Explaining The Value Of Coins In The John Wick Universe

In the action-packed John Wick films, the mysterious gold coins possessed by the assassins have an almost mythical value and importance. If you want a quick answer, in the John Wick world, each gold coin is worth a monetary favor or service within the network of assassins and underworld figures.

But there’s much more complexity and meaning behind these special coins. In this approximately 3000 word in-depth guide, we’ll cover everything you need to know about the coins’ origins, value, usage, and significance in the John Wick universe.

The Origins and History of the Gold Coins

In the intricate world of the John Wick series, the gold coins hold immense significance and value. These coins are not your ordinary currency; they are a form of exchange within the secretive and tightly-knit assassin network known as the High Table.

To fully understand the value of these coins, it is essential to delve into their origins and history.

Coins tied to the High Table assassin network

The gold coins in the John Wick universe are intricately tied to the High Table, a clandestine organization that governs and regulates the world of assassins. These coins act as a form of currency within this network, allowing assassins to purchase services, supplies, and even favors.

They hold great value and are highly sought after, as they are the only recognized form of payment within this underworld.

The High Table ensures that each coin is minted with precision and adheres to a specific set of standards. These coins are made of high-quality materials, such as 24-karat gold, giving them a distinctive appearance and adding to their allure.

Each minted with Latin engravings

Adding to the mystique of the gold coins is the fact that each coin is intricately engraved with Latin phrases. These engravings often bear phrases that reflect the values and principles of the High Table, such as “Ex Unitae Vires” meaning “Out of Unity, Strength” or “Fortis Fortuna Adiuvat” meaning “Fortune Favors the Bold”.

These engravings not only add a touch of elegance to the coins but also serve as a reminder of the assassin’s code and the principles they live by.

Materials and rarity add value

The materials used in the production of these coins, combined with their rarity, contribute to their significant value. As mentioned earlier, the coins are made of 24-karat gold, a precious metal highly prized for its purity.

Gold’s inherent value and scarcity in the world of economics translate directly to the value of these coins.

Additionally, the High Table ensures that the number of coins in circulation remains limited, further enhancing their rarity. This scarcity makes them highly coveted and drives up their value among assassins and collectors alike.

The gold coins in the John Wick universe have a fascinating history and hold immense value within the assassin network. Their ties to the High Table, intricate engravings, precious materials, and rarity all contribute to their allure.

Whether you’re a fan of the John Wick series or simply fascinated by the world of assassins, the gold coins serve as a testament to the intricate and captivating universe created within the films.

How the Coins Are Used Within the Assassin Economy

In the John Wick universe, the value of coins holds a significant place within the assassin economy. These mysterious coins, with their unique design and weight, play a crucial role in the underground world of assassins. Let’s explore how these coins are used and why they hold such importance.

Worth varies based on size and rarity

The worth of the coins in the John Wick universe varies based on their size and rarity. Larger coins are generally more valuable than smaller ones, and rare coins can fetch a premium price. The value of these coins is determined by the trust and reputation they hold within the assassin community.

Just like in the real world, rarity and demand drive up the value of these coins, making them highly sought after.

Coins used to pay for services and favors

In this unique economy, the coins are not just a form of currency but are also used to pay for services and favors. Assassins can use these coins to hire other assassins, purchase weapons, or even bribe individuals to get what they want.

The coins act as a universally accepted means of exchange, ensuring that the underground economy runs smoothly. This system eliminates the need for traditional currencies and avoids any traceability.

Ownership signifies membership and privilege

Aside from their monetary value, owning these coins signifies membership and privilege within the assassin community. Only those who are part of this secretive world have access to these coins, and possessing them demonstrates one’s involvement in the clandestine society.

It’s a symbol of trust and respect among assassins, granting them certain privileges and advantages within their circles.

How John Wick and Others Gain Access to the Gold Coins

In the John Wick universe, gold coins play a crucial role as the currency used among the assassins and criminal underworld. These coins hold significant value and are highly sought after. But how exactly do characters like John Wick gain access to these coveted coins?

Let’s explore three ways in which they acquire them.

Coins earned by completing contracts

One of the primary ways in which John Wick and other assassins gain access to gold coins is by completing contracts. Each successful mission rewards them with a certain number of coins, which they can then use to purchase goods, services, and even information within the underground society.

These coins serve as a tangible representation of their accomplishments and provide them with the means to navigate the criminal world.

Transferred as gifts or inheritance

Another way in which characters in the John Wick universe acquire gold coins is through gifts or inheritance. Wealthy individuals or influential figures within the criminal organization may choose to bestow these coins upon others as a sign of favor or trust.

Additionally, characters may inherit coins from deceased family members or mentors who were a part of the assassin community. These transfers allow new individuals to enter the world of assassins with a valuable starting point.

Stolen through force or trickery

While the acquisition of gold coins through legitimate means is the norm, there are instances where characters resort to stealing them through force or trickery. In the criminal underworld, not everyone plays by the rules, and some individuals may attempt to obtain coins by any means necessary.

This can involve engaging in high-stakes heists, manipulating others, or even resorting to violence. However, such actions come with significant risks and can lead to dire consequences if discovered by those in power.

It is important to note that the John Wick universe is a fictional world, and the concept of gold coins serving as a universal currency is purely imaginative. However, the idea of a secret society with its own unique form of currency adds depth and intrigue to the story, immersing viewers in a world where every action has a monetary value.

Why the Coins Are So Important in the John Wick Universe

In the thrilling world of the John Wick films, coins hold a significant value and play a crucial role in the intricate network of assassins and their secret society. These coins are not your ordinary currency; they carry a deeper meaning and serve multiple purposes within the John Wick universe.

Symbol of membership in the High Table network

One of the primary reasons why coins are so important in the John Wick universe is that they symbolize membership in the exclusive High Table network. The High Table is a secretive organization that governs and regulates the world of assassins.

Possessing these coins signifies that an individual is part of this elite circle, granting them certain privileges and access to resources within the underworld.

These coins act as a type of currency within the assassin community, allowing members to obtain various services, favors, and information. From weapons and supplies to safe passage and assistance, these coins hold immense value and can be exchanged for a wide range of goods and services.

Carry a sense of history and prestige

Besides their practical use, the coins in the John Wick universe carry a sense of history and prestige. Each coin is uniquely designed and crafted, representing a rich tradition and legacy that dates back centuries.

They are a tangible reminder of the ancient code of honor that binds assassins together.

The coins’ design incorporates intricate details and symbols that reflect the assassin’s way of life, adding an element of mystique and allure. Their weight, texture, and craftsmanship further emphasize their importance and make them desirable collectibles for those within the underworld.

Loss of coins has consequences

Finally, the loss of these coins comes with severe consequences in the John Wick universe. When a member loses their coins, it not only represents a loss of wealth but also a loss of status and credibility.

The repercussions can range from being ostracized by the assassin community to becoming a target for other assassins seeking to claim the lost coins.

The films illustrate the dire consequences of losing these coins, as John Wick himself faces numerous challenges and adversaries after his coins are stolen. This emphasizes the significance of the coins and the importance of safeguarding them within the world of assassins.

Parallels Between Coins and Mythological Objects

In the John Wick universe, coins play a significant role in the intricate underworld of assassins and criminals. These coins are not your ordinary currency; they hold a deeper meaning and are reminiscent of the mythological objects found in ancient tales and legends.

Let’s explore the parallels between these coins and mythological charms and talismans, as well as their link to historical coins like Roman denarii.

Link to historical coins like Roman denarii

The concept of using coins as a form of currency is not new. Ancient civilizations, such as the Romans, used coins like the denarius as a means of trade and exchange. These coins were not only used for daily transactions but also held symbolic value.

Similarly, in the John Wick universe, the coins represent more than just money. They are a form of currency that holds immense importance within the secret society of assassins.

By drawing a parallel between the coins in John Wick and historical coins like the Roman denarii, the creators of the movie have added a layer of authenticity and historical significance to the narrative.

It also highlights the enduring value and universal acceptance of coins as a medium of exchange throughout history.

Comparable to mythological charms and talismans

Coins in the John Wick universe can be compared to mythological charms and talismans. These objects are believed to possess supernatural powers or bring good luck to their owners. Just like how a talisman is regarded as a protective charm, these coins have a similar aura of mystique and power.

In the movie, the coins are seen as a representation of trust and respect within the underworld. They are used to initiate transactions, hire services, and even as a lifeline in dire situations. The coins’ value extends beyond their monetary worth, making them akin to mythical objects that can influence the course of events.

Represent security and passage in the underworld

Another parallel between the coins in John Wick and mythological objects is the concept of security and passage. In ancient myths, certain objects were used as a means to gain access to the underworld or ensure safe passage through dangerous territories.

These objects acted as a form of protection, guiding individuals through treacherous journeys.

In the John Wick universe, the coins serve a similar purpose. They grant their owners access to exclusive services, safe havens, and the ability to call in favors. The possession of these coins signifies a level of trust and credibility within the underworld network, providing a sense of security and ensuring passage through the dangerous landscape of assassins and criminals.


In the John Wick films, the gold coins possessed by the assassins are more than just money or currency – they symbolize a complex code of honor, prestige, and duty. Their usage is tied closely to the traditions of the High Table network.

For John Wick and other assassins, the rare and valuable coins open doors and ensure safe passage as they navigate the murky underworld. By understanding the origins and meaning behind the coins, we can appreciate the nuanced storytelling of the John Wick universe.

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