Is Shadow Regice Good In Pokemon Go? An In-Depth Analysis

Regice, theLegendary Ice-type titan from the Hoenn region, has made its way to Pokemon GO in normal and shadow variants. With strong defensive stats but low attack power, Regice fills more of a niche role in raids and PVP battles.

If you’re short on time, here’s the quick answer: Thanks to a damage boost from being shadow, Shadow Regice can be a very strong ice-type attacker in raids. However, it is too glassy to really thrive in PVP battles where non-shadow Regice is generally preferred.

Shadow Regice as a Raid Attacker

When it comes to raid battles in Pokémon GO, Shadow Regice can be a formidable asset. With its unique combination of Ice-type moves and the added power of being a Shadow Pokémon, it has the potential to deal significant damage to raid bosses.

20% Damage Boost from Being Shadow

One of the biggest advantages of using Shadow Regice as a raid attacker is the 20% boost in damage it receives from being a Shadow Pokémon. This means that every move it uses will hit harder than a non-Shadow counterpart.

The increased damage output can make a noticeable difference in battles, allowing trainers to take down raid bosses more quickly.

Excellent DPS with Ice-type Moves

Regice already has a strong movepool when it comes to Ice-type moves, and when combined with its Shadow form, the DPS (damage per second) can be quite impressive. Moves like Blizzard and Avalanche can deal massive amounts of damage to raid bosses weak to Ice-type attacks.

Trainers utilizing Shadow Regice can benefit from its high attack stat and the additional damage boost, making it a top choice for Ice-type raid battles.

Fragile Defense Makes it Risky

While Shadow Regice offers great offensive capabilities, its defense leaves much to be desired. Its already low defense stat is further reduced as a result of its Shadow status, making it quite fragile in battle.

Trainers must be cautious when using Shadow Regice in raids, as it can be taken down quickly if not properly supported by a team of durable Pokémon. It’s important to have a well-rounded team and a strategy in place to maximize its potential while minimizing the risk.

Shadow Regice in PVP

Low Base Attack Still Limits Threat

While Shadow Regice may seem like a formidable opponent in Pokemon GO PVP battles, its low base attack stat limits its overall threat level. With a base attack stat of 179, Shadow Regice falls short compared to other Ice-type Pokemon like Mamoswine, which has a base attack stat of 247.

This means that even with the boost provided by being a Shadow Pokemon, Regice’s offensive capabilities are still somewhat lackluster.

When considering the best options for building a PVP team, trainers often prioritize Pokemon with higher base attack stats to maximize their damage output. While Shadow Regice can still be a viable choice, especially with its access to powerful Ice-type moves like Avalanche and Blizzard, its lower base attack stat may hinder its effectiveness in taking down opponents quickly.

Glass Cannon Stats Don’t Synergize Well

In addition to its lower base attack stat, Shadow Regice also suffers from being a glass cannon in PVP battles. Its low base defense and stamina stats make it susceptible to taking heavy damage from opponents, even with the boost provided by being a Shadow Pokemon.

This means that while Shadow Regice may dish out significant damage, it can easily be taken down in return.

When building a PVP team, trainers often prioritize Pokemon that can both deal damage and withstand hits. This allows them to maintain control over battles and increase their chances of victory. Unfortunately, Shadow Regice’s glass cannon-like stats don’t synergize well with this strategy, making it a riskier choice compared to other bulkier Ice-type Pokemon like Lapras or Articuno.

Non-Shadow Variant Typically Preferred

Despite its shortcomings in PVP battles, Shadow Regice can still find a place in a trainer’s Pokemon GO roster. However, in most cases, the non-Shadow variant of Regice is typically preferred due to its higher base stats and more balanced stat distribution.

The non-Shadow variant of Regice has a base attack stat of 179, which is the same as its Shadow counterpart. However, it has higher base defense and stamina stats, making it more durable and better suited for prolonged battles.

This increased bulk allows non-Shadow Regice to take more hits and potentially outlast opponents.

Furthermore, non-Shadow Regice still has access to the same powerful Ice-type moves, allowing it to deal significant damage in PVP battles. Its higher overall stats and better survivability often make it a more reliable choice for trainers looking to optimize their PVP teams.

Optimal Moveset

Lock-On and Blizzard for Raids

When it comes to raids, having the right moveset can make a huge difference in battle. For Shadow Regice, the optimal moveset is Lock-On and Blizzard. Lock-On is a fast move that charges energy quickly, allowing Shadow Regice to unleash its powerful charged move, Blizzard.

Blizzard is an Ice-type move that deals massive damage to a wide range of raid bosses, making it the go-to choice for Shadow Regice in raid battles.

With this moveset, Shadow Regice becomes a force to be reckoned with in raids. Its fast energy gain from Lock-On allows it to quickly charge up Blizzard, which can deal devastating damage to raid bosses weak to Ice-type moves.

This combination makes Shadow Regice a top choice for raids against Dragon, Flying, and Ground-type raid bosses.

Lock-On and Focus Blast for PvP

In PvP battles, Shadow Regice also has a moveset that can pack a punch. The optimal moveset for PvP is Lock-On and Focus Blast. Lock-On provides Shadow Regice with consistent damage and energy gain, while Focus Blast serves as its charged move.

Focus Blast is a Fighting-type move that can deal significant damage to a wide range of Pokemon in PvP battles. It can be particularly effective against Normal, Steel, and Dark-type Pokemon, which are commonly used in PvP battles.

With this moveset, Shadow Regice can take down opponents efficiently and turn the tide in its favor.

It’s important to note that the optimal moveset may vary depending on the specific PvP league you are participating in. Be sure to consider the strengths and weaknesses of your opponents’ Pokemon and strategize accordingly.

When deciding on the optimal moveset for Shadow Regice, it’s always a good idea to refer to reliable sources such as or Pokemon GO Hub for the latest information and strategies. These websites provide valuable insights from experienced players and can help you make informed decisions when it comes to optimizing your Shadow Regice’s moveset.

Cost of Powering Up and Second Charged Move

Very Expensive Candy/Dust Costs

When considering whether Shadow Regice is good in Pokemon GO, one must take into account the cost of powering up and adding a second charged move. Unfortunately, Shadow Regice comes with a hefty price tag in terms of candy and Stardust.

Powering up a Shadow Regice requires a significant amount of both resources, making it a costly investment for trainers.

The candy and Stardust costs for powering up a Shadow Regice can be quite high, especially if you are starting with a lower level one. Trainers will need to spend a substantial amount of Stardust and Regice Candy to bring their Shadow Regice to a competitive level.

This can be a deterrent for those who are looking for more cost-effective options in their Pokemon GO lineup.

Requires Rare XL Candy

In addition to the high candy and Stardust costs, Shadow Regice also requires Rare XL Candy to power up beyond level 40. XL Candy is a rare resource that can only be obtained through specific means, such as catching XL Pokemon or converting regular candy.

This makes it even more challenging and time-consuming to power up a Shadow Regice to its full potential.

Trainers who are not able to dedicate a significant amount of time and effort into hunting for XL Candy may find it difficult to fully utilize a Shadow Regice in their battles. It is important to consider the availability and accessibility of Rare XL Candy before investing heavily in powering up a Shadow Regice.

Cheaper Non-Shadow Alternative

While Shadow Regice may have its strengths, it is worth considering cheaper alternatives that can still perform well in battles. Non-Shadow Regice, for example, can be a more cost-effective option for trainers who are looking to save on candy and Stardust.

Non-Shadow Regice can still be a formidable Pokemon in battles and can offer similar performance without the added costs and rarity of XL Candy. Trainers on a budget or those who want to conserve resources may find that a non-shadow alternative is a more practical choice.

Is It Worth Using Shadow Regice?

Shadow Regice, one of the Shadow Pokemon available in Pokemon GO, has its own unique strengths and weaknesses. Before deciding whether it is worth using in your team, it is important to take a closer look at its performance in raids and PvP battles, as well as the resource costs associated with powering it up.

Excellent Ice Raid Attacker if Fragility Managed

When it comes to raid battles against Dragonite, Salamence, or other Dragon-type Pokemon, Shadow Regice can be a formidable attacker. Its high attack stat and access to powerful ice-type moves make it an excellent choice for dealing massive damage.

However, it is important to note that Shadow Regice’s defense and stamina stats are significantly lower than its regular counterpart, making it more fragile in battles. To fully utilize its potential as a raid attacker, trainers need to strategize and carefully manage its fragility by dodging opponent’s attacks and timing their own charged moves.

Very Niche PVP Relevance

In player versus player (PvP) battles, Shadow Regice has a more limited role. While its ice-type moves can be effective against certain opponents, its overall performance in PvP is overshadowed by other Pokemon with better stats and move sets.

This makes Shadow Regice a very niche choice for PvP battles, and trainers may find more success with other Pokemon that are specifically designed for PvP scenarios.

High Resource Costs to Max Out

Another factor to consider when deciding whether to use Shadow Regice is the high resource costs associated with maxing it out. Shadow Pokemon require a significant amount of Stardust and Candy to power up, and this is especially true for legendary Shadow Pokemon like Regice.

Trainers need to carefully consider whether they are willing to invest such resources into a Pokemon that may have limited use in their overall gameplay experience.


Thanks to its 20% damage boost, Shadow Regice can perform as a strong glass cannon raid attacker, outpacing non-shadow Regice in DPS. However, its vulnerability and low attack don’t make it well-suited for PVP.

While the high costs to power it up may be prohibitive, Shadow Regice is worth the investment if you need a strong Ice-type damage dealer for raids and can support its fragility.

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