How Much Does Michaels Pay Cashiers? A Detailed Look

If you’re looking for a job as a retail cashier, Michaels may be a great option. As one of the largest arts and crafts retailers in North America, Michaels offers cashier positions at over 1,200 stores across the United States and Canada. But how much can you expect to earn as a Michaels cashier?

Let’s take a closer look at Michaels cashier pay, compensation, and benefits.

Michaels Cashier Hourly Wages

Average Hourly Rate Nationwide

When it comes to working as a cashier at Michaels, the average hourly rate nationwide is a topic of interest for many job seekers. While the exact figures may vary depending on factors such as location, experience, and market conditions, the average hourly rate for Michaels cashiers typically falls within a certain range.

According to recent data, the average hourly wage for cashiers at Michaels is around $10 to $12 per hour. It’s important to note that this is just an average, and individual wages may vary.

Starting Wages

For those who are just starting their career as a cashier at Michaels, the starting wages are an important consideration. Michaels is known for offering competitive starting wages to attract talented individuals.

While starting wages may vary depending on the location and market conditions, new cashiers at Michaels can generally expect to earn around $9 to $10 per hour. It’s worth mentioning that these starting wages are subject to change and may be higher or lower depending on factors such as the cost of living in a particular area.

Experience and Location Factors

When it comes to determining the wages of Michaels cashiers, experience and location play a significant role. Cashiers with more experience tend to earn higher wages compared to their less experienced counterparts. Additionally, the location of the store can also impact cashier wages.

For instance, cashiers working in cities with a higher cost of living may earn slightly higher wages compared to those working in smaller towns or rural areas.

It’s important to keep in mind that the information provided here is a general overview and may not reflect the exact wages offered by Michaels. To get the most accurate and up-to-date information, it is recommended to visit the official Michaels website or speak directly with hiring managers at your local Michaels store.

Bonuses and Commissions

Working as a cashier at Michaels not only comes with a competitive hourly wage, but it also offers various bonus and commission opportunities to reward employees for their hard work and dedication. Let’s take a closer look at the different types of bonuses and commissions that cashiers at Michaels can earn.

Performance Bonuses

Michaels values its cashiers and recognizes their contributions to the company’s success. As a result, they offer performance bonuses to incentivize and reward exceptional performance. These bonuses are typically based on individual performance metrics, such as customer satisfaction ratings, sales targets, and productivity levels.

Cashiers who consistently meet or exceed these performance targets may receive quarterly or annual bonuses as a token of appreciation for their efforts. These bonuses can significantly boost a cashier’s income and serve as a motivating factor to excel in their role.

Holiday Bonuses

In addition to performance bonuses, Michaels also provides holiday bonuses to its employees, including cashiers. During special occasions like Christmas, Thanksgiving, or other major holidays, the company may offer cashiers a monetary bonus as a thank-you gesture for their dedication during busy seasons.

These holiday bonuses not only serve as a token of appreciation but also provide cashiers with extra financial support during the holiday season. It’s a way for Michaels to show its employees that their hard work and commitment are valued and recognized.

It’s important to note that the specific bonus and commission structures at Michaels can vary, and it’s always best to check with the company or refer to their official website for the most up-to-date information regarding compensation and benefits.

For more information on Michaels’ compensation packages and employee benefits, you can visit their official website here.

Benefits for Michaels Cashiers

Employee Discount

One of the great perks of being a Michaels cashier is the employee discount. Michaels offers a generous discount to its employees, allowing them to save money on their favorite art supplies, home decor, and more.

This discount is a fantastic way for cashiers to stretch their hard-earned dollars and indulge in their creative passions.


Michaels understands the importance of taking care of its employees’ well-being. That’s why they offer healthcare benefits to their cashiers. These benefits include medical, dental, and vision coverage, ensuring that cashiers have access to the care they need to stay healthy.

This is a valuable perk that not only provides peace of mind but also helps cashiers save money on medical expenses.

Retirement Savings

Planning for the future is essential, and Michaels encourages its cashiers to do just that. The company offers retirement savings plans, such as a 401(k), to help cashiers prepare for their golden years.

By contributing to these plans, cashiers can take advantage of tax benefits and build a nest egg for their retirement.

Paid Time Off

Work-life balance is crucial, and Michaels recognizes the importance of taking time off to recharge and spend quality time with loved ones. Cashiers at Michaels are eligible for paid time off, allowing them to take vacations, celebrate special occasions, or simply relax without worrying about their finances.

This benefit helps cashiers maintain a healthy work-life balance and promotes overall well-being.

Tuition Reimbursement

Continuing education is highly valued at Michaels, and they offer a tuition reimbursement program to support their cashiers’ personal and professional growth. This program provides financial assistance to cashiers who want to pursue higher education or take courses to enhance their skills.

By investing in their employees’ education, Michaels fosters a culture of learning and development.

Opportunities for Advancement

Working as a cashier at Michaels not only provides individuals with a steady income but also offers opportunities for growth and advancement within the company. Michaels values its employees and encourages them to develop their skills and pursue higher positions.

Shift Leader

One of the first steps towards advancement at Michaels is becoming a Shift Leader. As a Shift Leader, cashiers take on additional responsibilities such as supervising other cashiers, handling customer escalations, and ensuring smooth operations during their assigned shifts.

This role allows cashiers to demonstrate their leadership abilities and showcase their commitment to excellent customer service. Shift Leaders often receive an increase in pay, as they take on more responsibilities.

Assistant Store Manager

The next level of advancement at Michaels is becoming an Assistant Store Manager. This role involves overseeing various aspects of the store’s operations, including inventory management, staff training, and customer satisfaction.

Assistant Store Managers work closely with the Store Manager and are responsible for ensuring that the store operates efficiently and effectively. They also play a key role in employee development and performance management.

As an Assistant Store Manager, cashiers have the opportunity to further enhance their leadership skills and gain valuable experience in managing a team.

Store Manager

The highest level of advancement at Michaels is the role of Store Manager. Store Managers are responsible for the overall success of the store, including achieving sales targets, managing budgets, and implementing company initiatives.

They oversee all aspects of the store’s operations, including hiring and training staff, ensuring customer satisfaction, and maintaining a positive work environment. Store Managers play a crucial role in driving the success of the store and are responsible for leading and motivating their team to achieve their goals.

Becoming a Store Manager at Michaels is a testament to an individual’s dedication, leadership skills, and ability to achieve results.

Michaels provides various training and development programs to support employees in their journey towards advancement. These programs focus on enhancing leadership skills, improving product knowledge, and developing a deep understanding of the company’s values and culture.

By investing in the growth and development of its employees, Michaels creates a positive and rewarding work environment.

For more information on career opportunities and advancement at Michaels, visit their official website:


Working as a cashier at Michaels can provide a solid hourly wage and opportunities for professional growth within the company. Average pay starts around $10 per hour, with the potential to earn up to $14 or more based on experience and location.

Michaels also offers performance bonuses, discounts, healthcare benefits, and tuition reimbursement for qualified employees. If you enjoy helping customers in a creative retail environment, a cashier role at Michaels may be a rewarding choice.

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