A Comprehensive Guide To Knott’S Berry Farm Fast Passes In 2023

As one of California’s most popular theme parks, Knott’s Berry Farm attracts huge crowds, especially during peak seasons. Long ride lines can put a damper on the fun. That’s where Knott’s Berry Farm fast passes come in handy.

If you’re short on time, here’s a quick answer to your question: Knott’s Berry Farm offers several fast pass options to help you skip lines and maximize your time in the park. These include Print-At-Home, Mobile Web, and Single Ride fast passes.

In this approximately 3000 word guide, we’ll provide a comprehensive overview of Knott’s Berry Farm fast passes, including how they work, types and prices, tips for using them effectively, and whether they are worth the cost.

Overview of Knott’s Berry Farm Fast Passes

Knott’s Berry Farm Fast Passes are a convenient way for guests to make the most of their visit to this popular amusement park. These passes allow guests to bypass standby lines and access express lanes, ensuring a smoother and more enjoyable experience.

Whether you’re a thrill-seeker looking to conquer the park’s exhilarating roller coasters or a family wanting to explore the various attractions, Knott’s Berry Farm Fast Passes can help you save valuable time and maximize your fun.

Allow guests to use express lanes to bypass standby lines

One of the biggest advantages of Knott’s Berry Farm Fast Passes is the ability to use express lanes, which allow you to skip the regular standby lines for popular attractions. This means you can spend less time waiting and more time enjoying the rides and shows.

By using the Fast Pass lanes, you can often reduce your wait time significantly, especially during peak hours and busy days. It’s a great way to make the most of your visit and fit in as many experiences as possible.

Come in Print-At-Home, Mobile Web, and Single Ride formats

Knott’s Berry Farm Fast Passes are available in various convenient formats to suit your preferences. The traditional Print-At-Home format allows you to easily print your Fast Passes at home before your visit.

Alternatively, you can opt for the Mobile Web format, which allows you to access and display your Fast Passes on your smartphone. Additionally, for those who only want to experience a specific ride without purchasing a full Fast Pass, there is the Single Ride option available for select attractions.

This flexibility ensures that there is a Fast Pass option that suits everyone’s needs.

Offer flexibility but must be used within set windows

While Knott’s Berry Farm Fast Passes offer flexibility in terms of format and attraction options, it is important to note that they must be used within specific time windows. Each Fast Pass is valid for a designated period, typically a few hours, during which you can use it to access the express lanes.

It’s essential to plan your visit accordingly and make sure you arrive at the attractions within the specified time frame to take advantage of the Fast Pass benefits. This ensures a smooth and efficient experience for both you and other guests.

Provide significant time-savings on busy days

Knott’s Berry Farm is a popular destination, especially during peak seasons and holidays. Long lines and wait times can be a common occurrence, but with Fast Passes, you can bypass the crowds and save valuable time.

By using the Fast Pass express lanes, you can reduce your wait times and fit in more attractions throughout the day. This is particularly beneficial on busy days when the park is crowded and the standby lines are longer.

With Fast Passes, you can make the most of your visit and enjoy more of what Knott’s Berry Farm has to offer.

Types of Fast Passes Offered at Knott’s Berry Farm

Print-At-Home – Cheapest, most flexible option

For visitors looking for a budget-friendly and flexible option, Knott’s Berry Farm offers the Print-At-Home Fast Pass. With this pass, guests can reserve their ride times in advance and simply print their passes at home or at a local print shop.

This option allows for easy planning and ensures that you won’t have to wait in long lines for your favorite attractions. Plus, it’s the cheapest option available!

Mobile Web – Convenient digital pass

If you prefer a more modern approach, Knott’s Berry Farm also offers the Mobile Web Fast Pass. With this convenient digital pass, you can reserve your ride times and access your pass directly from your smartphone.

No need to worry about printing or carrying physical tickets – simply show your digital pass on your phone and skip the lines. It’s a hassle-free way to enjoy your day at the park!

Single Ride – Skip line on 1 popular ride

For those who have their hearts set on experiencing a particular ride without the wait, the Single Ride Fast Pass is the perfect option. This pass allows you to skip the line on one popular ride of your choice.

Whether it’s the thrilling roller coaster or the immersive dark ride, you’ll be able to enjoy your favorite attraction without the long wait times. It’s a great way to make the most of your visit to Knott’s Berry Farm!

Fast Lane – All-day VIP front-of-line access

If you’re looking for the ultimate VIP experience, the Fast Lane Fast Pass is the way to go. With this pass, you’ll have all-day front-of-line access to the park’s most popular rides and attractions. Say goodbye to waiting in queues and hello to unlimited fun!

The Fast Lane pass ensures that you can maximize your time at Knott’s Berry Farm and enjoy all the thrilling rides and entertainment without any delays.

For more information on Knott’s Berry Farm Fast Passes and to purchase your tickets, visit their official website: www.knotts.com.

Cost and Validity of Knott’s Berry Farm Fast Passes

When planning a visit to Knott’s Berry Farm, it’s important to consider the cost and validity of their Fast Passes. These passes allow visitors to skip the regular lines and enjoy more attractions in less time.

Knott’s Berry Farm offers different types of Fast Passes to cater to different preferences and budgets.

Print-At-Home: $25-$65 for 6-11 attractions

The Print-At-Home Fast Pass is a popular option for those who prefer a physical ticket. It allows you to reserve your spot in line for a specific attraction. Prices for the Print-At-Home Fast Pass range from $25 to $65, depending on the number of attractions you wish to experience.

With this pass, you can enjoy the convenience of skipping the regular lines and getting straight to the fun!

Mobile Web: $25-$65 for 6-11 attractions

For tech-savvy visitors, Knott’s Berry Farm also offers a Mobile Web Fast Pass. This option allows you to reserve your spot in line using your smartphone or mobile device. Just like the Print-At-Home Fast Pass, prices for the Mobile Web Fast Pass range from $25 to $65, depending on the number of attractions you want to enjoy.

It’s a convenient and efficient way to make the most of your visit to the park.

Single Ride: $15-$20 per ride

If you only have your heart set on one or two specific attractions, the Single Ride Fast Pass might be the best option for you. With this pass, you can skip the regular line and enjoy a shorter wait time for a single ride.

Prices for the Single Ride Fast Pass range from $15 to $20 per ride, making it a cost-effective choice if you have limited time or specific preferences.

Valid 1-7 days depending on type purchased

The validity of Knott’s Berry Farm Fast Passes varies depending on the type purchased. Some passes are valid for a single day, while others can be used for up to seven days. It’s important to check the details of each pass to ensure it aligns with the duration of your visit.

This flexibility allows visitors to plan their trip according to their schedule and make the most of their time at the park.

For more information on Knott’s Berry Farm Fast Passes, you can visit their official website at https://www.knotts.com. They provide detailed pricing and validity information, as well as any updates or changes that may occur.

Tips for Using Fast Passes Effectively

Fast Passes can greatly enhance your experience at Knott’s Berry Farm by allowing you to skip long lines and make the most of your time in the park. Here are some tips to help you use Fast Passes effectively:

Arrive early to maximize usage time

One of the best ways to make the most of your Fast Passes is to arrive at the park early. By getting there before the crowds, you can secure your Fast Passes for the popular rides before they run out. This will give you more options and increase your chances of experiencing your favorite attractions without long wait times.

Prioritize popular rides like HangTime

When using Fast Passes, it’s important to prioritize the popular rides. Attractions like HangTime, a thrilling roller coaster with inversions and a 96-degree drop, tend to have longer wait times. By using your Fast Pass for these rides, you can skip the lines and enjoy more of the park’s top attractions.

Track wait times using the app

Knott’s Berry Farm offers a mobile app that allows you to track wait times for each ride in real-time. This can be incredibly helpful in deciding which Fast Passes to prioritize. By checking the app, you can see which rides have the longest wait times and plan your Fast Pass usage accordingly.

The app also provides other useful information such as show times and dining options.

Combine with meal pass to skip dining lines

If you have a meal pass at Knott’s Berry Farm, you can combine it with your Fast Pass to skip the lines at dining locations as well. Simply present your meal pass along with your Fast Pass, and you’ll be able to enjoy your meal without the hassle of waiting in line.

This allows you to save time and make the most of your visit to the park.

By following these tips, you can use Fast Passes effectively and make the most of your time at Knott’s Berry Farm. Remember to plan ahead, arrive early, and prioritize your favorite rides. With Fast Passes, you can spend less time waiting in line and more time enjoying the park’s thrilling attractions.

Are Knott’s Berry Farm Fast Passes Worth It?

When planning a trip to Knott’s Berry Farm, one of the most popular amusement parks in California, visitors often wonder if investing in Fast Passes is worth it. Here, we will delve into the benefits and drawbacks of purchasing Fast Passes to help you make an informed decision.

Great for busier days to skip long waits

On busier days, the lines for popular rides at Knott’s Berry Farm can be quite long, testing the patience of even the most avid thrill-seekers. Fast Passes can be a lifesaver in such situations, allowing you to bypass the regular lines and significantly reduce your wait time.

This means more time enjoying the attractions and less time standing in queues. It’s a great option for those who want to make the most out of their visit and go on as many rides as possible.

Provides flexibility to come and go

One of the advantages of Fast Passes is that they provide visitors with the flexibility to come and go as they please. With a Fast Pass, you can reserve a specific time slot for a ride, allowing you to explore other areas of the park or grab a bite to eat without worrying about missing your turn.

This flexibility is especially valuable for families with young children or groups with varying interests and preferences.

Adds costs to an already expensive trip

It’s important to note that Fast Passes do come with an additional cost. This can add up, especially for larger groups or families. When considering whether Fast Passes are worth it, it’s essential to weigh the benefits against the added expense.

If you value your time and want to maximize your experience at Knott’s Berry Farm, the convenience of Fast Passes may outweigh the extra cost.

May still experience waits on super crowded days

While Fast Passes can significantly reduce wait times, it’s essential to manage expectations, especially on super crowded days. Even with a Fast Pass, you may still experience some waits, albeit shorter than the regular lines.

It’s crucial to plan your visit accordingly and understand that Fast Passes are not a guarantee of immediate access to the rides during peak times.


Knott’s Berry Farm fast passes provide a skip-the-line option that can maximize your time in the park, especially on peak attendance days. While the extra cost may seem unnecessary for slower days, they offer great value when crowds are high.

Using fast passes strategically, combining different types, and planning ahead helps ensure you get your money’s worth. Overall, they are a recommended enhancement for visitors looking to fit more rides and attractions into their Knott’s Berry Farm trip.

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