Examining Meek Mill’S Controversial Album Dwmtm

Meek Mill’s 2015 album Dreams Worth More Than Money (DWMTM) marked an important milestone in the rapper’s career. After delays and legal troubles, fans were eager to hear Meek’s follow-up to his successful debut album.

However, DWMTM became embroiled in controversy about Meek’s beef with Drake and underwhelming sales.

If you’re short on time, here are the key points about DWMTM: it was Meek Mill’s sophomore album released in 2015 after many delays, it sold low despite promotion, it received mixed reviews criticizing lack of energy, and it’s best known for igniting his beef with Drake.

Background and Delays on DWMTM

Meek Mill’s album DWMTM (Dreams Worth More Than Money) was highly anticipated by fans and critics alike. It was the follow-up to his successful debut album and was expected to further establish him as a prominent figure in the rap industry.

However, the album faced several delays and setbacks before its eventual release.

Follow Up to Debut Album

DWMTM was Meek Mill’s second studio album, following the success of his debut album “Dreams and Nightmares” in 2012. The debut album received critical acclaim and helped solidify Meek Mill’s status as a rising star in the rap game.

Fans were eagerly awaiting the release of his sophomore effort, hoping for another collection of powerful lyrics and hard-hitting beats.

Original 2012 Release Date

The original release date for DWMTM was set for 2012, shortly after the release of Meek Mill’s debut album. However, due to various reasons, the album was repeatedly pushed back, leaving fans frustrated and eager for new music.

The delays created anticipation and speculation among fans about what the album would sound like and how it would compare to Meek Mill’s previous work.

Pushed Back Due to Legal Issues

One of the main reasons for the delays in releasing DWMTM was Meek Mill’s legal issues. In 2014, he was sentenced to prison for violating his probation. This setback not only disrupted his personal life but also affected the production and release of the album.

Meek Mill’s legal battles became a topic of public discussion and added to the controversy surrounding the album.

During his time in prison, Meek Mill’s fans rallied behind him, advocating for justice and demanding his release. The support he received during this difficult period further increased the anticipation for DWMTM upon its eventual release.

It became not just an album but a symbol of Meek Mill’s resilience and determination to overcome his legal troubles.

Ultimately, DWMTM was released in 2015 and received positive reviews from critics. It debuted at number one on the Billboard 200 chart, solidifying Meek Mill’s status as a successful artist. The delays and challenges faced during the album’s creation and release only added to its significance and impact.

DWMTM Tracklist and Features

18 Songs Total

Meek Mill’s album “DWMTM” (Dreams Worth More Than Money) features a total of 18 songs, providing listeners with a diverse range of musical styles and themes. Each track on the album showcases Meek Mill’s unique blend of storytelling and hard-hitting rap, making it a must-listen for fans of the genre.

Appearances by Rick Ross, Nicki Minaj, and Others

One of the standout features of “DWMTM” is the impressive list of guest artists who contribute to the album. Meek Mill collaborates with industry heavyweights like Rick Ross, Nicki Minaj, and others, bringing their own distinct styles and lyrical prowess to the tracks they appear on.

This combination of talent creates a dynamic and captivating listening experience for fans.

Drake Feature on ‘R.I.C.O.’

Perhaps one of the most talked-about features on “DWMTM” is Drake’s appearance on the track “R.I.C.O.” This collaboration between Meek Mill and Drake garnered significant attention, both positive and negative, due to the highly publicized feud between the two artists.

The inclusion of this track on the album added fuel to the fire and sparked discussions among fans and critics alike.

Feud with Drake Sparked by Album

Meek Mill’s album “Dreams Worth More Than Money” (DWMTM) was not just an album release, but the catalyst for one of the most talked-about feuds in recent hip-hop history. The feud between Meek Mill and Drake began when Meek accused Drake of using ghostwriters for his verse on their collaboration “R.I.C.O.”

Drake Didn’t Promote ‘R.I.C.O.’

One of the main sources of controversy surrounding DWMTM was the lack of promotion and support from Drake for their collaboration track “R.I.C.O.” Despite being featured on the song, Drake did not actively promote it, leading Meek Mill to question his loyalty and commitment to the project.

This lack of support from Drake further fueled the tensions between the two artists.

Meek Accused Drake of Using Ghostwriters

Meek Mill’s accusations that Drake used ghostwriters sent shockwaves throughout the music industry. In a series of tweets, Meek called out Drake, claiming that he didn’t write his own lyrics. This accusation not only sparked intense debate among fans and fellow artists but also raised questions about the authenticity and integrity of Drake’s music.

Seen as Major Moment in Hip-Hop Feud

The feud between Meek Mill and Drake became a major moment in hip-hop history. The back-and-forth diss tracks, social media jabs, and public feuding captivated fans and media alike. It became a battle of words, with both artists trying to prove their superiority and defend their reputations.

The feud had a significant impact on the perception of both artists and the hip-hop genre as a whole.

Overshadowed DWMTM Release

Despite its initial success, the release of DWMTM was overshadowed by the feud with Drake. The album itself received critical acclaim and commercial success, debuting at number one on the Billboard 200 chart.

However, the controversy surrounding the feud took the focus away from the album’s achievements and shifted the narrative to the ongoing feud between Meek Mill and Drake.

DWMTM Commercial Performance and Reviews

Debuted at No. 1 But Quickly Fell

Meek Mill’s album “Dreams Worth More Than Money” (DWMTM) made a strong entrance into the music industry, debuting at the coveted No. 1 spot on the Billboard 200 chart. This achievement marked a significant milestone in Meek Mill’s career, demonstrating his growing popularity and fan base.

However, despite its initial success, the album quickly fell down the charts in subsequent weeks.

While the album’s initial success was undoubtedly impressive, its rapid decline sparked discussions and debates among industry experts and fans alike. Some attributed the drop in album sales to various factors such as lack of promotion, competition from other artists, or changing trends in music consumption.

Regardless, it is important to note that DWMTM’s initial debut at No. 1 showcased Meek Mill’s ability to capture the attention of listeners and generate significant buzz.

Sold Low Despite Heavy Promotion

One of the notable aspects of Meek Mill’s album DWMTM was its extensive promotion. The album was heavily marketed and advertised, with Meek Mill making appearances on various talk shows, radio interviews, and social media platforms to generate buzz and excitement among fans.

Despite this, DWMTM did not perform as well in terms of sales as initially anticipated.

It is important to highlight that the success of an album cannot solely be measured by its sales figures. While DWMTM may not have reached the sales numbers expected, it still managed to resonate with a significant number of fans and receive critical acclaim for its lyrical content, production quality, and overall artistic vision.

Criticized for Lacking Energy

One of the criticisms directed towards DWMTM was its perceived lack of energy. Some fans and critics felt that the album did not live up to the high expectations set by Meek Mill’s previous works. They argued that the album lacked the same level of intensity and passion that had made Meek Mill’s music so captivating in the past.

Music is subjective, and what one person might perceive as lacking energy, another might appreciate for its more introspective and mature approach. It is important to recognize that artists evolve and explore different styles and themes throughout their careers.

While DWMTM may have been criticized for lacking energy by some, it also garnered praise for its introspective lyrics and personal storytelling.

Panned as Underwhelming Follow-Up

Following the tremendous success of Meek Mill’s previous album “Dreams and Nightmares,” the release of DWMTM was highly anticipated. Unfortunately, the album was met with mixed reviews and was deemed by some as an underwhelming follow-up to its predecessor.

However, it is crucial to remember that every artist faces the challenge of following up a highly successful album. Expectations are often sky-high, and it can be difficult to match or surpass previous achievements.

While DWMTM may not have lived up to the expectations of some, it still showcased Meek Mill’s growth as an artist and the willingness to experiment with different sounds and themes.

Impact and Legacy of DWMTM

Meek Mill’s album “Dreams Worth More Than Money” (DWMTM) had a significant impact on the music industry and left a lasting legacy. From sparking a highly-publicized feud to becoming a fan favorite, DWMTM made waves in the hip-hop community.

Sparked Epic Drake vs. Meek Feud

One of the most notable impacts of DWMTM was its role in igniting the epic feud between Meek Mill and Drake. It all started when Meek accused Drake of using ghostwriters, which led to a series of diss tracks being released by both artists.

The feud dominated headlines and social media for months, with fans eagerly awaiting each new diss track. It was a moment that shook the industry and showcased the power of rap battles in the digital age.

Perceived as Major Setback for Meek

While DWMTM had its successes, it was also perceived by some as a major setback for Meek Mill. Despite debuting at number one on the Billboard 200 chart, the album faced criticism for not living up to the high expectations set by Meek’s previous releases.

Some critics argued that the album lacked the lyrical depth and storytelling that had made Meek Mill stand out in the past.

Lyrics Remain Meek Mill Fan Favorites

Despite the mixed reviews, many of the tracks on DWMTM have become fan favorites and remain popular to this day. Songs like “Lord Knows” and “All Eyes on You” featuring Nicki Minaj continue to receive airplay and have become staples in Meek Mill’s live performances.

The album showcased Meek’s signature aggressive delivery and powerful lyricism, resonating with his dedicated fan base.

Helped Lead to Probation Violation

Unfortunately, the release of DWMTM also played a role in Meek Mill’s legal troubles. The album’s success and Meek’s subsequent rise to fame drew attention from the criminal justice system. Meek’s probation violation case became highly publicized, shedding light on the issues surrounding the criminal justice system and sparking a nationwide conversation about unfair sentencing and probation practices.


DWMTM was supposed to be Meek Mill’s victory lap but instead became engulfed in controversy after its lackluster reception and his feud with Drake. While DWMTM delivered chart-topping bangers for Meek’s fans, its legacy is mired in the drama with Drake that overshadowed its release.

Ultimately DWMTM is an important chapter in both Meek Mill’s career and hip-hop history, for better or worse. The album that was meant to be Meek’s shining moment instead marked his lowest point before the redemptive comeback with Championships.

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