Panera Bread Shift Supervisor Pay: A Detailed Overview

Working as a shift supervisor at Panera Bread can be a rewarding job, but many people wonder – how much does a Panera shift supervisor really make? In this comprehensive guide, we’ll take an in-depth look at Panera Bread shift supervisor pay, bonuses, and other compensation details to help you understand this role’s earning potential.

If you’re short on time, here’s a quick answer: The average Panera Bread shift supervisor pay is around $12 – $16 per hour. Exact wages vary by location and experience level.

In the sections below, we’ll dig into the details on typical Panera shift supervisor hourly pay ranges, factors that impact earnings, average annual income statistics, bonus opportunities, and more. We’ll also look at how Panera pay and benefits compare to competitors like Starbucks, Chipotle, and other popular food service chains.

Average Hourly and Annual Pay for Panera Shift Supervisors

Hourly Wage Range

As a Panera Bread shift supervisor, your hourly pay will depend on various factors such as your experience, location, and the specific Panera Bread franchise you work for. On average, Panera shift supervisors earn an hourly wage ranging from $10 to $15.

However, it’s important to note that this range can vary slightly depending on the factors mentioned above.

Average Annual Income

When considering the annual income of a Panera Bread shift supervisor, it’s important to factor in the number of hours worked per week. Assuming an average workweek of 40 hours, a Panera shift supervisor earning $10 per hour would make around $20,800 per year, while someone earning $15 per hour would make approximately $31,200 per year.

Keep in mind that these figures are before taxes and any deductions.

Common Additional Compensation

In addition to their hourly pay, Panera Bread shift supervisors may also be eligible for various forms of additional compensation. This can include bonuses, profit sharing, and employee discounts. These additional benefits can help enhance the overall compensation package and make the role even more rewarding.

It’s important to note that the information provided above is based on general averages and can vary based on individual circumstances. For more accurate and up-to-date information regarding Panera Bread shift supervisor pay rates, it’s recommended to visit the official Panera Bread website or consult with your local Panera Bread franchise.

Factors That Can Impact Shift Supervisor Pay at Panera

When it comes to determining shift supervisor pay at Panera Bread, several factors come into play. These factors can have a significant impact on how much a shift supervisor earns at the popular bakery-cafe chain.

Understanding these factors can help individuals gauge what to expect in terms of compensation. Let’s take a closer look at some of the key factors that can influence shift supervisor pay at Panera.

Location of Store

The location of the Panera Bread store can play a role in determining shift supervisor pay. In areas with a higher cost of living or where the demand for qualified shift supervisors is greater, the pay rate may be higher compared to stores in less populated or more affordable regions.

For example, a shift supervisor working in a busy urban area may earn a higher wage than one working in a suburban or rural location.

Experience Level

The level of experience a shift supervisor brings to the table can also impact their pay at Panera. Generally, those with more experience and a proven track record of success in supervisory roles may command a higher wage compared to someone who is just starting out in a similar position.

This is because experienced shift supervisors often bring valuable skills and knowledge that can contribute to the smooth operation of the store.

Performance and Tenure

The performance and tenure of a shift supervisor can also influence their pay at Panera. Shift supervisors who consistently deliver exceptional results, meet or exceed performance targets, and demonstrate their ability to effectively manage a team may be eligible for pay raises or bonuses.

Additionally, those who have been with the company for a longer period of time may also see an increase in their pay as a reward for their loyalty and dedication.

Full-Time vs Part-Time Status

Whether a shift supervisor is employed on a full-time or part-time basis can also impact their pay at Panera. Full-time shift supervisors typically receive benefits such as health insurance, paid time off, and retirement plans, which can be considered as part of their overall compensation package.

As a result, their hourly wage may be slightly lower compared to part-time shift supervisors who do not receive these additional benefits.

Panera Bread Shift Supervisor Benefits

Working as a shift supervisor at Panera Bread comes with a range of benefits that go beyond just a paycheck. From health insurance to retirement savings plans, Panera Bread values its employees and strives to provide them with a comprehensive benefits package.

Health Insurance

Panera Bread understands the importance of taking care of its employees’ health. That’s why they offer health insurance options for shift supervisors. These plans include medical, dental, and vision coverage, ensuring that employees and their families have access to quality healthcare.

Retirement Savings Plans

Planning for the future is essential, and Panera Bread encourages its shift supervisors to save for retirement. They offer retirement savings plans, such as a 401(k) plan, where employees can contribute a portion of their earnings and receive matching contributions from the company.

This allows shift supervisors to build a nest egg for their retirement years.

Paid Time Off and Leaves

At Panera Bread, shift supervisors are provided with paid time off and leaves to balance their work and personal lives. This includes vacation time, sick leave, and parental leave. The company understands the importance of taking time off to recharge and spend quality time with loved ones.

Employee Discounts

Panera Bread shift supervisors enjoy exclusive employee discounts on food and beverages. Whether it’s a delicious sandwich, a freshly brewed coffee, or a mouthwatering pastry, shift supervisors can satisfy their cravings at a discounted price.

This perk allows them to enjoy the Panera Bread experience while saving some money.

Bonus Opportunities

Panera Bread recognizes and rewards the hard work and dedication of its shift supervisors. They offer bonus opportunities based on performance and achievement of set goals. These bonuses can be a great way to earn extra income and provide additional motivation for shift supervisors to excel in their roles.

Panera Pay and Benefits Compared to Competitors


When it comes to comparing Panera Bread’s shift supervisor pay to its competitors, Starbucks stands out as one of the main contenders. Both companies offer competitive compensation packages, but there are some differences to consider.

According to recent data from, the average hourly pay for a shift supervisor at Starbucks ranges from $12 to $18. This may vary depending on factors such as location and experience. In addition to the base pay, Starbucks offers a range of benefits, including healthcare coverage, paid time off, and stock options.


Chipotle, the popular Mexican fast-casual chain, is another competitor that shift supervisors may consider when comparing Panera’s pay and benefits. Chipotle has a reputation for providing competitive compensation and a range of perks.

Based on data from, the average hourly pay for a shift supervisor at Chipotle is around $13. In addition to the base pay, Chipotle offers benefits such as healthcare coverage, paid time off, and tuition assistance for eligible employees.

Fast Food Chains

When comparing Panera Bread’s shift supervisor pay to traditional fast food chains like McDonald’s or Burger King, the differences become more pronounced. While these chains may offer lower hourly rates, they often have more opportunities for advancement and flexible schedules.

According to Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average hourly wage for a fast food supervisor is around $12. However, it’s important to note that these figures can vary based on location and experience. Fast food chains also offer benefits such as discounted meals, employee training programs, and potential bonuses.


Working as a shift supervisor at Panera Bread provides an average hourly wage of around $12 – $16, with the potential to earn $25,000 – $35,000 or more annually through variable pay components. While pay rates can fluctuate based on your specific location and experience, Panera offers competitive compensation compared to similar food service roles.

In addition to hourly wages, top performers have opportunities for bonuses and salary growth over time. Panera also provides benefits like health insurance, retirement plans, paid time off, and employee discounts to eligible workers.

Ultimately, Panera Bread aims to reward shift supervisors who drive sales growth, operational excellence, and amazing hospitality. If you have the leadership skills required to manage teams, oversee quality control, and improve store performance, a shift supervisor role at Panera can be a rewarding career path.

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