How Much Does Lowe’S Pay In Texas? A Detailed Look At Wages

Are you looking for a job at Lowe’s in Texas and want to know how much they pay? Lowe’s is one of the largest home improvement retailers in the U.S. and a major employer in Texas. Lowe’s wages vary based on location and position, but on average, employees can expect to earn between $10 and $22 per hour.

If you’re short on time, here’s a quick answer: Most Lowe’s employees in Texas earn between $10 and $22 per hour, with cashiers starting around $10 per hour and managers earning up to $22 per hour. The average Lowe’s pay in Texas is around $13 to $15 per hour.

Average Hourly Wages at Lowe’s in Texas

When it comes to working at Lowe’s in Texas, many job seekers are curious about the wages they can expect to earn. While salaries can vary depending on factors such as job title, experience, and location, we can provide a general overview of the average hourly wages at Lowe’s in Texas.

Entry-Level Positions ($10-$13 per hour)

If you are just starting your career or looking for an entry-level position at Lowe’s in Texas, you can expect to earn an average hourly wage of around $10-$13. These positions typically include roles such as cashiers, stockers, and customer service associates.

While the starting wage may be on the lower end, there is often room for growth and advancement within the company.

Sales Floor and Specialist Positions ($12-$17 per hour)

For those who have some experience or specialized skills, sales floor and specialist positions at Lowe’s in Texas offer a higher average hourly wage. These positions involve assisting customers, providing product knowledge, and offering guidance on home improvement projects.

On average, employees in these roles can earn around $12-$17 per hour.

Supervisor and Manager Positions ($15-$22 per hour)

If you have leadership skills and experience in a retail setting, supervisor and manager positions at Lowe’s in Texas offer even higher average hourly wages. These roles involve overseeing teams, managing operations, and ensuring customer satisfaction.

On average, supervisors and managers at Lowe’s in Texas can earn around $15-$22 per hour.

It’s important to note that these figures are averages and can vary depending on factors such as location, years of experience, and job performance. Additionally, Lowe’s may offer additional benefits and incentives to its employees, such as healthcare coverage, retirement plans, and employee discounts.

If you are interested in exploring job opportunities at Lowe’s in Texas or want to learn more about their wages and benefits, you can visit their official website at

Factors That Impact Lowe’s Pay in Texas

Job Title and Department

The most significant factor determining pay at Lowe’s in Texas is the specific job title and department. Hourly wages can range from around $10 per hour for entry-level cashiers up to over $25 per hour for highly skilled trade professionals in areas like plumbing, electrical, and appliance repair.

Department managers and full-time supervisors also earn salaries on the higher end of the pay scale.

Location Within Texas

There are minor variations in pay based on the specific Lowe’s location within Texas. Stores located in larger metropolitan areas like Houston, Dallas, San Antonio, and Austin tend to pay slightly higher hourly wages, likely due to the higher cost of living.

Employees in more rural parts of the state may earn $1-2 per hour less for the same position. However, this geographic difference is relatively small.

Experience and Performance

Longer-tenured employees at Lowe’s typically earn higher hourly pay than new hires in the same role. Exceptional performance reviews over time can also lead to pay increases. Significant experience in a certain field, like construction, plumbing, or electrical work, may allow more seasoned employees to start at a higher wage.

Lowe’s offers clear paths for advancement, so high-performing workers can progressively move up to roles with more responsibility and higher pay.

Lowe’s Employee Benefits in Texas

Working at Lowe’s in Texas comes with a range of employee benefits that go beyond just a paycheck. Here is a detailed look at some of the benefits offered to Lowe’s employees in the Lone Star State.

Health Insurance

Lowe’s understands the importance of employee well-being and offers comprehensive health insurance plans for its Texas employees. These plans cover a range of medical services, including doctor visits, hospital stays, prescription medications, and preventive care.

Employees can choose from different options based on their individual needs and budget.

Retirement Plans

Lowe’s provides retirement plans to help its Texas employees plan for their future. The company offers a 401(k) plan, which allows employees to save for retirement through pre-tax contributions. Lowe’s also provides a matching contribution, which means that for every dollar an employee contributes, the company will match a portion of it, helping employees grow their retirement savings faster.

Employee Stock Purchase Plan

In addition to retirement plans, Lowe’s offers an Employee Stock Purchase Plan (ESPP) to its Texas employees. Through this plan, employees have the opportunity to purchase Lowe’s stock at a discounted price, allowing them to invest in the company and potentially benefit from its growth.

Tuition Reimbursement

Lowe’s values continuous learning and development and offers a tuition reimbursement program to its Texas employees. This program provides financial assistance for eligible employees who wish to pursue further education or professional development.

Whether it’s a degree program or a certification course, Lowe’s supports its employees in their quest for personal and professional growth.

Employee Discounts

Working at Lowe’s comes with the perk of employee discounts. Texas employees can enjoy discounts on a wide range of products and services, including home improvement supplies, appliances, and tools. These discounts not only help employees save money but also enable them to enhance their own homes and improve their quality of life.


In summary, Lowe’s provides competitive wages for retail positions in Texas, with most employees earning hourly pay ranging from around $10 to $22 per hour depending on their role and experience. While entry-level roles tend to start around $10 to $13 per hour, supervisor and manager positions can earn over $20 per hour.

Lowe’s also offers benefits like health insurance, 401k matching, and tuition reimbursement. With significant earning potential and room for advancement, working at Lowe’s can be a good career option in Texas.

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