. For the most accurate and up-to-date information on Costco’s pay scale, it’s recommended to visit the official Costco website or contact your local warehouse directly.


Working as a Costco cashier provides competitive wages along with excellent benefits and chances to move up the ranks. With hourly pay ranging from $15 to $28 per hour on average, motivated employees can thrive at Costco.

The exact wage you can expect as a Costco cashier depends on factors like location, experience, performance, and negotiation skills. But the generous compensation and advancement potential make it a worthwhile position to pursue.

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