Is Flaviar Worth It? Analyzing The Alcohol Subscription Service

Spirits enthusiasts today have more options than ever for expanding their alcoholic horizons. Flaviar offers a subscription-based model for discovering new pours and building your home bar. But with membership fees and bottle costs, is Flaviar worth the investment for curious imbibers?

By looking at the subscription tiers, bottle selection, tasting boxes, member community, and overall value, we can better determine who stands to benefit most from this boozy exploration club.

If you’re short on time, here’s a quick answer: Flaviar is best worth it for spirit aficionados seeking to grow their palate and knowledge through guided tasting experiences. More casual drinkers may not find enough value to justify the cost.

Flaviar Subscription Options and Pricing

Blown, Crafted, and Elevated Tier Details

When it comes to Flaviar subscription options, the company offers a range of tiers to cater to different preferences and budgets. The three main tiers are Blown, Crafted, and Elevated. Each tier provides its own unique benefits and offerings.

The Blown tier is perfect for those who are just starting their journey into the world of spirits. With this tier, members receive a curated selection of three premium spirits every quarter. It’s a great way to explore new flavors and expand your palate.

The Crafted tier takes things up a notch by offering five premium spirits every quarter, along with a tasting box filled with samples of various spirits. This tier is ideal for those who want to delve deeper into the world of spirits and discover new favorites.

For the ultimate experience, the Elevated tier offers eight premium spirits every quarter, along with the tasting box and exclusive access to limited edition releases. This tier is designed for the true connoisseurs who want to discover rare and unique spirits.

Membership Perks Like Free Shipping

Flaviar offers several perks to its members, making the subscription even more enticing. One of the most notable perks is free shipping on all orders. This is a significant advantage for members, as it saves them money and ensures that their spirits are delivered right to their doorstep without any additional costs.

In addition to free shipping, Flaviar members also have access to exclusive events, such as tastings and masterclasses. These events provide an opportunity to learn from industry experts, discover new spirits, and connect with fellow spirits enthusiasts.

Furthermore, Flaviar offers a members-only online shop, where members can purchase full-sized bottles of their favorite spirits at discounted prices. This is a great benefit for those who want to stock up on their preferred drinks and enjoy a curated selection right at home.

Pricing Compared to Alternatives

When considering the pricing of Flaviar subscriptions, it’s important to take into account the value provided by the service. While the cost may initially seem higher compared to simply purchasing individual bottles, Flaviar offers a unique and curated experience that goes beyond just the spirits themselves.

Flaviar’s Blown tier starts at $25 per month, Crafted tier at $45 per month, and Elevated tier at $95 per month. When compared to other alcohol subscription services, Flaviar’s pricing is competitive considering the range of benefits and access to exclusive spirits.

It’s worth noting that Flaviar also offers a yearly subscription option, which provides additional savings. By opting for the annual membership, members can enjoy a discounted rate and ensure a steady supply of premium spirits throughout the year.

Spirits Selection Quality and Range

When it comes to the quality and range of spirits offered by Flaviar, the subscription service truly stands out. Flaviar focuses on providing its members with a curated selection of craft and unique bottlings.

This means that you can expect to discover spirits that you may not find at your local liquor store. Whether you’re a whiskey connoisseur, a gin enthusiast, or a rum lover, Flaviar has something to offer for everyone’s taste.

Emphasis on Craft, Unique Bottlings

Flaviar takes pride in sourcing spirits from small-batch distilleries and independent producers. This emphasis on craft and unique bottlings ensures that members have access to a diverse range of high-quality and artisanal products.

By subscribing to Flaviar, you can explore and appreciate the craftsmanship behind each bottle, discovering hidden gems that may become your new favorites.

Varying Availability of Rare Products

One of the exciting aspects of Flaviar is the opportunity to try rare and limited-edition spirits. While the availability of these products may vary, Flaviar often manages to obtain exclusive releases that are highly sought after by enthusiasts.

This gives members the chance to taste and experience spirits that are otherwise difficult to find, adding a sense of exclusivity and adventure to the subscription service.

Ability to Buy Full Bottles

Flaviar not only offers tasting samples but also provides members with the option to purchase full-sized bottles of their favorite spirits. This allows you to continue enjoying your newfound favorites or expand your collection with bottles that pique your interest.

With Flaviar’s extensive selection and the ability to buy full bottles, you can easily stock up your home bar with unique and exceptional spirits.

Tasting Boxes and Sampling Kits

Flaviar offers a unique and exciting way for alcohol enthusiasts to explore a wide variety of spirits through their tasting boxes and sampling kits. These curated collections are designed to provide customers with a diverse selection of drinks to discover and enjoy.

Quarterly Boxes Match Preferences

One of the key benefits of Flaviar’s tasting boxes is that they are tailored to match individual preferences. When signing up for a subscription, users are asked to complete a flavor profile quiz, which helps Flaviar’s experts curate a selection of spirits that align with their tastes.

This ensures that each quarterly box is personalized and tailored to the customer’s unique preferences.

The quarterly boxes often include a mix of different types of alcohol, including whiskey, rum, gin, vodka, and more. This allows subscribers to explore a range of flavors and discover new favorites within their preferred spirit category.

One-Off Themed Kits Also Offered

In addition to their quarterly boxes, Flaviar also offers one-off themed kits that cater to specific interests or occasions. These themed kits can be a great way to dive deeper into a particular spirit or explore a specific theme.

For example, they might offer a whiskey tasting kit focused on different regions or a gin kit featuring a selection of botanical-forward gins.

These one-off kits provide an opportunity to expand your knowledge and palate within a specific area of interest. Whether you’re a whiskey connoisseur or a cocktail enthusiast, Flaviar’s themed kits offer a chance to explore and appreciate the nuances of different spirits.

Educational Tasting Notes Included

Flaviar understands that tasting alcohol is not just about the sensory experience, but also about learning and appreciating the craftsmanship behind each spirit. That’s why they provide detailed tasting notes with each box and kit.

These tasting notes give subscribers valuable insights into the flavor profiles, production methods, and histories of the spirits included in their selection. This educational aspect enhances the overall experience and allows customers to deepen their understanding and appreciation of the drinks they are sampling.

Furthermore, Flaviar’s website is a great resource for alcohol education, featuring articles, videos, and interviews with industry experts. This wealth of information helps subscribers expand their knowledge and become more informed consumers in the world of spirits.

Online Community Features

Flaviar offers a range of online community features that enhance the overall experience for its members. These features allow members to connect with other like-minded individuals, learn from experts, and stay updated on the latest releases in the world of spirits.

Ratings, Reviews, and Forums

One of the key highlights of Flaviar’s online community is the ability to read and write ratings and reviews for different spirits. Members can share their thoughts and experiences, helping others make informed decisions when selecting their next bottle.

The forum section also provides a platform for discussions, where members can ask questions, seek recommendations, and engage in conversations with fellow enthusiasts.

Being part of a community that shares a passion for spirits adds a social aspect to the Flaviar experience. It allows members to connect with others who have similar tastes and interests, fostering a sense of camaraderie and creating opportunities for shared experiences.

Articles and Education

Flaviar also offers a wealth of educational resources through articles, blog posts, and videos. These resources cover a wide range of topics, including the history of different spirits, production techniques, cocktail recipes, and more.

Members can expand their knowledge and deepen their appreciation for the world of spirits through these informative and engaging materials.

Flaviar’s commitment to education sets it apart from other alcohol subscription services. By providing members with access to expertly curated content, Flaviar empowers them to become more knowledgeable consumers and enthusiasts.

New Bottle Notifications

Flaviar’s online community also serves as a platform for members to receive notifications about new bottle releases. Whenever a new and exciting spirit becomes available, members are notified, giving them the opportunity to be among the first to try it.

This feature ensures that Flaviar members stay up-to-date with the latest trends and releases in the spirits industry.

By keeping members informed about new bottle releases, Flaviar allows them to stay ahead of the curve and discover unique and limited-edition spirits that they might not have come across otherwise. This feature adds an element of excitement and exclusivity to the Flaviar experience, further enhancing its value for members.

Is Flaviar Ultimately Worth the Cost?

Flaviar, an alcohol subscription service that offers a wide range of spirits, has gained popularity among both avid enthusiasts and casual drinkers. However, potential subscribers often wonder if the cost is justified. Let’s analyze whether Flaviar is ultimately worth the investment.

Best for Avid Enthusiasts Seeking Discovery

For avid enthusiasts who have a passion for exploring new spirits and expanding their knowledge, Flaviar can be a fantastic investment. The service provides access to a vast selection of craft and rare spirits that are not easily found in local stores.

This allows subscribers to discover unique and high-quality bottles that they may not have otherwise encountered. Flaviar’s tasting boxes and exclusive bottlings offer a curated experience tailored to the preferences of its members, making it an excellent choice for those who crave variety and exploration.

According to a study conducted by Whisky Advocate, Flaviar members reported a significant increase in their knowledge of spirits and appreciation for different styles after subscribing to the service.

This suggests that Flaviar’s offerings contribute to a genuine educational experience, enriching the drinking journey for enthusiasts.

More Casual Drinkers May Not Get Full Value

While Flaviar offers a unique and exciting experience, it may not be as worthwhile for more casual drinkers. Those who prefer sticking to their favorite brands or have limited interest in exploring new spirits may not fully benefit from the variety that Flaviar provides.

Additionally, the subscription cost may not justify the occasional use for those who only indulge in spirits on special occasions. For casual drinkers, it may be more cost-effective to purchase individual bottles as needed, rather than committing to a subscription service.

Consider Subscription as an Investment

When evaluating the worthiness of Flaviar’s cost, it is crucial to consider it as an investment rather than a mere expense. The subscription offers access to a community of like-minded individuals, exclusive events, and educational resources.

These additional perks can enhance the overall experience and provide value beyond the spirits themselves.

It’s important to note that Flaviar is not just a service for purchasing spirits; it aims to create an immersive and educational experience for its members. By participating in tastings, engaging with the community, and attending events, subscribers can develop a deeper understanding and appreciation for the world of spirits.

Ultimately, whether Flaviar is worth the cost depends on an individual’s specific preferences and drinking habits. Avid enthusiasts seeking discovery and education are likely to find great value in the service.

However, more casual drinkers who prefer sticking to their tried-and-true favorites may not get the full benefit. It’s recommended to carefully evaluate personal preferences and drinking habits before deciding to subscribe to Flaviar or any other alcohol subscription service.


For hardcore spirit aficionados with the budget to invest, Flaviar can offer an exciting journey of tasting new pours and deepening alcoholic education. However, more casual sippers may find better value inindividual bar purchases and select tasting events.

Consider your level of passion for expanding palate horizons before committing to a boozy subscription service like Flaviar.

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