Kunoichi In Raid Shadow Legends: Skills, Stats And Usage Guide

Kunoichi is a powerful epic rarity champion in Raid Shadow Legends renowned for her hard-hitting AoE attacks. As one of the best epics in the Shadowkin faction, Kunoichi brings a mix of damage, debuffs, and turn meter control that makes her a strong addition to a variety of team compositions.

If you’re short on time, here’s a quick answer: Kunoichi is an AoE nuker who inflicts decrease defense and block buffs while also reducing turn meter. She’s great for wave clearing in dungeons and campaign, and works well in arena offense and doom tower teams.

Kunoichi’s Skills and How to Use Them

Overview of Her Skills

Kunoichi is a powerful champion in Raid Shadow Legends with a unique set of skills that make her a formidable force on the battlefield. Her skills include:

  • Swift Strikes: Kunoichi attacks the enemy with a flurry of quick strikes, dealing damage and reducing their turn meter. This skill is great for controlling the enemy’s actions and preventing them from taking their turn.
  • Shadow Step: Kunoichi teleports behind the enemy and attacks, dealing massive damage. This skill is especially effective against high-defense targets, as it ignores a portion of the enemy’s defense.
  • Smoke Bomb: Kunoichi throws a smoke bomb that reduces the accuracy of all enemies, making it harder for them to land their attacks. This skill is useful in both PvP battles and against enemies with high accuracy.
  • Shinobi Mastery: Kunoichi gains an extra turn if she kills an enemy with her Shadow Step skill. This allows her to keep attacking and dealing damage to the enemy team.

Masteries and Artifacts

To maximize Kunoichi’s potential, it is important to choose the right masteries and artifacts for her. Some recommended masteries for Kunoichi include:

  • Offense: This mastery tree enhances Kunoichi’s damage output, allowing her to deal even more damage with her attacks.
  • Support: This mastery tree focuses on Kunoichi’s utility and support abilities, making her an even more valuable asset to the team.
  • Defense: This mastery tree provides Kunoichi with additional survivability, allowing her to withstand more damage from enemy attacks.

When it comes to artifacts, focus on equipping Kunoichi with those that increase her attack, critical damage, and speed. These stats will further enhance her damage output and turn meter control.

Arena Offense

Kunoichi excels in Arena Offense due to her ability to control the enemy team and deal massive damage. She can use her Swift Strikes to reduce the enemy’s turn meter, preventing them from taking their turns.

Her Shadow Step skill allows her to eliminate high-defense targets quickly, while her Smoke Bomb reduces the accuracy of the enemy team, making it harder for them to land their attacks. Pair her with champions that can increase her attack and speed to maximize her potential in the arena.

Dungeons and Campaign

Kunoichi is also a valuable asset in Dungeons and Campaign battles. Her ability to reduce the enemy’s turn meter and deal massive damage makes her a great choice for clearing waves of enemies quickly. Pair her with champions that can provide healing or buffs to increase her survivability.

Additionally, her Smoke Bomb skill can be useful in certain dungeons where enemies have high accuracy and can land devastating debuffs on your team.

Doom Tower

In the Doom Tower, Kunoichi can shine in both the Normal and Hard difficulties. Her ability to control the enemy’s turn meter and deal massive damage makes her a valuable asset against tough bosses and waves of enemies.

Pair her with champions that can provide support and healing to ensure her survivability throughout the tower’s challenging floors.

For more information on Kunoichi and other champions in Raid Shadow Legends, you can visit the official Raid Shadow Legends website at www.raidshadowlegends.com.

Stats and How to Gear Kunoichi

Kunoichi is a powerful and versatile champion in Raid Shadow Legends. To fully utilize her skills, it is important to understand her stats and how to gear her effectively. Let’s take a closer look at the key aspects to consider when gearing up your Kunoichi.

Offense and Speed

Kunoichi excels in dealing damage to enemies, so focusing on her offense stats is crucial. Prioritize increasing her Attack and Critical Damage to maximize her damage output. Additionally, increasing her Speed stat will allow her to take more turns and unleash her skills more frequently.


Accuracy is another important stat for Kunoichi, especially if you plan on using her in dungeons or against enemies with high resistance. Aim for around 200 Accuracy to ensure her debuffs land consistently and maximize her utility in battles.


While offense is a priority, don’t neglect Kunoichi’s defense. Investing in her Defense stat will make her more durable, allowing her to survive longer in battles and continue dealing damage. Consider equipping her with gear that provides a balance between offense and defense.

Lifesteal or Damage Sets

When it comes to gear sets, there are a couple of options that work well for Kunoichi. Lifesteal sets can help her sustain herself in prolonged battles, allowing her to recover health with each attack.

On the other hand, damage sets like Critical Damage or Attack sets can further enhance her damage potential.

Substats to Focus On

When upgrading Kunoichi’s gear, keep an eye on the substats. Look for gear that provides bonuses to Attack, Critical Rate, Critical Damage, and Speed. These substats will greatly enhance her overall performance in battles.

Remember, each champion is unique, and it’s important to experiment with different gear combinations to find the setup that works best for your playstyle and strategy. Happy gearing, and may your Kunoichi be a force to be reckoned with on the battlefield!

Good Team Compositions with Kunoichi

Kunoichi is a versatile champion in Raid Shadow Legends, and she can fit into various team compositions depending on your strategy. Here are some effective team compositions that make the most of Kunoichi’s skills:

AoE Damage Dealers

Kunoichi’s ability to deal AoE damage makes her a valuable addition to any team that focuses on dealing damage to multiple enemies at once. Pairing her with other champions who have strong AoE skills, such as Zavia or Sinesha, can create devastating combos that wipe out entire waves of enemies in one turn.

Decrease Defense Champions

Kunoichi’s skill set includes the ability to decrease the defense of enemies, making them more vulnerable to attacks. Pairing her with champions who can capitalize on this debuff, such as Coldheart or Royal Guard, can result in massive damage output and quickly eliminate even the toughest opponents.


Having a champion who can revive fallen allies is crucial in challenging battles, and Kunoichi can fill this role effectively. Pairing her with revivers like Gorgorab or Arbiter ensures that your team has a second chance to turn the tide of battle, even if one or more champions fall during combat.

Increase Speed

Speed is a crucial stat in Raid Shadow Legends, as it determines the turn order of champions. Kunoichi’s ability to increase the speed of her allies can give your team a significant advantage in battles.

Pairing her with champions who benefit from increased speed, such as Seeker or Lyssandra, allows your team to act more frequently and control the flow of the battle.

Decrease Turn Meter

Kunoichi’s skill set also includes the ability to decrease the turn meter of enemies, effectively delaying their actions. This can be a game-changer in battles against powerful enemies or bosses. Pairing Kunoichi with champions who can further manipulate the turn meter, such as Madame Serris or Ultimate Galek, can give your team a significant advantage by limiting your opponents’ actions.

Remember, the effectiveness of these team compositions may vary depending on the specific champions you have and the content you are facing. Experiment with different combinations and find the team composition that works best for your playstyle and goals in Raid Shadow Legends.

Masteries for Kunoichi

Kunoichi is a versatile and powerful champion in Raid Shadow Legends, and choosing the right masteries can greatly enhance her effectiveness in battles. In this guide, we will explore the different mastery options for Kunoichi and discuss the best choices for offense, support, and defense.

Offense Tree

In the offense tree, Kunoichi has several powerful options to maximize her damage output. One recommended mastery is “Deadly Precision,” which increases her chance of landing critical hits. Another great choice is “Whirlwind of Death,” which grants an extra turn if Kunoichi kills an enemy with her default skill.

This can be a game-changer in prolonged battles.

Other notable options in the offense tree include “Giant Slayer,” which deals bonus damage based on the enemy’s maximum HP, and “Helmsmasher,” which ignores a percentage of the enemy’s defense. These masteries can significantly increase Kunoichi’s damage potential and make her a force to be reckoned with on the battlefield.

Support Tree

While Kunoichi is primarily known for her offensive capabilities, she also has some useful options in the support tree. “Healing Savior” is a recommended mastery, as it increases the amount of healing she receives. This can be especially valuable if you have a dedicated healer on your team.

Another great choice in the support tree is “Cycle of Revenge,” which increases Kunoichi’s turn meter when an ally is attacked. This allows her to act more frequently and disrupt the enemy’s plans. “Lore of Steel” is also worth considering, as it increases Kunoichi’s accuracy, making her debuffs more reliable.

Defense Tree

Though Kunoichi is not primarily a defensive champion, there are still some useful options in the defense tree that can improve her survivability. “Retribution” is a recommended mastery, as it has a chance to counterattack when Kunoichi is hit.

This can punish enemies who target her and discourage them from attacking.

Another good choice is “Deterrence,” which decreases the damage Kunoichi takes from critical hits. This can be particularly helpful against enemies who rely on critical hits for their damage output. “Delay Death” is also worth considering, as it can give Kunoichi an extra chance to survive a fatal blow and turn the tide of battle.

Lore of Steel

A standout mastery in the defense tree for Kunoichi is “Lore of Steel.” This mastery increases her accuracy by 10% for each enemy alive on the battlefield. This means that as the battle progresses and enemies are defeated, Kunoichi’s accuracy will increase, making her debuffs more reliable.

It is a fantastic choice for maximizing her utility in battles.

Master Hexer

Another notable mastery for Kunoichi is “Master Hexer,” which increases the duration of all debuffs she places on enemies. This can be incredibly useful in PvP battles, where prolonging the duration of debuffs can cripple the enemy team.

With this mastery, Kunoichi becomes a potent debuffer and can tip the scales in your favor.

Remember, the best mastery setup for Kunoichi may vary depending on your team composition and the game mode you are playing. Experiment with different combinations and find what works best for you. With the right masteries, Kunoichi can become an unstoppable force on the battlefield, dealing devastating damage and supporting her team with precision.

Is Kunoichi Worth Investing In?

Kunoichi, a powerful champion in Raid Shadow Legends, is definitely worth considering for your team. With her impressive set of skills, she brings both damage and utility to the battlefield. In this guide, we will discuss the reasons why investing in Kunoichi can greatly benefit your team.

Damage and Utility

Kunoichi excels in dealing damage to her enemies while also providing valuable utility to her team. Her skills, such as “Shadow Strike” and “Dual Attack,” allow her to unleash devastating attacks on her foes.

Additionally, she has the ability to apply debuffs like Decrease Defense and Decrease Speed, making her a versatile champion in various game modes.

When using Kunoichi, players can expect a champion who can deal high damage to multiple enemies at once, while also providing crowd control and support for the team. This combination of damage and utility makes her a valuable asset in both PvE and PvP battles.

Easy to Build

One of the great advantages of investing in Kunoichi is that she is relatively easy to build. Her base stats are already quite impressive, and she doesn’t require very specific gear sets to be effective.

This makes it easier for players to optimize her performance without having to acquire rare or specific equipment.

Furthermore, Kunoichi’s skill set allows her to synergize well with a variety of other champions. This means that players have more flexibility when it comes to team composition, making her a great addition to any lineup.

Faction Wars Value

In Faction Wars, a game mode where players compete with teams from specific factions, Kunoichi truly shines. Her abilities to deal damage, apply debuffs, and provide utility make her an excellent choice for Faction Wars battles.

With the right team composition and strategy, Kunoichi can greatly contribute to your faction’s success in this challenging game mode.

To maximize Kunoichi’s potential in Faction Wars, it is recommended to pair her with champions from the same faction. This will allow her to benefit from faction-specific bonuses and synergies, further enhancing her performance.

Other Options Exist

While Kunoichi is a fantastic champion, it’s important to note that there are other options available in Raid Shadow Legends. Each champion has their own unique strengths and weaknesses, and what works for one player may not work for another.

Before investing in Kunoichi, it’s a good idea to research and experiment with different champions to find the best fit for your playstyle and team composition. Don’t be afraid to try out different combinations and strategies to see what works best for you.

Overall Assessment


With her hard-hitting AoE attacks and useful debuffs, Kunoichi can provide tremendous damage and control to your teams. She shines in dungeon and campaign wave clearing and works great for arena offense and doom tower floors.

While there are alternatives, Kunoichi’s easy-to-gear kit and faction wars value make her worth your time.

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