How Much Does Crumbl Cookies Pay? A Detailed Look At Wages And Benefits

Crumbl Cookies has become immensely popular over the last few years for its weekly rotating menu of unique cookie flavors. With new locations opening across the country, many people are curious about working for Crumbl and want to know – how much does Crumbl Cookies pay?

If you’re short on time, here’s a quick answer to your question: Crumbl Cookies pays around $10 – $14 per hour for most in-store roles like cashiers and production specialists. Jobs like shift leads and managers earn $14 – $18 per hour on average.

There are also opportunities for bonuses and pay raises.

In this detailed guide, we’ll provide a comprehensive overview of Crumbl Cookies’ pay structure, including average wages for different positions, bonuses, benefits, and other perks that come with working at this rapidly growing cookie company.

Average Hourly Wages at Crumbl Cookies

Cashiers/Front Counter Staff

For cashiers and front counter staff at Crumbl Cookies, the average hourly wage ranges from $9 to $12. This position involves taking customer orders, handling payments, and ensuring a positive customer experience.

While the starting wage may be on the lower end, there is often room for growth and advancement within the company.

Production Specialists & Bakers

Production specialists and bakers play a crucial role in the creation of Crumbl Cookies’ delicious treats. These positions involve preparing dough, baking cookies, and maintaining the overall cleanliness and efficiency of the kitchen.

On average, production specialists and bakers at Crumbl Cookies earn an hourly wage of $10 to $15.

Shift Leads

Shift leads at Crumbl Cookies are responsible for supervising the team members during their shift, ensuring that everything runs smoothly, and maintaining high-quality standards. The average hourly wage for shift leads ranges from $12 to $15.

In addition to their supervisory role, shift leads also handle customer inquiries and resolve any issues that may arise.


Managers at Crumbl Cookies oversee the day-to-day operations of the store, including managing employees, handling inventory, and ensuring customer satisfaction. The average hourly wage for managers at Crumbl Cookies is around $15 to $20.

Managers also have the potential to earn bonuses and other incentives based on the store’s performance.

It’s important to note that these wage ranges are approximate and can vary based on factors such as location, experience, and job performance. Crumbl Cookies values its employees and strives to provide competitive wages and benefits to attract and retain top talent.

For more information about Crumbl Cookies’ wages and benefits, you can visit their official website:

Bonuses & Incentives

New Store Bonuses

Working at Crumbl Cookies comes with the opportunity to earn exciting bonuses and incentives. One of the ways employees can receive a bonus is through the New Store Bonus program. When a new Crumbl Cookies store opens, employees at that location have the chance to earn a special bonus.

This bonus serves as a reward for their hard work and dedication during the store’s launch. It’s a great way for employees to start their journey with Crumbl Cookies on a positive note and be recognized for their efforts.

Referral Bonuses

Crumbl Cookies also offers referral bonuses to its employees. This means that if an employee refers someone to work at Crumbl Cookies and that person gets hired, the referring employee can receive a bonus.

Referral bonuses are a win-win situation as they incentivize current employees to bring in talented individuals while also rewarding them financially for their contribution to the company’s growth. It’s a fantastic way for employees to not only build a strong team but also earn some extra money.

Performance Bonuses

In addition to the above-mentioned bonuses, Crumbl Cookies recognizes and rewards outstanding performance with performance bonuses. Employees who consistently go above and beyond in their roles and achieve exceptional results may be eligible for performance bonuses.

These bonuses serve as a way to motivate employees to excel in their work and provide exceptional customer service. Crumbl Cookies values its employees’ hard work and dedication, and performance bonuses are just one way of showing appreciation.

It’s important to note that the specific amounts and criteria for these bonuses may vary based on factors such as location, position, and individual performance. To get more detailed information about the current bonuses and incentives offered by Crumbl Cookies, it is recommended to visit their official website or contact the company directly.

Crumbl Cookies strives to create a positive and rewarding work environment, and their bonus and incentive programs are an integral part of achieving that goal.

Benefits for Crumbl Employees

Employee Discount

One of the perks of working at Crumbl Cookies is the employee discount. Staff members can enjoy delicious treats at a discounted price, allowing them to satisfy their sweet tooth without breaking the bank.

This benefit not only helps employees save money but also allows them to indulge in the mouthwatering creations they help bake and sell every day. It’s a win-win situation!

Paid Time Off

Crumbl recognizes the importance of work-life balance and understands that employees need time to recharge and relax. That’s why they offer paid time off to their employees. Whether it’s a vacation, a personal day, or taking care of family matters, Crumbl employees can take time off without worrying about losing their income.

This benefit ensures that employees can maintain a healthy work-life balance and come back to work rejuvenated and ready to serve up more delicious cookies.

Medical, Dental & Vision Insurance

Crumbl cares about the well-being of its employees and offers comprehensive medical, dental, and vision insurance plans. These plans provide coverage for a range of healthcare needs, including doctor visits, dental cleanings, eye exams, and prescription medications.

Having access to quality healthcare coverage can give employees peace of mind, knowing that they are protected in case of unexpected medical expenses.

401(k) Retirement Plan

Planning for retirement is essential, and Crumbl understands this. That’s why they offer a 401(k) retirement plan to their employees. This plan allows employees to save for their future by contributing a portion of their income towards retirement.

Crumbl may also offer a matching contribution, which means that the company will contribute a certain percentage of the employee’s salary into their retirement account. This benefit helps employees build a nest egg for their golden years and secure a more financially stable future.

Tuition Reimbursement

Continuing education is important for personal and professional growth, and Crumbl acknowledges this by offering tuition reimbursement to its employees. Whether an employee wants to pursue a degree, take professional courses, or attend workshops and conferences, Crumbl supports their educational aspirations.

This benefit not only encourages employees to expand their knowledge and skills but also shows the company’s commitment to investing in their employees’ development.

How Salaries Progress at Crumbl

When it comes to salaries at Crumbl Cookies, there are opportunities for growth and advancement. Employees can expect to see their pay increase over time through pay raises and promotions.

Pay Raises

Crumbl Cookies recognizes the value of its employees and rewards their hard work through regular pay raises. As individuals gain experience and demonstrate their dedication to their roles, they can expect to receive increases in their wages.

These pay raises are often performance-based, with employees who consistently meet or exceed expectations being rewarded with higher salaries.

According to a source, Crumbl Cookies believes in providing competitive compensation to its employees, ensuring that their efforts are recognized and rewarded. This commitment to fair and competitive wages sets a positive tone for employees and encourages them to continue striving for excellence.

Opportunities for Advancement

At Crumbl Cookies, there are ample opportunities for employees to advance in their careers. The company values internal growth and aims to promote from within whenever possible. This means that employees who demonstrate their skills, dedication, and potential for leadership can be considered for higher positions within the company.

With a focus on professional development, Crumbl Cookies offers training programs and mentorship opportunities to help employees enhance their skills and prepare for advancement. This commitment to nurturing talent within the organization not only benefits the employees but also contributes to the overall success of the company.

By providing a clear career path and support for growth, Crumbl Cookies fosters a positive work environment where employees can thrive and reach their full potential.

So, if you are considering a career at Crumbl Cookies, rest assured that salaries progress over time through pay raises and there are opportunities for advancement within the company. With a commitment to recognizing and rewarding employee efforts, Crumbl Cookies values its workforce and fosters an environment of growth and development.

How Crumbl’s Pay Compares to Other Cookie Shops

When it comes to working in the cookie industry, one of the most important factors to consider is the pay and benefits offered by different companies. In this section, we will take a detailed look at how Crumbl Cookies compares to other popular cookie shops in terms of wages and benefits.

vs. Mrs. Fields

When comparing Crumbl Cookies to Mrs. Fields, it’s important to note that both companies offer delicious cookies loved by many. However, when it comes to pay, Crumbl Cookies tends to have a slight edge.

According to a recent survey conducted by, the average hourly wage for employees at Crumbl Cookies is $12.50, while Mrs. Fields employees earn an average of $11.75 per hour. While this may not seem like a significant difference, over time it can add up to a considerable amount.

vs. Great American Cookies

Another popular cookie shop to consider is Great American Cookies. In terms of pay, Crumbl Cookies once again comes out on top. The same survey by revealed that the average hourly wage at Crumbl Cookies is $12.50, while Great American Cookies pays around $12.00 per hour.

Additionally, Crumbl Cookies also offers various employee benefits such as flexible work schedules and opportunities for growth within the company.

vs. Insomnia Cookies

Lastly, let’s compare Crumbl Cookies to Insomnia Cookies. While both companies have gained popularity for their late-night cookie deliveries, Crumbl Cookies stands out when it comes to pay. According to the survey, the average hourly wage at Crumbl Cookies is $12.50, while Insomnia Cookies pays around $11.00 per hour.

Furthermore, Crumbl Cookies has been praised for its positive work environment and employee satisfaction.


Crumbl Cookies offers competitive pay and benefits, especially for the food service industry. While hourly wages start in the $10 to $14 range, employees have opportunities to earn raises, bonuses, and advancement into higher paying management roles.

Compared to other gourmet cookie shops, Crumbl’s pay structure is quite attractive. Their investment in employees has likely contributed to the rapid growth of the business across the country.

In summary, those looking for hourly roles can expect to earn $10 to $18 per hour at Crumbl, depending on their position and experience. There is also potential to take on more responsibility and pay over time.

The combination of wages, benefits, and growth opportunities make Crumbl Cookies a worthwhile option for anyone seeking work in the food service sector.

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