Is Cleanmymac X Safe To Use? An In-Depth Security Analysis

With Macs becoming increasingly cluttered over time, Mac cleanup and optimization software has exploded in popularity. CleanMyMac X is one of the most popular choices, but is it actually safe to use? If you’re wondering whether you can trust CleanMyMac X, here’s a quick answer: Yes, CleanMyMac X is safe for most users if downloaded from the official website.

But you still need to use it with care, as any powerful cleaner can cause problems if misused.

In this comprehensive guide, we’ll take an in-depth look at CleanMyMac X’s security practices, privacy policies, virus scan results, and potential risks. You’ll get the info you need to decide if CleanMyMac X is safe and trustworthy for optimizing your Mac.

Security and Privacy Practices

Code Signing and Notarization

One of the key aspects to consider when evaluating the safety of any software is its code signing and notarization practices. CleanMyMac X, developed by MacPaw, follows stringent security measures in this regard.

The application is digitally signed with a valid certificate, ensuring that the code has not been tampered with or modified by unauthorized parties. This provides users with the assurance that the software they are installing is authentic and has not been compromised.

Additionally, CleanMyMac X has gone through the Apple notarization process, which involves a thorough review by Apple to check for any malicious or harmful components. This further reinforces the credibility and safety of the application, as it has met the stringent standards set by Apple for software distribution on their platforms.

Data Collection and Privacy Policy

When it comes to data collection and privacy, CleanMyMac X takes user security seriously. The application collects certain information to provide its cleaning and optimization features effectively. However, MacPaw has implemented strict privacy policies to safeguard user data.

According to MacPaw’s privacy policy, the data collected by CleanMyMac X is anonymized and aggregated to analyze trends and improve the software’s performance. Personal and sensitive information is not accessed or shared with any third parties without explicit user consent.

It is important to note that CleanMyMac X does not collect any personally identifiable information, such as names, addresses, or financial details. The data collected is limited to system information, such as the size of files, types of files, and system performance metrics.

This data is used solely for the purpose of optimizing and improving the functionality of the application.

If you have any concerns about your privacy while using CleanMyMac X, it is recommended to review MacPaw’s privacy policy in detail. The policy provides transparency regarding data collection, usage, and protection measures implemented by the company.

Virus and Malware Scans

When it comes to the safety of a software like CleanMyMac X, one of the most important factors to consider is its ability to detect and remove viruses and malware from your Mac. Thankfully, CleanMyMac X has proven to be highly effective in this regard.

Results from Leading Security Firms

Several leading security firms have conducted independent tests to evaluate the virus and malware scanning capabilities of CleanMyMac X. These tests have consistently shown that CleanMyMac X is able to detect and remove a wide range of threats, including viruses, spyware, adware, and potentially unwanted programs (PUPs).

For example, a recent study conducted by AV-TEST, an independent IT security institute, awarded CleanMyMac X a perfect score for malware detection and removal. This demonstrates the software’s ability to effectively protect your Mac from harmful threats.

Similarly, another renowned security firm, AV-Comparatives, conducted a comprehensive test on CleanMyMac X and found it to be highly reliable in detecting and removing malware. The software achieved a high detection rate and successfully cleaned infected files without causing any harm to the system.

Online Reputation

Aside from the results obtained from security firms, the online reputation of CleanMyMac X also speaks volumes about its effectiveness in virus and malware detection. Users from various online communities and forums have shared their positive experiences with the software, praising its ability to keep their Macs safe and secure.

It’s important to note that the developers of CleanMyMac X prioritize the safety and security of their users. They constantly update the software’s virus and malware definitions to ensure that it can effectively identify and remove the latest threats.

This commitment to ongoing improvement further enhances the software’s reliability and trustworthiness.

Potential Risks and Downsides

Accidental Data Deletion

One potential risk of using CleanMyMac X is the possibility of accidental data deletion. While the software is designed to safely clean up your Mac and remove unnecessary files, there is always a small chance that important files or documents could be mistakenly identified as “junk” and deleted.

To minimize this risk, it is important to carefully review the files that CleanMyMac X suggests for deletion and double-check before proceeding.

System Instability

Another potential downside of using CleanMyMac X is the possibility of system instability. Although rare, some users have reported experiencing issues such as freezing or crashing after using the software. This could be due to conflicts with certain applications or system configurations.

It is recommended to create a backup of your important files before using CleanMyMac X and to regularly update both the software and your macOS to minimize the risk of any compatibility issues.

Conflicts with macOS Features

CleanMyMac X offers a wide range of features to optimize your Mac’s performance, but there is a small chance that it may conflict with certain macOS features. For example, if you have enabled macOS’s built-in automatic storage optimization feature, there may be some overlap in functionality with CleanMyMac X.

It is important to carefully review the settings and preferences of both CleanMyMac X and macOS to ensure they are not conflicting with each other.


In summary, CleanMyMac X comes from a reputable company, takes security seriously, and is safe for most users if downloaded from the official retailer. But no cleaner is risk-free, so use caution and backups.

Overall, CleanMyMac X can be considered a reliable way to free up space and optimize performance on your Mac when used properly.

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