Is Arsene A Good Persona? An In-Depth Analysis

The enigmatic gentleman thief Arsene has captured the hearts and imaginations of Persona fans ever since his introduction in Persona 5. With his stylish appearance and noble desire to reform corrupt society, Arsene cuts a striking figure as the protagonist’s initial Persona.

If you’re short on time, here’s a quick answer to your question: Arsene is considered a very strong starting Persona in Persona 5, with solid stats, useful skills, and no weaknesses. His design and backstory also resonate with players.

In this ~3000 word article, we’ll take an in-depth look at Arsene’s strengths and weaknesses from a gameplay perspective, analyze his lore and symbolism, and explore why he occupies such an iconic place in the Persona franchise.

Arsene’s Stats and Skills

Arsene is widely regarded as one of the most accomplished personas in the Persona series. With his impressive stats and versatile skills, he has proven to be a valuable asset for any protagonist. Let’s take a closer look at what makes Arsene such a formidable persona.

Well-Rounded Base Stats

Arsene boasts a well-balanced set of base stats, which contribute to his overall effectiveness in battle. His strength allows him to deal significant damage with physical attacks, while his agility enables him to dodge enemy attacks with ease.

Additionally, his endurance ensures that he can withstand powerful blows without faltering. These well-rounded base stats make Arsene a reliable choice in a variety of combat situations.

Useful Starting Skills

One of the advantages of using Arsene is his impressive starting skill set. At the beginning of the game, he comes equipped with powerful skills such as Eiha, which deals moderate curse damage to a single target, and Cleave, a strong physical attack that can hit multiple enemies.

These skills allow the protagonist to effectively engage in different types of battles and overcome various challenges in the early stages of the game.

Lack of Major Weaknesses

Arsene’s lack of major weaknesses is another factor that contributes to his popularity among players. While he may have vulnerabilities to certain elements like fire and bless, they are not significant enough to hinder his overall performance.

This versatility allows players to strategize effectively and exploit enemy weaknesses without having to worry about Arsene being easily exploited in return.

It is worth noting that as the game progresses, players have the option to strengthen Arsene’s skills and stats through various means, such as fusion and itemization. This further enhances his overall effectiveness and allows him to remain a valuable part of the protagonist’s arsenal throughout the game.

Arsene’s Symbolic Value and Backstory

Arsene, a character with symbolic value, is based on the popular fictional gentleman thief Arsene Lupin created by French writer Maurice Leblanc. This connection adds a layer of intrigue and mystique to Arsene’s persona, making him a fascinating and enigmatic figure.

Based on Arsene Lupin

Arsene’s character draws inspiration from the charming and cunning Arsene Lupin, who was known for his wit, intelligence, and ability to outsmart his adversaries. Just like his namesake, Arsene is portrayed as a master of disguise and a brilliant strategist.

This connection to the iconic literary figure adds depth and richness to Arsene’s backstory, making him an intriguing and compelling character.

Personifies the Protagonist’s Desire for Justice

Arsene personifies the protagonist’s desire for justice. Despite his criminal activities, he operates by a strict code of ethics and targets corrupt individuals who have evaded the law. This unique moral compass sets him apart from traditional villains, making him a complex and morally ambiguous character.

Arsene’s actions often blur the line between right and wrong, challenging the audience to question their own notions of justice.

Distinctive Gentleman Thief Design

Arsene’s distinctive design as a gentleman thief adds to his allure and intrigue. He is often depicted wearing a stylish suit, complete with a top hat and a monocle. This classic and refined appearance not only reflects his sophisticated nature but also serves as a nod to the traditional image of a gentleman thief.

The combination of his suave looks and his cunning abilities creates a captivating and memorable character.

Arsene’s Place in Persona Gameplay

Arsene, the initial Persona of the protagonist in Persona 5, holds a significant place in the gameplay experience. From being a strong starting Persona to establishing the Persona fusion system and having a memorable introduction sequence, Arsene plays a crucial role in shaping the player’s journey in the game.

Strong Starting Persona for P5 Protagonist

Arsene serves as the starting Persona for the protagonist in Persona 5. With his sleek design and powerful abilities, Arsene immediately captivates players and sets the tone for the game. Being a Fool Arcana Persona, Arsene is versatile and can be molded into various playstyles, allowing players to adapt to different combat situations.

His skills, such as Eiha and Agi, provide valuable offensive options early on, making him a reliable companion throughout the early stages of the game.

Establishes Persona Fusion System

Arsene’s role goes beyond just being a formidable Persona in battle. His presence in the game introduces players to the concept of Persona fusion, a fundamental gameplay mechanic in the Persona series.

Through fusion, players can combine multiple Personas to create more powerful ones, expanding their arsenal of skills and abilities. Arsene’s fusion abilities exemplify the potential of this system, allowing players to experiment and strategize with different combinations to create the ultimate Persona.

Memorable Introduction Sequence

Arsene’s introduction sequence in Persona 5 is undeniably memorable. As the protagonist awakens to his Persona for the first time, Arsene emerges from a sea of flames, representing the protagonist’s rebellious spirit and desire for justice.

This visually stunning sequence not only sets the stage for the game’s narrative but also serves as a powerful symbol of the protagonist’s transformation and the start of his journey as a Phantom Thief.


In summary, Arsene is considered an excellent starting Persona in Persona 5 for his well-balanced stats, lack of weaknesses, and powerful curse skills. His design and backstory as a gentleman thief Persona resonate with players and establish the game’s themes of rebellion and reforming society.

While Arsene eventually gets outclassed by higher level Personas, he occupies an iconic place in Persona 5 as the protagonist’s initial Persona and a symbol of the game’s style and attitude. For both gameplay and thematic reasons, Arsene proves himself a worthy first Persona for the hero’s journey.

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