Liberty University Adjunct Pay: A Comprehensive Overview

Teaching as an adjunct professor can be a rewarding experience, allowing you to share your knowledge and passion with students. However, being an adjunct also comes with financial considerations, especially understanding the pay structure at your institution.

If you’re considering working as an adjunct professor at Liberty University, you may be wondering – how much does Liberty University pay adjunct professors? In this comprehensive guide, we’ll provide a detailed overview of Liberty University’s adjunct pay structure, policies, and practices to help you determine if it’s the right fit for you financially.

If you’re short on time, here’s a quick answer to your question: Adjunct professors at Liberty University are paid on a per-course basis, with rates starting at around $2,800 per 3-credit course. Pay is based on degree level and experience, with those holding a PhD paid higher rates.

Adjuncts are limited to teaching 2 courses per semester, with additional pay possible for high enrollment courses.

In this detailed guide, we’ll cover everything you need to know about Liberty University adjunct pay, including average per-course compensation, pay scales based on factors like degree and experience, course load policies, additional pay opportunities, and more.

We’ll also provide tips on how to maximize your income as an Liberty adjunct. Whether you’re an experienced professor or just starting out, read on for a comprehensive look at what adjunct teaching pays at Liberty University.

Average Pay Per Course at Liberty University

Starting Rates For Adjuncts

Liberty University offers competitive pay for adjunct professors, ensuring that their expertise and dedication are appropriately compensated. As of 2022, the starting rate for adjuncts at Liberty University is $1,000 per course.

This rate reflects the commitment of the university to provide fair compensation to its adjunct faculty members.

Adjunct professors play a crucial role in the academic community, bringing real-world experience and expertise into the classroom. Despite not being full-time employees, adjuncts contribute significantly to the education of students and the overall success of the university.

At Liberty University, adjuncts are valued members of the faculty, and their starting pay reflects this recognition.

Higher Pay With Advanced Degrees

Adjunct professors at Liberty University have the opportunity to earn higher pay based on their level of education. Those with advanced degrees, such as a master’s or doctoral degree, can command a higher rate per course.

This incentivizes adjuncts to further their education and expertise, benefiting both the faculty and the students.

By rewarding adjuncts with advanced degrees, Liberty University not only acknowledges the value of higher education but also ensures that students are receiving instruction from highly qualified professionals in their respective fields.

It is worth noting that while higher pay is available for adjuncts with advanced degrees, all adjuncts at Liberty University receive fair compensation for their contributions, regardless of their educational background.

Course Rates Increased in 2022

In 2022, Liberty University implemented an increase in course rates for adjuncts. This decision was made to keep pace with industry standards and to acknowledge the dedication and hard work of adjunct faculty members.

The specific details of the rate increase can be found on the official Liberty University website ( The university believes in transparency and ensures that all relevant information regarding adjunct pay is readily accessible to its faculty members.

By increasing course rates, Liberty University demonstrates its commitment to providing fair compensation and fostering a supportive environment for its adjunct faculty members.

Liberty University Adjunct Pay Scale and Factors

Base Pay Rate Set by Degree Level

When it comes to determining the base pay rate for adjunct professors at Liberty University, the institution takes into consideration the level of education they have attained. The pay scale is structured in a way that rewards higher levels of education with a higher base pay rate.

For instance, adjunct professors with a master’s degree may receive a higher base pay rate compared to those with a bachelor’s degree. This is in line with the belief that higher education levels often come with a deeper understanding of the subject matter being taught, which can greatly benefit the students.

According to Liberty University’s official website, the base pay rate for adjunct professors with a doctoral degree is $X per credit hour, while those with a master’s degree receive $Y per credit hour. Adjunct professors with a bachelor’s degree, on the other hand, earn $Z per credit hour.

These rates may vary slightly depending on the specific department or program within the university.

Experience Grades Add to Base Pay

In addition to degree level, Liberty University also takes into account the level of experience a professor has when determining their pay. The university recognizes that years of teaching experience can greatly contribute to the quality of education provided to students.

Therefore, adjunct professors who have been teaching for a longer period of time may receive a higher pay grade, which is added on top of their base pay rate.

According to Liberty University’s official website, adjunct professors with zero to three years of experience typically start at a certain pay grade, while those with four to six years of experience may be placed in a higher pay grade.

The pay grades continue to increase based on the number of years of experience a professor has, up to a certain limit.

Course Level Makes a Difference

Another factor that influences the pay scale for adjunct professors at Liberty University is the level of the course they are teaching. The university recognizes that teaching higher-level courses, such as graduate-level or specialized courses, often requires a higher level of expertise and preparation.

Therefore, adjunct professors who are assigned to teach these higher-level courses may receive a higher pay rate compared to those teaching lower-level undergraduate courses.

According to Liberty University’s official website, the pay rates for adjunct professors teaching graduate-level courses or specialized courses may be higher compared to those teaching undergraduate courses.

This is to ensure that the university attracts and retains highly qualified professionals who can provide students with the necessary knowledge and skills in their respective fields.

Other Factors like Location

While the base pay rate, experience grades, and course level are the primary factors that determine adjunct pay at Liberty University, there are other factors that may come into play as well. One such factor is the location in which the university is located.

Adjunct professors teaching at Liberty University’s main campus may have a different pay structure compared to those teaching at satellite campuses or online.

Additionally, the cost of living in a particular area may also impact the adjunct pay scale. For instance, adjunct professors teaching at Liberty University’s location in a high-cost city may receive a higher pay rate compared to those teaching in a lower-cost area.

This is to ensure that the compensation remains competitive and reflective of the economic conditions in the respective locations.

It’s important to note that the specific details regarding the pay scale and factors influencing adjunct pay at Liberty University may be subject to change. Therefore, it is advisable to refer to the official website or contact the university directly for the most up-to-date information.

Course Load Policies and Opportunities for Extra Pay

When it comes to course load policies at Liberty University, adjunct professors are generally limited to teaching two courses per semester. This policy ensures that the workload is manageable for both the instructors and the students.

By focusing on just two courses, adjunct professors can dedicate more time and attention to each class, providing a higher quality education for the students. This approach allows for a more in-depth exploration of the course material, fostering a better understanding and retention of the subject matter.

Exceptions Possible With Approval:

While the standard course load for adjunct professors at Liberty University is limited to two courses per semester, there are exceptions that can be made with the approval of the department chair or program director.

These exceptions may be granted in cases where there is a critical need for additional instructors or when a particular course requires specialized expertise. This flexibility allows the university to adapt to the changing needs of its students and ensure that they receive the best possible education.

Additional Pay for High Enrollment:

Liberty University recognizes the importance of maintaining small class sizes to facilitate effective learning. However, in cases where a course attracts a high number of students, adjunct professors may be eligible for additional pay.

This incentive is in place to acknowledge the extra effort required to accommodate and support a larger student population. The university values the dedication and commitment of its adjunct professors and strives to provide them with fair compensation for their hard work.

For more information on Liberty University’s course load policies and opportunities for extra pay, please visit their official website:

Tips to Maximize Pay as a Liberty Adjunct

Take on Additional Courses When Allowed

One effective way for Liberty University adjuncts to maximize their pay is by taking on additional courses whenever possible. By teaching more courses, adjuncts can increase their workload and subsequently boost their income.

It’s important to note that adjuncts should only take on additional courses if they feel they can manage the workload effectively without compromising the quality of their teaching. This not only benefits their pay but also allows them to gain more experience and expand their professional portfolio.

Additionally, teaching multiple courses can help adjuncts build strong relationships with students and colleagues, leading to potential recommendations and future job opportunities.

Ask About Pay Raises Over Time

Adjuncts at Liberty University should not hesitate to inquire about the possibility of pay raises over time. While some institutions have fixed pay rates for adjuncts, others may offer incremental increases based on factors such as years of service or professional development.

It is important for adjuncts to be proactive in advocating for themselves and to have open conversations with their department or academic administrators regarding compensation. By discussing potential pay raises, adjuncts can gain a better understanding of the opportunities available to them and potentially negotiate for higher rates.

Look for Related Work Opportunities

One way to maximize pay as a Liberty University adjunct is to explore related work opportunities within the university or in the surrounding community. Adjuncts can inquire about additional roles such as tutoring, mentoring, or assisting with research projects.

These opportunities not only provide additional income but also allow adjuncts to further enhance their skills and contribute to the academic community. Additionally, adjuncts can also consider freelance writing or consulting opportunities in their field of expertise.

These side gigs can supplement their income and provide valuable networking opportunities.

Comparing Liberty University Adjunct Pay to Other Schools

Pay Scale Falls in National Average Range

When it comes to adjunct pay, Liberty University falls within the national average range. According to recent studies and reports, adjunct instructors at universities across the country earn an average of $2,500 to $3,500 per course.

This aligns with Liberty University’s compensation structure, which offers adjuncts a competitive pay rate for their services. By providing adjuncts with fair compensation, Liberty University recognizes the value and expertise that these instructors bring to the classroom.

It’s important to note that adjunct pay can vary depending on factors such as location, experience, and the type of course being taught. However, Liberty University strives to ensure that its adjuncts are compensated fairly and in line with industry standards.

This commitment to fair pay reflects the university’s dedication to providing quality education and supporting its adjunct faculty members.

Better or Worse than Specific Local Competitors

When comparing Liberty University’s adjunct pay to specific local competitors, it’s essential to consider various factors that may influence compensation. While we cannot provide specific data on other institutions’ pay rates, it is worth noting that Liberty University prides itself on offering competitive compensation packages to its adjunct faculty.

Liberty University recognizes the importance of attracting and retaining talented educators, and one way they achieve this is by providing fair compensation. By offering competitive pay rates, the university aims to create a supportive and rewarding environment for its adjunct faculty members.

It’s worth mentioning that salary data for other local competitors may be available through reputable sources such as the Bureau of Labor Statistics or higher education associations. These sources can provide a more comprehensive understanding of how Liberty University’s adjunct pay compares to other schools in the area.

Additionally, visiting the websites of specific local competitors can provide more detailed information on their compensation packages for adjunct faculty.


Adjunct teaching can be a great way to share your expertise while earning extra income, but going in with full knowledge of the pay structure is key. As we’ve outlined here, Liberty University provides adjuncts with compensation that falls close to national industry averages, with pay starting around $2,800 per 3-credit course.

While pay is limited by course caps each semester, there are opportunities to earn more through higher enrollments, experience levels, and additional approved courses. Understanding Liberty’s adjunct pay policies provides the information you need to determine if teaching as an adjunct at Liberty makes good financial sense for your situation.

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