Nc State Coding Bootcamp: A Detailed Review

In today’s digital world, coding skills are highly sought after in the job market. As such, coding bootcamps have become increasingly popular as an efficient way to launch a career in web development or software engineering.

If you’re considering a North Carolina coding bootcamp, NC State Coding Bootcamp is a top contender.

The NC State Coding Bootcamp is a 24-week, part-time program offered through NC State’s Engineering Online program. It provides students with over 640 hours of expert instruction in web development technologies like JavaScript, Node.js, and React.

By graduation, students build an impressive portfolio of projects and gain the skills needed for a lucrative career in tech. But is NC State Coding Bootcamp worth the investment? Let’s take a detailed look at the curriculum, outcomes, admissions, cost, and more to help you decide if it’s the right bootcamp for you.

Coding Bootcamp Curriculum and Coursework

Front-End Development

The NC State Coding Bootcamp offers a comprehensive curriculum that covers various aspects of front-end development. Students will learn the essentials of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, which are the building blocks of web development.

They will gain hands-on experience in creating visually appealing and interactive user interfaces. By the end of this module, students will be equipped with the skills to design and develop engaging websites.

Back-End Development

In addition to front-end development, the coding bootcamp also focuses on back-end development. Students will dive into server-side programming languages such as Node.js and Ruby on Rails. They will learn how to handle databases, build APIs, and implement server-side logic.

This module provides students with the necessary skills to develop the functional parts of web applications.

Building Responsive Web Apps

With the increasing demand for mobile-friendly websites, the NC State Coding Bootcamp curriculum includes a module on building responsive web apps. Students will learn how to create websites that adapt and respond to different devices and screen sizes.

They will explore frameworks such as Bootstrap and learn the best practices for designing responsive layouts. By the end of this module, students will be able to develop websites that provide an optimal user experience across various devices.

Debugging and Troubleshooting

The ability to debug and troubleshoot code is crucial for any developer. The coding bootcamp curriculum includes a dedicated module on debugging and troubleshooting techniques. Students will learn how to identify and fix common errors, use debugging tools, and implement efficient problem-solving strategies.

This module ensures that students become proficient in diagnosing and resolving issues that may arise during the development process.

CS Fundamentals

Understanding computer science fundamentals is essential for becoming a well-rounded developer. The NC State Coding Bootcamp curriculum includes a module that covers core concepts such as algorithms, data structures, and software engineering principles.

Students will develop a solid foundation in computer science, enabling them to tackle complex coding challenges with confidence.

By offering a comprehensive curriculum that covers both front-end and back-end development, along with modules on building responsive web apps, debugging and troubleshooting, and CS fundamentals, the NC State Coding Bootcamp ensures that students are equipped with the necessary skills to excel in the field of coding.

Whether you are a beginner or looking to enhance your existing coding skills, this bootcamp provides a structured and immersive learning experience that prepares you for a successful career in the tech industry.

Outcomes and Career Support

Impressive Employment Statistics

If you’re considering enrolling in the NC State Coding Bootcamp, you’ll be pleased to know that the program has a track record of producing impressive employment outcomes for its graduates. According to the latest statistics, over 90% of bootcamp graduates find employment within six months of completing the program.

This is a testament to the quality of education and the practical skills that students acquire during their time in the bootcamp.

Furthermore, the average starting salary for NC State Coding Bootcamp graduates is well above the national average for entry-level coding positions. This demonstrates the value that employers place on the skills and knowledge gained through the program.

Help with Job Search and Placement

One of the standout features of the NC State Coding Bootcamp is the comprehensive support it provides to students during their job search. The bootcamp’s dedicated career services team offers personalized guidance and assistance in finding employment opportunities that align with each student’s skills and career goals.

From resume and cover letter reviews to interview preparation and networking events, the career services team is committed to helping students secure meaningful employment. They also provide valuable resources and strategies for navigating the ever-changing job market in the tech industry.

Additionally, the bootcamp has established strong relationships with local and national employers, who actively recruit graduates from the program. This network of industry connections can significantly enhance students’ job prospects and open doors to exciting career opportunities.

Alumni Network

Once you graduate from the NC State Coding Bootcamp, you become part of a supportive and active alumni network that can provide ongoing professional development and networking opportunities. The alumni network is a valuable resource for connecting with like-minded individuals who have gone through the same program and can offer advice, mentorship, and potential job leads.

The alumni network also organizes regular meetups, workshops, and guest speaker events, allowing graduates to stay updated on the latest industry trends and expand their professional networks. This sense of community and ongoing support is a significant advantage for bootcamp graduates as they navigate their careers in the tech industry.

For more information, you can visit the official NC State Coding Bootcamp website and explore the testimonials and success stories shared by alumni.

Admissions Criteria and Process

Getting admitted into the NC State Coding Bootcamp is a competitive process that requires meeting certain criteria and going through a thorough application process. Here are the key details you need to know about the admissions criteria and process.

Competitive Admissions

The NC State Coding Bootcamp has a limited number of spots available for each cohort, making the admissions process highly competitive. This is because the bootcamp aims to maintain small class sizes to ensure personalized attention and effective learning.

As a result, it is essential for applicants to stand out from the crowd and demonstrate their passion for coding and commitment to learning.

Prerequisites and Requirements

Before applying to the NC State Coding Bootcamp, applicants are expected to meet certain prerequisites and requirements. While a background in computer science or coding is not mandatory, having some prior experience or basic knowledge can be beneficial.

Additionally, applicants must have a high school diploma or equivalent. It is also important to note that the bootcamp welcomes applicants from diverse backgrounds and encourages individuals from underrepresented communities to apply.

Note: For a detailed list of prerequisites and requirements, you can refer to the official NC State Coding Bootcamp website.

How to Apply

The application process for the NC State Coding Bootcamp is straightforward. To apply, prospective students must complete an online application form and submit it along with any required documents, such as a resume or letter of intent.

Additionally, some applicants may be required to participate in an interview or coding assessment as part of the evaluation process. It is recommended to carefully review the application instructions and provide all necessary information to increase the chances of acceptance.

Upon successful completion of the application process, the admissions team will review the applications and notify the selected candidates. If accepted, students will receive further instructions regarding enrollment and next steps to start their coding journey at the NC State Coding Bootcamp.

Program Tuition and Financing Options

Attending a coding bootcamp can be a significant investment, but the benefits it offers can outweigh the costs. The NC State Coding Bootcamp offers a comprehensive curriculum that prepares students for a career in coding.

The tuition cost for the program is $10,000, which covers the cost of instruction, materials, and access to the bootcamp’s online learning platform. This cost is competitive compared to other coding bootcamps in the area, making it an affordable option for individuals looking to gain coding skills.

For those seeking financial assistance, the NC State Coding Bootcamp offers scholarships and benefits for veterans through the GI Bill. Scholarships are available for individuals who demonstrate financial need or exceptional merit.

The bootcamp also accepts GI Bill benefits, providing veterans with the opportunity to use their military education benefits to cover the cost of tuition.

If scholarships or GI Bill benefits are not available to you, there are still options to help finance your coding bootcamp education. The NC State Coding Bootcamp partners with various lending institutions to offer student loans specifically tailored for bootcamp students.

These loans often have favorable terms and competitive interest rates, making them an attractive option for those needing financial assistance.

Additionally, the bootcamp offers flexible payment plans, allowing students to spread out their tuition payments over several months. This can help alleviate the financial burden of paying the full tuition upfront and make the program more accessible to a wider range of individuals.

It’s important to carefully consider your financial situation and explore all available options before committing to a coding bootcamp. Researching and comparing different financing options can help you make an informed decision and determine the best way to invest in your future.

Pros and Cons of NC State Coding Bootcamp

Benefits of the Program

The NC State Coding Bootcamp offers numerous benefits to those looking to kickstart their career in the tech industry. Here are some of the key advantages:

  • Comprehensive Curriculum: The program provides a well-rounded curriculum that covers a wide range of coding languages and technologies. Students will gain a solid foundation in areas such as HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Python, and more.
  • Hands-on Learning: One of the strengths of this bootcamp is its emphasis on practical, hands-on learning. Students will have the opportunity to work on real-world projects, which helps them develop the necessary skills and experience to succeed in the industry.
  • Experienced Instructors: The coding bootcamp is led by experienced instructors who have a deep understanding of the subject matter. They are dedicated to providing a supportive and engaging learning environment, ensuring that students receive the guidance they need to excel.
  • Networking Opportunities: Another advantage of the NC State Coding Bootcamp is the networking opportunities it offers. Students will have the chance to connect with industry professionals, expand their professional network, and potentially secure job opportunities.
  • Flexible Schedule: The program is designed to accommodate both full-time and part-time students. This flexibility allows individuals to pursue their coding education while juggling other commitments such as work or family.

Downsides to Consider

While the NC State Coding Bootcamp has many benefits, it is important to consider the potential downsides as well. Here are a few things to keep in mind:

  • Intensive Pace: Coding bootcamps are known for their fast-paced nature, and this program is no exception. Students should be prepared for an intense learning experience that requires dedication and time commitment.
  • Cost: Like any educational program, there is a cost associated with attending the NC State Coding Bootcamp. It is important to carefully consider the financial implications and explore any available scholarships or financing options.
  • Job Placement Guarantee: While the bootcamp may offer job placement assistance, there is no guarantee of employment upon completion of the program. It is essential for students to actively seek job opportunities and market themselves effectively.
  • Limited Resources: Depending on the specific resources and facilities available, some students may find that certain tools or technologies are not readily accessible. However, the program aims to provide as much support as possible within its means.


In summary, NC State Coding Bootcamp offers an intensive learning experience that prepares students for lucrative careers in web development and software engineering. The expert instructors, hands-on curriculum, strong career outcomes, and alumni/employer network make it a top coding bootcamp in North Carolina.

However, the program represents a significant investment between tuition and the part-time commitment. Applicants must also meet minimum requirements and stand out in a competitive admissions process.

For motivated learners seeking an immersive education in web development with career-focused support, NC State Coding Bootcamp is a program worth strong consideration. Just be prepared to put in the effort required to maximize your learning and job prospects after graduation.

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