How To Add Dasher Direct To Google Pay: A Step-By-Step Guide

Rideshare and delivery drivers are always looking for ways to get paid faster. DasherDirect, the Dasher debit card from DoorDash, offers instant access to earnings. What’s even better is that you can add your DasherDirect card to Google Pay for contactless payments.

In this comprehensive guide, we’ll walk you through the entire process of adding your DasherDirect card to Google Pay in simple steps.

If you’re short on time, here’s a quick answer: you can easily add your DasherDirect debit card to Google Pay by opening the Google Pay app, tapping the payment card icon, entering your card details, and following the verification prompts. It takes just a few minutes to complete the setup.

Prerequisites for Adding DasherDirect to Google Pay

Have a DasherDirect debit card

In order to add DasherDirect to Google Pay, you will need to have a DasherDirect debit card. This card is issued by DoorDash and acts as a convenient way for Dashers to access their earnings. If you are a Dasher and do not yet have a DasherDirect card, you can apply for one through the DoorDash app.

Once you have your DasherDirect card, you can proceed to the next step.

Download the Google Pay app

The next prerequisite for adding DasherDirect to Google Pay is to download the Google Pay app on your smartphone. Google Pay is a secure and convenient mobile payment platform that allows users to store their payment information and make transactions with ease.

You can download the Google Pay app from the App Store or Google Play Store, depending on whether you have an iOS or Android device.

Have an Android device that supports Google Pay

Please note that Google Pay is currently only available on Android devices. Therefore, it is important to ensure that your device supports Google Pay before attempting to add DasherDirect to it. Most modern Android devices support Google Pay, but it is always a good idea to double-check.

To find out if your device is compatible, you can visit the official Google Pay website and check their list of supported devices. If your device is supported, you can proceed to the next step.

By fulfilling these prerequisites, you will be ready to add DasherDirect to Google Pay and enjoy the convenience of managing your Dasher earnings directly from the app.

Step-by-Step Guide to Add DasherDirect to Google Pay

1. Open the Google Pay app on your Android device

To begin the process of adding DasherDirect to your Google Pay, locate and open the Google Pay app on your Android device. If you don’t have the app already, you can download it from the Google Play Store.

2. Tap the payment card icon in the top right

Once you have opened the Google Pay app, look for the payment card icon, usually located in the top right corner of the screen. Tap on this icon to proceed with adding a new card to your Google Pay account.

3. Select “Add credit or debit card”

After tapping on the payment card icon, a menu will appear with different options. Look for the “Add credit or debit card” option and select it. This will take you to the card addition screen.

4. Enter your 16-digit DasherDirect card number

On the card addition screen, you will be prompted to enter your DasherDirect card number. This is a 16-digit number located on the front of your DasherDirect card. Carefully enter the number without any spaces or dashes.

5. Enter expiration date and CVV

After entering your card number, you will need to provide the expiration date and CVV (Card Verification Value) code. The expiration date is usually printed on the front or back of your DasherDirect card, while the CVV code is a 3-digit number typically found on the back of the card.

6. Enter your billing address

Next, you will need to enter your billing address associated with your DasherDirect card. This is the address where you receive your card statements. Make sure to enter the correct address to avoid any issues with verification or transactions.

7. Accept terms and conditions

Before finalizing the addition of your DasherDirect card to Google Pay, you will be required to accept the terms and conditions set by both DasherDirect and Google Pay. Take the time to read through the terms and conditions and if you agree, check the box or tap the “Accept” button to proceed.

8. Verify with code sent to phone number

In order to ensure the security of your DasherDirect card, Google Pay will send a verification code to the phone number associated with your Google Pay account. You will need to enter this code on the verification screen to verify your ownership of the card.

9. DasherDirect card added to Google Pay

Once you have successfully completed the verification process, your DasherDirect card will be added to your Google Pay account. You can now use it for various transactions and payments through the Google Pay app.

Using DasherDirect with Google Pay

Google Pay is a popular mobile payment platform that allows users to make purchases securely and conveniently using their smartphones. With the integration of DasherDirect into Google Pay, users can now enjoy even more benefits and features.

Whether you want to make payments at stores, withdraw cash at ATMs, send/receive money, earn rewards and cashback, or simply manage your balances and statements, DasherDirect has got you covered.

Tap and pay at stores

One of the key features of DasherDirect with Google Pay is the ability to make contactless payments at stores. Simply add your DasherDirect card to your Google Pay account and tap your phone at the card reader to complete your purchase.

It’s quick, convenient, and eliminates the need to carry physical cards or cash.

Use for in-app purchases

In addition to making payments at physical stores, DasherDirect with Google Pay can also be used for in-app purchases. Whether you’re buying a new game, subscribing to a streaming service, or making an in-app purchase within your favorite app, DasherDirect makes it easy and secure to complete your transactions.

Withdraw cash at ATMs

Need to withdraw cash? No problem! DasherDirect with Google Pay allows you to withdraw cash at ATMs. Simply locate an ATM that accepts DasherDirect cards, insert your card, and follow the on-screen instructions to get the cash you need.

Send/receive money

With DasherDirect and Google Pay, sending and receiving money has never been easier. Whether you need to split a bill with friends, pay someone back, or simply send money to a family member, you can do it all seamlessly within the Google Pay app. Say goodbye to writing checks or dealing with cash!

Earn rewards and cashback

When you use DasherDirect with Google Pay, you can also earn rewards and cashback on your purchases. Keep an eye out for special offers and promotions, and take advantage of the opportunity to save money while making your everyday purchases.

View balances and statements

Managing your finances becomes a breeze with DasherDirect and Google Pay. You can easily view your balances and statements within the Google Pay app, giving you a clear picture of your spending and saving habits. Stay on top of your finances and make informed decisions about your money.

Benefits of Adding DasherDirect to Google Pay

Faster access to earnings

Adding DasherDirect to Google Pay provides dashers with faster access to their earnings. Instead of waiting for a physical check or bank transfer, dashers can receive their earnings directly in their Google Pay account.

This means that funds are available for immediate use, allowing dashers to conveniently access their hard-earned money whenever they need it.

Convenience of contactless payments

With DasherDirect and Google Pay, dashers can enjoy the convenience of contactless payments. Whether they’re picking up groceries, paying for gas, or grabbing a quick lunch, dashers can simply tap their phone to make secure and hassle-free payments.

This eliminates the need to carry cash or credit cards, making transactions quicker and more efficient.

Card security with encryption

When adding DasherDirect to Google Pay, dashers can rest assured that their card information is secure. Google Pay uses advanced encryption technology to protect personal and financial data, ensuring that transactions are safe and private.

This provides peace of mind for dashers, knowing that their sensitive information is well-protected.

Make purchases online and in-stores

By adding DasherDirect to Google Pay, dashers can make purchases both online and in-stores. Whether they’re shopping on their favorite e-commerce websites or making purchases at physical retail locations, dashers can use Google Pay to complete transactions quickly and effortlessly.

This versatility allows dashers to conveniently use their earnings wherever they choose.

Earn rewards and cashback

One of the great benefits of adding DasherDirect to Google Pay is the opportunity to earn rewards and cashback. Google Pay frequently offers promotions and incentives to its users, allowing dashers to earn rewards and cashback on their purchases.

This adds an extra layer of value to using Google Pay, making it even more appealing for dashers.

Manage finances on the go

With DasherDirect and Google Pay, dashers can easily manage their finances on the go. The Google Pay app provides dashers with a comprehensive overview of their earnings, expenses, and transactions. This allows dashers to track their finances in real-time, helping them stay organized and in control of their financial situation.

Tips for Using DasherDirect with Google Pay

Update the Google Pay app regularly

One important tip for using DasherDirect with Google Pay is to regularly update the Google Pay app. Updates often include bug fixes and security enhancements, which can help protect your account and ensure a smooth experience.

By keeping your app up to date, you can take advantage of the latest features and improvements.

Set up account alerts and notifications

To stay informed about your DasherDirect transactions and account activity, it’s a good idea to set up account alerts and notifications. These alerts can be sent to your phone or email and can notify you of important account updates, such as when a payment is received or when your balance is low.

By staying proactive with account alerts, you can quickly address any issues that may arise.

Use strong and unique passwords

When using DasherDirect with Google Pay, it’s crucial to use strong and unique passwords. A strong password typically includes a combination of uppercase and lowercase letters, numbers, and special characters. Avoid using easily guessable passwords, such as “password123” or your birthdate.

Additionally, it’s important to use a unique password for each online account you have, including your Google Pay account. This helps prevent unauthorized access to your account.

Monitor account activity frequently

Regularly monitoring your DasherDirect account activity is another key tip for using Google Pay. By reviewing your transaction history, you can quickly spot any unauthorized charges or suspicious activity.

If you notice anything unusual, it’s important to report it to Google Pay immediately to protect your account and funds.

Report unauthorized charges immediately

If you suspect any unauthorized charges on your DasherDirect account, it’s crucial to report them to Google Pay immediately. They have a dedicated support team that can assist you in resolving any issues and securing your account.

Reporting unauthorized charges promptly can help minimize any potential financial loss.

Keep contact info current in Google Pay

Lastly, it’s important to keep your contact information current in Google Pay. This includes your email address and phone number. Having accurate contact information on file ensures that you can receive important account notifications and updates.

It also helps Google Pay’s support team reach out to you if they need to verify any account activity.

By following these tips, you can make the most of your DasherDirect experience with Google Pay and ensure the security and smooth operation of your account. Remember to stay vigilant and proactive in managing your account to protect yourself from any potential risks.


Adding your DasherDirect debit card to Google Pay wallet provides a quick, easy way to access your DoorDash earnings. With just a few taps in the Google Pay app, you can start using your funds for purchases online and in stores.

Google Pay also helps keep your card secure with tokenization and encryption. Consider taking advantage of benefits like rewards and ATM access when using your DasherDirect card through Google Pay. Following tips on security and account monitoring will help you get the most out of this digital wallet integration.

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