Monster Hunter Rise Affinity Guide: Understanding Critical Hits

Affinity is one of the most important stats to understand in Monster Hunter Rise. Determining your affinity percentage and boosting critical hit rate is crucial for increasing your damage output. In this comprehensive 3000 word guide, we’ll explain exactly how affinity works in Monster Hunter Rise and provide tips on maximizing your critical hits.

If you’re short on time, here’s the key point: Affinity refers to your weapon’s critical hit rate. With 0% affinity, you’ll get no bonus damage critical hits. At 100% affinity, every attack will be a critical hit for extra damage.

There are skills and buffs to boost affinity for more frequent critical hits.

What is Affinity in Monster Hunter Rise?

Affinity is a crucial mechanic in Monster Hunter Rise that determines the likelihood of landing critical hits. In simple terms, it represents the percentage chance of dealing increased damage with each attack.

Understanding how affinity works is key to maximizing your damage output and taking down formidable monsters with ease.

Defining affinity as critical hit rate percentage

Affinity is expressed as a percentage and directly influences the probability of landing critical hits. A positive affinity value indicates a chance to deal increased damage, while a negative affinity value means there is a chance for reduced damage.

For example, a weapon with 20% affinity has a 20% chance of landing a critical hit with each attack.

How positive and negative affinity affect critical hits

Positive affinity increases the damage dealt when a critical hit occurs. When a critical hit lands, it deals 25% more damage than a normal hit. So, a weapon with 20% positive affinity will deal 25% more damage on 20% of its attacks.

On the other hand, negative affinity reduces damage on attacks that don’t land critical hits. A weapon with -10% affinity will deal 10% less damage on 10% of its attacks.

It’s important to note that critical hits can also trigger other effects, such as elemental damage or status effects, making affinity even more valuable in certain situations.

Affinity vs raw damage explained

Affinity and raw damage are two separate factors that contribute to a weapon’s overall effectiveness. Raw damage represents the base power of an attack, while affinity determines the chance of landing critical hits. Both factors are important, but they work together in different ways.

In general, a weapon with higher raw damage will deal more damage on average, regardless of affinity. However, a weapon with high affinity can potentially outperform a weapon with higher raw damage if it consistently lands critical hits.

It’s all about finding the right balance and playstyle that suits you.

Increasing Affinity to Boost Damage

Affinity plays a crucial role in maximizing your damage output in Monster Hunter Rise. Affinity represents the chance of landing a critical hit, which deals increased damage to your target. In this guide, we will explore different ways to increase affinity and unleash devastating critical hits on your foes.

Armor skills like Critical Eye and Latent Power

One of the primary ways to increase affinity is by equipping armor skills that boost your critical hit chance. Skills like Critical Eye and Latent Power are excellent choices for increasing affinity. Critical Eye increases affinity directly, while Latent Power provides a temporary affinity boost when certain conditions are met, such as taking damage or landing consecutive hits.

By focusing on these armor skills, you can significantly increase your affinity and unleash a barrage of critical hits on your enemies. Remember to prioritize armor sets that offer these skills to maximize your damage potential.

Talismans and decorations to equip

In addition to armor skills, you can further enhance your affinity by equipping talismans and decorations. Talismans are special items that provide additional skills and can be customized to suit your playstyle.

Look for talismans that offer affinity-boosting skills to increase your critical hit chance.

Decorations, on the other hand, are gems that can be slotted into your armor pieces. Some decorations provide affinity buffs, increasing your overall chance of landing critical hits. Experiment with different combinations of talismans and decorations to find the perfect setup that maximizes your affinity.

Consumable items that provide affinity buffs

Another way to temporarily increase your affinity is by using consumable items that provide affinity buffs. These items can be crafted or purchased from the in-game merchants. Consumables like Mega Demondrug and Demon Powder provide significant affinity boosts for a limited duration, allowing you to deal massive damage during critical hit windows.

Make sure to stock up on these consumable items before heading into challenging hunts. They can make a significant difference in your damage output and help you take down monsters more efficiently.

To summarize, increasing your affinity is essential for boosting your damage output in Monster Hunter Rise. By utilizing armor skills like Critical Eye and Latent Power, equipping talismans and decorations that provide affinity buffs, and using consumable items, you can significantly increase your critical hit chance and unleash devastating attacks on your enemies.

Remember to experiment with different setups and find the combination that works best for your playstyle. Happy hunting!

Critical Boost Skill Effect on Damage

The Critical Boost skill is a valuable addition to any Monster Hunter Rise build, as it has a significant impact on your overall damage output. When you land a critical hit on a monster, the damage you deal is multiplied by a certain factor.

This factor increases as you level up the Critical Boost skill. For example, at level 1, your critical hits deal 30% more damage, while at level 3, your critical hits deal an impressive 40% more damage.

How Critical Boost multiplies critical hit damage

Let’s say you have a weapon that deals 100 damage on a regular hit. With a critical hit, the damage multiplier from the Critical Boost skill comes into play. With a level 1 Critical Boost, your critical hit damage would be 130 (100 + 100 * 0.3).

However, with a level 3 Critical Boost, your critical hit damage would be 140 (100 + 100 * 0.4). As you can see, the higher your Critical Boost level, the more damage you’ll deal on critical hits.

When Critical Boost is worth investing in

Investing in the Critical Boost skill is particularly beneficial if you have a high affinity with your weapon. Affinity represents your chances of landing a critical hit, with positive affinity increasing your chances and negative affinity decreasing them.

If you already have a high affinity, the Critical Boost skill becomes even more valuable, as it amplifies the damage of your critical hits.

It’s important to note that the effectiveness of the Critical Boost skill may vary depending on the weapon type and playstyle. Some weapons, like the Great Sword, have naturally high raw damage but lower affinity, making Critical Boost less impactful.

On the other hand, weapons like the Dual Blades, which have high affinity and attack rapidly, benefit greatly from the additional damage boost provided by Critical Boost.

Stacking Critical Boost and Affinity skills

To maximize your damage potential, consider combining the Critical Boost skill with other affinity-increasing skills. Skills like Weakness Exploit, Critical Eye, and Agitator can further boost your affinity, increasing your chances of landing critical hits.

By stacking these skills, you create a powerful synergy that significantly enhances your damage output.

Remember, it’s important to find the right balance between Critical Boost and other skills that complement your playstyle. Experiment with different combinations to discover what works best for you and your preferred weapon. Happy hunting!

Affinity Farming Tips and Tricks

Affinity is an important stat in Monster Hunter Rise that affects your chances of landing critical hits. Understanding affinity and knowing how to farm it can greatly enhance your hunting prowess. Here are some tips and tricks to help you with your affinity farming endeavors.

Quests and monsters that provide affinity materials

One way to farm affinity is by completing specific quests that reward you with materials that boost affinity. These quests often involve hunting specific monsters known for dropping affinity-enhancing items.

For example, the “Affinity Boosting Hunt” quest tasks you with hunting a Rathalos, a monster known for dropping Rathalos Plates, which can be used to craft affinity-boosting decorations. By focusing on these quests, you can accumulate the necessary materials to increase your affinity.

Target farming zones on the map

Another way to farm affinity is by targeting specific farming zones on the map. These zones often contain gathering points that yield materials used to enhance affinity. For example, the Shrine Ruins has multiple gathering points that provide Dragonite Ore, a material used for crafting affinity-boosting charms.

By focusing on these zones during your hunts, you can gather a significant amount of affinity-enhancing materials.

Combining items to get affinity buffs

Combining items is a great way to get affinity buffs. By combining certain materials, you can create consumables that temporarily increase your affinity. For example, combining Nitroshrooms and Exciteshrooms creates a Max Potion, which not only restores health but also grants a temporary affinity boost.

Experiment with different combinations of materials to discover powerful affinity-enhancing consumables.

Remember, affinity plays a crucial role in determining your damage output, so investing time in affinity farming can greatly improve your hunting success. With these tips and tricks, you’ll be well on your way to becoming a master of critical hits in Monster Hunter Rise!

Max Affinity Builds and Strategies

Endgame builds with 100% affinity

When it comes to maximizing your affinity in Monster Hunter Rise, reaching 100% affinity is the ultimate goal. Having 100% affinity means that every attack you land will result in a critical hit, dealing increased damage.

This can significantly boost your overall damage output and help you take down monsters more efficiently.

One popular strategy for achieving 100% affinity is to build around the Critical Eye skill. Critical Eye increases your affinity by a certain percentage, allowing you to reach the coveted 100% mark. Pairing Critical Eye with other affinity boosting skills, such as Weakness Exploit or Maximum Might, can further enhance your chances of landing critical hits consistently.

Additionally, some weapons have innate affinity-boosting abilities or special moves that can further increase your affinity. For example, the Long Sword’s Spirit Helm Breaker move grants a temporary affinity bonus, while the Dual Blades’ Demon Mode increases their affinity while active.

By utilizing these weapon-specific mechanics, you can push your affinity even higher.

Balancing affinity and other skills

While having 100% affinity is desirable, it’s important to strike a balance between affinity and other important skills. In some cases, sacrificing a few percentage points of affinity in exchange for other beneficial skills might be more advantageous.

For example, if you’re using a weapon with a slower attack speed, such as a Great Sword, focusing solely on affinity may not be the most effective strategy. Instead, you might want to consider investing in skills that enhance your raw damage, such as Attack Boost or Critical Boost.

These skills can increase the damage of your non-critical hits, making your overall damage output more consistent.

Ultimately, finding the right balance between affinity and other skills will depend on your playstyle and the weapon you’re using. Experiment with different builds and see what works best for you.

Affinity tactics for different weapons

Each weapon type in Monster Hunter Rise has its own unique playstyle and mechanics, which means that the affinity tactics may vary depending on the weapon you choose.

For fast-hitting weapons like the Dual Blades or Sword and Shield, focusing on higher affinity is generally more beneficial due to the sheer number of hits you’ll be landing. On the other hand, slower weapons like the Great Sword or Hammer might benefit more from a balanced approach that prioritizes raw damage.

Some weapons, like the Bow or Light Bowgun, have mechanics that allow them to easily reach high affinity. The Bow’s Critical Element skill, for example, increases affinity when hitting a monster’s weak spots, while the Light Bowgun’s Rapid Fire ability can rapidly stack affinity-boosting shots.

It’s important to familiarize yourself with the specific mechanics and strengths of your chosen weapon to optimize your affinity tactics. Experiment with different builds and playstyles to find what suits you best.

For more in-depth information on affinity, critical hits, and Monster Hunter Rise overall, you can visit the official Monster Hunter Rise website.


Getting affinity in Monster Hunter Rise allows you to land more devastating critical hits. With the right skills, items, and strategies, you can push your critical rate to 100% and maximize your damage output against any monster.

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