2020 MCAT Test Dates & Score Releases

The MCAT test or the Medical College Admission Test is a standardized examination for future medical students. This computer-based test is primarily required in countries like the United States, Canada, Australia, and Carribean Islands, but also in few other countries where it doesn’t hold as important status as it does in the previously mentioned countries. Either way, this test is a principal medical college admission requirement. The test is designed to examine and assess the skills of the participants, including complex problem-solving skills, critical thinking, knowledge of scientific concepts and principles, as well as written analysis. The test lasts for approximately 7 and a half hours and is scored in a range between 472 and 528.

In order to get admitted to a medical school, each student has to complete their MCAT test. That is why there are test dates and times throughout the year when the students can take the test, register for the test, reschedule and expect test results. In the following tables, you will see the official MCAT 2020 test dates, score release dates, as well as dates when students can reschedule, cancel and edit their MCAT test and registration information.

MCAT Official Test Dates 2020 (the US) MCAT Official Release Dates 2020 (the US)
Test date: January 17 Score Release Date: February 18
Test date: January 18 Score Release Date: February 19
Test date: January 23 Score Release Date: February 25
Test date: March 14 Score Release Date: April 14
Test date: March 27 Score Release Date: May 1
Test date: April 4 Score Release Date: May 5
Test date: April 24 Score Release Date: May 27
Test date: April 25 Score Release Date: May 27
Test date: May 9 Score Release Date: June 9
Test date: May 15 Score Release Date: June 16
Test date: May 16 Score Release Date: June 16
Test date: May 21 Score Release Date: June 23
Test date: May 29 Score Release Date: June 30
Test date: June 5 Score Release Date: July 7
Test date: June 19 Score Release Date: July 21
Test date: June 20 Score Release Date: July 21
Test date: June 27 Score Release Date: July 28
Test date: July 7 Score Release Date: August 6
Test date: July 18 Score Release Date: August 18
Test date: July 23 Score Release Date: August 20
Test date: July 31 Score Release Date: August 25
Test date: August 1 Score Release Date: September 1
Test date: August 7 Score Release Date: September 1
Test date: August 8 Score Release Date: September 9
Test date: August 14 Score Release Date: September 9
Test date: August 29 Score Release Date: September 15
Test date: September 3 Score Release Date: September 29
Test date: September 4 Score Release Date: October 6
Test date: September 11 Score Release Date: October 6
Test date: September 12 Score Release Date: October 13


Gold Zone Deadline (1) Silver Zone Deadline (2)  Bronze Zone Deadline (3)
Dec. 19, 2019 Jan. 2 Jan. 9
Dec. 20, 2019 Jan. 3 Jan. 10
Dec. 25, 2019 Jan. 8 Jan. 15
Feb. 14 Feb. 28 March 6
Feb. 27 March 12 March 19
March 6 March 20 March 27
March 26 April 9 April 16
March 27 April 10 April 17
April 10 April 24 May 1
April 16 April 30 May 7
April 17 May 1 May 8
April 22 May 6 May 13
April 30 May 14 May 21
May 7 May 21 May 28
May 21 June 4 June 11
May 22 June 5 June 12
May 29 June 12 June 19
June 8 June 22 June 29
June 19 July 3 July 10
June 24 July 8 July 15
July 2 July 16 July 23
July 3 July 17 July 24
July 9 July 23 July 30
July 10 July 24 July 31
July 16 July 30 Aug. 6
July 31 Aug. 14 Aug. 21
Aug. 5 Aug. 19 Aug. 26
Aug. 6 Aug. 20 Aug. 27
Aug. 13 Aug. 27 Sept. 3
Aug. 14 Aug. 28 Sept. 4
  1. Gold Zone Scheduling Deadline– these are the last dates available for rescheduling at a lower fee, and last dates to receive a partial refund in case you have to cancel the exam.
  1. Silver Zone Scheduling Deadline– these are the last dates reserved for registration that does not include a fee. These are also the last dates available for rescheduling.
  1. Bronze Zone Scheduling Deadline– these are the last dates available for reservation canceling. These are also the last dates to edit registration information, including name, address, consents, etc.

What are the MCAT prerequisites?

Prerequisites for the MCAT test include courses that are required for the general admission into a medical school. The courses are following;

  • Chemistry (General Chemistry, Biochemistry, Organic Chemistry) – a total of 4 semesters that include all fields of chemistry; you may take one or two fields of chemistry per semester. You may take two semesters of, for example, biochemistry, and the other two semesters general chemistry or organic chemistry, one per each semester, of course with laboratory components.
  • Introductory biology – two semesters of general biology with laboratory components.
  • Introductory physics – two semesters of physics with laboratory components.
  • Introductory sociology – one semester of introductory sociology.
  • Introductory psychology – one semester of introductory psychology.

These are some general prerequisites for the MCAT test. The admission requirements vary from school to school, so it is important to conduct detailed research in regard to the medical school you’re applying to. Some subjects are not required by some medical schools, and some of the schools require even more subjects. If you want to be prepared in advance, make sure to check advanced biology classes, genetics, cell biology, physiology, microbiology, cancer biology, molecular biology, etc. These classes may help you stay ahead of the competition, and of course, help you do better on the MCAT test.

What is the Fee for the MCAT Test?

Generally, the MCAT test will cost you $315 if you register on time. For late registration (1-2 weeks before the test date) you will have to pay $360. Of course, there are additional fees in cases of canceling or rescheduling;

  1. Golden zone 
  • Registration, 1 month or more prior to the test date – US $310
  • Reschedule fee – US $75
  • Cancellation refund – US $155
  1. Silver Zone
  • Registration, 3 to 4 weeks prior to the test date – US $310
  • Reschedule fee: US $135
  • Cancellation refund: n/a
  1. Bronze Zone
  • Registration, 1 to 2 weeks prior to the test date – US $360
  • Reschedule fee: n/a
  • Cancellation refund: n/a


Overall, apart from the main prerequisites, the MCAT test requires online registration and payment. Through the Association of American Medical Colleges, you will get your test date, time and location. This test is generally very important for your admission into a medical school of your choice. Moreover, the results of your MCAT test are used to predict your success in medical school. So, it is important for you to prepare for this test as thoroughly as possible. If you struggle with your preparation, make sure to check for online MCAT preparation courses, which can be very useful, and usually fit the budget of a regular student. So, all that is left to say is good luck and hopefully, this brief overview of the MCAT test and dates was helpful.

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