Is Strava Premium Worth It? A Detailed Look At The Features And Benefits

Cycling and running are becoming more and more popular every year. With the rise of smartwatches and fitness trackers, athletes are using apps to record their workouts and analyze their performance. One of the most popular apps for tracking cycling and running activities is Strava.

If you’re short on time, here’s a quick answer to your question: Strava Premium offers useful features like route planning, training insights, and live tracking that can enhance your training. However, the free version may be enough for more casual athletes on a budget.

In this comprehensive guide, we’ll take an in-depth look at what Strava Premium offers, who can benefit from the paid subscription, and ultimately help you decide if upgrading is worth the investment for your needs.

Overview of Strava Premium Features

Strava Premium is a subscription-based service offered by Strava, a popular fitness tracking app for cyclists and runners. While the free version of Strava provides basic features and functionality, upgrading to Strava Premium offers a range of additional benefits that can enhance your overall experience.

Let’s take a detailed look at some of the key features and benefits of Strava Premium.

Route Planning and Navigation

One of the standout features of Strava Premium is the ability to plan and navigate routes. With this feature, you can create customized routes based on your preferred distance and terrain. Strava Premium also provides turn-by-turn directions, making it easier to navigate unfamiliar areas.

Whether you’re exploring a new city or looking for a scenic route in your hometown, Strava Premium’s route planning and navigation feature can help you discover new paths and keep you on track.

Enhanced Analysis and Segment Features

Strava Premium offers enhanced analysis tools that allow you to dive deeper into your workout data. You can analyze your performance metrics, such as pace, heart rate, and power, to gain valuable insights into your training progress.

Additionally, Strava Premium provides access to segment leaderboards, where you can compare your performance to other athletes who have completed the same segment. This competitive element can be motivating and help you push yourself to achieve new personal bests.

Training Insights and Workout Logging

For those looking to improve their fitness and reach their goals, Strava Premium offers training insights and workout logging features. You can set goals, track your progress, and receive personalized training recommendations based on your data.

Strava Premium also allows you to log your workouts and record important details such as distance, time, and elevation. By keeping a record of your workouts, you can easily track your training history and monitor your improvements over time.

Live Tracking and Beacon

Another valuable feature of Strava Premium is live tracking, which allows your friends and family to follow your activities in real-time. This can be especially useful for safety purposes, as loved ones can keep an eye on your whereabouts during outdoor workouts.

Additionally, Strava Premium includes the Beacon feature, which allows you to share your location with emergency contacts. In case of an emergency, your chosen contacts will receive a notification with your location, providing peace of mind for both you and your loved ones.

Discount on Strava Accessories

Subscribing to Strava Premium also gives you access to exclusive discounts on Strava accessories. These can include items such as cycling jerseys, water bottles, and other merchandise. If you’re a dedicated Strava user, this benefit can be a great way to show your support for the platform and enjoy some extra perks.

Who Can Benefit from Strava Premium?

Strava Premium offers a range of features and benefits that can greatly enhance the experience of its users. While the free version of Strava provides basic functionality, upgrading to Strava Premium can be particularly beneficial for certain groups of individuals.

Serious Athletes Training for Goals

For serious athletes who are training for specific goals, Strava Premium can be a game-changer. The premium version offers advanced training tools that can help athletes track their progress and improve their performance.

With features such as personalized training plans, workout analysis, and real-time segment comparisons, athletes can have access to valuable data that can help them optimize their training and achieve their goals.

Furthermore, Strava Premium allows athletes to set custom goals and receive personalized feedback to keep them motivated and on track. Whether it’s training for a marathon, a cycling race, or any other athletic endeavor, Strava Premium provides the tools and insights necessary to take training to the next level.

Athletes Who Want Detailed Analytics

For athletes who are passionate about analyzing their performance and gaining insights into their training, Strava Premium offers in-depth analytics that can be extremely valuable. The premium version provides detailed data on various aspects of an athlete’s performance, including power output, heart rate analysis, and even running dynamics.

This information can help athletes identify strengths and weaknesses, make informed training decisions, and ultimately improve their overall performance.

Additionally, Strava Premium offers enhanced heatmaps that allow athletes to visualize their activities and discover popular routes and segments in their area. This can be particularly useful for exploring new training routes or finding routes that align with specific training objectives.

Those Who Enjoy Social Features and Competition

Strava is not just a training tool; it also offers a vibrant social community that allows athletes to connect, share their activities, and engage in friendly competition. With Strava Premium, users gain access to additional social features that can enhance their overall experience.

One of the standout features of Strava Premium is the ability to create and participate in challenges. These challenges can range from monthly distance goals to specific segment competitions. Participating in challenges can be a great source of motivation and a way to connect with other athletes who share similar goals and interests.

Furthermore, Strava Premium users have the ability to analyze their performance against other athletes with detailed segment leaderboards. This adds an element of competition and allows users to benchmark their performance against others in their area or within their sport.

Strava Premium Pricing and Plans

Monthly and Yearly Subscription Options

Strava Premium offers both monthly and yearly subscription options, giving users the flexibility to choose what works best for them. The monthly subscription is priced at $7.99 per month, while the yearly subscription is priced at $59.99 per year.

By opting for the yearly subscription, users can save more than 30% compared to the monthly option.

With the monthly subscription, users can enjoy all the features and benefits of Strava Premium for a month, without any long-term commitment. This option is ideal for those who want to try out the premium features before committing to a longer subscription.

On the other hand, the yearly subscription offers a more cost-effective solution for avid Strava users. By signing up for the yearly plan, users not only save money but also gain access to exclusive features and benefits throughout the entire year.

This plan is perfect for individuals who are serious about their fitness goals and want to make the most out of their Strava experience.

Strava Summit Bundle

In addition to the monthly and yearly subscription options, Strava also offers the Strava Summit Bundle, which includes access to all three of their Summit Packs – Training, Safety, and Analysis. The Summit Bundle is priced at $23.99 per year, providing users with a comprehensive package of features to enhance their Strava experience.

The Training Pack offers advanced training and analysis tools to help users track their progress, set goals, and improve their performance. The Safety Pack provides additional safety features, such as Beacon, which allows users to share their real-time location with selected contacts during activities.

The Analysis Pack offers deeper insights into users’ activities, including detailed heatmaps, power analysis, and more.

By opting for the Strava Summit Bundle, users can access these additional features at a discounted price compared to purchasing each pack individually. This bundle is perfect for individuals who want to take their training, safety, and analysis capabilities to the next level.

It’s important to note that Strava offers a 30-day free trial for users who want to test out the premium features before committing to a subscription. This trial period allows users to experience the full range of benefits and decide if Strava Premium is worth it for their needs.

For more information on Strava Premium pricing and plans, you can visit their official website here.

Pros of Upgrading to Strava Premium

More In-Depth Analytics and Insights

One of the biggest advantages of upgrading to Strava Premium is gaining access to more in-depth analytics and insights. With the premium version, users can dive deeper into their performance data, including detailed heart rate analysis, power meters, and segment comparisons.

These advanced analytics can help athletes identify their strengths and weaknesses, track progress over time, and make informed decisions to improve their training.

Safety and Convenience Features

Strava Premium offers a range of safety and convenience features that can enhance your overall experience. Premium members can take advantage of Beacon, a real-time location tracking feature, which allows your loved ones to monitor your activities for added peace of mind.

Additionally, Strava Premium users can utilize the personal heatmaps feature, which shows where they have explored and can serve as a great tool for discovering new routes.

Route Planning and Training Tools

With Strava Premium, users have access to advanced route planning and training tools. Premium members can create custom routes based on their desired distance, elevation, or specific landmarks. This feature is particularly useful for runners and cyclists who want to explore new areas or challenge themselves with different terrains.

Additionally, training tools such as training plans and workout analysis can help athletes stay motivated and track their progress towards their fitness goals.

Motivation Through Social Features

Strava Premium offers a range of social features that can help boost motivation and foster a sense of community. Premium members can participate in challenges and join clubs, allowing them to connect with like-minded individuals and compete against others.

These social features can help athletes stay motivated, set new goals, and celebrate their achievements with a supportive community.

Cons of Strava Premium to Consider

Cost May Be Prohibitive for Casual Athletes

One potential drawback of Strava Premium is its cost, which may be prohibitive for casual athletes. While the subscription fee provides access to an array of advanced features, such as personalized training plans and in-depth performance analysis, it may not be worth the investment for those who only occasionally engage in physical activities.

For individuals who primarily use Strava for basic tracking and social connectivity, the free version of the app may be sufficient.

Advanced Features May Be Overkill for Some

Another consideration when contemplating Strava Premium is that its advanced features may be overkill for some users. While the additional features can be incredibly useful for serious athletes looking to improve their performance and track their progress, those who simply enjoy casual workouts or don’t have the time or inclination to dig into detailed analytics may find these features unnecessary.

It’s important to evaluate your own fitness goals and how much you will truly benefit from the enhanced capabilities before committing to a subscription.

Missing Some Key Features of Other Apps

While Strava Premium offers an impressive range of features, it’s worth noting that it may not include all the functionalities found in other fitness-tracking apps. Depending on your specific needs and preferences, you may find that other apps offer features that Strava Premium lacks.

For example, some users prefer apps that focus more on nutrition tracking, sleep monitoring, or integration with specific wearable devices. It’s essential to compare the features of different apps to ensure that Strava Premium aligns with your requirements.

Ultimately, the decision of whether Strava Premium is worth it depends on your personal fitness goals, budget, and preferences. It is recommended to thoroughly research and evaluate the features and benefits of Strava Premium, as well as alternative apps, before making a decision.

Remember, what works for one person may not work for another, so it’s important to consider your own needs and priorities when contemplating a premium subscription.


In summary, Strava Premium offers some useful upgrades like route planning, beacon, and advanced performance analytics. For serious athletes training for goals or events, the premium features are likely worth the investment.

However, more casual users may do fine sticking with the free version, especially if cost is a concern. Evaluate your needs and training style, but don’t feel like you must upgrade to get benefits from Strava.

While the app already provides great value for free, Premium enhances the experience with extra features to take your training and analysis to the next level.

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