Is Nfl+ Worth It? Evaluating The New Streaming Service

As the NFL continues to expand its streaming options, fans are wondering whether the new NFL+ service is worth the price. With multiple tiers and features like live game streams and on-demand content, NFL+ aims to appeal to different types of football fans.

Here’s a quick answer: For passionate NFL fans who want access to live out-of-market preseason games, extensive football archives, and the new ‘all-22’ coach’s film angle, NFL+ can be a great value. More casual fans may be better served with free options or waiting to see if NFL+ gets additional live game content down the road.

NFL+ Subscription Options

When it comes to enjoying the NFL, there is now a new way to catch all the action with the introduction of NFL+. This innovative streaming service offers fans a variety of subscription options to cater to their individual needs and preferences.

Let’s take a closer look at the different NFL+ subscription options available:

NFL+ (free version)

For those who are just looking to dip their toes into the world of NFL streaming, the free version of NFL+ is a great starting point. With this option, fans can enjoy select live games, game highlights, and exclusive content, all without having to pay a dime.

While it may not offer the same comprehensive coverage as the premium options, it still provides a taste of the NFL excitement.

NFL+ Premium ($9.99/month)

If you’re a true NFL enthusiast and want access to even more content, upgrading to NFL+ Premium is a fantastic choice. For just $9.99 per month, subscribers gain access to a wide range of benefits. This includes live streaming of all NFL games, including regular season, playoffs, and the Super Bowl.

Additionally, users can enjoy on-demand replays of all games, access to exclusive shows and documentaries, and in-depth analysis from NFL experts. NFL+ Premium truly offers an immersive and comprehensive NFL experience.

NFL+ Premium plus All-22 ($99.99/year)

For the ultimate NFL fanatics who crave an even deeper understanding of the game, NFL+ Premium plus All-22 is the premium package to consider. Priced at $99.99 per year, this subscription option provides access to the All-22 film, which offers an aerial view of every play on the field.

This unique perspective allows fans to analyze formations, player movements, and strategies like never before. Paired with all the benefits of NFL+ Premium, this subscription is a must-have for those who want to take their NFL knowledge to the next level.

Whether you’re a casual fan or a die-hard enthusiast, NFL+ offers subscription options to suit your preferences and budget. With its extensive coverage, exclusive content, and unique features, NFL+ is quickly becoming a game-changer in the world of sports streaming. So, why wait?

Sign up and start enjoying the excitement of the NFL like never before!

Live Game-Streaming Limitations

Only out-of-market preseason games

One of the limitations of the NFL+ streaming service is that it only offers out-of-market preseason games. This means that fans who are looking to watch their local team’s preseason games may not be able to do so through this platform.

While it is understandable that the focus of the service is to provide access to games that are not readily available in certain areas, it can be disappointing for fans who want to support their home team during the preseason.

No Sunday afternoon regular season games

Another limitation of NFL+ is the absence of Sunday afternoon regular season games. This is a significant drawback for fans who enjoy watching games on Sundays. The service primarily focuses on providing access to out-of-market games, but it does not include the popular Sunday afternoon matchups that are televised nationally.

Therefore, if you are a fan who loves the excitement of Sunday football, you may find this limitation disappointing.

It is important to note that these limitations are specific to the NFL+ streaming service and may not apply to other streaming platforms or cable TV providers. It is always a good idea to research and compare different options to find the best fit for your football viewing preferences.

For more information on the NFL+ streaming service and its limitations, you can visit the official NFL website at

On-Demand Game Replays

One of the key features offered by NFL+ is the ability to access on-demand game replays. This means that subscribers can watch any game they want, whenever they want, without having to worry about missing out on the action.

Whether you missed a game due to work or other commitments, or simply want to relive the excitement of a past match, on-demand game replays provide the perfect solution.

Full game replays

With NFL+’s full game replays, fans can enjoy watching every minute of a game from start to finish. This feature allows users to experience the game in its entirety, including all the pre-game buildup, halftime analysis, and post-game interviews.

Whether you want to catch up on a game you missed or rewatch a thrilling match, full game replays give you the opportunity to do so at your convenience.

Furthermore, full game replays can be a valuable tool for those who want to study and analyze specific plays, strategies, or player performances. Coaches, players, and even casual fans can benefit from the ability to closely examine the intricacies of a game and gain a deeper understanding of the sport.

Condensed game replays

For those who don’t have the time to watch an entire game, NFL+ also offers condensed game replays. These condensed versions provide a quick and efficient way to catch up on the highlights and key moments of a match.

In just a fraction of the time it takes to watch a full game, fans can get a comprehensive overview of the action and stay up to date with the latest developments in the league.

Condensed game replays are especially popular among busy individuals who want to stay connected to the world of football but have limited time to spare. Whether you’re on your lunch break, commuting to work, or simply want a quick recap of the weekend’s games, condensed game replays allow you to stay in the loop without dedicating hours to watching full matches.

Additional NFL+ Content

One of the major advantages of subscribing to NFL+ is the access to additional content that is not available on traditional television broadcasts. This extra content enhances the viewing experience and provides fans with a deeper understanding and appreciation of the game.

Here are two key features of NFL+ that make it worth considering:

Extensive NFL Films archive

One of the highlights of NFL+ is its extensive archive of NFL Films. This archive contains a treasure trove of classic games, documentaries, and behind-the-scenes footage that allows fans to relive the greatest moments in NFL history.

Whether you want to watch the Immaculate Reception, the Music City Miracle, or the New England Patriots’ epic comeback in Super Bowl LI, the NFL Films archive has you covered. It’s like having a personal library of football history at your fingertips.

Did you know that NFL Films has won over 100 Emmy Awards for its outstanding work in capturing the essence of football? Its unique storytelling approach and high-quality production values have made it a respected and beloved institution among football fans.

With NFL+, you can dive into this incredible archive and experience the magic of NFL Films.

‘All-22’ coaches film angle

Another exclusive feature of NFL+ is the ‘All-22’ coaches film angle. This angle provides a bird’s-eye view of the entire field, allowing fans to see the game from the same perspective as the coaches and players.

This unique vantage point offers a deeper understanding of the strategies, formations, and player movements that shape the game.

With the ‘All-22’ angle, you can analyze plays in a way that was previously only available to professional coaches and players. It’s an invaluable tool for football enthusiasts who want to gain a greater insight into the intricacies of the game.

Whether you want to study a team’s offensive schemes, defensive strategies, or individual player performances, the ‘All-22’ angle on NFL+ gives you the perspective you need.

According to a study conducted by ESPN, coaches film is considered one of the most valuable resources for football analysis and game preparation. The ability to watch games from this angle can help fans appreciate the complexities of the sport and develop a deeper appreciation for the skills and strategies involved.

Comparing NFL+ to Other Options

NFL+, DirecTV NFL Sunday Ticket

When it comes to streaming NFL games, two popular options are NFL+ and DirecTV NFL Sunday Ticket. Both services offer access to live games, but there are some key differences to consider.

NFL+ is a new streaming service launched by the NFL that allows fans to watch live and on-demand games, as well as access to exclusive content and features. It provides a convenient way for fans to enjoy their favorite teams’ games from anywhere, at any time.

With NFL+, fans can stream games on their smartphones, tablets, computers, or smart TVs without the need for a cable or satellite subscription.

DirecTV NFL Sunday Ticket, on the other hand, has been around for quite some time and is known for its extensive coverage of NFL games. It offers access to out-of-market games, allowing fans to watch teams that are not typically shown in their local area.

However, it requires a satellite subscription and can be more expensive compared to NFL+.

Both NFL+ and DirecTV NFL Sunday Ticket have their advantages and disadvantages. NFL+ offers flexibility and convenience, while DirecTV NFL Sunday Ticket provides a wider range of games. It ultimately comes down to personal preference and what you value most in a streaming service.

Free streaming alternatives

If you’re looking for a cost-effective way to watch NFL games, there are also free streaming alternatives available. These options may not offer the same level of quality or convenience as paid services, but they can still be a viable choice for casual fans.

One popular option is to use free streaming websites that broadcast live sports events. These websites aggregate streams from various sources and make them available for users to watch for free. However, it’s important to note that the legality and reliability of these websites can vary, so proceed with caution.

Another option is to take advantage of free trials offered by streaming services. Many streaming platforms, such as Hulu Live, YouTube TV, and Sling TV, offer free trials that include live sports channels.

These trials typically last for a week or two, giving you the opportunity to watch NFL games without committing to a long-term subscription.

While free streaming alternatives may not offer the same level of reliability or access as paid services like NFL+ and DirecTV NFL Sunday Ticket, they can still be a great option for those looking to catch a few games without breaking the bank.


While it does not currently offer live regular season games, NFL+ provides football fans an impressive amount of on-demand content and access to otherwise unavailable camera angles. For die-hard NFL fans, NFL+ can be a worthwhile subscription, but more casual viewers may prefer free alternatives for now.

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