Is Arcane Worth It In Elden Ring?

Arcane has become a popular build in Elden Ring, but is it really worth investing in for your character? In this comprehensive guide, we’ll analyze the pros and cons of an arcane build to help you decide if it’s right for your playstyle.

If you’re short on time, here’s a quick answer to your question: Arcane is definitely a viable build in Elden Ring that can be extremely powerful in the right situations, but it may not be ideal for all players or playstyles.

What Does Arcane Do in Elden Ring?

Arcane is a stat in Elden Ring that plays a crucial role in the game. It determines the effectiveness of spells, magical abilities, and certain weapon types. Understanding what Arcane does can greatly enhance your gameplay and give you a strategic advantage in battles.

Scales occult, dragon communion incantations, and bleed buildup

Arcane in Elden Ring scales the power of occult and dragon communion incantations. Occult spells are infused with dark energies and can deal significant damage to enemies weak against such forces. Dragon communion incantations, on the other hand, allow players to harness the power of dragons and utilize their abilities in combat.

The higher your Arcane stat, the more potent these spells become, making it a valuable attribute for players who prefer a magical approach to combat.

In addition to scaling occult and dragon communion incantations, Arcane also affects bleed buildup. Bleed is a status effect that causes enemies to lose health over time. Certain weapons and abilities have a bleed effect, and a higher Arcane stat increases the likelihood of inflicting bleed on enemies, making them more vulnerable and easier to defeat.

Increases item discovery

Another benefit of investing in Arcane is that it increases item discovery. Item discovery is the chance of finding rare and valuable items from defeated enemies or in the game world. By increasing your Arcane stat, you improve your chances of discovering hidden treasures and obtaining powerful equipment, giving you an edge in your journey through Elden Ring.

Boosts status effect buildup

Arcane also boosts the buildup of status effects caused by certain spells and abilities. Status effects like poison, curse, and frostbite can hinder enemies’ abilities or cause additional damage over time.

By increasing your Arcane stat, you enhance the potency and speed of these status effects, making them more effective in combat.

The Pros of an Arcane Build

Excellent for bleed, poison, and other status effect builds

An Arcane build in Elden Ring can be a fantastic choice for players who enjoy utilizing status effects such as bleed and poison. With high Arcane stats, your character’s spells and abilities will have a greater chance of inflicting these effects on enemies.

This can be particularly useful against tough bosses or enemies with high resistance to physical damage. By using Arcane abilities, you can stack these status effects on enemies, making them vulnerable while you continue to deal damage.

Dragon Communion incantations hit hard and ignore resistance

One of the major advantages of an Arcane build in Elden Ring is the ability to use Dragon Communion incantations. These powerful spells hit hard and often ignore the resistance of enemies. This means that even foes with high defense stats can be significantly damaged by your Arcane abilities.

Dragon Communion incantations can turn the tide of battle in your favor, allowing you to overcome challenging encounters with relative ease.

Occult infusion scales very well with high arcane

With an Arcane build, you have the option to infuse your weapons with occult properties. This infusion scales exceptionally well with high Arcane stats, resulting in increased damage output. By infusing your weapons with occult, you can deal devastating blows to enemies, making them much easier to defeat.

This adds versatility to your playstyle, as you can switch between using spells and wielding infused weapons depending on the situation.

Helps you find rare loot more frequently

Another benefit of investing in Arcane is the increased likelihood of finding rare loot. Certain spells and abilities in Elden Ring have the ability to enhance your luck, allowing you to discover valuable items and equipment more frequently.

By utilizing Arcane abilities, you can increase your chances of stumbling upon powerful weapons, armor, and other valuable treasures. This can greatly enhance your overall gameplay experience and provide you with a sense of accomplishment.

The Cons of an Arcane Build

Less useful against bosses and enemies immune to status effects

While an arcane build can be incredibly powerful against regular enemies, it may not be as effective against bosses and enemies that are immune to status effects. Many bosses have high resistance to arcane damage, making it less useful in these encounters.

Additionally, some enemies may be completely immune to status effects, rendering certain arcane spells useless. It’s important to consider this limitation when deciding on an arcane build.

Occult damage still quite low compared to pure physical damage

One of the drawbacks of an arcane build is that the occult damage it deals is still relatively low compared to pure physical damage. While arcane spells and weapons can be devastating when used correctly, they may not be able to match the raw damage output of a pure physical build.

This can be a disadvantage in situations where high damage output is crucial.

Scaling peaks at high levels, weak early game

An arcane build relies heavily on scaling, which means that its effectiveness increases as the player’s stats increase. However, this means that the build may start off weak in the early game, as the player’s stats are still low.

It can take some time to reach the point where the arcane build truly shines, which may be a drawback for players looking for immediate power.

Dragon incantations have long cast times and high FP cost

Dragon incantations, a key aspect of an arcane build, often have long cast times and high FP (focus points) cost. This can make it challenging to effectively use these powerful spells in battle. Players will need to carefully manage their FP and time their casts strategically to maximize their effectiveness.

It requires patience and careful planning to fully utilize the potential of dragon incantations.

Best Weapons for an Arcane Build

When it comes to building an Arcane character in Elden Ring, choosing the right weapons can greatly enhance your gameplay experience. The Arcane build focuses on utilizing sorceries, pyromancies, and miracles to deal devastating elemental damage.

In this article, we will discuss some of the best weapons that complement an Arcane build and help you dominate your foes in the world of Elden Ring.

Rivers of Blood (katana with innate bleed)

Rivers of Blood is a katana that not only deals impressive physical damage but also has an innate bleed effect. With an Arcane build, you can infuse this weapon with your chosen elemental gem to further enhance its damage potential.

The combination of high damage output and bleed effect makes Rivers of Blood an excellent choice for an Arcane build. It’s a weapon that will leave your enemies bleeding and begging for mercy.

Mohgwyn’s Sacred Spear (occult spear with bleed)

Mohgwyn’s Sacred Spear is a powerful occult spear that not only deals elemental damage but also has a bleed effect. This weapon is a great addition to an Arcane build as it allows you to unleash devastating elemental attacks while also inflicting bleed damage.

The high base damage and bleed effect make Mohgwyn’s Sacred Spear a formidable weapon in the hands of an Arcane character.

Bloody Helice (thrusting sword with bleed)

If you prefer a thrusting sword for your Arcane build, the Bloody Helice is an excellent choice. This weapon not only deals impressive thrust damage but also has a bleed effect. The combination of quick attacks and bleed damage makes the Bloody Helice a deadly weapon in the hands of an Arcane character.

It’s a weapon that will pierce through your enemies’ defenses and leave them bleeding profusely.

Dragon Communion Seal (for dragon incantations)

To fully embrace the power of Arcane, the Dragon Communion Seal is an essential item for any Arcane build. This seal allows you to perform powerful dragon incantations, unleashing devastating elemental attacks on your enemies.

With the Dragon Communion Seal, you can tap into the ancient power of dragons and become an unstoppable force in Elden Ring.

When building an Arcane character in Elden Ring, choosing the right weapons is crucial. The Rivers of Blood, Mohgwyn’s Sacred Spear, and Bloody Helice are all excellent choices that complement an Arcane build.

Additionally, the Dragon Communion Seal allows you to tap into the power of dragons and unleash devastating elemental attacks. With these weapons and items, your Arcane character will become a force to be reckoned with in the world of Elden Ring.

How to Allocate Stats for an Arcane Build

Get arcane to 50-80 as your main damage stat

When building an arcane character in Elden Ring, it is essential to prioritize your arcane stat. Arcane determines the power of your spells and arcane-based weapons. To maximize your damage potential, it is recommended to allocate points into arcane until it reaches a range of 50 to 80.

This will ensure that your spells and arcane weapons hit hard and can deal massive damage to your enemies. Keep in mind that the higher your arcane stat, the more devastating your arcane abilities become.

Level vigor for survivability, minimum 40-50

Survivability is crucial in any build, and an arcane build is no exception. While focusing on your arcane stat, don’t neglect your vigor. Vigor increases your health pool, allowing you to withstand more hits from enemies.

It is advisable to allocate a minimum of 40 to 50 points into vigor to ensure you have enough health to survive encounters. This will give you a better chance of staying alive during intense battles and give you more opportunities to unleash your arcane powers.

Some endurance for equip load and stamina

Endurance plays a vital role in an arcane build, as it affects two essential aspects: equip load and stamina. Allocating some points into endurance will increase your equip load, allowing you to wear heavier armor and carry more equipment without being burdened.

Additionally, endurance boosts your stamina, which is crucial for casting spells, dodging, and attacking. Having a decent amount of endurance, typically around 20 to 30 points, will provide you with the necessary stamina to unleash a flurry of arcane attacks while maintaining mobility.

Enough strength/dex to wield desired weapons

While arcane is the focus of an arcane build, it is important not to neglect the strength and dexterity stats. These stats determine your ability to wield different weapons effectively. It is recommended to allocate enough points in strength and dexterity to meet the requirements of the weapons you desire to use.

This will allow you to have a versatile playstyle, combining your arcane abilities with melee attacks using weapons that complement your build. Remember to check the stat requirements of your desired weapons and allocate points accordingly.

By allocating your stats wisely, you can create a formidable arcane build in Elden Ring. Focus on maximizing your arcane stat for devastating damage, invest in vigor for survivability, allocate some points in endurance for equip load and stamina, and meet the strength and dexterity requirements of your desired weapons.

With the right balance of stats, you’ll be able to harness the full power of arcane abilities and conquer the challenges that await in the world of Elden Ring.


While challenging to use at times, an arcane build can melt bosses and tear through areas with the right approach. The damage from bleed, poison, and dragon communion spells is devastating when built properly.

Just be prepared to struggle against arcane-resistant enemies, and bring backup weapons just in case.

Overall, arcane is a fun, unique build that can add massive diversity to your gameplay. If you enjoy status effect mechanics and want to try something different, it’s absolutely worth investing in arcane for your next journey through the Lands Between.

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