How Much Does The Prison Break Heist Pay In Gta Online?

Looking to make some big bucks in GTA Online? The Prison Break heist is one of the most profitable heists in the game, with huge cash payouts up for grabs. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll break down exactly how much money you can make from the Prison Break heist finale and setup missions.

If you’re short on time, here’s the quick answer: successfully completing the Prison Break finale on hard difficulty with an even crew cut will net you around $325,000-$448,000 depending on your performance. The setup missions pay around $80,000 in total.

Prison Break Finale Payout

One of the most exciting heists in GTA Online is the Prison Break Heist. Not only does it offer thrilling gameplay, but it also provides a handsome payout for successful completion. The Prison Break Heist is a multi-part mission that requires a team of four players to work together and execute a daring escape plan for a high-profile inmate.

The finale of this heist is where the real money is made, and players can earn a substantial amount if they successfully complete the mission.

Hard Difficulty Payouts

The Prison Break Heist offers different payout amounts depending on the difficulty level chosen. On hard difficulty, the payout is the highest, reflecting the increased challenge and risk involved. Players who complete the Prison Break Heist on hard difficulty can expect a hefty sum of GTA dollars as their reward.

While the exact amount can vary depending on factors such as the time taken and the number of deaths, it is safe to say that the payout on hard difficulty is significantly more than the other difficulty levels.

Normal Difficulty Payouts

For those who prefer a slightly less challenging experience, the normal difficulty level of the Prison Break Heist still offers a respectable payout. While not as high as the hard difficulty, the normal difficulty payout is still rewarding, considering the relatively easier gameplay.

Players who successfully complete the Prison Break Heist on normal difficulty can expect a generous amount of GTA dollars as their reward. This makes it a great option for players who want a balance between challenge and reward.

Easy Difficulty Payouts

For players who are new to heists or prefer a more relaxed gameplay experience, the easy difficulty level of the Prison Break Heist is a suitable choice. While the payout on easy difficulty is lower compared to the other difficulty levels, it still provides a decent amount of GTA dollars for completion.

This makes it a good option for players who are looking to familiarize themselves with the heist mechanics or simply want to have fun without too much pressure.

Prison Break Setup Missions Payout

Plane Setup Payout

One of the setup missions for the Prison Break heist in GTA Online involves stealing a plane. Completing this mission will reward players with a payout of $12,000. It is important to note that this payout is split among all players participating in the heist, so the amount each player receives will depend on the number of players in the team.

Bus Setup Payout

In another setup mission, players are tasked with stealing a prison bus. Successfully completing this mission will earn players a payout of $15,000. Just like with the plane setup mission, the payout is divided among all players involved in the heist.

Station Setup Payout

The station setup mission requires players to infiltrate a police station and steal a police cruiser. This mission offers a payout of $18,000 upon successful completion. Again, the payout is distributed among all players in the heist crew.

Wet Work Setup Payout

The Wet Work setup mission involves eliminating a target who has important information. This mission pays out $20,000 to each player upon completion. This higher payout reflects the added difficulty and risk involved in this particular mission.

Hack Setup Payout

The Hack setup mission requires players to steal a hacking device from a rival group. Successfully completing this mission will reward players with a payout of $22,000. This mission is crucial for the heist and requires good coordination and teamwork.

Total Setup Missions Payout

Setup Mission Payout
Plane $12,000
Bus $15,000
Station $18,000
Wet Work $20,000
Hack $22,000

By completing all the setup missions for the Prison Break heist, players can earn a total payout of $87,000. This amount will be divided among all players involved in the heist. It is important to note that the final heist payout will be significantly higher than the setup missions payout, as it includes additional rewards for completing the heist finale successfully.

For more information on GTA Online and the Prison Break heist, you can visit the official Rockstar Games website.

Tips to Maximize Your Take

Play on Hard Difficulty

When attempting the Prison Break Heist in GTA Online, playing on hard difficulty is essential if you want to maximize your earnings. While it may be more challenging, the payout for completing the heist on hard is significantly higher than on normal or easy difficulty.

Not only will you earn more money, but you’ll also gain more experience points to level up your character. So, gather your crew, gear up, and take on the Prison Break Heist on hard difficulty to reap the rewards.

Go for an Even Cut

When it comes to dividing the heist earnings among your crew members, it’s important to find a fair and balanced approach. Going for an even cut ensures that everyone in your team receives a decent payout for their efforts.

Remember, a happy crew is a loyal crew, and keeping your teammates satisfied will increase your chances of successfully completing future heists together. So, be fair in your distribution of the earnings and foster a positive and cooperative environment within your crew.

Complete the Elite Challenge

If you are up for an additional challenge and want to earn even more money, then completing the Elite Challenge during the Prison Break Heist is a must. The Elite Challenge requires you to complete the heist within a specific time limit and without losing any lives.

Not only will you earn a substantial bonus for completing this challenge, but it will also demonstrate your skill and expertise as a heist leader. So, strategize, communicate effectively with your team, and aim for perfection to claim the Elite Challenge reward.

For more detailed information on the Prison Break Heist and GTA Online, you can visit the official Rockstar Games website.


Completing the Prison Break finale and setups can earn you over $400,000 in total payouts. With some planning and coordination with your heist crew, you can maximize your take and walk away with a sizable chunk of change.

Give this classic heist a shot next time you’re looking to score big in GTA Online!

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