Is Nba 2K18 Worth It? An In-Depth Review

NBA 2K18 is one of the most anticipated sports video games released in 2017. With new features like All-Time teams, an upgraded motion engine, and expanded MyCareer mode, it’s an exciting upgrade for basketball fans.

If you’re short on time, here’s a quick answer: Yes, NBA 2K18 is absolutely worth it for hardcore basketball and NBA gaming fans. The graphics, gameplay, and overall polish make it the best virtual basketball experience available.

In this comprehensive review, we’ll take an in-depth look at all the new features, gameplay, modes, and more to help you determine if NBA 2K18 is worth your time and money.

Key New Features

Play with All-Time Team Rosters

NBA 2K18 has introduced an exciting new feature that allows players to compete with All-Time Team Rosters. This means you can now play with legendary players from different eras, such as Magic Johnson, Michael Jordan, and Larry Bird, all on the same team.

It adds a whole new level of excitement and nostalgia to the game, allowing fans to recreate historic matchups and see who would come out on top. With accurate player ratings and realistic gameplay, this feature truly enhances the immersive experience of NBA 2K18.

Expanded MyCareer Story Mode

One of the standout features of NBA 2K18 is its expanded MyCareer Story Mode. This mode allows players to create their own custom player and guide them through their journey from college basketball to the NBA.

The storyline is engaging and well-written, with memorable characters and challenging scenarios. It’s a great way to feel like you’re actually living the life of an NBA player, complete with endorsements, rivalries, and big games.

The improved storytelling and immersive gameplay make the MyCareer mode a must-play for any NBA 2K fan.

Upgraded Motion and Animation Engine

NBA 2K18 boasts an upgraded motion and animation engine, resulting in smoother and more realistic gameplay. The players’ movements are more fluid, and the animations are incredibly lifelike. Whether it’s a slam dunk, a fadeaway jumper, or a crossover dribble, the movements are executed with precision and accuracy.

This upgrade adds an extra layer of authenticity to the game, making it feel like you’re watching a real NBA game.

Improved MyTeam Card Collection Mode

The MyTeam mode in NBA 2K18 has seen significant improvements, particularly in the card collection aspect. Collecting player cards and building your dream team has always been a popular feature in NBA 2K games, and this year’s installment takes it to the next level.

With new card packs, challenges, and rewards, players now have even more ways to enhance their team and compete against others online. The MyTeam mode offers hours of entertainment and strategic gameplay, making it a standout feature in NBA 2K18.

Gameplay and Graphics

When it comes to gameplay and graphics, NBA 2K18 truly delivers an immersive and realistic experience. The developers have made significant improvements to ensure that players feel like they are actually on the court.

Smoother On-Court Motion

One of the standout features of NBA 2K18 is the smoother on-court motion. Players move fluidly and gracefully, creating a more realistic and engaging gameplay experience. The improved motion system allows for more precise control over player movements, enhancing the overall gameplay.

Enhanced Ball Physics

The ball physics in NBA 2K18 are top-notch. The developers have paid great attention to detail, resulting in realistic ball movement and interactions. The way the ball bounces off the rim, the backboard, and the players’ hands feels incredibly authentic, adding to the overall immersion of the game.

Crisp Animations and Reactions

The animations and reactions in NBA 2K18 are incredibly lifelike. From the way players dribble the ball to their facial expressions after a great play, everything is meticulously crafted to create a more realistic and immersive experience.

The attention to detail is truly impressive and adds to the overall enjoyment of the game.

Next-Gen Graphics and Details

NBA 2K18 boasts next-gen graphics that are truly stunning. The level of detail in player models, stadiums, and crowd animations is truly impressive. The developers have gone above and beyond to create a visually stunning game that brings the NBA to life like never before.

Commentary and Presentation

The commentary and presentation in NBA 2K18 are top-notch. The commentators provide insightful analysis and make the game feel like a real NBA broadcast. The presentation of the game, from the pre-game introductions to the halftime shows, adds to the overall immersion and makes the player feel like they are part of a real NBA experience.

Game Modes

When it comes to game modes, NBA 2K18 offers a wide range of options to suit every player’s preferences. Whether you’re an avid fan of single-player experiences or enjoy competing against others online, there’s something for everyone in this game.

MyCareer Story Mode

One of the standout features of NBA 2K18 is the MyCareer story mode. In this mode, players create their own custom character and guide them through their journey from a rookie to becoming a superstar in the NBA.

The engaging storyline, impressive cutscenes, and voice acting by real NBA players make this mode a truly immersive experience.

MyTeam Card Collecting

For those who enjoy collecting and building their dream team, MyTeam is the mode to try out. Similar to trading card games, players collect virtual player cards to create their own ultimate basketball lineup.

The mode offers various challenges, tournaments, and online multiplayer options to test your team’s skills against others.

MyGM/MyLeague Franchise Simulation

For fans who prefer a more strategic and management-focused gameplay experience, MyGM and MyLeague modes are worth exploring. In these modes, players take control of managing an NBA team, making decisions on player trades, contracts, and team strategies.

The depth of customization and realism in these modes is truly impressive.

Play Now Quick Match

If you’re looking for a quick basketball fix without the frills, the Play Now mode allows you to jump right into a match with your favorite teams. This mode is perfect for those who want to enjoy a casual game or compete against friends locally.

Blacktop Street Basketball

For a more laid-back and urban basketball experience, the Blacktop mode offers street basketball gameplay. Play with your favorite NBA stars or create your own custom player and take on opponents in neighborhood courts. It’s a fun and unique twist on traditional basketball gameplay.

MyPark Online Multiplayer

If you’re seeking a competitive online experience, MyPark is where you can showcase your skills against other players. Join different parks, team up with friends or strangers, and compete in various game modes such as 3-on-3 or 5-on-5 matches.

The online community and the thrill of playing against real opponents make this mode a standout.

Is it Worth the Upgrade from 2K17?

With the release of NBA 2K18, many fans of the popular basketball video game series are wondering if it’s worth upgrading from the previous installment, NBA 2K17. Let’s take a closer look at some of the key features and improvements in NBA 2K18 to help you make an informed decision.

All-Time Teams Adds Replay Value

One of the biggest additions in NBA 2K18 is the introduction of All-Time Teams. These teams consist of the greatest players from each franchise’s history, allowing players to create dream matchups and relive iconic moments from the NBA’s past.

This feature alone adds significant replay value to the game and gives fans a chance to pit legends like Michael Jordan against modern-day superstars like LeBron James.

MyCareer Storyline is Captivating

The MyCareer mode in NBA 2K18 features a new and engaging storyline that puts players in the shoes of a young, up-and-coming basketball player. The narrative is well-written and keeps players invested in their character’s journey from college basketball to the NBA.

With the addition of cutscenes and voice acting from real NBA players, the MyCareer mode in NBA 2K18 offers a captivating experience that is sure to keep players entertained for hours on end.

Gameplay Improves an Already Solid Foundation

NBA 2K17 was widely praised for its realistic gameplay mechanics, and NBA 2K18 builds upon this foundation with even more improvements. The controls feel smoother and more responsive, allowing for more precise dribbling, shooting, and defensive maneuvers.

The AI has also been enhanced, making for more challenging and realistic gameplay. Whether you’re a casual fan or a hardcore basketball enthusiast, NBA 2K18 offers a gameplay experience that is hard to match.

Graphics and Details Take Another Leap

NBA 2K games have always been known for their stunning graphics, and NBA 2K18 is no exception. The player models are incredibly lifelike, with meticulous attention to detail on their faces, bodies, and even tattoos.

The stadiums and crowd animations are also top-notch, creating an immersive atmosphere that truly captures the excitement of an NBA game. Whether you’re playing on a console or a high-end gaming PC, NBA 2K18’s graphics will leave you in awe.

Final Verdict

After a thorough review, it is safe to say that NBA 2K18 is definitely worth the investment for basketball fans. With its impressive gameplay, stunning graphics, and immersive game modes, it offers a truly remarkable gaming experience.

A Must-Buy for Basketball Fans

If you are a basketball enthusiast, NBA 2K18 is a must-buy. It captures the essence of the sport and brings it to life on your screen. From the realistic player movements to the authentic court designs, every detail is meticulously crafted to provide an unparalleled gaming experience.

Biggest Leaps are in Gameplay and Graphics

The biggest improvements in NBA 2K18 can be seen in its gameplay and graphics. The developers have worked tirelessly to enhance the realism of player movements, making every dribble, pass, and shot feel incredibly fluid and responsive.

The graphics have also received a major upgrade, with lifelike player models and stunningly detailed arenas that add to the overall immersion.

MyCareer and MyTeam Modes add Depth

One of the standout features of NBA 2K18 is the MyCareer mode, where players can create their own basketball player and guide them through their journey to NBA stardom. This mode offers a rich and engaging storyline, allowing players to experience the ups and downs of a professional basketball career.

Additionally, the MyTeam mode provides endless hours of fun as players can build their dream team and compete against others online.

Well worth full retail price for endless replayability

While some may argue that the full retail price of NBA 2K18 is steep, the game’s endless replayability justifies the investment. With multiple game modes, online multiplayer, and a vast array of customization options, players can enjoy NBA 2K18 for months on end without getting bored.

Additionally, the game’s community-driven content and updates ensure that there is always something new to discover and enjoy.


NBA 2K18 makes impressive strides with its core gameplay, animation engine, graphics, and excellent variety of modes including the new All-Time teams.

Despite some lingering minor flaws, it’s an incredibly complete virtual basketball experience that no fan should miss out on. If you want to play with NBA legends, create your superstar, or run your own franchise, NBA 2K18 is absolutely worth the purchase.

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