How Much Does Kohl’S Pay An Hour In 2023?

Getting a job at Kohl’s can be a great way to earn some extra money, especially if you’re a student or need a part-time gig. But before applying, you probably want to know – how much does Kohl’s pay per hour?

If you’re short on time, here’s a quick answer: Kohl’s hourly wages typically range from $10 to $22 per hour, depending on the position and location. In this detailed guide, we’ll break down Kohl’s hourly pay rates for various roles, factors that impact earnings, employee benefits, and tips for getting hired at Kohl’s.

In this comprehensive 3000-word guide, we’ll cover everything you need to know about Kohl’s hourly pay rates, including average wages for sales associates, supervisors, managers and more. We’ll also discuss how location, experience level, and other factors can influence your earnings potential at Kohl’s.

Whether you’re researching job options or preparing for an upcoming Kohl’s interview, use this article as your go-to resource on Kohl’s hourly wages and benefits.

Average Hourly Wages at Kohl’s

When it comes to working at Kohl’s, one of the most common questions job seekers have is how much they can expect to earn per hour. While wages can vary depending on factors such as location and job position, here is a breakdown of the average hourly wages at Kohl’s in 2023:

Sales Associates and Cashiers

Sales associates and cashiers play a crucial role in ensuring a positive shopping experience for customers. At Kohl’s, these entry-level positions offer competitive hourly wages. On average, sales associates and cashiers at Kohl’s earn around $12.50 to $15 per hour, depending on their experience and performance.

It’s worth noting that these wages may be higher in certain locations with higher living costs.

Department Supervisors

Department supervisors at Kohl’s take on additional responsibilities, such as overseeing a specific section of the store and managing a team of associates. As a result, their hourly wages reflect this added responsibility.

On average, department supervisors at Kohl’s earn between $15 and $18 per hour. These wages can also be influenced by factors such as years of experience and performance reviews.

Assistant Store Managers

Assistant store managers at Kohl’s are responsible for assisting the store manager in various operational and managerial tasks. This role requires strong leadership skills and a deep understanding of the retail industry.

In return for their expertise, assistant store managers at Kohl’s earn an average hourly wage of $18 to $22. Additionally, they may receive bonuses and incentives based on the store’s performance.

Store Managers

Store managers hold significant responsibility for the overall success of a Kohl’s location. They oversee all aspects of the store’s operations, including sales, customer service, and employee management.

Given the level of responsibility and expertise required, store managers at Kohl’s earn a competitive average hourly wage of $25 to $30. This is in addition to potential bonuses and other performance-based incentives.

It’s important to keep in mind that these figures are averages and can vary based on individual factors such as experience, location, and performance. For more accurate and up-to-date information, it’s recommended to visit the official Kohl’s website or speak directly with a representative from the company.

Factors That Impact Pay at Kohl’s

When it comes to determining how much Kohl’s pays per hour in 2023, there are several factors that come into play. These factors can vary and impact pay rates for employees at Kohl’s. Let’s take a closer look at some of the key factors:


One important factor that influences pay at Kohl’s is the location of the store. Wages can vary depending on the cost of living and minimum wage laws in different states and cities. For example, employees working at a Kohl’s store in New York City might earn a higher hourly wage compared to those working at a store in a smaller town in the Midwest.

Experience Level

Another significant factor that affects pay at Kohl’s is an employee’s experience level. As with many other companies, Kohl’s often offers higher wages to employees with more experience. This means that individuals who have been with the company for a longer period or have a proven track record may be eligible for higher hourly rates.


The department in which an employee works can also impact their pay at Kohl’s. Certain departments, such as management or specialized roles, may offer higher wages due to the additional responsibilities and skills required.

For instance, a department manager might earn a higher hourly wage compared to a sales associate.

Full-Time vs Part-Time

Whether an employee works full-time or part-time can also affect their pay at Kohl’s. Full-time employees often receive additional benefits and may have higher hourly wages compared to their part-time counterparts.

However, it’s worth noting that part-time employees at Kohl’s can still receive competitive pay rates and enjoy flexible work schedules.

Overtime Pay

Overtime pay is another factor that can impact an employee’s overall earnings at Kohl’s. When employees work more than their designated hours, they may be eligible for overtime pay, which is typically 1.5 times their regular hourly wage.

This can significantly increase an employee’s income and provide opportunities to earn extra money.

It’s important to note that pay rates at Kohl’s may also be subject to change over time due to various factors, including market conditions and company policies. For the most accurate and up-to-date information on Kohl’s pay rates, it’s recommended to visit the official Kohl’s website or consult with a representative from the company.

Kohl’s Employee Benefits

Working at Kohl’s not only provides you with a fulfilling career, but it also comes with a range of impressive employee benefits. These benefits are designed to support and reward Kohl’s associates for their hard work and dedication.

Let’s take a closer look at some of the notable benefits offered by Kohl’s.

Health Insurance

Kohl’s understands the importance of maintaining good health, which is why they offer comprehensive health insurance plans to their employees. These plans include medical, dental, and vision coverage, ensuring that associates have access to the care they need.

Whether it’s routine check-ups, preventive care, or more extensive treatments, Kohl’s has its employees covered.

Retirement Plans

Planning for the future is essential, and Kohl’s recognizes this by offering retirement plans to their employees. Associates have access to 401(k) plans, which allow them to save for their retirement while enjoying tax advantages.

Kohl’s also offers a generous matching program, contributing to their employees’ retirement savings and helping them build a secure financial future.

Merchandise Discounts

One of the perks of working at Kohl’s is the opportunity to enjoy significant merchandise discounts. Associates can take advantage of exclusive employee discounts on a wide range of products, including apparel, accessories, home goods, and more.

This benefit not only allows employees to save money but also provides them with the opportunity to enjoy the products they help bring to the customers.

Wellness Programs

Kohl’s understands the importance of employee well-being and offers various wellness programs to support their associates’ physical and mental health. These programs may include access to fitness facilities or discounts on gym memberships, mental health resources, and wellness challenges.

By promoting a healthy and balanced lifestyle, Kohl’s aims to create a positive working environment for its employees.

Associate Shopping Days

Kohl’s appreciates the hard work and dedication of its associates and rewards them with special Associate Shopping Days. These exclusive events allow employees to shop with even greater discounts, providing them with the opportunity to enjoy the products they help sell at even more affordable prices.

It’s a great way for associates to treat themselves and their loved ones.

How to Get Hired at Kohl’s

Search Current Job Openings

Before applying to work at Kohl’s, it’s important to check their website or other job search platforms for current job openings. Kohl’s regularly updates their job listings, so make sure to keep an eye out for new opportunities.

Additionally, consider signing up for job alerts or following Kohl’s on social media to stay informed about new job postings.

Apply Online

Once you’ve found a job opening at Kohl’s that interests you, the next step is to apply online. Kohl’s typically requires applicants to fill out an online application form, which includes providing personal information, work history, and answering specific questions about your qualifications.

Take your time to carefully fill out the application, making sure to highlight relevant skills and experience that would make you a strong candidate for the position.

Prepare for the Interview

After submitting your application, if you’re selected for an interview, it’s important to come prepared. Research the company and familiarize yourself with Kohl’s values, mission, and any recent news or developments.

Practice common interview questions and think about how your skills and experiences align with the requirements of the job. Additionally, consider preparing a few questions to ask the interviewer to demonstrate your interest and enthusiasm for the position.

Emphasize Retail Experience

When applying for a job at Kohl’s, having retail experience can be a significant advantage. Be sure to highlight any previous retail positions you’ve held, emphasizing your ability to provide excellent customer service, work in a fast-paced environment, and handle various tasks simultaneously.

If you don’t have retail experience, don’t worry! Focus on transferable skills such as communication, teamwork, and problem-solving that can be applied to a retail setting.

By following these steps, you can increase your chances of getting hired at Kohl’s. Remember to stay persistent, showcase your qualifications, and demonstrate your enthusiasm for the company. Good luck!


Kohl’s offers hourly wages that are competitive with other major retailers. By understanding the average pay rates for different roles and factors that impact earnings, you can set appropriate expectations for hourly pay at Kohl’s.

With strong employee benefits and opportunities to advance, Kohl’s can be a good place to start your retail career. Use the tips in this guide to put your best foot forward in the hiring process and maximize your hourly earnings potential at Kohl’s.

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