Is Paragon Pay To Win?

The heated debate around pay to win systems in video games rages on, with popular MOBA Paragon being one of the latest battlegrounds. Players new and old are asking the inevitable question: is Paragon pay to win?

If you’re short on time, here’s a quick answer to your question: Paragon does offer some pay to win elements, but skill and strategy are still the most important factors for success in matches.

In this comprehensive guide, we’ll look at how Paragon’s economy works, the impact of card packs on gameplay, and whether paying players have an unfair advantage. After weighing the evidence, you’ll have a clear answer on whether Paragon crosses the line into pay to win territory.

Understanding Paragon’s Economy and Card System

Paragon, the popular multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) game, has a unique card system that adds another layer of strategy to gameplay. Many players wonder whether the game is pay to win, as the acquisition and use of cards can greatly impact a player’s performance.

To gain a better understanding of Paragon’s economy and card system, let’s explore how card packs are acquired and how cards impact heroes and gameplay.

How card packs are acquired

In Paragon, card packs are the primary way to obtain new cards. These packs can be acquired through various means, including leveling up, completing quests, and purchasing them with in-game currency called Reputation.

Players can also earn card packs by participating in events or through special promotions. It is important to note that card packs can only be obtained through gameplay and cannot be directly purchased with real money.

When opening a card pack, players are guaranteed to receive a certain number of cards, with the possibility of obtaining rare or even legendary cards. The contents of the card packs are randomized, ensuring that each pack is a surprise.

This adds an element of excitement and anticipation to the process, as players eagerly await the cards they will receive.

How cards impact heroes and gameplay

Paragon’s card system plays a crucial role in shaping a hero’s abilities and playstyle. Each hero has an affinity for certain types of cards, which provide unique bonuses and effects. These cards can enhance a hero’s damage output, survivability, utility, or other aspects of their gameplay.

Players can create custom decks for their heroes by selecting the cards they want to include. These decks are then used in matches, allowing players to strategically utilize their cards to gain an advantage over their opponents.

However, it is important to note that all players have access to the same cards, regardless of whether they have spent real money on card packs or not. This ensures a level playing field for all players, regardless of their financial investment in the game.

While the acquisition of powerful cards can certainly give players an edge in battles, skill and strategy still remain key factors in determining success in Paragon. A player’s ability to make informed decisions, communicate effectively with their team, and execute well-timed actions will ultimately have a greater impact on the outcome of a match than the cards they possess.

It is worth mentioning that Epic Games, the developer of Paragon, has consistently demonstrated their commitment to balancing the game and ensuring a fair playing experience for all players. They regularly release updates and patches to address any issues or imbalances that may arise, making adjustments to the card system when necessary.

Advantages for Paying Players

While the debate continues regarding whether Paragon is pay to win, it is undeniable that paying players do enjoy certain advantages in the game. These advantages can enhance their gameplay experience and give them an edge over non-paying players.

Here are some of the advantages that paying players have:

More card packs mean more options

One of the main advantages for paying players in Paragon is the ability to purchase more card packs. Card packs contain a variety of cards that players can use to customize their heroes and improve their gameplay.

By purchasing more card packs, paying players have access to a wider range of options when it comes to building their decks. This gives them the ability to adapt their strategy to different situations and increases their chances of success in battles.

Higher rarity cards are stronger

In Paragon, cards have different rarity levels, ranging from common to legendary. Generally, higher rarity cards tend to have stronger and more powerful effects. Paying players have a higher chance of obtaining these higher rarity cards through card packs or other in-game purchases.

This means that they can equip their heroes with stronger cards, giving them an advantage in battles. However, it’s important to note that skill and strategy still play a significant role in determining the outcome of a match.

Paying unlocks heroes faster

Another advantage for paying players is the ability to unlock heroes faster. In Paragon, each hero has a unique set of abilities and playstyle. Non-paying players may have to spend a considerable amount of time playing the game to unlock new heroes, while paying players can unlock them instantly by purchasing them with real money.

This allows paying players to have a wider pool of heroes to choose from, giving them more flexibility in team composition and strategy.

It’s important to mention that while paying players do have these advantages, Paragon is designed to be a balanced and competitive game for all players. Skill, teamwork, and strategy still play a significant role in determining success in battles.

Paying players may have certain advantages, but it doesn’t guarantee victory. Non-paying players can still excel and achieve great results through dedication and strategic gameplay.

Skill and Strategy Still Rule the Battlefield

While some players argue that Paragon is pay-to-win due to the card system, it’s important to note that skill and strategy still play a significant role in determining victory on the battlefield. Here’s why:

Card advantage has diminishing returns

While having better cards can give players an advantage, it’s not a guaranteed win. The card system in Paragon allows players to customize their decks and select cards that suit their playstyle. However, having the best cards doesn’t automatically make a player unbeatable.

Skillful execution of strategies and effective teamwork can easily overcome any card advantage. Additionally, the game’s matchmaking system aims to balance teams based on player skill, ensuring a fair and competitive environment.

Hero choice, mechanics, and teamwork matter more

Choosing the right hero for the situation and understanding their mechanics can be crucial to success in Paragon. Each hero has unique abilities and playstyles, and mastering them requires practice and skill.

Regardless of the cards a player possesses, if they lack the ability to utilize their hero effectively or work cohesively with their team, victory will remain elusive. In Paragon, victory is not solely determined by the cards in your deck, but rather by the skill and coordination of the players.

No card provides an ‘I Win’ button

It is true that certain cards in Paragon can be powerful, but none of them provide an “I Win” button. Every card has its strengths and weaknesses, and players must make strategic decisions on which cards to include in their decks.

Additionally, the game’s developers actively monitor and balance the card system to ensure fairness and prevent any single card from becoming overpowered. This commitment to balance further reinforces that Paragon is a game where skill and strategy triumph over any perceived pay-to-win elements.

Verdict: Paragon Is Mostly Skill-Based, Not Truly Pay to Win

When it comes to determining whether Paragon is a pay to win game, the verdict is clear: it is mostly skill-based rather than truly pay to win. While paying for certain advantages can give players an edge, it does not guarantee victory.

Ultimately, skill, experience, and strategy are what truly determine success in Paragon.

Paying provides some advantages, but no guarantees

It is true that spending money in Paragon can provide players with certain advantages. For example, purchasing new heroes or skins can enhance the visual experience and give players access to different playstyles.

Additionally, buying card packs can provide more options for deck building, allowing for greater flexibility in gameplay. However, it is important to note that these advantages do not automatically translate into wins.

A player’s skill level and decision-making abilities still play a crucial role in determining the outcome of a match.

Skill, experience, and strategy overcome raw power

While paying for advantages can give players an initial boost, it is ultimately skill, experience, and strategy that separate the winners from the losers in Paragon. A skilled player who understands the mechanics of the game and has a deep understanding of their hero’s abilities and strengths will often come out on top, regardless of the monetary investments made by their opponents.

This level of mastery can only be achieved through practice, dedication, and a willingness to learn and adapt.

Furthermore, strategy is a key component of success in Paragon. Knowing when to push lanes, when to engage in team fights, and when to retreat requires a deep understanding of the game’s dynamics. Paying for advantages may give players more options, but it is the ability to make the right decisions at the right time that truly determines victory.

Paragon finds a fair balance overall

Paragon’s developers have made a conscious effort to create a balanced gameplay experience. While paying for advantages can give players a leg up, it is not enough to guarantee victory. The game’s matchmaking system strives to pair players of similar skill levels, ensuring that matches are competitive and rewarding.

Additionally, the constant updates and patches address any potential imbalances, further enhancing the fairness of the game.


At the end of the day, Paragon does provide some pay to win elements through its card pack system. But the core of the game remains skill-based, and no amount of powerful cards can substitute for experience and strategic play.

While paying players gain more options faster, skill and hero mastery are still the ultimate keys to victory. Paragon has found a fair compromise between free and paid progression. With smart play, even free players can be competitive and enjoy all the game has to offer.

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