Is Consumer Reports Worth It? A Detailed Look At What You Get

Consumer Reports has been around since 1936, providing consumers with unbiased product reviews and buying advice. But in today’s internet age, where reviews are a click away, is a Consumer Reports subscription still worthwhile?

If you’re short on time, here’s a quick answer to your question: Yes, a Consumer Reports subscription can still be very worthwhile for certain consumers, especially those who want comprehensive, trustworthy reviews before making major purchases.

In this approximately 3000 word article, we’ll take an in-depth look at what you get with a Consumer Reports membership, who can benefit most from a subscription, what alternatives exist today, and ultimately help you decide if Consumer Reports is worth it for your needs.

What a Consumer Reports Membership Provides

Access to thousands of product reviews

One of the main benefits of a Consumer Reports membership is gaining access to thousands of product reviews. Whether you’re in the market for a new car, a kitchen appliance, or a smartphone, Consumer Reports provides detailed and unbiased reviews to help you make informed purchasing decisions. Their team of experts rigorously tests and evaluates products, taking into account factors such as performance, reliability, and safety. With their extensive database of reviews, you can find valuable insights and comparisons to ensure you’re getting the best value for your money.

Ratings and recommendations

In addition to product reviews, Consumer Reports offers ratings and recommendations. These ratings are based on a variety of factors, including performance, reliability, and customer satisfaction. By using Consumer Reports’ ratings, you can quickly and easily identify the best products in a specific category. Whether you’re looking for the top-rated vacuum cleaner or the most reliable car brand, Consumer Reports has you covered.

Buying guides and ratings by category

Consumer Reports provides comprehensive buying guides for various categories, such as electronics, home appliances, and automobiles. These guides offer detailed information on what to consider when making a purchase, including features to look for, potential pitfalls to avoid, and tips for getting the best deal. Additionally, Consumer Reports rates products within each category, allowing you to compare different options and choose the one that best fits your needs and budget.

Product recall and safety alerts

Consumer Reports keeps its members informed about product recalls and safety alerts. This feature is particularly important when it comes to items that could pose a risk to your health or safety. By staying up-to-date with these alerts, you can ensure that you’re not using or purchasing products that have been deemed unsafe or faulty.

Investigative reports on topics like privacy and security

Consumer Reports goes beyond just product reviews and offers investigative reports on a wide range of topics that impact consumers. These reports cover issues such as privacy, security, and consumer rights. By reading these reports, you can stay informed about emerging trends and potential risks in the consumer market.

Access on multiple devices

With a Consumer Reports membership, you can access their content on multiple devices. Whether you prefer to read reviews on your computer, tablet, or smartphone, you can easily access Consumer Reports’ website or app and browse their extensive database of information. This flexibility allows you to make informed purchasing decisions wherever you are.

Who Consumer Reports is Best Suited For

Consumer Reports is a valuable resource for a wide range of individuals, but there are certain groups of people who can particularly benefit from its offerings. Let’s take a closer look at who Consumer Reports is best suited for:

Shoppers making big purchases

If you’re about to make a significant purchase such as a car, a major appliance, or a home electronics device, Consumer Reports can be an invaluable tool. Their comprehensive testing and unbiased reviews can help you make an informed decision and avoid costly mistakes. Whether you’re looking for a reliable car or the best-rated refrigerator, Consumer Reports provides detailed information and ratings to guide your purchasing decision.

Users who value expert testing and data

For those who appreciate the value of expert opinions and rigorous testing, Consumer Reports is a go-to resource. Their team of experts conducts extensive tests on a wide range of products and services, providing you with reliable and unbiased information. Whether you’re looking for the best vacuum cleaner, the safest car seat for your child, or the most effective sunscreen, Consumer Reports offers in-depth analysis and data-driven recommendations.

Those wanting to avoid biased reviews

If you’re tired of sifting through online reviews that may be biased or influenced by undisclosed sponsorships, Consumer Reports can provide a breath of fresh air. As a nonprofit organization, they have no affiliation with any brand or manufacturer. Their reviews are independent and unbiased, allowing you to make purchasing decisions based on reliable information rather than potentially skewed opinions.

People interested in buying American

For consumers who prioritize buying American-made products, Consumer Reports offers valuable insights. They have a dedicated team that focuses on evaluating products made in the United States. Whether you’re looking for American-made clothing, appliances, or electronics, Consumer Reports can help you find quality products that support domestic manufacturing.

Environmentally conscious consumers

If you’re concerned about the environmental impact of the products you purchase, Consumer Reports provides information on eco-friendly options. Their testing includes evaluating energy efficiency, sustainability, and environmental impact. Whether you’re looking for energy-efficient appliances, eco-friendly cleaning products, or sustainable vehicles, Consumer Reports can help you make choices that align with your values.

Alternatives to Consumer Reports

While Consumer Reports is a well-known and respected source for product reviews and ratings, it’s not the only option available. There are several alternatives that can provide valuable insights and help you make informed purchasing decisions. Here are a few alternatives worth considering:

Retailer and manufacturer websites

When researching a specific product, it can be beneficial to visit the retailer or manufacturer’s website directly. Many companies provide detailed information about their products, including specifications, features, and customer reviews. Retailer websites such as Amazon, Best Buy, and Walmart often have a wide range of customer reviews that can give you a good idea of the pros and cons of a particular product. Keep in mind that these reviews may not always be unbiased, as some companies may manipulate or filter reviews to improve sales. However, they can still provide valuable insights into the product’s performance and reliability.

Review sites like Amazon and Wirecutter

Review sites like Amazon and Wirecutter are popular alternatives to Consumer Reports. These sites provide in-depth and unbiased reviews of a wide range of products. Amazon, for example, has a vast database of customer reviews and ratings that can help you gauge the overall satisfaction level of a product. Wirecutter, on the other hand, is known for its comprehensive and meticulously researched product reviews. They provide detailed information about the pros and cons of each product, making it easier for consumers to compare different options and make an informed decision.

YouTube video reviews

YouTube has become a popular platform for product reviews and demonstrations. Many individuals and channels specialize in providing detailed video reviews, where they showcase the product’s features and provide their personal opinions. These video reviews can give you a visual representation of the product, allowing you to see it in action before making a purchase. However, it’s important to remember that these reviews are subjective and may not always be completely unbiased. It’s always a good idea to watch multiple videos and cross-reference the information provided.

Forums and communities

Forums and online communities can be a great resource for gathering information and opinions from real users. Websites like Reddit, Quora, and specialized forums dedicated to specific products or industries are filled with discussions and experiences shared by consumers. These platforms allow you to ask questions, seek advice, and learn from the experiences of others. While the information obtained from forums should be taken with a grain of salt, they can provide valuable insights and help you make a more informed decision.

It’s important to note that while these alternatives can provide valuable information, they may not always have the same level of rigor and testing as Consumer Reports. Therefore, it’s a good idea to use these sources in conjunction with Consumer Reports or other authoritative websites to get a well-rounded view of a product’s performance and reliability.

Factors to Consider When Deciding If It’s Worth It

When determining whether a subscription to Consumer Reports is worth it for you, there are several factors to take into consideration. These factors can help you assess the value you will receive from the service and make an informed decision.

1. How many major purchases you make annually

If you find yourself making multiple major purchases each year, such as appliances, electronics, or vehicles, a subscription to Consumer Reports can be highly beneficial. Their thorough product testing and expert reviews can save you from making costly mistakes and help you choose the best products for your needs. With access to their extensive database, you can easily compare options and make informed decisions based on reliable information.

2. If you value expert testing and standards

Consumer Reports is renowned for its rigorous testing procedures and high standards. If you value having access to reliable and unbiased information, their in-depth reviews and ratings can be invaluable. Their testing covers a wide range of products and services, including everything from cars and home appliances to electronics and personal care items. By subscribing to Consumer Reports, you can benefit from their expertise and make more informed purchasing decisions.

3. Your willingness to pay for an ad-free experience

One of the advantages of subscribing to Consumer Reports is the ad-free experience it offers. Unlike many other sources of product information, Consumer Reports does not accept advertising or sponsorships, ensuring that their recommendations are unbiased and not influenced by external factors. If you value a clean and ad-free reading experience, a subscription to Consumer Reports may be worth the investment.

4. How much you value safety ratings and alerts

Consumer Reports is well-known for its focus on safety. They conduct extensive safety testing on a wide range of products, providing valuable information to consumers. If safety is a top priority for you, a subscription to Consumer Reports can help you make choices that prioritize the well-being of you and your family. Their safety ratings and alerts can provide peace of mind when it comes to purchasing items such as car seats, childproofing products, or household appliances.

5. If you can get it at a discounted rate

While the regular subscription price for Consumer Reports may seem steep to some, it’s worth exploring if there are any discounted rates available. Keep an eye out for special offers or promotions that can make the subscription more affordable. Additionally, some organizations and institutions offer discounted or free access to Consumer Reports as a benefit to their members. It’s worth checking if you qualify for any of these programs to make the subscription more cost-effective.

Final Verdict: Is Consumer Reports Worth the Price?

Consumer Reports is a well-known and respected publication that provides in-depth consumer reviews and ratings on a wide range of products and services. But is it worth the price? Let’s take a closer look at what you get with a Consumer Reports subscription to help you make an informed decision.

Best for certain consumer profiles who make major purchases

If you are someone who frequently makes major purchases, such as appliances, electronics, or vehicles, Consumer Reports can be a valuable resource. Their comprehensive testing and unbiased reviews can help you make informed decisions and avoid costly mistakes. For example, if you’re in the market for a new car, Consumer Reports can provide you with detailed reliability ratings, safety information, and performance reviews to help you choose the best option for your needs.

Moreover, Consumer Reports also offers ratings for various services, such as home insurance, cell phone providers, and internet service providers. If you’re considering switching providers or looking for a new insurance policy, their ratings can be a helpful guide.

May not be worth it for casual shoppers and deal-seekers

On the other hand, if you’re a casual shopper or someone who loves to hunt for deals, Consumer Reports may not be worth the price. Their focus is on providing detailed and unbiased information, which means they may not always cover the latest trendy products or offer deals and discounts. If you’re looking for quick recommendations or want to find the best deals, there are other resources available that may be more suitable for your needs.

Consider trying it short-term or finding discounted rate

If you’re still unsure whether Consumer Reports is worth the price for you, consider trying it out on a short-term basis. Many libraries offer access to Consumer Reports for free, allowing you to browse their content and determine if it aligns with your needs. Additionally, keep an eye out for discounted rates or promotional offers, especially around holidays or special events. This can help you save money while still enjoying the benefits of a Consumer Reports subscription.


In the end, whether a Consumer Reports subscription is ‘worth it’ comes down to your personal needs and priorities as a consumer.

For shoppers making big ticket purchases where safety and reliability matter most, Consumer Reports can be an invaluable asset.

But more casual purchasers may find free online reviews sufficient for their purposes.

By weighing the unique benefits and your expected usage, you can determine if the credibility and expertise of Consumer Reports is worthwhile for you.

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